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Branch offices.

File consists of photographs and snapshots taken at Electrohome branch offices and showrooms, including those in Vancouver, Calgary, and Winnipeg; and portraits of branch office managers. Includes a photograph of Carl A. Pollock at a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Some photographs include identification on verso, some include typed cutlines, and one is mounted on board. Duplicate photographs are present.


Capilano Canyon.

File consists of a set of 12 black and white photographs in a folded paper covering containg views of the Capilano Canyon (Vancouver, BC).

Keffer, Ivan Wilbur

Electrohome dealers and branches.

File consists of a photograph of an Electrohome dealer in New York, the store front of the Hydro Shop (Waterloo, ON?), and the Vancouver branch of Electrohome.


Letters from Peggy and Betty.

Letters and postcards from Peg and Betty Forbes to their mother, Millicent Lyall Forbes. Letters from Betty Forbes during her time as a nurse in Vancouver are included.

Liberal Party of Canada.

Material created or accumulated by Andrew Telegdi as a member of the Liberal Party of Canada. Records include items related to the association's activities and events such as the 2003 Leadership and Biennial Convention held between November 12-15, 2003 in Toronto, Ontario and the 2009 Leadership and Biennial Convention held between April 30 to May 3, 2009 in Vancouver, British Columbia. In addition, the file contains items from the National Liberal Women's Caucus and Equal Voice, a multi-partisan organization dedicated to electing and supporting women at all levels of political office. Records include invitations, correspondence, certificates, agendas, forms, a 2015 election handout titled, Stand with Justin Trudeau for LGBTQ2 Rights, and other textual material.

Telegdi, Andrew

Mackay, Isabel Ecclestone

File consists of one three quarter length studio portrait of Isabel Eccleston Mackay. Isabel is seated wearing a lace dress and holding a magazine.

Mackay, Isabel Ecclestone

Mackay, Isabel Ecclestone.

File consists of one snapshot of Isabel Mackay with two of her daughters, Phyllis and Margaret. The three are standing outside in a wood in Stanley Park. Verso reads "Taken in Stanley Park about 1912 with Margaret on left, Phyllis on right."

Mackay, Isabel Ecclestone

Martin, John Alexander.

Four photographs of John Alexander Martin. Three of the photographs are of John and others in a car at the base of a tree in Vancouver, BC. One photograph (linen-backed) is of John and another man holding up a railway inspection car.

Martin, John Gartshore

Performance contracts.

A contract for the personal services of musicians Dana Andrews, Jim Schoew, Andy Suttles, and Tary Engel to perform during a conference held in the Garden Auditorium at the Pacific National Exhibition in Vancouver, British Columbia on April 9, 1969. The contract is signed by Andrew Telegdi who is listed as the employer.

Also includes a contract for the personal services of musicians Pete McKinnon, Bob Fisher, Bob Buckley, and Terry Frewer to perform during a conference held in the Garden Auditorium at the Pacific National Exhibition in Vancouver, British Columbia on April 9, 1969. The contract is signed by Andrew Telegdi who is listed as the employer.

Both contracts outline terms and conditions, the date of engagement, hours of engagement, and the agreed upon payment for services.

Telegdi, Andrew

Pollock, Carl A.

File consists of photographs and snapshots of Carl A. Pollock at various meetings, events, and presentations, and posing at his desk and on the plant floor. Includes photographs taken at the Winnipeg and Vancouver showrooms, a photograph with D. Lowater and two executives from Lima, Peru, several candid snapshots, and a photograph of a sculpted bust of Carl A. Pollock. File also includes memoranda with descriptions of two photographs.


Posters and related material.

Posters advertising concerts held at the Village Bistro featuring a variety of artists including the Papa Bears, Chase Anderson, the Paisleys, Black Shake Blues Band, Sleepy John, Seeds of Time (later known as the Passionate Mad), Tomorrow’s Eyes, the Poppy Family, Mock Duck, Grady Moore, Black Snake, Hydroelectric Street Car, As Sherriff, the Billy Joe Bottom Band, and the Isle of Sky. One poster contains a handwritten contract on the verso transferring ownership of the Village Bistro to Allan Kirton for the sum of $2000.00. The contract is dated March 22, 1969 but is not signed by Telegdi or Kirton.

Also includes posters and related material including press clippings and a brochure advertising musicians and bands performing at other venues in Vancouver, British Columbia or Toronto, Ontario including Sweetwater, Buffy Saint-Marie, Dick Gregory, the Poppy Family, Mother Tucker, Black Shake, Seeds of Time, Mock Duck, Tomorrow’s Eyes, Tiny Tim, Country Joe and the Fish, A Wizard of the North, Tunnel, Deyong Sound, Lights by Ecto Plasmic, the Papa Bears, Man Child, Elusive Butterfly, the Collectors, the Tote Family, and a variety of other bands that performed at the 1969 Thunderbird Peace Festival in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Telegdi, Andrew


Correspondence, clippings, notes, etc., primarily photocopied biographical material ca. 1920s onward from the City of Vancouver Archives, and 1 piece of ephemera from the 11th Triennial, 1949.

Women's Press Club of Toronto

Vancouver official opening : May 18, 1971.

File consists of material relating to the official opening of the expanded Electrohome branch in Vancouver, BC, on May 18, 1971. Includes copies of a news release, a carbon copy of a memorandum, a photograph of the showroom with a typed cutline, and ephemera. Some of the material is contained in a portfolio for a press kit.