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Abbott, Eleanor Hallowell

  • Person
  • 1872-1958

Eleanor Hallowell Abbott Coburn was an American author and frequent contributor to Ladies Home Journal. Abbott was born in Cambridge Massachusetts and grew up in the company of famous authors such as Longfellow. She attended Radcliffe College and worked as a teacher while she began to write poetry and short stories. Her work was picked up by Harper's Magazine and she eventually published seventy five short stories and fourteen novels.
Abbott married Dr. Fordyce Coburn in 1908 and the two moved to New Hampshire. She and Dr. Coburn lived in New England until her death in 1958.

Acadian Club

  • Corporate body

The Acadian Club in Waterloo, Ontario was a social club for single and married men of German background. On May 5, 1916, the club rooms were raided by members of the 118th Batallion for the purpose of removing a bust of the Kaiser and in the course of the raid the club sustained damage to property and premises. The Club submitted a claim for damages to the government which, like the claim made by the Concordia Club of Kitchener for damages sustained during a previous raid by the 118th Batallion on Feb. 16 of the same year, was rejected. (Ontario and the First World War: a collection of documents / edited with an introduction by Barbara M. Wilson. -- Toronto: Champlain Society, 1977.)

Acorn, Milton

  • Person
  • 1923-1986

Milton Acorn was a Canadian poet born on March 30, 1923 in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. He mainly worked as a carpenter by trade, but also wrote poetry influenced by Marxist ideas as well as experiences from the working-class. Acorn published various collections of his writing and gained recognition from fellow poets for his nationalism and activism. Throughout his life, Acorn lived in various cities across Canada including Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver before moving back to Charlottetown, where he died on August 20, 1986.

Ahrens, Albert

  • Person
  • 1867-?

Albert Ahrens was born on April 4, 1867 to parents Charles and Charlotte Ahrens. He worked as a shoe manufacturer with his father and brothers. The company they created is called Charles A. Ahrens & Sons. Albert married Cora I in 1873 and had a second marriage to Isabella Louisa Hachborn in 1910. He had one child with Isabella; Mildred Marie Ahrens.

Ahrens, Caroline

  • Person
  • 1862-1934

Caroline Ahrens was born on January 25, 1862 to parents Charles and Charlotte Ahrens. She is the sister of Helena, Charles, Albert and Herman.

Ahrens, Charles August

  • Person
  • August 28, 1856 - September 14, 1937

Charles A. Ahren was born on August 28, 1856 to parents Charles and Charlotte Ahrens. He was a harness maker and went to Iowa to specialize in making fancy harnesses’ for racing. While he was in Berlin for his honeymoon in 1882, his father persuaded him to join the shoe manufacturing company. He worked for the Shoe Company and made slippers and boots for men, women and children.
He got married to Laura Hirschy with whom he had three children; Fredrick, Charlotte, and Florence. He passed away on September 14, 1937.

Ahrens, Herman Emanuel

  • Person
  • November 23, 1872 - October 16, 1958

Herman Emanuel Ahrens was born on November 23, 1872 to parents Charles and Charlotte Ahrens. He worked as a tailor for 63 years in Kitchener-Waterloo. He opened up a tailor shop on King Street and also in Fergus. He got married to Alvina Hofert with whom he had seven children with; Leonard, Eugene, Margaret, Helen, Grace, Ruth, and Herbert.

Alguire, Duncan Orestes

  • Person
  • 1853-1925

Duncan Orestes Alguire, physician, was born August 13, 1853. He graduated from McGill University in 1873, married Louisa Anne Ross on August 8, 1876 and lived in Cornwall, Ontario. In 1911, he was elected as a Conservative M.P. for the riding of Stormont and served until 1917. He died May 4, 1925.

Alloway, Beulah Misener

  • Person
  • 1925-1960

Beulah Misener was a missionary to Kenya. She married the Rev. Ross Alloway in Oshawa, Ont. on June 11, 1949. In 1954 the couple left for Africa to serve as missionaries to the Kipsigis tribe for the Africa Inland Mission. They served first at Litein Station in Western Kenya, 20 miles from Kericho, moving in 1958 30 miles to Sitotwet. Two of their three children were born in Africa. On Feb. 8th, 1960, two weeks before her intended return to Canada, Beulah Alloway died of what is described in the fonds as "cerebral malaria".

Alpha Delta Kappa. Province of Ontario Chapter

  • Corporate body

Alpha Delta Kappa is an honorary sorority for women educators, founded in 1947 by Agnes Shipman Robertson, Marie Neal, Marion Southall and Hattie Poppino. Their aim was to recognize and support the professional efforts of women educators. Now an international society with headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri, Alpha Delta Kappa has more than 1800 chapters in the United States, Australia, Canada, Jamaica, Mexico and Puerto Rico. Ontario Alpha, Windsor, was the first chapter from outside the United States and received its charter in Sept. 30, 1957. Other Ontario chapters followed: Beta, 1958, based in Toronto and Gamma, in Windsor, in 1961. By 1964 Delta, Zeta and Epsilon Chapters had been formed. In October 1966 these six chapters met to form a provincial organization, and after becoming a "state" of Alpha Delta Kappa, continued to add chapters. By 1968 Eta, Theta, Iota and Kappa chapters had joined. In 1970-72 affiliation of Ontario chapters with American state chapters was dropped and Ontario was organized into three districts, with chapters reporting to the Provincial President. By 1980 twenty-two chapters had been organized, including two in Manitoba. Membership in Alpha Delta Kappa is by invitation only. To be eligible for membership a woman must be an educator actively engaged in teaching, administration or some other aspect of the teaching profession.

Anderson, Elizabeth Garrett

  • Person
  • 1836-1917

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson was a British suffragist and women's rights pioneer. The first woman to become a doctor in England, she was also co-founded the first hospital run by women, was the first female Dean of a British medical school, the first woman elected to a British school board, and finally, the first British female mayor.

Anglin, Francis Alexander

  • Person
  • 1865-1933

Francis Alexander Anglin was born April 2, 1865 in Saint John, New Brunswick to Timothy Warren Anglin and Ellen McTavish. He became a lawyer and practised in Toronto, Ontario. On June 29, 1892, he married Harriet Isabel Fraser. He became the seventh Chief Justice of Canada on September 16, 1924, and served on the Supreme Court for 24 years. He died on March 2, 1933.

Architectural Conservancy of Ontario : North Waterloo Region Branch

  • Corporate body

The Architectural Conservancy of Ontario was established in 1933 and since that time has worked actively to preserve Ontario's architectural and environmental heritage. The North Waterloo Region Branch was established in 1980 and covers the cities of Kitchener and Waterloo, as well as the townships of Wellesley, Wilmot, and Woolwich.

Argo, Ann

  • Person
  • 1823-1896

Ann Argo was born in 1823 in Scotland and married James Argo; together they had nine children. They farmed in Eramosa, Wellington County, Ontario. She died June 29, 1896.

Ariaratnam, S. T. (Sinnathamby Thambithurai)

  • Person
  • September 2, 1933 -

Sinnathamby Thambithurai Ariaratnam was born in Chavakacheri, Sri Lanka on September 2, 1933. He graduated from the University of Ceylon with a B.Sc. in engineer in 1953, before obtaining a B.Sc. (1955) and M.Sc. (1956) at the University of London. In 1960 Ariaratnam completed a PhD in engineering at the University of Cambridge, followed by a Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Birmingham, before accepting a research association position (1961-1962) at the Brown University. He was named an Associate Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Waterloo in 1962, becoming a Professor in 1962. Ariaratnam is recognized for his work in the field of random vibration and his contributions to research regarding stochastic modelling and nonlinear dynamics.


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