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Your passport to friendship.

File consists of one "passport to friendship" given out by Rotary International. The passport was intended to be taken by members of Rotary International to various clubs and to receive a stamp.

Rotary Club of Kitchener

World War I.

This folder actually contains material on a variety of topics and probably belonged to F.J.T. Maines. Includes two envelopes of material dating from 1915-1916. These include manuscript material: untitled sermon (?) on loyalty and war, 7 leaves; a hymn with music; a second untitled ms. sermon, 4 p.; manuscript notes on "Christian brotherhood". Includes ephemera and pamphlets produced for troops "On Active Service." Includes clippings relating to the war, to politics, and to topics of interest to F.J.T. Maines. A third gathering of material dates from 1931- 1939 and consists of clippings on topics such as world politics, Grey Owl, Niagara Falls, hawks, liquor legislation, poems, letters to the editor, etc.

Maines, Frederick J.T.

Working file : chronological 3.

File consists of miscellaneous material probably accumulated during the process of researching and writing the history of the COAA, mainly relating to the association membership. Includes typed membership lists (heavily annotated), lists of teachers and of participants at a workshop, correspondence, flyers and newsletters, and an exhibition catalogue.

Central Ontario Art Association

Working file : chronological 2.

File consists of miscellaneous material probably accumulated during the process of researching and writing the history of the COAA, mainly relating to the association membership. Includes handwritten and typed membership lists, lists of potential teachers and of participants at a workshop, correspondence, flyers, and an exhibition catalogue.

Central Ontario Art Association

Working file : chronological 1.

File consists of miscellaneous material probably accumulated during the process of researching and writing the history of the COAA. Includes published material relating to community development and recreation (pamphlets, minutes of proceedings in the House of Commons (Ottawa) of the special committee on reconstruction and re-establishment), material prepared by the Teachers' Council of the association (lectures, articles), handwritten and typed notes, lists of workshop and sketching trip participants. a typed history of the association, an exhibition catalogue, and other material.

Central Ontario Art Association

Working file : Oreen Campbell : 4.

File consists of material probably accumulated by Oreen Campbell and relating to her work on the history of the COAA. Contains miscellaneous material, including: correspondence, photographs of COAA members and artwork, exhibition catalogues and invitation cards (for COAA member shows as well as other galleries), typed information about the COAA, flyers, minutes of a special meeting of the Homer Watson House Foundation (1982), a draft speech given at a fall workshop on the death of Gordon Couling, mock-ups of potential COAA logos, and other material.

Central Ontario Art Association

Working file : Oreen Campbell : 2.

File consists of material probably created and accumulated by Oreen Campbell and relating to her work on the history of the association. Some material relates to a Leaders' Insitute held in 1959 at the MacDonald Insitute in Guelph. File includes COAA newsletters, flyers for events, correspondence to Campbell, meeting agendas, sketches, and other material.

Central Ontario Art Association

Working file : Oreen Campbell : 1.

File consists of material created and accumulated by Oreen Campbell and relating to her work on the history of the association. Some material relates to the events and the history of the COAA and some relates to the coordination of the a Belwood School reunion (it is unclear how this event relates to the activities of the COAA). Includes correspondence, flyers for COAA events, draft histories of the association, draft and final versions of the association's constitution, exhibition lists, financial statements (1972), annual meeting minutes (1983), newsletters, clippings, and other material.

Central Ontario Art Association

Work & play.

File consists of paper doll advertisements. The first is a stand up paper doll of a sheep wearing a dress holding a duster advertising Enameline stove cleaner. The verso reads "Look out for imitations and parties who claim to have something 'just as good.' It is not as good. There's but one Enameline that's the best. For sale by all dealers. Manufactured by J.L. Prescott & Co. 11 Jay Street New York."; a set of six double sided paper dolls with two interchangeable heads, advertising Clark's O.N.T. Spool Cotton. The interiors of the dolls reads "if the child who receives this doll is sent to the store for thread she should ask for Clark's O.N.T. Spool Cotton and see that she gets it. Double Dolls "work and play" 12 in a set. By sending three 2 cent stamps, with name and address, to Clark's O.N.T. Spool Cotton Factory. Newark, N.J. a complete set will be sent by mail be careful to state that the double dolls are wanted."

Wilson, Alexander Douglas.

Photographs relating to Alexander Douglas Wilson and his family. Includes snapshots of Alexander in uniform with his parents and some siblings at a train station, a snapshot of his children, a snapshot of a bride [his daughter?] and groom, and other snapshots of family. File also includes newspaper clippings, most relating to his death.

Martin, John Gartshore

White on White: a cross-cultural collection.

Exhibition catalogue & ephemera, clippings, handwritten drafts and working papers re the exhibit and slide show "White on white: decorated needlework" held at Joseph Schneider Haus. Includes negatives.

Patterson, Nancy-Lou

White Mop Wringer Co. advertisement

Advertisement trade card for the White Mop Wringer Company of Fultonville, N.Y. Serving as a business card for representative M.D. Alger. Recto shows a woman using a mop wringer and the verso shows illustrations of two mop wringers, one for family use and the other for hotel use.

What the vote has done.

Leaflet on what the vote has done published by the National Union of Societies for Equal Citizenship. The leaflet discusses the changes that have happened since the enfranchisement of women over 30 with land holdings.

Hancock, Irene

Watercolour workshop.

File consists of two copies of a flyer advertising a three-day watercolour workshop by California artist Christopher Schink, sponsored by the COAA.

Central Ontario Art Association

WATFOR 25th anniversary.

File consists of material relating to the 25th anniversary of WATFOR celebration. Includes programs and a campus map. One of the programs contains an handwritten note to Kindree.

Kindree, William

Universal Clothes Wringer advertisement

Universal Clothes Wringer puzzle advertisement showing a young woman using a clothes wringer while a man looks in from the window. When the advertisement is held up to the light you can see that the man is looking in with a gun while the young woman leans in to kiss a young man and an older woman comes towards them brandishing a broom. As well, a caption on the advertisement becomes clear which reads "Buy the universal clothes wringer."

Uncle Tom's Cabin Museum.

File consists of one brochure and one postcard from the Uncle Tom's Cabin Museum. Inserted into the brochure are three leaves of manscript notes by Smucker.

Smucker, Barbara

Trip to Yugoslavia.

File consists of materials relating to Kay Rex's trip to Yugoslavia. Includes ephemera, itineraries, postcards, notes and travel information.

Rex, Kay

Trip to Nigeria : publications and ephemera.

File consists of materials relating to a 1976-1977 trip taken by Kay Rex to Nigeria to write on agricultural practices for the Globe and Mail. This file contains publications and ephemera relating to the trip including brochures, journals, receipts, etc.

Rex, Kay

Tree Ball Washing advertisement

Tree Ball Washing crystal advertisement trade card showing an illustration of three women washing, hanging out, and ironing laundry. The women are accompanied by a dog and a bird in a cage. Verso reads "Nellie - mama, shall I go for the washerwoman, as you have been sick lately and are not able to do the washing? Mother - Oh no, my dear child, you just go to our grocer and get me a large 5 cents package of the Three Ball Washing Crystal, it makes washing so easy that no washwoman is required. Manufactured by C.H. Fischer & Co., New York"

Trans-Canada Air Lines passenger's coupon.

A passenger's coupon issued by Trans-Canada Air Lines for air passage between Stevenson Airport (now the James Armstrong Richardson International Airport) in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Malton Airport (now the Toronto Pearson International Airport) near Toronto, Ontario. The coupon was likely used by Cameron Hill to travel between airbases when he was enrolled in the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP).

Hill, Cameron Clare

The Woman's Bible.

Broadside condemning Elizabeth Cady Stanton's "The Woman's Bible" and the fight for women's suffrage. Published in 1895, Woman's Bible discusses Stanton's views that Christianity and masculine theology were some of the leading factors in keeping women from gaining rights. Although highly critized both before and during its publication, Woman's Bible was a bestseller and was reprinted twice in the year after its publication. The broadside here was printed approximately 25 years after the publication of Woman's Bible, likely during the time that the debate on the ratification of the 19th amendment to the US Constitution was raging.
The broadside excerpts passages from Stanton's work in an attempt to prove that fears around women's suffrage leaders are founded. The unknown author also implicates suffrage leaders Carrie Chapman Catt and Alice Stone Blackwell, even though neither had a hand in the publication of The Woman's Bible.

Stanton, Elizabeth Cady

The Suffragettes and their unruly methods.

Leaflet distributed by the National Women's Social & Political Union of a satirical letter about the methods of the suffragettes versus the methods of men who wanted enfranchisement.

Hancock, Irene

The Boston Rivals concert handbill.

  • SCA310-GA346
  • Fonds
  • 1891

Fonds consists of one handbill advertising a concert of the Boston Rivals. The Boston Rivals were made up of Miss Hamlin, Mrs. Southwick, Mr. Winternitz, and Mr. Conant.

The Boston Rivals.

The Ahrens story

One binder of photocopies, including some original snapshots and clippings in adhesive pages, consisting of The Ahrens story / compiled by Mary C. Shantz. Includes information about relationships and friendships between the Ahrens and Schneider families. Includes 4 snapshots of and a obituary for Floss Ahrens. This binder was owned by Herbert J. Schneider.

Schneider, J.M. family

Thank you card.

A thank you card from the Bechler family photo album. The card is addressed to Aunt Annie from Jeanette and Ray Cosier in thanks for a wedding gift. Aunt Annie may refer to Annie Bechler (Schmidt).

Bechler family

Sweeperette advertisement

Die cut card showing five women behind a fence with a caption reading "The look well on the fence! Much better on the other side. This road leads to success used by the million." The verso shows the backs of the women, each of whom are holding a Sweeperette sweeper. Verso reads "always in the push our Sweeperette. Sweeperette Company 76 5th Ave. New York Grand Rapids, Mich."

Suffrage clippings.

File consists primarily of newspaper and other clippings and ephemera by and about Alice Riggs Hunt, concerning suffrage.

Hunt, Alice Riggs


Items probably collected as souvenirs. Includes a photograph album with a leather cover (empty); blank postcards depicting Clachaig (Scotland), a Vancouver parade, and the University of Toronto; business cards for a hotel in California; autograph booklets; and a print of a boy and a police officer.

Martin, John Gartshore

Soapona advertisement

Soapona trade card advertisement featuring an elephant looking on while two women hang laundry on a line. Verso reads "Saves times, expense and labor. Makes hard water soft. Does not injure the hands or clothes. Makes linen perfectly white. Is a great disinfectant. Each package contains a set of handsome picture cards. Manufactured only by R.W. Bell & Co. 77 to 89 Washington St., and 8 to 20 Beaver St., Buffalo, N.Y."

Soapine advertisement

Advertisement trade card for Soapine by Kendall Manufacturing Company of Providence Rhode Island and illustrated by Charlotte Perkins Gilman showing a woman from behind dusting figurines that spell out Soapine on a mantel piece. Verso reads "Cleanliness in the house, laundry, kitchen and workshop is best secured by the use of Soapine. All wise people continue to use it after one trial. Kendall Mfg. Co. Established 1827. Providence, R.I."

Soapine advertisement

Soapine advertisement illustrated by Charlotte Perkins Gilman showing a woman hanging laundry out from a wash basket. The laundry on the line spells out "Soapine." Verso reads "Soapine the great dirt killer, will remove dirt of all descriptions! Without injury to hands or fabric. Kendall Mfg. Co. established 1827 Providence, R.I."

Sketch trips & workshops.

File consists of material relating to the arrangement of sketch trips and workshops, probably accumulated by program coordinator Margaret Lucas. Includes incoming and outgoing correspondence, flyers and programs for workshops and trips, a membership list, a meeting agenda, several registration lists, and other material.

Central Ontario Art Association

Sketch around London.

File consists of a sketch pad belonging to artist and COAA member Pat Walsh. The spiral-bound notebook contains mainly photographs of buildings in and around London, Ontario, and also contains ephemera, newspaper clippings, and other material. It appears to have been created in preparation for or after a COAA sketching trip.

Central Ontario Art Association

Sims, Peter Harvey : ephemera.

Birthday party invitation to Peter and Jemima Sims from Mrs. Hilliard, May 6, 1875.
Memorial card: William John Roat, died at Berlin, December 23, 1887 (includes envelope).
Memorial card: James McFeiggan, died in Galt, May 23, 1888.
Memorial card: Harvey James Cook, November 12, 1930.
Wedding invitations, 1895-1898.

Sims family

Sims, Peter Harvey : Salem Woolen Works advertisement.

Letter to Harvey J. Sims dated August 4, 1930 from John R. Connon of Elora, enclosing advertisements for what he describes as "relating to your father's unfortunate venture in the Salem Woollen Mill." Includes an original manuscript copy of an advertisement for the Sims Bros. Salem Woollen Works, and the advertisement as published in the Elora Observer, no. 39 Friday April 17, 1868.

Sims family

Sims, Harvey J. : football ephemera.

Membership cards signed by Harvey J. Sims for the Rangers Football Club dated 1890 and 1899, listing officers and executive, club grounds and colours. In 1890, Harvey J. Sims is listed as on the Committee of Management; in 1899, he is on the executive committee. The 1899 card includes the W.F.A (Western Football Association) schedule for the spring season. These cards are in addition to a copy of the Western Football Association Annual for 1900, edited by D. Forsyth, Secretary Western Football Association and printed in Berlin. This volume contains the constitution and rules, hints for referees and players, as well as detailed lists of champion teams from 1880 to 1899. The pages for 1900, printed in red, appear to have been pasted in at the front and end of the 1899.

Sims family

Sims, Harvey J. : ephemera.

Wide range of ephemera retained by Harvey J. Sims between 1886 and 1912. Includes invitations to "at homes" and organized social events, dance cards, dinner menu, also a copy of the The Second Annual Meeting of the Ontario Associated Boards of Trade, Toronto, Feb. 22-23, 1912.
Some ephemera is associated with local clubs, most of which Harvey was a member: Berlin H.S. Musical and Literary Society, The Beavers' Club, Grand River Lodge, Bachelors of Berlin and Waterloo, The Berlin Club and Young Men of the Ark.
Includes an 1896 curling scorecard with heavily illustrated covers, advertising the Dominion Brewery, Toronto, and Harvey J.'s Trinity University convocation program, June 27, 1896.

Sims family

Sims, Harvey J. : ephemera : Scots Fusiliers.

Christmas card from the Scots Fusiliers of Canada with photograph (printed on coated paper) tipped in: "Their Majesties at Kitchener, June 6th, 1939." Left to right: William Lyon Mackenzie King, Queen Elizabeth, King George VI, standing on the reception platform at the Kitchener railway station.

Sims family

Sims, Florence : ephemera.

Identity card issued on June 22, 1918 to Florence K. Sims by the Canada Registration Board, "for the national purposes," to be carried at all times.
Grand River Country Club membership card, 1919.
Trip ephemera: Florence Sims and Mrs. William Roos, London and Paris.

Sims family

Sims Family collection.

  • SCA369-GA427
  • Fonds
  • 1833-1963

The Sims family collection encompasses records of the Sims and Cook, Davidson and Garden families retained by members of the two family branches that came together when Harvey James Sims and Florence Katherine Roos married in 1902. Their Sims and Davidson forbears were equally significant in the history of the Waterloo-Wellington area and in the growth and development of agriculture, education, business and government. Harvey James Sims and Florence Katherine Roos were deeply involved in their local community of Berlin, (later Kitchener) Ontario and their own records contain significant additions to our knowledge of local personalities and affairs. Harvey was a childhood and lifelong friend of William Lyon Mackenzie King; they wrote and visited each other regularly. King's sister Bella was also a close friend of Florence from school days on.

Sims family

Seagram, Joseph Emm, 1841-1919: Canadian Wheelman's Association.

Article "C.W.A. Meet, Waterloo, July 1st and 2nd," Saturday Globe, June 22, 1895: [1]. This article concerns the annual meet of the C.W.A. [Canadian Wheelman's Association?] to be held in Waterloo, Ont. in 1895. Joseph E. Seagram was Honorary President of the Waterloo Bicycle Club and donated a horse as a prize for this meet. The article also includes two images of the Waterloo Bicycle Club Track, as well as portraits of local individuals: D. Hybner, Mayor, Berlin; Simon Snyder, Mayor, Waterloo; Waterloo Bicycle Club officers J.W. Fear, J.M. Scully, Geo. Wegenast, F.G. Hughes, A.H. Snyder, C.W. Wells; also W.G. Roos, C.H. Froelich.

Seagram Family

Scrapbook: Printed Materials by the Record.

This scrapbook contains a collection of ephemera, pamphlets, brochures, etc. put out by the Record. This includes materials printed for the Records "Newspapers in Education" program, 1st issue facsimile, Oktoberfest brochures (not present in the K-W Oktoberfest Collection), carol and song sheets, local historical pamphlets by Sandy Baird and Mabel Dunham, etc.

Kitchener-Waterloo Record

Scrapbook 2.

Scrapbook created by an unknown party (probably a family member or close friend) containing clippings from the Kitchener-Waterloo Record relating to local men serving in the war. Clippings describe the postings, promotions, and activities of the soldiers and officers, honours received, and news about those injured, missing, or killed. Some clippings relate to John Gartshore Martin, Wilson Alexander Martin, and Muriel Clift (fiancee of William Jamieson Martin). Some clippings are loose between pages of the scrapbook.

Martin, John Gartshore

Scrapbook 2.

Scrapbook containing loose and pasted-in clippings, ephemera, a photograph, and typed transcripts of speeches made by Dr. S.F. Leavine both during the mayoralty contest of 1949, and after his nomination as Mayor in December, 1949. Clippings describe the progress of the 1949 mayoral race Leavine and Ald. Harry Ainlay; advertising and promotional materials related to Leavine's campaign; coverage of Leavine's win, including reactions from his wife Desta and their two daughters; and Leavine's legacy following his death in 1958.

Loose materials in this scrapbook include clippings, some of which are undated, and others which are dated 1954-1955, and 1957-1958. These clippings report on Dr. S.F. Leavine's speeches in the Legislature as M.P.P for Waterloo North. They report on Leavine's recommendation that a royal commission be set up to investigate the whole field of curative arts and sciences. Another article reports on Leavine's statement to the Legislature that monopolistic practices among local hospitals are destroying the effectiveness of the general practitioner. In another article it is reported that Dr. S.F. Leavine stresses the need for more roads in the Kitchener-Waterloo area.

Among the scrapbook materials are clippings and a telegram relating to Leavine's campaign for re-election as M.P.P for Waterloo North in 1955. The telegram is dated June 10, 1955 and expresses the condolences of Hon. Leslie Frost on Dr. S.F. Leavine's non-reelection. In 1956 Dr. S.F. Leavine returned to civic politics as an alderman and several clippings in this scrapbook relate to his term of office as alderman from 1956-1957. Other loose clippings relate to Leavine's mayorality campaigns in 1949 and 1957.

The scrapbook also contains clippings which report on Leavine's admission to the K-W Hospital in 1958 following a heart seizure, while others are commemorative in nature, including an obituary, following his death on July 27, 1958. Two other articles report that Kitchener's new health department headquarters are to be named after Leavine. Present at the official opening of these new headquarters were Dr. G. E. Duff Wilson, medical officer of health; Dr. Desta Leavine, who unveiled a portrait of her father; Health Minister Dymond; and Dr. Louis V. Lang, health board chairman.

Also in the file is a photograph from [1950?] that appeared in the Kitchener-Waterloo Record.

Leavine, Stanley Francis

Scrapbook 1.

Scrapbook created by John Gartshore Martin about his experiences in WWII. Includes snapshots, newspaper clippings, ephemera, and correspondence. Snapshots were taken during John's training in Canada and his time in Europe, and show sporting events; fellow officers and soldiers; towns, buildings, and countryside in Normandy, Belgium and Holland; tanks and other equipment; a post-war ceremony; and other subjects.

Scrapbook includes a telegram from John's parents informing him of his brother Jamie's death, ts. Information relating to battles, a letter to Jessie Martin regarding John's DSO, and other items. Clippings relate to John's involvement in the war and his decoration with the DSO by the Governor General Viscount Alexander. The scrapbook pages are not in order and have been left as found. Some pages contain identification for the photographs.

Martin, John Gartshore

Scrapbook 1.

Scrapbook containing loose and pasted-in clippings, as well correspondence (letters and cards), speech notes, invitations, programs, photographs, and other ephemera predominantly relating to Dr. S.F. Leavine's election as Mayor of Kitchener in 1949. Included are notes of congratulations; coverage of the mayoralty race and Leavine's activities as mayor; his participation on various city boards and commissions, including the Service Welfare Committee; and a proclamation signed by Mayor Leavine declaring that "Brotherhood Week" is to be observed in Kitchener from February 19-26, 1950, along with a photo from a related event. Also included is a typed welcoming speech made by Mayor Leavine at an unspecified event.

One of the loose photographs depicts "The Walking Mayor", as he came to be known, pictured on his daily walk to work as Mayor of Kitchener. A second photograph appears to have been taken on election day in 1955 when Dr. S.F. Leavine ran as the Progressive Conservative candidate in the Waterloo North constituency. The final photograph was taken at the official opening of the Carmicheal School Addition on March 7, 1950 which was attended by Mayor Leavine.

The loose clippings cover: Leavine's recommended changes to the Criminal Code as a means of bringing youth gang activity under control; a Waterloo North Conservative Progressive picnic at Waterloo Park in August, 1952 which was attended; and Leavine's nomination to contest the Waterloo North constituency in 1955.


  • Letter (Dec. 9, 1949) to Leavine from city clerk, C.G. Lips officially acknowledging Dr. S.F. Leavine's election to the position of Mayor, and asking him to subscribe the necessary Oath of Office prior to the Council's inaugural meeting on Jan. 3, 1950.
  • Letter (Feb. 16, 1950) from H.E. McCallum, the Mayor of Hamilton, inviting Leavine to attend an evening event which will constitute part of the Third Canadian Sportsmen's Show in March, 1950. An invitation to the 43rd Annual Convention of the Canadian Gas Association in June 1950 is also contained in this file along with reservation forms for the event.

Leavine, Stanley Francis

Scrapbook 1.

File consists of a scrapbook compiled by Damaris Smith containing clippings, engravings, stamps and seals, and obituaries and biographies of prominent suffragists, literary, political and social women, some of whom are British.

Smith, Damaris Isabella

Scrapbook 1 : loose material.

Material collected by John Gartshore Martin relating mainly to his experience in the war, including social and sporting events and regimental memorial services. Includes ephemera, newspaper clippings, photographs, a negative, a guide map of London, and a 1984 letter to John from a researcher regarding his scrapbook.

Clippings relate to the war and John's involvement in particular, and include the October 27, 1945 issue of The Maple Leaf (newspaper for the Canadian Forces, northwest Europe edition); a clipping about a post-war business trip to Europe by John Alexander Martin is also present.

Martin, John Gartshore

Sapolio advertisement

Advertisement trade card for Sapolio showing two women cleaning marble statues with the caption "clean marble with Sapolio." Verso reads "1809 1880 Enoch Morgan's Sons' Sapolio for cleaning & polishing. Hand Sapolio for the toilet and bath. Sapolio being put up in an attractive style some persons think is a fancy article but the fact is that one cake is equal to three cakes of any 'mineral soap' and will do more and better work."

Sapolio advertisement

Advertisement trade card for Sapolio showing a woman scrubbing a tub while a baby bathes in a smaller tub with the caption "clean baths with Sapolio." Verso reads "1809 1880 Enoch Morgan's Sons' Sapolio for cleaning & polishing. Hand Sapolio for the toilet and bath. Sapolio being put up in an attractive style some persons think is a fancy article but the fact is that one cake is equal to three cakes of any 'mineral soap' and will do more and better work."

Sapolio advertisement

Advertisement trade card for Sapolio showing a woman scrubbing a tin pan while a young girl shows a cat its reflection in another. Caption reads "clean tins with Sapolio." Verso reads "1809 1880 Enoch Morgan's Sons' Sapolio for cleaning & polishing. Hand Sapolio for the toilet and bath. Sapolio being put up in an attractive style some persons think is a fancy article but the fact is that one cake is equal to three cakes of any 'mineral soap' and will do more and better work."

Sapolio advertisement

Advertisement trade card for Sapolio showing three women washing dishes with the caption "Wash dishes with Sapolio." Verso reads "There is no one article known that will do so many kinds of work in and about the house and do it so well as Enoch Morgan's Sons Sapolio. (Each cake is wrapped in Tin Foil, and surrounded with Ultramarine Blue-Band, and bears the above device) always note this. A cake of Sapolio, a bowl of water and a brush, cloth or sponge will make house cleaning a quick and easy job, will clean paint and all painted surfaces, will clean marble, mantles, tables and statuary, will clean oil-cloths, floors, shelves, etc., will clear bath tubs, wash basins, etc., will clean crockery, glassware, etc., will clean kitchen utensils, of all kinds, will clean windows without splashing of water, will polish tin, brass and copperware, will polish knives as you wash them, will polish all metal surfaces and will clean all household articles and is better and cheaper than soap, emery, rotten stone, etc. John Wanamaker, Grad Depot, Phila."

Sapolio advertisement

Advertisement trade card for Sapolio showing three women polishing glassware with the caption "clean glass with Sapolio." Verso reads "1809 1880 Enoch Morgan's Sons' Sapolio for cleaning & polishing. Hand Sapolio for the toilet and bath. Sapolio being put up in an attractive style some persons think is a fancy article but the fact is that one cake is equal to three cakes of any 'mineral soap' and will do more and better work."

Royal Air Forces Ex-P.O.W. Association reunion : programme and press clipping.

A programme outlining the events and activities of the Royal Air Forces Ex-P.O.W. Association international reunion for kriegies held in London, England from May 13-16, 1977. The programme belonged to Cameron Hill who attended the reunion.

Also includes one press clipping from an unknown publication describing a dinner held during the reunion where attendees, including more than 300 Canadians, dined with Prince Philip, consort of Elizabeth II, Queen of Great Britain.

Hill, Cameron Clare


File consists of seventeen reviews of White Mist by Barbara Smucker.

Smucker, Barbara


File consists of seven reviews of Jacob's Little Giant.

Smucker, Barbara


File consists of three reviews of Garth and the Mermaid.

Smucker, Barbara


File consists of six reviews of Incredible Jumbo.

Smucker, Barbara


File consists of 68 reviews of Underground to Canada by Barbara Smucker as well as two on the film adaptation of the book.

Smucker, Barbara


File consists of 16 reviews of Amish Adventure.

Smucker, Barbara


File consists of one brochure for the Jumbo monument in St. Thomas, Ontario.

Smucker, Barbara

Research notes.

File consists of research notes created and accumulated by Barbara Smucker while researching for White Mist. Includes clippings, photocopies, ephemera, and manuscript notes.

Smucker, Barbara

Related issue : toxic wastes.

File consists of material relating to toxic wastes and water pollution, and in particular the disposal of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). Includes newspaper clippings; a report to an environmental assessment board regarding the burning of PCBs in Mississauga; a letter to Godfrey from Jim Bradley, Ontario Minister of the Environment; and a newsletter from the Liberal Caucus (Ontario) regarding pollution in Lake Simcoe.

Godfrey, Judy

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