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Album #3.

83 photographs. Photograph album, not entirely filled, with material inserted in the front.
p. 1. Kesselring's Woods.
p. 2. CKCR, May 13, 1955.
p. 3. Norman C. Schneider with Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson, John Wintermeyer.
p. 4. Schneiders 1944 Girls Softball Team.
p. 5. Ladies of J.M. Schneider Ltd. staff, Aug. 31, 1944.
p. 6. Oskar Radke, Dutxh festival, Market Building, Nov. 23, 1948.
p. 8-19. Norman C. Schneider family snapshots and portraits.
p. 20. Norman and Ethel Schneider with Alberta, Edith, Walter Ahrens and an unidentified couple, Tulsa, Okla., ca. 1948.
p. 21. O.A.C. 1948: Herbert Schneider's graduating class. The photo is dated in pencil on the back as 1946.
p. 22-24. Church of the Good Shepherd, including small portrait of "Don" in uniform, dated England, Jan. 1945.
p. 25. 2 photographs of groups skiing : a) Frederick, Herbert, Howard, Babe Millar, Winston Muschette; b) Herbert, Frederick, Don Daub, Dr. Roy Hemmerich, Howard.
p. 26. Herbert and [?] in a boat in a field.
p. 27: Siegner family weddings : Katherine to Les Faichney, John to Mary Shafer.
p. 28. Rotary flag raising, Chicopee, May 24, 1939.
p. 29-31. Norman C. Schneider family snapshots. Includes cottaging at Honey Harbour, "Shorewood" interior, Freeport cottage and pool, and one snapshot labelled "Oct. 10, 1920", 4 young people with their heads in a wagon wheel, shed and old building in background.
p. 33. Norman C. Schneider's snapshots of a stormy ocean, taken from the bow of a ship (1938) and one postcard.
p. 36. Norman C. Schneider with wood carvings.
p. 38-41: Norman C. Schneider trip snapshots and postcards : Sweden, Poland, Moscow.
p. 43: Tuerk engines: one original, one modern snapshot of the "little Tuerk".
p. 44. certificate of appreciation from St. Mary's General Hospital Building Fund Campaign dated May 12, 1964.
p. 45. Snapshot of child in tub, labelled "The End".

Schneider, Norman Christoph

Clipping : "With Tractor Instructor in Russia".

Contains a newspaper clipping of an article describing the experiences of a Mr. Thome, who was a tractor instructor in Russia. His experiences would be similar to those of Harry Byers. A handwritten note appears on the article that reads: "Here is a good laugh Old Mom".

Byers, Harry J.

C.W.P.C Overseas Trip, 1955: Marjorie McEnaney

Correspondence, itineraries, memos, notes, etc. regarding preparations for a tour of the Soviet Union and also regarding use of film footage taken while there. Includes passenger manifest of members who participated in the trip and a typed "List of Coloured Slides taken in Russia June 26-July 7, 1955" by Reta Myers of Vancouver, indicating the photos "cover airflight from Prague to Moscow... Leningrad... Sochi... Stallingrad."

Women's Press Club of Toronto

Group standing in front of a Russian train.

Informal group portrait of 2 men identified as Kelly and Showen, 2 other unidentified men, and 1 unidentified woman. Letter on verso reads: "This we had taken just as we were leaving for Vladivostok after spending the 4th of July here. The fellow between Kelly & Showen works in the Cater [?] office here & thats Kellys flame he's holding onto. Bud."

Byers, Harry J.

Harry Byers fonds

Materials relating to the professional and personal life of Harry J. Byers. Includes biographical documents, including his passport and WW1 papers, ephemera, clippings and correspondence as well as approximately 270 photographs of Harry Byers and his family. Also included are photographs from Byers' time living in Russia, and a diary recounting the two years he was there.

Byers, Harry J.

Harry Byers holding a chicken in front of a portrait studio backdrop.

Consists of 2 portraits of Harry Byers holding a chicken in front of a backdrop in a Russian portrait studio. One of the portraits has a letter on the verso that reads: "Dear Old Pap. I've done gone Native. I look like Hell. But I'm feeling good. If all goes well with this god dam food. I'll stick my time you can bet on that. But when we dine, then I'll get fat. April 1, 1931 - USSR."

Byers, Harry J.

Kaufman, A.R. : Russian trip memories.

Typescript carbon notes and photocopies of manuscript and typescript materials relating to A.R. Kaufman's travels in 1929, 1958-1959 and 1963 to various destinations in the world including England, India, New Zealand and Russia. Includes a photocopy of a CKCO TV interview about his trip to Russia in 1963.

Parents' Information Bureau

Nikolskoye Nov. 20, 1930.

File consists of 1 snapshot of [Harry Byers' wife Violet] lying in a hotel room bed. Caption on the verso reads: "Nikolskoye Nov. 20, 1930. Sweet Suite Patient: My girl was real sick this day, taken in our room at Hotel."

Byers, Harry J.

Nikolskoye Nov. 20, 1930.

File consists of 1 portrait of Harry Byers and an unidentified man posing in a studio prop of an automobile. Byers is drinking something from a bottle. Caption on the verso reads: "Nikolskoye Nov. 20: 30. Holy smokes here we come 2 the 4 Horseman give us room. Now if I only had our radiator cap - I'd show you some speed. My American friend with me."

Byers, Harry J.

Nov. 20, 1930 : Nikolsk, U.S.S.R.

Snapshot of Harry Byers (at right) with an unidentified man, standing at the altar in a church in Russia. Taken in the city of Nikolsk (Ussuriysk)

Byers, Harry J.

November 19, 1930 : Nikolsk far east.

Snapshot of the interior of a church with a service in progress. Includes Harry Byers (second from right), two children and an unidentified men at an altar. Photo taken in Nikolsk (Ussuriysk)

Byers, Harry J.

One Russian, three Americans.

Snapshot of Harry Byers (at left), 1 unidentified woman, and 2 unidentified men, at a dinner table with bread and wine on it.

Byers, Harry J.

Street in Grozny.

Snapshot of a city street in Grozny, with 4 unidentified individuals walking down it. Caption on verso reads: "Grozny. Photographer was --"

Byers, Harry J.

Studies in Broadcast Propaganda Study No. 23 : the British Action at Taranto in Foreign Broadcasts (12th-14th November, 1940).

Report providing an analysis of the collaboration between the Axis Powers (Germany, Italy, and Japan) to minimize and discredit the British success at Taranto, Italy in broadcasts from Greece, Turkey, Russia, United States of America, Madrid, Free France and Switzerland. Copy no. 192.

University of Waterloo. Department of Political Science.

Vladivostok, Oct. 30, 1930.

Snapshot of Violet and Harry Byers (center) with an unidentified man and woman standing on a dock in a harbour with a ship behind them.

Byers, Harry J.

We are ready for scuffeling now.

Snapshot of an unidentified woman on a horse hitched to a plough, with another unidentified woman holding the plough. There is a barn and farmland in the background.

Byers, Harry J.

Xmas day 1929, Verblude.

Group snapshot of Harry (bottom row, fourth from left) and Violet Byers (bottom row, third from right) with several unidentified individuals standing outside in the snow on Christmas day.

Byers, Harry J.