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Breithaupt political campaign materials.

Promotional materials created by Louis Jacob Breithaupt's political campaign to ask for the vote of his constituents during the election for the North Waterloo Local Legislature on May 23, 1899. Includes a letter in English and German, a leaflet with a drawing of the Premier of Ontario (Hon. A. S. Hardy), and the envelope in which everything was enclosed.
Envelope is addressed to Conrad [Haerle?] Esquire, from Wellesley, Ontario.

Breithaupt, Louis Jacob

Familienbriefe: 1954-1958.

Correspondence primarily between members of the Sommer family. Includes letters interspersed with details about family life such as Ulrich Sommer and his wife Gisela Sommer’s immigration to Canada with their two children Cornelius Sommer and Angelika Sommer in 1954. Also contains letters confirming Ulrich and Gisela Sommer passed an exam designed for new Canadians that was established by the Government of Ontario’s Department of Education Information Branch. Records include letters, greeting cards, postcards, children’s drawings, pamphlets, hand-drawn floor plans, wallpaper samples, a cross-stitch sampler, and photographs of family members.

Familienbriefe: 1947-1957.

  • SCA344-GA393-2
  • File
  • June 16, 1946-December 2003, predominant 1947-1958
  • Part of Sommer family fonds.

Correspondence primarily between members of the Höpken and Sommer families. Includes several candid letters from Eduard Höpken that describe his experiences during and after World War II as well as the political climate in Germany during the 1950s. Of special interest is a family newsletter written on January 6, 1971 by Eduard and his wife Elisabeth Höpken that provides biographical information about their children including Gisela Sommer and her husband Ulrich Sommer, Johann Höpken, Walter Höpken, Karl Höpken, Wilhelm Höpken, and Peter Höpken. Records include letters and postcards.

Lina (Nini) Neumeyer Raatz: letters, photographs, cards.

Correspondence primarily between Ulrich Sommer and Lina Neumeyer Raatz. Lina Neumeyer Raatz was Ulrich Sommer’s aunt and she lived in Germany. Includes letters interspersed with details about family life such as Lina’s death on January 21, 1969. Records include letters, postcards, poems, amateur drawings, and photographs of family members and friends.

Book review.

Materials related to Lydia Dotto's books and publications. Includes newspaper clippings by and about Dotto from different media, book reviews, related correspondence.

Media are The Citizen (1978), Canadian Geographic (1988), The Prince George Citizen (1993), The Globe and Mail (1999), The Winnipeg Sun (1999), The Edmonton Journal (1999), The Toronto Star (1999), Canadian Space Gazette (1996), Publishers Weekly (1991), Kirkus Reviews (1990), Update (1993), and other unidentified and undated.

Books reviewed are:

  • The Ozone War (1978),
  • Thinking the unthinkable: civilization and rapid climate change (1988),
  • The astronauts: Canada's voyageurs in space (1993),
  • Storm warning: gambling with the climate of our planet (1999),
  • Losing sleep: how your sleeping habits affect your life (1990),
  • Blue Planet: a portrait of Earth (1991),
  • Asleep in the fast lane: the impact of sleep on work (1990),
  • Ethical choices and global climate warming (1993).

Dotto, Lydia

Book reviews.

Materials related to Lydia Dotto's book Canada in space (1987). Includes newspaper clippings by and about Dotto from different media, press releases, book reviews, promotional events schedules and information, and related correspondence.

Media are Canadian Business (1986), content Magazine (1986), Dimensions (n.d.), Library Guild (n.d.), The Globe and Mail (1987), The Ottawa Citizen (1987), The Province (1987), The Charlatan from Carleton University (1987), Calgary Herald (1987), Quill & Quire (1987), Halifax Mail Star (n.d.), Financial Post (n.d.), _The Edmonton Journal) (1987), and other unidentified and undated.

Also includes a press release from TVOntario.

Dotto, Lydia

Reviews The Ozone Way.

Materials related to Lydia Dotto's and Harold Schiff's book The Ozone War (1978). Includes correspondence, newspaper clippings by and about the book in different media, book reviews, press releases.

Media are Palo Alto Times (1979), American Meteorological Society (1979), Nature (1979), Family Focus (1978), The Ottawa Citizen (1978), New Scientist (1978), The Morning Call (1978), The Futurist (1980), The Toronto Star (1993), Peterborough Examiner (1990-1993), The New York Times (1990), Waterloo Chronicle (1990), Nuclear Journal of Canada (1988), The Daily Mercury (1990), London Free Press (1990), Ottawa Journal (1978), The Chronicle Review (1978), The Vancouver Sun (1978), Yorkgazette (n.d.), Washington Post (1978), Sunday Charleston (1978), Macon Telegraph & News (1978), South Bend Tribune (1978), and others unidentified and undated.

Includes a press release for Storm warning: gambling with the climate of our planet (1999) in the News from Doubleday (1999).

Dotto, Lydia

News files.

Newspaper clippings and photocopies of early articles by Lydia Dotto published in different media. Some clippings are pasted on scrapbook pages. Media are The Edmonton Journal (1965-1968), The Carleton (1969-1970), Canadian Aviation Magazine (1971), and the Toronto Daily Star (1970-1971).

Includes related correspondence about publishing Dotto's articles in Canadian Aviation Magazine and correspondence congratulating Dotto for her articles.

Dotto, Lydia

W. D. Euler correspondence

File consists of 5 letters between John Walter, the Kitchener Daily Record and William Daum Euler regarding Walter's request for a public debate with Euler over capitalism and the economy following comments made by Euler about private profit at an address in London, Ontario.

Included in the file:

  • John Walter to the Kitchener Daily Record Oct. 18, 1933 (2 copies);
  • John Walter to William Daum Euler, Kitchener Oct. 21, 1933;
  • William Daum Euler to John Walter, Kitchener Oct. 24, 1933;
  • John Walter to William Daum Euler, Kitchener Oct. 28, 1933;
  • William Daum Euler to John Walter, Kitchener Nov. 14, 1933;


Telegram sent to an unknown correspondent stating that Irene Hancock left Canada on August 20, 1932 and is due to arrive in Waterloo, England on August 26, 1932.

Hancock, Irene

Letter from Reverend Alfred H. Tyrer with birth control pamphlets.

  • SCA402-GA468
  • Collection
  • 1941

Materials related to Reverend Alfred Henry Tyrer’s books and publications on birth control, sex education, and marriage life.

Includes pamphlets and order forms for Tyrer’s books Where did we come from, mother dear? (Marriage Welfare Bureau, 1939) and Sex, marriage and birth control (Marriage Welfare Bureau, 1936), and ephemera related to the books and the Marriage Welfare Bureau.
Also contains booklet Marriage welfare : some facts about birth-control by Reverend Alfred Henry Tyrer which acted as promotional material for the book Sex, marriage and birth control. Booklet includes sections: Birth-control, the population problem, definition of birth-control, birth control and war, mothers who die in child-birth, infant mortality, birth control vs. infanticide, birth-control vs. abortions, birth-control vs. degeneracy and disease, birth-control vs. prostitution, economics and birth-control, divorce, religion and birth-control, the present status of birth-control, a prairie marriage.

Materials were enclosed in an envelope sent from Ontario on July 10, 1941, and with a letter addressed to Steve E. Chorney from Ranfurly (Alberta) acting as an introduction to the publications and explaining their importance.

Tyrer, Alfred Henry

Open letter from Québec feminists.

  • SCA401-GA467
  • Collection
  • [1971?]

Anonymous open letter created by a group of feminists from Québec outlining the outcomes from the October Crisis (Québec, October 1970) and the relationship between Québécois feminist movements and the Front de Libération du Québec (FLQ).

Letter begins by explaining the relationship between the FLQ struggle and women’s struggle. It then moves to an overview of the events that lead to the October Crisis and the invocation of the War Measures Act, while calling for an independent Québec. Later, it covers the effects of the October Crisis for the citizens of Québec in general, and for women in particular (retelling raids, questionings, jailing, and overall police activities and attitudes). It continues with an exposition on women's inequality in government and society. The letter finishes by appealing for support to the FLQ and the women’s movement.

Letter seems to have been written shortly after the invocation of the War Measures Act in October 1970, and a year after the Women’s Movement in Québec began (possibly refers to the Québec Women’s Liberation Front (FLF) created on December 1, 1969).

Mabel Welma Fox scrapbook album.

  • SCA392-GA457
  • Collection
  • 1921-1923, 1925

Scrapbook album created by Mabel Welma Fox during her time at the University of Michigan (1921-1923).

Scrapbook is covered with correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings, ephemera, physical objects, and annotations that guide the reader through Fox’s university life.
Photographs are of Fox’s house guests, parties, field trips, prom, graduation, and members of the Betsy Barbour women’s residence hall.
Newspaper clippings and full editions include Michigan Daily, College News, The Detroit News Mail edition, and Detroit Free Press, as well as others unidentified.
Ephemera includes posters, invitations, tickets, and programs for events; place, calling, membership, and business cards; envelopes with receipts (including for tuition, lodging and rent, transportation, raffle tickets, and memberships); report and grade cards; poetry clippings and pages stripped from books; notebooks with course notes; cards and napkins; materials related to 1923 Commencement; and booklets for the University of Michigan Women’s League.
Physical objects include decorations made with crepe paper for different events, a pencil tied to a notebook, and a mini frying pan from a dinner event, and rose leaves and petals.

Scrapbook is housed in a production scrapbook published by the College Memory Book Company from Chicago (Illinois, USA) with copyright from 1918, W.M.W. Clay, and with the title “National Memory and Fellowship Book.”
Fist 25 pages of scrapbook include pre-printed sections used by Fox and/or her colleagues. Preprinted sections include annotations, drawings, photographs and ephemera (by students from Michigan, the United States, Japan, and China).
Pre-printed sections are:

  • Register of friends,
  • Faculty and Campus,
  • Student Hall of Fame,
  • Comparative Athletic Record,
  • School and Social Functions,
  • My Favourites,
  • Entertainments, Lectures, Plays,
  • Memorable Trips,
  • Clubs and Societies,
  • Professors I Have Met,
  • Dates and Doings,
  • Things Worth-Wile Noting,
  • Lest you forget.

Rest of pages are part of the same production scrapbook but do not show section titles. Some pages are left unused. And some items look like they were clipped from another scrapbook (including several items that were inside an envelope pasted to backcover).

Fox, Mabel Welma

Awards and biography.

Materials related to awards received by Joan Hollobon and the Hollobon Award. Includes biographical notes and articles about Hollobon, related newspaper clippings and correspondence, photographs of the Hollobon Award ceremony in 1987 and 1990, and a copy of Science Link by Canadian Science Writers’ Association, Vol. 9, No. 3 (June 1989). Also contains the following awards and certificates received by Hollobon:

  • Lifetime Achievement Award by Science in Society Journalism Awards (2010),
  • Certificate of appreciation by the Canadian Science Writers’ Association (1981),
  • Award of Distinction by the Health Care Public Relations Association (1984),
  • Honorary Member recognition of the Ontario Medical Association (1985),
  • Congratulation certificate by the Government of Ontario (2015),

Hollobon, Joan

Kaufman, Emma : 1940.

One piece of personal correspondence from Emma Kaufman to her sister Edna (holograph). Also includes one report relating to activities of the Young Women's Christian Association (Y.W.C.A.) in Japan. Additionally contains a clipping with a photograph of Emma Kaufman aboard the "Nitta Maru" of the N.Y.K. line, crossing the Pacific ocean.

Augustine, Ham, Kaufman family

Innis Family fonds.

  • SCA329-GA373
  • Fonds
  • [195-]-2002

Fonds consists of materials created and accumulated by members of the Innis family including by Anne Innis Dagg, Donald Innis and Harold Innis. Includes essays, photographs, clippings, and materials relating to the Mary Quayle Innis Foundation.

Innis family

Ratz family genealogy: correspondence.

Correspondence between various Ratz family members regarding family history and genealogy, and extended Ratz family offshots including the Harveys. Several letters are addressed to Herbert Charles Ratz, though a typed letter from Jacob Ratz (1828-1919) regarding his parents Valentine and Maria is included in file.

Ratz Family

Postcards and invitations to events.

Postcards and invitations to events received by Hon. Dr. James Horace King, M. D. and his first wife, Mrs. Nellie Mae King. All items were attached to a scrapbook album at some point. Original file folder contained a note that read: “JH King Invitations. Detailed list JHK scrapbook #2,” possibly referring to file 26.

King, James Horace

Congress of Liberal international.

Correspondence received by English “re: the 60th Congress of Liberal International, Mexico City, October 28-31, 2015” and information about the event.

English, John

Canadian Forces College, Canadian Security Studies.

Materials related to the Canadian Forces College Canadian Security Studies. Includes correspondence inviting English to address the Canadian Security Studies Programme, contract between Minister National Defence and English for a lecture to CSSP 16, and programme Visiting Speaker’s Guide.

English, John

Canada: the story of US.

Materials related to John English participation in "Canada : the story of US." Includes fine cut, script, flyer for the program, episodes summaries, related correspondence, and schedules for dictation and scripts for the first episode.

English, John

RBC Taylor prize.

Materials related to the “RBC Taylor Prize. Recognizing Excellence. Awards ceremony & luncheon. A celebration of 16 awardings.” Includes speeches, travel information, program for the event, related correspondence, guidelines for the jury, flight information for English, and notes on books.

English, John


Materials related to different speeches given by John English. Includes:

  • Speech of acceptance of the Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany and related correspondence,
  • Remarks introducing Justin Trudeau at Jim Coutts Memorial,
  • Eulogy for Joan Euler,
  • Program for the Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation Board of Directors’ Retreat.

English, John

Goodman lectures.

Materials related to John English presentations at the Goodman Lectures at the University of Western Ontario (October 4-6, 2011). The lecture series is titled “The Arctic Challenge.” Lecture 1 is “Finding the Arctic”, lecture 2 “Owning the Arctic”, lecture 3 “Governing the Arctic.” Includes related correspondence.

English, John

Classes and study programs.

Materials related to classes and study programs. Includes materials for:

  • “History 1160. Topics in Canadian history: historical foundations of Canadian foreign policy after the Cold War” (2011),
  • “CCIH program for 2012-2013, and related matters,”
  • “Course proposal. TRN 409Y : Selected topics in International Studies. Spring 2013: the Arctic in international politics,”
  • Proposal, mission statement, statement of receipts and disbursements, and agendas for meetings for “Centre for contemporary international history,”
  • Memoranda related to the "DCB/DBC Contribution agreement with the Dept. of Canadian heritage,”
  • Agenda for meeting for Trinity College. Arts and Science Committee.
    Also contains related correspondence.

English, John

Arctic research.

Correspondence received from Adele Buckley through the list-serv arctic-nuclear-weapon-free. Includes articles by:

  • “The Northwest passage in competition? No such Thing” by Franklyn Griffiths,
  • “Trapped microbes might release potent emissions” by Rosanne Skirble ,
  • “Denmark supports China’s application for observer status on the Arctic Council” by Lucas Jackson,
  • “Norway’s Honorary Consul to Arkhangelsk” by Andrey Shalyov,
  • “Exploring Arctic with Denmark” by Korea Herald,
  • “The Copenhagen Post” by Mads Flarup Christensen,
  • “Harper stands firm on sovereignty as China eyes Arctic resources” by Gloria Galloway,
  • “Canadian icebreaker joins the polar parade” by Paul Koring.
    Also contains correspondence received by the director of the Arctic Centre.

English, John

Arctic monitoring and assessment programme.

Correspondence related to the Arctic monitoring and assessment programme. Includes fax received by English with title “Environmental services and research, natural resources and environment, Northern Affairs program, Diand," and other related correspondence.

English, John

Southern exposure: deciding Antarctica's future.

Materials related to the publication Southern exposure : deciding Antarctica's future by Lee A. Kimball, published by the World Resources Institute in collaboration with the Tinker Foundation, Inc. Includes publication and related correspondence.

English, John

Canada since 1945: power, politics, and provincialism.

Materials related to the book Canada since 1945 : power, politics, and provincialism, written by Robert Bothwell, Ian Drummond, and John English. Includes itinerary for the promotion, promotional poster, newsclips about the book, a summary and flyer of the book, biographical information about authors, and related correspondence.

English, John

Centre on Foreign Policy and Federalism and previous Donner application.

Materials related to the Centre on Foreign Policy and Federalism and an application to the Donner Canadian Foundation. Includes research responsibilities of principal investigators for the project “Energy, federalism and foreign relations,” an assessment of “Federalism and Canadian foreign policy” (January 28, 1982), a “Federalism and Canadian foreign policy. Research project” (1981), and correspondence between English and Gail Sinclair from the Donner Canadian Foundation related to the rest of records.

English, John

Reference letters.

Correspondence related to reference letters and recommendations by John English to different professionals.

English, John


Correspondence received by John English from David Marskell (THEMUSEUM) related to fundraising.

English, John


Materials related to Musagetes organization. Includes the agenda for a retreat, participants, and program (August 2017); agenda for the board of directors meeting (May 1, 2018); a program analysis; and related correspondence.

English, John

Hon. William C. Graham.

Correspondence received from or related to Hon. William C. Graham, P.C., Q.C., LL.D. Includes references to the events related to the First World War (July 30-31, 2014) and the Canadian Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarships program.

English, John

Ronald Reagan library.

Correspondence received by John English about the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to access Ronald Reagan's records at the National Archives and Record Administration (NARA), received from the Ronald Reagan Library.

English, John


Materials related to the Atlantik-Brücke association. Includes related correspondence, cost breakdown, draft agenda, program for the "Future of Energy, XXIX German Canadian Conference hosted by Atlantik-Bruecke Canada and Atlantik-Brücke" (September 17-20, 2014), and a template for email introducing Atlantik-Bruecke Canada organization.

English, John

Celebrate Ontario.

Information package for “Celebrate Ontario 2014” and correspondence sent to Honourable Michael Chan by John English and Jack Cunningham regarding the Celebrate Ontario 2014 program and the event “1914-1918: the making of the Modern World.”

English, John

Preston Manning.

Correspondence received from Preston Manning (President and CEO of Manning Centre for Building Democracy) and information on the Centre for Innovation and Prosperity.

English, John

Shawky – Film festival.

Materials related to the Kitchener-Waterloo Arab Canadian Friendship Association and the Centre on Foreign Policy and Federalism at the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University. Includes correspondence inviting John English to events; correspondence and invoices related to events he helped organize; and photocopies of documents “Palestine Human Rights Information Center. Database project on Palestinian Human Rights" (Volume III, No. 6, Human Rights Update, May 1990) and “Middle East International." (No. 379, July 6, 1990).

English, John

Canadian Landmine Foundation.

Materials related to the Canadian Landmine Foundation. Includes agendas for meetings, related correspondence, adoption forms, flyers, related newspaper clippings, and information about different programs. Also contains published materials:

  • “An Agenda for Mine Action : A Global Ban on Landmines” (Ottawa, Canada, December 2-4, 1997, in English and French);
  • DVD “The war that never ends : Canada’s contribution to de-mining and international development” (1997, in English and French)
  • “Programme and Mine Action Forum : Roundtable agenda” from “A global ban on landmines : treaty signing and mine action forum” 1997
  • Magazine “AP Mine Ban : progress report” (No. 5, 1997 and No. 6, 1998).
  • Catalogue of “Adopt a Minefield” and information about the program
  • "The ICRC special fund for the disabled" and "ICRC and the war disabled : physical rehabilitation programmes 1979-1995
  • “Prosthetics Outreach Foundation : Helping the developing world walk again” Spring/Summer 1998.

English, John

Centre for International Governance Innovation.

Correspondence received by John English from the manager Innovation and Infrastructure Partnerships Branch Research and Commercialization Branch. Includes an agreement between the Minister of Economic Development and Trade and the Centre for International Governance Innovation.

English, John

Canadian agriculture in a global context.

Materials related to the conference "Canadian Agriculture in a Global Context" organized by the Centre on Foreign Policy, the University of Waterloo, and Wilfrid Laurier University. After the conference, John English and Irene Sage Knell edited a publication with some of the presentations. Includes the information about the conference, flyer promoting the publication, related correspondence, drafts of presentations, and receipts for print-outs of the drafts. Drafts of presentations are:

  • Second draft for “Notes on an international perspective on agriculture” by Josef M. van Brabant.
  • Presentation by Dennis Browne.
  • “Canadian agriculture in the global context : opportunities and obligations” by R. L. M Dawson.
  • “Planning Canada’s land resource base for sustainable production” by Dr. Edward W. Manning.
  • “Canadian-American relations and agricultural surpluses : the case of Barter” by Theodore Cohn with Inge Bailey.
  • “Canadian Agricultural transactions – commercial opportunities” by R. I. (Rick) Andrews.
  • “Canadian agricultural export capabilities” by J. C. Gilson.
  • Panel “Competition and cooperation among exporting nations” discussion paper “Canadian agriculture relations with the European community” by R. Higham.
  • “Closely watched grains : the political economy of Soviet and East European agriculture” by Lenard J. Cohen.
  • “Canada’s trade in grains and the China market” by William Miner.
  • “Hit and myth: consumer reality and free trade. International opportunities and obligations” by Robert R. Kerton.
  • “Canadian agriculture towards 2000” by Dr. Clayton M. Switzer.
  • “Financing agricultural exports” by G. Hammond.
  • “Agricultural relations between Western Nations : Canadian approaches” by Andrew Fenton Cooper.
  • Address by Harry Pelissero.
  • “That spade is a shovel” by C. A. Gracey.
  • “Politics and business : the Canada-China wheat trade 1960-1984” by Karen Minden.
  • “Export trade development – government assistance to the private sector” by Dennis Browne.
  • “Canadian-Japanese agricultural relations” by Michael W. Donelly.
  • “Notes for remarks: Agriculture in international trade negotiations” by Frank Stone.
  • “TNCs in agriculture and food-related fields: an overview of research at UNCTC” by Peter Hansen.

English, John

York U., Newsgirls fact checking, etc.

Correspondence regarding corrections and fact-checking during the edition of Newsgirls. Includes correspondence with Luke Gagliardi (York University) and other students at York University regarding corrections and the edition of the book. Also contains correspondence and research materials about June Callwood, Dusty Vineberg, and Joan Hollobon.

MacKinnon, Donna Jean

Book launch guest lists.

Materials regarding Newsgirls book launch. Includes correspondence between Donna Jean MacKinnon and Mike O’Connor (York University) and between MacKinnon and Julia Aballe (York University) about the event, as well as guests lists and checklists for the launch.

MacKinnon, Donna Jean

Correspondence and contract for publication.

Correspondence and revisions of contracts with York University for the publishing of Newsgirls. Includes correspondence between Donna Jean MacKinnon and Mike O’Connor (York University) and between MacKinnon and Luke Gagliardi (York University) regarding the edition and publishing of the book. Also contains reviewed drafts of the contract to reproduce and published, as well as MacKinnon’s signed copy of the contract.

MacKinnon, Donna Jean

Photographic rights.

Test prints, corrections, and invoices related to the creation and launch of Newsgirls. Test prints are for the cover and first pages of Newsgirls. Correspondence is between Donna Jean MacKinnon and Luke Gagliardi (York University), Mike O’Connor (York University), and Jane Tilley regarding corrections to the text, edition, and book launch. Also contains photographic reproductions requests, correspondence, and invoices from the Toronto Public Library, the Toronto Star, and GetStock.

MacKinnon, Donna Jean

Correspondence and photographs.

Photographs and photocopies of photographs of Marilyn Dunlop, Dorothy Howarth, Kay Kritzwiser, Olive Dickason, Stasia Evasuk, Marjorie Earl, and June Callwood. Includes correspondence between Donna Jean MacKinnon and Luke Gagliardi (York University) regarding the photographs to be included in Newsgirls, and annotations by MacKinnon about photographs missing.

MacKinnon, Donna Jean

Reader’s report.

Reader’s report of Newsgirls and correspondence from Westwood Creative Artists. Report contains annotations by Donna Jean MacKinnon.

MacKinnon, Donna Jean

Manuscript evaluation.

Manuscript evaluation, correspondence, and corrections of different chapters in Newsgirls made by Donna Jean MacKinnon and Sharon Crawford (writer and editor).

MacKinnon, Donna Jean

Holt chapter corrections and correspondence.

Corrections to Simma Holt's chapter and endnotes in Newsgirls. Includes a partial manuscript evaluation and notes by Sharon Crawford (writer and editor) and correspondence with Luke Gagliardi (York University) with notes and corrections for all chapters in Newsgirls.

MacKinnon, Donna Jean

Invoices and permissions for photographs.

Correspondence and invoices for rights of reproduction of photographs for their use in Newsgirls. Correspondence in file is between Donna Jean MacKinnon and Mike Kelly (Torstar Syndicate) and Luke Gagliardi (York University), and includes documenting decisions over different photographs, their captions, and permissions to use them. Invoices include associated payment receipts and correspondence with GetStock, the Toronto Reference Library at the Toronto Public Library, the PNG Library, and Canadian Press Enterprises Inc. Also contains correspondence with Anne Dickason (Olive Dickason’s daughter) as part of Donna Jean MacKinnon’s research about Dickason.

MacKinnon, Donna Jean

Hollobon chapter corrections and correspondence.

Corrections to Joan Hollobon’s chapter and endnotes in Newsgirls. Includes correspondence between Donna Jean MacKinnon and writer Iris Nowell with corrections for the endnotes, and between MacKinnon and Andy F. Visser-de Vries (Hollobon's friend and caretaker) with corrections for the chapter.

MacKinnon, Donna Jean

Newsgirls draft and correspondence.

Draft of Newsgirls by Donna Jean MacKinnon and Catherine Smyth. Draft includes chapters on Dorothy Howarth, Jeannine Locke, Olive Dickason, June Callwood, Simma Holt, Elizabeth Dingman, Ruth Hammond, Kay Rex, Doris Anderson, Marjorie Earl, Angela Burke, Marilyn Dunlop, Dusty Vineberg, Enid Nemy, Joan Sutton Straus, Yvonne Crittenden, Michele Landsberg, Heather Robertson, and Catherine Ford. Also contains correspondence between Donna Jean MacKinnon and Luke Gagliardi (York University) about the edition of Newsgirls.

MacKinnon, Donna Jean

To publishers 1998.

Notes created by Donna Jean MacKinnon as part of her research for Newsgirls. Includes correspondence with publishers as well as a draft of Newsgirls with summaries on Kay Kritzwiser, Dorothy Howarth, Marjorie Earl, Olive Dickason, June Callwood, Simma Hold, Elizabeth Dingman, Stasia Evasuk, Ruth Hammond, Kay Rex, Angela Burke, Marilyn Dunlop, Maureen Keller, Yvonne Crittenden, Joan Sutton Straus, Valerie Gibson, Dusty Vineberg, Michele Landsberg, Catherine Ford, Enid Nemy, and Heather Robertson.

MacKinnon, Donna Jean

Book proposals.

Book proposals and correspondence to editors and editorial houses regarding the publication of the book Newsgirls. Includes correspondence with editorial agents and agencies, as well as subject lists, introductions, and prefaces to Newsgirls with handwritten notes and corrections. Also contains contact information for editorial houses, unsigned permission to reproduce contract between Donna Jean MacKinnon and York University, and correspondence regarding promotion of the book. Lastly, includes the abstract of the book Women who give away millions : portraits of Canadian philanthropists by Iris Nowell (1996).

MacKinnon, Donna Jean

Olive Dickason.

Research notes and materials created or accumulated by Donna Jean MacKinnon about Olive Dickason. Includes information about the creation of the 2002 documentary Olive Dickason’s First Nations, drafts of Dickason’s chapter in Newsgirls, correspondence by Dickason confirming the donation of her archives to Athol Murray College of Notre Dame, and articles about Dickason.

MacKinnon, Donna Jean

Elizabeth Dingman and Doris Anderson.

Research notes and materials created or accumulated by Donna Jean MacKinnon about Elizabeth Dingman and Doris Anderson. Includes photocopies of photographs, database searches, articles by and contextualizing Dingman, a draft of her chapter in Newsgirls, and correspondence between Dingman and MacKinnon. Also contains biographical notes and database searches, and articles by and about Doris Anderson, as well as the news release for the Order of Ontario recipients of 1995. Lastly, includes a copy of Fusion Magazine, Vol. 19, No. 2, 1995 with an article by Dingman and brief notes about the edition of Newsgirls.

MacKinnon, Donna Jean

Stasia Evasuk, Ruth Hammond, and Maureen Keller.

Research notes and materials created or accumulated by Donna Jean MacKinnon about Stasia Evasuk. Includes handwritten notes and questions for and about Evasuk, articles about and contextualizing Evasuk, correspondence related to Evasuk, and Evasuk’s chapter and endnotes for Newsgirls. Also contains general notes for the creation of Newsgirls, Ruth Hammond’s chapter for Newsgirls and a photocopy of a photograph of Maureen Keller.

MacKinnon, Donna Jean

Simma Holt.

Research notes and materials created or accumulated by Donna Jean MacKinnon about Simma Holt. Includes articles by and about Holt, correspondence between Holt and MacKinnon (including Holt’s curriculum vitae), handwritten notes, database searches, and other contextualizing articles for Holt’s life. Also contains drafts of Holt's chapter in Newsgirls.

MacKinnon, Donna Jean

Ruth Hammond, Catherine Smyth, and Angela Burke.

Research notes and materials created or accumulated by Donna Jean MacKinnon about Ruth Hammond and Catherine Smyth (reporter at the Toronto Star and communications specialist). Includes photocopies of photographs of Hammond and Smyth’s professional lives; articles by, about, and contextualizing Hammond; drafts of Hammond’s chapter in Newsgirls; database searches; handwritten notes taken by MacKinnon; and a copy of the speech given by Hammond at the Canadian Women’s Press Club Gala in 1986. Also contains information about Smyth’s funeral in 1997 and correspondence from Angela Burke to MacKinnon about the matter.

MacKinnon, Donna Jean

Olive Dickason.

Research notes and materials created or accumulated by Donna Jean MacKinnon about Olive Dickason. Includes correspondence between Dickason and MacKinnon and between MacKinnon and other people involved in Dickason’s life and research. Also contains articles about Dickason written by MacKinnon, a draft of Dickason’s chapter in Newsgirls, Dickason’s autobiography, and information about the creation of the 2002 documentary Olive Dickason’s First Nations.

MacKinnon, Donna Jean

Stasia Evasuk.

Research notes and materials created or accumulated by Donna Jean MacKinnon about Stasia Evasuk. Includes handwritten notes about Evasuk, correspondence between Evasuk and MacKinnon, articles by Evasuk, and photocopies of photographs of Evasuk’s personal and professional life.

MacKinnon, Donna Jean

Dorothy Howarth.

Research notes and materials created or accumulated by Donna Jean MacKinnon about Dorothy Howarth. Includes articles by and about Howarth, correspondence between Howarth and MacKinnon, handwritten notes and other documentation accumulated by MacKinnon, database searches. Also contains drafts of Howarth's chapter in Newsgirls.

MacKinnon, Donna Jean

Joan Sutton Straus, Enid Nemy, Heather Robertson, and Jeanine Locke.

Research notes and materials created or accumulated by Donna Jean MacKinnon about Joan Sutton Straus, Enid Nemy, Heather Robertson, and Jeanine Locke. Includes database searches, handwritten notes and biographical information, correspondence, photocopies of photographs and articles by and contextualizing Sutton Straus, Nemy, Robertson, and Locke.

MacKinnon, Donna Jean

June Callwood.

Research notes and materials created or accumulated by Donna Jean MacKinnon about June Callwood. Includes articles about Callwood, database searches, drafts of Callwood’s chapter in Newsgirls, correspondence about Callwood, and photocopies of photographs of Callwood’s personal and professional life. Also contains short general notes for Newsgirls and articles about Trent Frayne (Callwood’s husband and sports journalist at the Globe and Mail).

MacKinnon, Donna Jean

Kay Kritzwiser.

Research notes and materials created or accumulated by Donna Jean MacKinnon about Kay Kritzwiser. Includes photographs of Kritzwiser’s personal life, newspaper articles by and about Kritzwiser, correspondence between Kritzwiser and MacKinnon, handwritten notes and other documentation accumulated by MacKinnon (such as correspondence with artists profiled by Kritzwiser and correspondence received by Kritzwiser about the awarding of the Commemorative Medal). Also includes drafts of Kritzwiser's chapter and end notes in Newsgirls.

MacKinnon, Donna Jean

From Dusty Vineberg.

Correspondence sent by Dusty Vineberg to Donna Jean MacKinnon on April 17, 1997. Correspondence includes articles written by Vineberg during her time at the Montreal Star (specifically in 1965, 1967, and 1973). Also contains a Christmas card sent by Vineberg for the New Year 1999.

MacKinnon, Donna Jean

Olive Dickason.

Research notes and materials created or accumulated by Donna Jean MacKinnon about Olive Dickason. Includes articles by and about Dickason, Dickason’s curriculum vitae (from 1995 and 1997), drafts of Dickason’s chapter in Newsgirls, handwritten research notes, correspondence between Dickason and MacKinnon and between MacKinnon and David T. McNab (historian who updated the fourth edition of Dickason’s Canada’s First Nations: A History of Founding Peoples from Earliest Times, published in 2009 by Oxford University Press), photocopies of photographs of Dickason’s professional life, and a photograph of Dickason from 1970.

MacKinnon, Donna Jean

Dusty Vineberg.

Research notes and materials created or accumulated by Donna Jean MacKinnon about Dusty Vineberg. Includes correspondence between MacKinnon and Vineberg, correspondence with researchers and museum curators to research and contextualize Vineberg (including information about Irene Burstyn), articles by Vineberg, research materials provided by Vineberg (including her curriculum vitae and articles), database searches, documents sent by Cynthia Cooper (McCord Museum), and copies of Vineberg's chapter in Newsgirls.

MacKinnon, Donna Jean

Marilyn Dunlop.

Research notes and materials created or accumulated by Donna Jean MacKinnon about Marilyn Dunlop. Includes original and photocopied articles by and about Dunlop, correspondence between Dunlop and MacKinnon, handwritten notes and other documentation accumulated by MacKinnon, database searches, photocopies of photographs of Dunlop’s professional career, and drafts of Dunlop's chapter in Newsgirls.
Also contains two articles by Joan Hollobon.

MacKinnon, Donna Jean

Angela Burke.

Research notes and materials created or accumulated by Donna Jean MacKinnon about Angela Burke. Includes photocopies of photographs of Burke’s professional life, articles by and about Burke, drafts and endnotes of Burke’s chapter in Newsgirls, database searches, handwritten notes taken by MacKinnon, and correspondence between Burke and MacKinnon (including Burke’s curriculum vitae).

MacKinnon, Donna Jean

Letter from Joyce McMillan, General Secretary, Y.W.C.A. of Sydney, Australia, to Mrs. Schreiter, Oct. 16, 1957.

This letter relates to Margaret Schreiter's impending visit to Sydney and to the Triennial Convention of the Y.W.C.A. of Australia which will take place in Sydney during Margaret Schreiter's visit. Joyce McMillan asks that Margaret Schreiter contact her to let her know whether she will be attending this event. Joyce McMillan also mentions that the World President of the association, Hon. Miss Isabel Catto will be at this Convention.

Schreiter, Margaret

Correspondence with Adam Strohm and Charles R. Sanderson.

Correspondence from and to Harvey J. Sims, Adam Strohm, Librarian at the Detroit Public Library, and Charles R, Sanderson, Chief Librarian of the Toronto Public Library, between 1927 and 1941, the latter two often enclosing each other's letters. Adam Strohm sometimes encloses letters from Fred Burden, a mutual friend of his and Harvey's. Harvey had initially approached Adam Strohm for advice about books for his library; this correspondence included Sanderson after 1927. As well as corresponding about books these three men developed a friendship demonstrated in their letters, writing about their visits, their travels, and their lives.

Sims family

Correspondence with book dealers and publishers.

Correspondence from and to Harvey J. Sims and various book dealers and publishers relating to Harvey's efforts to build his library collection: Albert Britnell Book Shop (Toronto), The Book Society, World Books, Old Authors Shop (Ottawa), The Narrator (January 1942), Toronto Book Fair, Creasser's Book Shop (Toronto), T. Eaton Co. and the John Hardwick Co. (The Book House for Children). Includes invoices, catalogues, book lists, reviews, periodical issues and ephemera.

Sims family


Correspondents include William Valores Uttley, January 7, 1932, asking Harvey J. Sims to pass the enclosed biographical sketches to Florence to proofread and add information. The sketches are of Harvey, William Roos, and Mrs. William Roos (nee Davidson). The Waterloo Grand River Parks Co. sends two sustaining membership cards for "Cressman's Woods"; Mrs. Wilson from Ingleside Villa, N.B. is a lawn bowling connection and Grainger Whitney sends a news clipping, a note, and a photograph of an unidentified house, possibly in Chicago.

Sims family


Includes one letter dated Sept. 29, 1930 from S.C. Tweed in Waterloo, thanking Harvey for recommending Forsey Page as architect for a new school in Waterloo.
Includes eight letters from Lord Trenchard, Dancers Hill House, Barnet, Hertfordshire written between 1931 and 1937.

Sims family

Scots Fusiliers.

Correspondence relates to Harvey J. Sims' activities as Colonel of the Scots Fusiliers.

Sims family


Includes one letter from H.M. Snyder (furniture manufacturer) in 1941 about their mutual stays in hospital and state of health; a letter from Harvey to Dan Shantz in 1930 about the need for more snow fencing on the road past Chicopee, and correspondence with Titus Shantz about his dog licences.

Sims family


Correspondents include P.H. Roos about Harvey's investments; Newton W. Rowell in 1931 congratulating Harvey on his re-election as a bencher; also George Royle and "Lady Royle" May 23, 1928 and April 25, 1928 about arriving for a visit.

Sims family


Includes several letters from Violet Patton, a lawn bowling connection from Belfast, who includes clippings and photographs of her children; a letter from James K. Pickett in 1930 concerning a Metropolitan Life policy; one from C.D. Pequegnat calling for a meeting on Dec. 5, 1933 of the shareholders of the Waterloo County Grand River Parks Co. Ltd., to discuss creating Cressman's Woods as a permanent Waterloo County Park. One letter from William Philip of the Grand River Conservation Commission is present but torn into several pieces.

Sims family

Correspondence between Harvey J. Sims, Arthur Forbes Nicol, and families.

Letters (approximately 16) between members of the Arthur Forbes Nicol and Harvey J. Sims families from 1928 to 1941. Harvey J. Sim's wife Florence Katherine Roos and Arthur F. Nicol's wife Florence Helen Kempt were first cousins: their mothers were sisters Elizabeth and Margaret Davidson. Letters concern mutual interests, politics and family.

Sims family

Nyberg, Henry, M.E. to Harvey J. Sims.

Three letters from Henry Nyberg from his home in Kalkesta, Sweden, where he had retired. His letters to Harvey discuss old times and memories, but also concern the preparations being made in Sweden for a possible war, disbelief that war will actually be declared, and in 1941 he remarks that he made the wrong prediction about people coming to their senses.

Sims family

Maude, to Harvey J. Sims.

Letter from "Maude" dated Toronto, January 18, 1940 to Harvey J. Sims with information taken from The Wissler Family Record concerning the Robertson-Sims genealogy, and confusion caused by Harvey's grandmother having been married twice.

Sims family


Correspondents include Donald J. MacDonald from London, Ontario, Minnie O'Hara Maines on behalf of the Local Council of Women of Kitchener, and M.P. Johnson, secretary, on behalf Albert Edward Matthews, Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario, all addressing Harvey as Col. Sims and thanking him for his hospitality. Arthur R. Mortimer, Dept. of National Defence, responds to Harvey's letter of congratulations on his promotion. Violet Martin from Kennebunk Beach, Maine, regrets not being able to meet at Regina as her husband has cancer, and Harvey asks Bruce Matson in 1933 about obtaining prints of the photographs the latter took of Chicopee, some of which were published.

Sims family


Correspondents include J.M. Laing of the Mutual Life Assurance Co. about an investment plan, A.A. Langford of the Provincial Lawn Bowling Association accepting an invitation, and Law Society of Upper Canada circular correspondence that includes the voting results for benchers (Harvey Sims is third on the list of 61). File also contains a letter from Thomas W. Leak looking for work as a gardener, and a partial letter from Mrs. B. Lord.

Sims family


Correspondents include Bob Kay and L. Keyzer. Bob Kay, an old friend of Harvey Sims, lived in Hartford, CT and Florida, and was acquainted with Harvey's sister Rella and her husband John Ross Stewart. The correspondence concerns mostly the scrapbooks about curling and football that Kay had assembled and their eventual disposition.
Postcard in this file: "RMS Ausonia, White Star Line" from L. Keyzer, a fellow Rotarian, postmarked Brussels.

Sims family


Correspondents include Lieut. L.K. Harrison (Director of Music, Royal Canadian Regiment), Sir A. Wilson Hungerford, Belfast (fellow bowler), Elizabeth M. Harper (Fellow of the Royal Empire Society and Men of the Trees), Homer Heard (to and from concerning work done at Chicopee), Allison Heasley, and "Harry."

Sims family


Correspondents include the Hon. Mr. Justice Godfrey, Supreme Court of Ontario, V. Evan Gray, Ainslie W. Greene, and Norman S. Gurd.

Sims family


Correspondents include C.E. Fischer offering an income plan, Forsey Page enclosing a letter from Bruce C. Matson, who photographed the Sims property in 1933, W. Sherwood Fox, and T.H. Noble.

Sims family


One letter from William Daum Euler, Minister of National Revenue, Canada, dated Jan. 12, 1928.

Sims family

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