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International Platform Association (file 1 of 4).

File consists of correspondence to and from G. Elmore Reaman during his tenure as the first Canadian president of the International Platform Association, a non-profit organization for promoting to the public "high grade platform presentations." (Flyer, ca. 1950). The correspondence is mostly to and from other members and is concerned with internal affairs of the organization. Includes two letters from John Diefenbaker dated Nov. 3, 1949 and Jan. 28, 1950. Also includes a small amount of ephemera from individual artists.

Reaman, George Elmore

World War I.

This folder actually contains material on a variety of topics and probably belonged to F.J.T. Maines. Includes two envelopes of material dating from 1915-1916. These include manuscript material: untitled sermon (?) on loyalty and war, 7 leaves; a hymn with music; a second untitled ms. sermon, 4 p.; manuscript notes on "Christian brotherhood". Includes ephemera and pamphlets produced for troops "On Active Service." Includes clippings relating to the war, to politics, and to topics of interest to F.J.T. Maines. A third gathering of material dates from 1931- 1939 and consists of clippings on topics such as world politics, Grey Owl, Niagara Falls, hawks, liquor legislation, poems, letters to the editor, etc.

Maines, Frederick J.T.

Loose papers


  • Galt YMCA Circus Program 1928
  • F.T. Maines: correspondence & ephemera regarding subscription to "light".
  • Minnie Maines: Kitchener-Waterloo Philharmonic Choir ephemera.
  • Minnie Maines: membership cards and receipts: K-W YMCA and YWCA.
    5: Minnie Maines: household receipts and ephemera.

Maines Pincock Family

Maines, Frederick J.T. : reference and material for sermons.

File consists of one notebook kept by Frederick J.T. Maines with reference materials on a variety of topics for sermons. The subjects are indexed at the beginning of the notebook and include topics such as demonic possession, Buddha, ectoplasm, necromancy, superstition and more. Also included are clippings and notes that were inset into various pages.

Maines, Frederick J.T.

5 Counties : 1957.

File consists of material relating to administration and activities of the Five Counties Art Association for 1957. Includes incoming and outgoing correspondence, meeting agendas and one set of minutes (possibly draft copy), handwritten notes, an exhibition program, and a newspaper clipping.

Couling, Gordon

5 Counties : 1958.

File consists of material relating to the administration and activities of the Five Counties Art Assoication for 1958. Includes incoming and outgoing correspondence, exhibitors' lists, minutes for meetings of the teacher's council and for a Leaders Institute planning meeting, handwritten jury score sheets from an exhibition, handwritten notes, etc.

Couling, Gordon

5 Counties : 1960.

File consists of material relating to the administration and activities of the Five Counties Art Association for 1960. Includes a bulletin, an exhibitors' list, newspaper clippings, ts. notes regarding the teachers' council, etc.

Couling, Gordon

Leader's Institute : 1956 (file 1 of 2).

File consists of material relating to the Leader's Institute held at the Macdonald Institute (Guelph) in 1956. Includes typed reports and feedback about the conference, handwritten notes, correspondence (including a draft), reports on discussion sessions, a list of participants, and statements of purpose for the Leader's Institute.

Couling, Gordon

Events and workshops : 1976-1980 (file 1 of 2).

File consists mainly of flyers, programs, and invitations for events and workshops organized by COAA for the years 1976 to 1980. Events include Christmas parties, field trips, sketching and painting trips, gallery weekends, workshops, and annual meetings. File also includes some correspondence and applications forms relating to grants from the Ontario Arts Council and some correspondence relating to arrangements for a sketching weekend in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Central Ontario Art Association

Geneva Park : art shows & artists : 1989-1990s.

File consists of material relating to programs organized by the COAA, and mainly the annual workshops at Geneva Park (Longford Mills, Ontario) for 1994-1996 and the annual juried exhibition called Crossection for 1980-1982. Material relates to the organization and arrangement of the events. Includes incoming and outgoing correspondence, reports, flyers and invitations, brochures, programs, exhibition lists, minutes, budgets, draft workshop descriptions, etc.

Central Ontario Art Association


File consists of some material relating to one or several art weekends at Geneva Park: a brochure, a program and workshop participant lists, and handwritten notes from an annual meeting. File also includes a guest list for a K-W Society of Artists exhibition, and completed surveys of art teachers in the five counties area.

Central Ontario Art Association

Sketch around London.

File consists of a sketch pad belonging to artist and COAA member Pat Walsh. The spiral-bound notebook contains mainly photographs of buildings in and around London, Ontario, and also contains ephemera, newspaper clippings, and other material. It appears to have been created in preparation for or after a COAA sketching trip.

Central Ontario Art Association

Watercolour workshop.

File consists of two copies of a flyer advertising a three-day watercolour workshop by California artist Christopher Schink, sponsored by the COAA.

Central Ontario Art Association

Files from members, 4.

File consists of miscellaneous material accumulated by association members. Includes correspondence, advertisements, page proofs for a bulletin, COAA letterhead, a completed questionnaire, a newspaper clipping (relating to a sculpture at Wilfrid Laurier University), etc.

Central Ontario Art Association

Files from members, 5.

File consists of miscellaneous material probably accumulated by association member Ruth Camplin (also President, 1969). Includes exhibitors lists for various exhibitions (most but not all by the association), association news bulletins (incomplete, without cover pages and some loose pages), correspondence, flyers, and other material.

Central Ontario Art Association

McMichael Gallery file (file 2 of 2).

File consists of material relating to the McMichael Gallery in Kleinburg, Ontario, and mainly to legislation changes in the early 1980s affecting the McMichael Canadian Collection and the response of interested parties (including COAA members) regarding the changes. Includes incoming and outgoing correspondence, newspaper clippings, politicians' statements given at the Legislative Assebmly of Ontario, transcripts of parliamentary committee meetings (Standing Committee on Social Development), newsletters, fliers, etc. File also contains copies of the Act to Establish the McMichael Canadian Collection (1972) and the Act to amend the McMichael Canadian Collection Act (1981). File probably belonged to Oreen Campbell and most correspondence belongs to Campbell, but some correspondence is also addressed to Doris Law. Includes a letter from Premier William G. Davis.

Central Ontario Art Association

Working file : chronological 1.

File consists of miscellaneous material probably accumulated during the process of researching and writing the history of the COAA. Includes published material relating to community development and recreation (pamphlets, minutes of proceedings in the House of Commons (Ottawa) of the special committee on reconstruction and re-establishment), material prepared by the Teachers' Council of the association (lectures, articles), handwritten and typed notes, lists of workshop and sketching trip participants. a typed history of the association, an exhibition catalogue, and other material.

Central Ontario Art Association

Familienbriefe: 1967-1969.

Correspondence primarily between members of the Sommer family. Includes letters interspersed with details about family life such as Ulrich Sommer and Cornelius Sommer’s studies in university, Angelika Sommer’s pending visit with her grandparents, and Lina Neumeyer Raatz’s declining health. Lina Neumeyer Raatz was Ulrich Sommer’s aunt and she lived in Germany. Also contains correspondence between the Sommer family and the Altenmueller family from Cooksville, Ontario. Records include letters, postcards, and pamphlets.

Sommer family

Kaufman, Mary : ephemera, artifact.

A valentine's card sent to Mary Kaufman in 1874. Also includes a Christmas card from Mary Kaufman [ca. 1920] with a Japanese Christmas card to her attached and one pink and blue embroidered book mark

Augustine, Ham, Kaufman family

Kaufman, Emma : 1966 : 85th birthday.

Material relating to a "pre-birthday party" held for Emma Kaufman at Covenant College in Toronto, Ontario. Contains an invitation, guest-book sheets, regrets list, snapshots, photographs, and party ephemera.

Augustine, Ham, Kaufman family

City Councillor, 1938-1949.

Three clippings regarding Leavine in his capacity an alderman in the 1940s. One from the Kitchener Daily Record, dated Tuesday, December 31, 1940, reports that Leavine had been named chairman of the finance committee of City Council at the pre-inaugural caucus held on Dec. 30, 1940. Another, also from the Record, dated December 8, 1942 includes names and portraits of Kichener's newly elected 1943 city council, including Leavine. The final clipping is undated and outlines the results of the municipal election in Kitchener during which Leavine was once again elected to city council by 6,169 votes, receiving more votes than any other individual elected to the Kitchener council that year.

Leavine, Stanley Francis


Two clippings which include references to the K-W Collegiate Institute where Dr. S.F. Leavine's eldest daughter, Desta Leavine, was a student. The first, undated, describes how Desta was one of three public speaking contest winners to address the K-W Kiwanis Club at one of their weekly luncheon meetings. Desta's speech focused on the Mary Celeste, a mystery ship of the last century found adrift and crewless in mid-Atlantic. The second clipping, from the July 7, 1945 edition of the Kitchener Record, includes promotion results for the K-W Collegiate .

Leavine, Stanley Francis

Photograph collection.

  • SCA83-GA53
  • Fonds
  • [186-?]-[19--?]

Collection consists of 169 19th century American photographs. Included are 115 carte-de-visites, 40 cabinet portraits, 2 albums, 11 miscellaneous photographs and 1 envelope of miscellaneous business and greeting cards.

The photographs vary in size, but many of are 1 x 1 cm and mounted on card. Most are albumen type photographs depicting various people including infants, children, and adults. The photographs come from various studios across the United States though the majority come from studios in New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Illinois. The photographs, since rehoused, were originally housed in two albums decorated with an intricate relief on the cover and a metal clasp lock.

Seagram, Joseph Emm, 1841-1919: Canadian Wheelman's Association.

Article "C.W.A. Meet, Waterloo, July 1st and 2nd," Saturday Globe, June 22, 1895: [1]. This article concerns the annual meet of the C.W.A. [Canadian Wheelman's Association?] to be held in Waterloo, Ont. in 1895. Joseph E. Seagram was Honorary President of the Waterloo Bicycle Club and donated a horse as a prize for this meet. The article also includes two images of the Waterloo Bicycle Club Track, as well as portraits of local individuals: D. Hybner, Mayor, Berlin; Simon Snyder, Mayor, Waterloo; Waterloo Bicycle Club officers J.W. Fear, J.M. Scully, Geo. Wegenast, F.G. Hughes, A.H. Snyder, C.W. Wells; also W.G. Roos, C.H. Froelich.

Seagram Family


File consists of materials accumulated by Kay Rex created by, and based on, her friends. Includes correspondence, photographs, clippings, ephemera, etc. Correspondents include:

  • Burcher, Dorothy
  • Helferty, Dorothy
  • Hodgson, Dorothy
  • Hollobon, Joan
  • Wright, C.F.
  • Wysong, Peggy
  • [?], Alixe
  • [?], May
  • [?], Joan and Suki.

Rex, Kay

Miscellaneous (file 2 of 2).

File consists of miscellaneous press clippings, including some newspaper advertisements for Electrohome products. Subjects include the manufacture and distribution of televison sets, former Electrohome employees, a temporary plant shut-down, the Circa '75 home entertainment concept, the Electrohome-sponsored art exhibition A Provincial Elegance, Arthur B. Pollock, the Kitchener Public Library, and CN train service.


Press clippings : 1956-1961 (file 1 of 2).

File consists of press coverage relating to Electrohome and Carl A. Pollock. Includes clippings from Canadian newspapers and industry-related publications. Subjects of clippings include Pollock's speeches and activities; the development of industry, creativity, and engineering training in Canada; export and import activity and policy; management issues; pensions; and Electrohome's history and success.


Carl A. Pollock : press clippings.

File consists of press clippings relating to Carl A. Pollock for the year 1961. Subjects include Pollock's involvement with the Canadian Manufacturers' Association, the National Design Council, and the Ontario Research Foundation; his comments about free enterprise, Canadian industry, and education; and Pollock's house.


Reference Materials

Series contains reference materials including a 1937 edition of the Canadian Labour Press, book lists, ration coupons and scrips from Germany and United States, and a 1925 map of the city of Montreal.


File consists of clippings about Anne Innis Dagg. Includes clippings relating to her tennis playing, raising money for the Red Cross during the Second World War, and marks at school.

Dagg, Anne Innis

Clara Butt's provincial tour.

Programme for Clara Butt's provincial tour of January-March 1917. A portion of the proceeds of the tour went to a fund for artists adversely affected by the First World War.

Butt, Clara

The Suffragettes and their unruly methods.

Leaflet distributed by the National Women's Social & Political Union of a satirical letter about the methods of the suffragettes versus the methods of men who wanted enfranchisement.

Hancock, Irene

What the vote has done.

Leaflet on what the vote has done published by the National Union of Societies for Equal Citizenship. The leaflet discusses the changes that have happened since the enfranchisement of women over 30 with land holdings.

Hancock, Irene

Ephemera : visiting cards.

Five hand lettered visiting cards of Jennie Moyer, Edmund Warren Moyer, Austin Schantz, and Orpheus Moyer Schantz and F.J. Ottmax. The cards of Edmund and Jennie list them as living at 3823 Langley Ave., Chicago. The card of Orpheus and F.J. Ottmax is inscribed "A Happy New Year 1889."

Schantz Russell Family

Dare sign.

Contains one double-sided sign. The sign is red and white and is in the shape of the Dare logo [ca. 1976]. The sign was most likely used in a store display.

Dare Foods Limited

Florida '92 sweatshirt.

Contains one white sweatshirt. The sweatshirt has the Dare Foods Limited centennial logo embroidered on the left breast of the sweatshirt. Beneath the logo "Florida '92" is also embroidered.

Dare Foods Limited

Centennial jacket.

Contains one centennial jacket. The jacket is blue with the centennial logo embroidered over the left breast. The jacket is extra-large in size.

Dare Foods Limited

Centennial pins.

Contains two centennial pins. The pins are in the shape of the centennial logo and are made of both plastic and metal.

Dare Foods Limited

Centennial sign.

Contains one sign. The sign includes an image of the centennial logo in front of the Canadian flag. The sign also reads, "100% Canadian" in both French and English. The sign measures 7.5 x 14 cm when in use and folded and otherwise 14 x 15 cm.

Dare Foods Limited

Christmas card.

File consists of one Christmas card from Dare Foods featuring a cartoon illustration by Ken Gray.

Dare Foods Limited

Christmas card.

File consists of one Christmas card from Dare Foods for the year 1953 featuring a cartoon illustration by Ken Gray.

Dare Foods Limited

Mt. Penn Stove Works advertisement

Advertisement trade card for Mt. Penn Stove Works featuring decorative floral illustration surrounding a woman cooking on a range with a caption reading "a complete kitchen always contains a pretty cook and a Penn Esther range." A large line of sizes and a great variety of styles. For sale by G.W. Rinesmith & Sons 114 North Hanover Street, Carlisle, PA. Made by Mt. Penn Stove Works, Reading, Pa."

Armour & Co. advertisement

Advertisement trade card for Armour's Mince Meat and Canned Meats showing an older woman teaching a group of younger women how to cook. Verso reads "It is admitted by every prudent housekeeper, that our Condensed Mince Meat is equal in every respect to the old-fashioned home-made article. Our well known connection with the beef industry, enables us, to put a Mince Meat on the market second to none. We use only the best and purest ingredients, and it is the universal verdict that our product retains its sweetness longer and goes farther than any other brand. Packaged in 12 oz. (net) cardboard cartons. Enough for two large pies. 2 packages for 25 cents. At all first-class grocery stores. Armour and Company, Chicago."

Soapine advertisement

Advertisement trade card for Soapine by Kendall Manufacturing Company of Providence Rhode Island and illustrated by Charlotte Perkins Gilman showing a woman from behind dusting figurines that spell out Soapine on a mantel piece. Verso reads "Cleanliness in the house, laundry, kitchen and workshop is best secured by the use of Soapine. All wise people continue to use it after one trial. Kendall Mfg. Co. Established 1827. Providence, R.I."

Pears' Soap booklet

Eight page booklet advertising the benefits of Pears Soap, specifically for use on women and children and in washing clothes. The cover shows a young girl holding a newspaper which reads "How to improve the complexion Soap" and the verso shows an illustration of a grandmother forcing a young boy into a bath with Pears Soap and the caption "You dirty boy."

Conqueror wringer advertisement

Conqueror wringer advertisement showing three women and one young girl ironing clothes titled "Ironing Day." The young girl is seated at a stool holding up a dress in front of a Conqueror wringer. Verso reads "The Conqueror excels all other wrings in having 1. A forged steel spring, tapered and tempered, and the temper not "drawn" by galvanizing. 2. The extension crank, which gives double power, without loss of speed. 3. Composition metal bearings, which neither rot, rust or wear out. 4. Patent solid white rubber rolls, fastened immovably to the shaft. 5. Malleable iron swivel clamps, which fit either round or stationary tubs. Foote & Gaskill dealers in hardware, agricultural implements, also stoves, hollow ware, house furnishing goods, &c. wringers repaired. Hamilton, New York."

French Laundry and Soapine advertisement

French Laundry and Soapine advertisement trade card illustrated by Charlotte Perkins Gilman showing a young woman standing in a frame holding a washing board and a box of soap. The frame is held up on either side by two young men standing on upside down washing buckets that read Soapine. "Verso reads ""French Laundry is the best soap ever made for all purposes. It is the oldest popular soap, having outlived all its rivals. It has won its way into public favor solely on its merits, and thousands of families who are now using it would not be without it. One trial with convince you. Soapine is the best article known for the laundry and general household use. Use no soap, sal soda, borax, washing crystals or other preparations with it. For washing dishes, glassware, silverware, milk cans, dairy utensils, windows, marble, paint or oil cloth, and house cleaning, use Soapine. Kendall Mfg. Co. Established 1827 Providence, R.I."""

David's Prize Soap

David's Prize Soap advertisement trade card showing a vital looking woman washing laundry in a washing bucket with David's Prize Soap while a young girl looks in. Looking in through the door way is a sallow looking older woman. The caption reads "Get David's Prize Soap if you want to avoid hard labor and save your health and strength in washing besides you may get a small fortune as a prize into the bargain." "Verso explains that prizes can be won by purchasing David's Prize Soap, including 2 grand pianos."

Universal Clothes Wringer advertisement

Universal Clothes Wringer puzzle advertisement showing a young woman using a clothes wringer while a man looks in from the window. When the advertisement is held up to the light you can see that the man is looking in with a gun while the young woman leans in to kiss a young man and an older woman comes towards them brandishing a broom. As well, a caption on the advertisement becomes clear which reads "Buy the universal clothes wringer."

Sapolio advertisement

Advertisement trade card for Sapolio showing two women cleaning marble statues with the caption "clean marble with Sapolio." Verso reads "1809 1880 Enoch Morgan's Sons' Sapolio for cleaning & polishing. Hand Sapolio for the toilet and bath. Sapolio being put up in an attractive style some persons think is a fancy article but the fact is that one cake is equal to three cakes of any 'mineral soap' and will do more and better work."

Ephemera from the state funeral of William Lyon Mackenzie King.

Ephemera belonging to Arthur King and relating to the funeral of William Lyon Mackenzie King, former Prime Minister of Canada. Includes two invitations for Arthur King and his wife Kathleen King to attend the state funeral to be held in Ottawa, Wednesday, July 26, 1950, a card allocating places on the special train from Ottawa to Toronto, and places in a car from Union Station to the cemetery, as well as two luggage tags for the special train. Also includes pre-printed thank you cards.

King, William Lyon Mackenzie

Innis, Donald : posthumous materials.

File consists of posthumous materials relating to the life of Donald Innis, including obituaries, a funerary programme, and an invitation to a memorial dinner.

Innis family

Mary Quayle Innis : biographical.

File consists of biographical information on the life of Mary Quayle Innis. Includes correspondence to researchers from both Anne Innis Dagg and Mary Cates as well as a draft article by David Burns.

Innis family

Ahrens Pottery.

Clippings, correspondence, manuscript notes related to Ahrens Pottery in Paris, Ontario.

Schneider, J.M. family

Clippings, 1930.

Clippings regarding Montgomery's experiences in Europe, 1928-1930, and announcing her appointment at the University of Western Ontario.

Montgomery, Frances Kathleen

Clippings, ca. 1934.

Clippings regarding talks given by F.K. Montgomery on a lecture tour of Eastern and Northern Ontario for the Women's Canadian Club in 1934.

Montgomery, Frances Kathleen


Article by Marilyn Bolton, "Pseudo-Eggheads Rankle Professor," Kitchener-Waterloo Record, Dec. 28, 1963, p. 23.

Montgomery, Frances Kathleen

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