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Phoebe Watson

Image of Phoebe Watson standing outdoors wearing a feathered hat and formal cloak.

Maines Pincock Family

1937 Royal visit.

Material relating to the 1937 Royal visit to Canada of Queen Elizabeth and King George VI. Includes two postcards and one photograph.

Bolender Ball Family

Unidentified woman.

Studio portrait of an unidentified woman seen looking off camera in partial profile, wearing wire-framed glasses and a high-collar top with large leg of mutton sleeves

Schantz Russell Family

Anthes, Lydia and daughters.

Studio portrait of Lydia Anthes with daughters Ella Cook, Martha Rieder, Louisa Breithaupt and Carrie Breithaupt. Ella and Martha are seen standing, with Louisa and Carrie seated on either side of Lydia. Only Lydia and Louisa are looking toward the camera.

Rieder, Talmon and Anthes family

Dare sales wagon at H. K. Forler

Photograph of Ralph Doerr and William Kettleborne standing next to a horse-drawn C.H. Doerr & Co. sales wagon outside of the H. K. Forler storefront in Wellesley.

Dare Foods Limited

African trip 1.

One carousel of slides. The box is labelled "African trip". The carousel is labelled "Rio de Janeiro". The carousel contains slides identified as both, all dated Dec. 1970.

Schneider family

Ahrens, Charles August and Emma.

Photograph of Charles August Ahrens and Emma Ahrens standing in front of a teepee. Each is wrapped in a woollen tartan blankets. Charles is standing with a box upside down on head, pointing at something off camera, and Emma is seen in redface, wearing a feather headdress.

Schneider family

Employee picnics : men's picnic.

Six snapshots taken at men's Schneider employee picnic. Includes photos of attendees in white paper hats eating and conversing, and photos of entertainers at the event.

Schneider family

Clement child.

Unidentified Clement child, possibly Charles Bowlby, standing on the shore of a body of water and looking at camera.

Clement Bowlby Family

Anthes, J.I. Frank.

Four copies of a head and torso studio portrait of J.I. Frank Anthes dressed in a suit and seen looking off camera.

Rieder, Talmon and Anthes family

Anthes, John S. family.

Postcard photograph of the extended Anthes family at an outdoor gathering in a park. Included in the group is Talmon Rieder (standing, third from left), Martha Rieder (standing, sixth from right), Cyrena and John Isaac Anthes (standing, third and fourth from right), John S. Anthes (standing, far right) and Lydia Catherine Anthes (seated, second from at right in black).

Rieder, Talmon and Anthes family

Anthes, Ella and Martha.

Two copies of an photograph of Ella and Martha Anthes standing arm in arm in a yard, next to a wicker chair with a Union Jack affixed to it. Both are wearing white dresses and seen looking at the camera.

Rieder, Talmon and Anthes family

Annecy, France.

File consists of thirty one slides showing grave markers in Annecy, France.

Urquhart, Tony

Kaufman, Emma.

Photograph of Emma Kaufman standing on a stone path outside. Kaufman is seen looking at camera, dressed for cooler weather and wearing a fur stole around shoulders.

Augustine, Ham, Kaufman family

Nikolskoye Nov. 20, 1930.

File consists of 1 portrait of Harry Byers and an unidentified man posing in a studio prop of an automobile. Byers is drinking something from a bottle. Caption on the verso reads: "Nikolskoye Nov. 20: 30. Holy smokes here we come 2 the 4 Horseman give us room. Now if I only had our radiator cap - I'd show you some speed. My American friend with me."

Byers, Harry J.

Buena Vista : Schneider home.

Snapshots of the Schneider home, called "Buena Vista," at 145 Queen St. S., Kitchener, Ontario. Includes one shot of the exterior of the home and one of the dining room.

Schneider family

Aerial photograph.

One aerial photograph taken by Norman C. Schneider of the country homes of F.H. Schneider and Henry Krug at Freeport, Ontario.

Schneider, Norman Christoph

Anthes, Emma with Pat and Herbert J. Schneider.

Photograph of Emma Anthes seated in a lawn chair holding a treat up to her seated dog, named Pat, as Herbert Schneider looks on with left hand in air. A cluster of birch trees and the corner of a building are visible in background.

Schneider, Norman Christoph

J.M. Schneider : first shop.

One photograph showing J.M. Schneider and Charles Schneider standing on the outside front steps of the "first shop". A free-standing sign is visible with "J.M. Schneider" painted on it; J.M. Schneider is leaning against a large lantern on a pole.

Schneider family

Baby Doeppler.

Studio portrait of an infant posed upright in a chair, dressed in a gown and lace cardigan. Possibly a cousin to Anna Elizabeth Metz Schneider.

Schneider family

Ahrens, Charles August and Emma.

Photograph of Emma and Charles August Ahrens, both wearing hats and standing outdoors, in front of a leafy backdrop. Emma is looking at camera with a slight smile on her face and arms at back. Charles is standing to her left, looking off camera with right hand on a [walking stick?].

Schneider family

Schneider, Norman and Alfred Gofton.

Formal portrait of Norm Schneider and Alfred Schneider Gofton. They are dressed in overalls but are wearing shirts and ties. Includes a note on the verso of the photograph about Alfred Gofton's relationship to Norm Schneider.

Schneider family

Photographs of Berlin Reichssportfeld.

20 photographs showing various exterior and interior shots of the Reichssportfeld (sports complex) in Berlin (which is no longer standing). The photographs show the track, monuments outside the building, performers, and the Olympic torch among others. Photographs are identified on the verso in German.

Bauer Limited employees.

File consists of one photograph of employees of Bauer Limited standing outside in front of the factory. The man third from left on the bottom row is Alphonse Illig.

Illig Family

19th century photographs.

Two 19th century photographs, unidentified. One is a portrait of a young man taken by W. Theaker, Markdale and the other is of a farmhouse and barn with people, taken by W.H. Love, Markdale.

English Family

Bilger, Anna.

Full body studio portrait of Anna Bilger (nee Fry) seen looking at camera and standing with left hand resting on the back of a chair.

Schantz Russell Family

Dominion Rubber employees.

One photograph of Dominion Rubber employees outside of the factory. Visible in the photograph are: Charlie Baldwin, John Calrenbo, Nick Mason, Carl Johnson, John Kallgreen, Tony Partello, P.Y. Ho, Bob Olds.

Teaching slides (1 of 3).

File consists of 934 slides used by Nancy Lou Patterson to teach about Mennonite and Amish life and art. Slides are organized as they were originally donated, with original headings. Slides show Mennonite arts including show towels, fraktur drawing, and quilting as well as events and places such as barn raisings, schools, gardens and farms.

Patterson, Nancy-Lou

Heaven’s Blessing on the Twain.

A stereograph titled, “Heaven’s Blessing on the Twain” taken by Benjamin Kilburn and mounted by James M. Davis. The stereograph is part of Benjamin Kilburn’s “Marriage series” and depicts a man and a woman asleep in bed with a spectral outline of an angel overlooking them. This stereograph is an example of spirit photography.

Kilburn, Benjamin West

Album #1 : negatives with no prints.

Negatives accompanying Album #1 for which no positive prints were found. Includes negatives of Ethel and Howard and Brita Schneider in a park; and shots of Herbert, Howard and Brita Schneider as children, alone and together.

Schneider family

Employees serving in WWII.

Snapshot showing a barracks interior with soldiers smiling at the camera while on rest time. The group is seen seated and standing around a table with the remnants of a package sent from Schneider's that included cans and bags of food. Verso gives list of names, titled "The Boys" including "Slim" from Kitchener.

Schneider family

Payne, Margaret, daughter of William Rohleder.

Margaret Payne interviewed by Herb and Betty Schneider. Margaret Payne's father, William Rohleder, was J.M. Schneider's first employee.Includes two audio cassettes, interview questions and notes. Also includes a copy of Rych Mills Kitchener (Berlin), 1880-1960, snapshots of Margaret Payne with Herb and Betty Schneider and a snapshot of a framed group photograph and identifications:
Wilhelm Oppermann, John Meissner, Wilhelm Rohleder, his daughter Emma, Conrad Bitzer, Kaspar Oschmann, William Motz, Dr. J.E. Hett, Herman Rathmann, John Motz (Sheriff), Karl Kruse, Frieda Müller (Daughter of Karl Müller), Henry Oswald.

Schneider family

Clement, David Ward and Janie Elizabeth.

Photograph of David Ward Clement, dressed in Cadet Corps uniform, smiling down at his mother, Janie Elizabeth Clement and holder her hand. The pair are standing together outside of a residential home.

Clement Bowlby Family

Greb, Charles E.

File consists of material documenting the career, community involvement, and achievements of Charles E. Greb. Includes press clippings, certificates and awards, ephemera, correspondence, personal profiles and biographies, a news release, etc. Includes a letter from Ontario Premier William G. Davis and Secretary of State Walter McLean.

Greb, Charles E. family

Keffer, Ivan W.

Photograph of Ivan W. Keffer seated along a waterway looking off camera with wrists and legs crossed.

Schneider, Norman Christoph

Schneider, Herbert.

Photograph of Herbert J. Schneider standing on a brick walkway dressed in cadet uniform holding a duffel bag. Two unidentified children are visible in the background at the end of the walkway.

Schneider family

Hagen, Irmengarde.

Photograph of Irmengarde Hagen seated on a yellow arm chair, holding a handbag, and looking at camera.

Schneider family

108th Battalion officers training class.

One group portrait of the 108th officers training class taken outside.

Back row, left to right: Sergeant Major Kreutzer, Reinhold Lang, Lionel Washburn, Carl Heinrich, Dr. Rittinger, Mr. Wier, Frank Rooney, Col. Bowman, Hugo Bingham.

Middle row, left to right: Fred Davies, Norman Schneider, Solon Albright, Harry Halliwell, Brown, Hallman, McKelvie.

Front row, left to right: Al Pernfuss, E. Woolner, Harry Porteous, Russell, Leo Leyes, J. Harold Smyth.

Schneider, Norman Christoph

Album #1.

p. 1-4. Niagara Falls, Buena Vista. Snapshots featuring Norman C. Schneider and Hyalie MacDondald, interspersed with shots of Niaga Falls and the cable car. Other shots of the two men, J. M Schneider and others are taken at Buena Vista, J.M. Schneider's home. Several feature Norman and Hyalie with pipes. Carl Ahrens(?) is also in several shots.
p. 5. Pope Hartford automobile.
p. 6. Schneider family snapshots ca. 1934: Howie sick in bed with nurse, Edith knitting, Keffer family visit, winter play.
p. 8-9. Schneider & Ahrens families at the beach, ca. 1927.
p. 10-11. Norman with a group of boys posed in front of car; Norman, Edith and friends, posed in front of a car; garden arch in winter.
p. 12 Family group on an outing, Norman and Edith with Siegners?), Shupes(?). All dressed in coats and hats, some fur collars, split rail fence.
p. 13-17. family snapshots at 76 Schneider Ave: house and garden exterior, Victoria park in winter, Herb, Howie and Brita, ca. 1934, family group with Emma Siegner.
p. 18. Schneider's(?) girl's baseball team. Women wearing "sailor" pants with two rows of buttons.
p. 19. J.M. Schneider in his office.
p. 19. Family snapshots at 176 Schneider Ave: "Europa Ping Pong, fireplace, Norman and Howie.
p. 20. "The twins, Leonard and Lorraine Pickard."
p. 21. Edith and Little Pal (lacking 1 of 2).
p. 22-23. Winter fun at Freeport, ca. 1934: family with skis, boys on toboggan, posed in front of car.
p. 23. Norman Schneider on the Duchess of Bedford, 1931.
p. 24-25. Family snapshots, 1934: children at Schneider Ave. and at Freeport.
p. 24. Schneiders Christmas boxes? Group of men in front of a store with boxes labelled "Merry Xmas".
p. 26. Herbert and Howie with false noses; Norman in deck chair with blanket and book on the Duchess of Bedford, 1931 (lacking 1 of 3).
p. 27. Norman in front of Cologne Cathedral, Nov., 1934; J.M. Schneider in his office, Dec. 22, 1934.
p. 28-29. Christmas 1934: Christmas tree, presents, Herb, Howie and Brita; Victoria Park 1934: hockey; Mary Jane Keffer, 1933; children on skis (at Freeport?), with unidentified man; J.M. Schneider and Helena with children, J.M. and sister Mary Alles (ther are negatives for these, 2 snaps of 14 lacking).p. 30-33. Keffer family visit (9 of 10 lacking). Includes one shot inside the Keffer home in Germany.
p. 34. Schneider plant, Dec. 1934: plant machinery, shipping Wiltshire sides.
p. 25. Skiing: Chicopee?
p. 36. Freeport cottage: swimming pool (lacking 1 of 2).
p. 37. All photos missing (3), one labelled Lexington Airport picture.
p. 38. Ethel at Freeport Cottage: "Poison ivy day, 1934"; Ethel and Brita, Victoria Park.
p. 39 family skiing at Chicopee, 1934.
p. 40. Family snapshots at 76 Schneider Ave: exterior at dusk; Children seated with Lapsley, Joachimi ladies.
p. 41-42. Schneider Plant: exterior; machinery; men working in office; man with truck "Sam Humphrey, 100,000 miles, 1936"; pigs, cows on ramp; steam shovel digging hole.
p. 44-45. Family snapshots: Schneider and Siegner group snapshots on outings, 1935, Herbert, Howie and Brita in new clothes?; children playing in winter: group shots including four girls in winter coats and leggings, two of boys and toboggan.
p. 46. Children fishing at Freeport, 1935; Norman in a train window, 1934 (lacking 1 of 6).
p. 47. Norman at the Keffer's home in Germany (lacking 1 of 4).
p. 48-54. Skiing at Chicopee: landscape, ski tracks, posed skiiers, skiier jumping with spectators (lacking 3 of 31).
p. 55. Schneider children: birthday party, boys collecting plants.
p. 56-57. Freeport Cottage: children fishing, playing baseball, family group with F.H. Schneider & Siegner families. Includes a shot of Mary Jane Keffer?
p. 58-59. Church of the New Jerusalem, interior and exterior (lacking 3 of 12).
p. 60: Norman, Ethel and Children: group shot at Freeport cottage; spring blooms, men at unidentified property (Sims at Chicopee?). Two of these are groups seen in a gazing ball.
p. 66. Ski Hill at Chicopee (lacking 2 of 3).
p. 62-64. Skiers: groups and individuals, both at Chicopee and elsewhere? Includes one summer shot of men digging ski slope (lacking 1 of 15).
p. 65. Ivan Keffer: winter portrait at Freeport?; Howie missing tooth.
p. 67. Construction photos: men working, shot taken high up (lacking 2 of 4).
p. 71. Horse drawing logs, trees in winter at Freeport?
p. 72-73: Norman Schneider on skis (lacking 2 of 4).
p. 74. Skiers in woods.
p. 75. Skiers in front of fireplace, including Norman Schneider (lacking 1 of 2).
p. 76. Dining room interior (lacking 1 of 2).
p. 77. Little Pal (lacking 1 of 2).
p. 78-80. Schneider stock farm: buildings, creek, boys fishing, collie dog, large tree.
p. 80-82. Spring at 76 Schneider Ave: house exterior, Victoria park entrance and pavilion, daffodils, Howie and Herb with bicycles, Brita with roller skates, group shots of children.
p. 83. Brock Monument and Queenston Heights, May 9, 1937, statue of soldiers labelled "Erie, Pa".
p. 84. Skiiers on grass.
p. 84-85. Keffer family.
p. 85. Norman Schneider with a group: "Europa, 1936".
p. 86-87. Schneider stock farm: family group, boys with pony, cows and large tree.
p. 87. Group of young women, 1936, possibly Schneider employees. They are all dressed for cool weather.
p. 87. Ceremony at Victoria School grounds: platform with speaker, scouts seated in foreground.
p. 88-93. Men's fishing trips (lacking 2 of 21).
p. 94-96. Rotary flag-raising at Chicopee.
p. 97. Norman, F.H. Schneider and Rotary: group portrait with large house in background (Sims home?).
p. 98. Rotary flag raising at Chicopee, 1935.
p. 98-100. Men's shenanigans: men playing outside in costume.

Schneider, Norman Christoph

The Ahrens story

One binder of photocopies, including some original snapshots and clippings in adhesive pages, consisting of The Ahrens story / compiled by Mary C. Shantz. Includes information about relationships and friendships between the Ahrens and Schneider families. Includes 4 snapshots of and a obituary for Floss Ahrens. This binder was owned by Herbert J. Schneider.

Schneider family

Birches cabin.

Photograph of the front exterior of a cabin at The Birches with a cluster of birch trees at left.

Schneider family

Hohner, Don and Ruth Boshart.

Wedding portrait of Don Hohner and Ruth Boshart with Herb Schneider in wedding party. File includes note with other identifications including: Ken Hohner, Don ?, Rita Boshart and Ab Kropf.

Schneider family

Ahrens and Schneider families at Lake Huron.

Two copies of an informal group portrait taken at Grand Bend or Southampton, with cottage visible in background.
Back row, left to right: Lotte (Ahrens) Shupe, Emma (Hirshey) Ahrens, J.M. Schneider, Charles A. Ahrens, Norman C. Schneider.
front row, left to right: Stella Daniels, Emma Schneider, Ella Daniels, Floss Ahrens.

Schneider family

Schneider Male Choir, 1995 : European tour.

One group portrait taken at Schloss Bruschal, Bruschal, Germany. Includes a copy of a speech by Herb Schneider at the Holy Cross Church in Unteröwisheim, Kraichtal, Germany, July 12, 1995, and a copy of his speech given at the Concordia Club in 1997. Also includes photocopies of portraits of the choir with identifications:

  • Jack Brown
  • Peter Schmidt
  • Merv Scheerer
  • Walter Huebner
  • Clair Zurbrigg
  • Laurie Rowbotham
  • Lori Kaj
  • Jack Houston
  • Larry Snyder
  • Ron Schaus
  • Henry Huebner
  • Ken Benninger
  • Jim Rennie
  • Bob Dekker
  • Bill McBride
  • Ed Martin
  • Paul Eckmier
  • Ernie Cressman
  • Dave Krupp
  • Larry Woolner
  • John Gee
  • Ernie Zehr
  • Wayne Henrich
  • Ralph Brenneman
  • Dennis Schaner
  • Elton Leis
  • Gerry Martin
  • Terry Hallman
  • Stan Gingerich
  • Elmer Reist
  • Lester Yantzi
  • Jim Ball
  • Doug Lacey
  • Robert Hunt
  • Paul Couillard
  • Tim Mussar
  • Henry Smit
  • Harold Sherk
  • Denzil Bish
  • Peter Willing
  • Wayne Witt

Schneider family

Dominion Tire staff.

Two copies of a photograph of Dominion Tire staff posed for the camera while standing on factory floor. Everyone in the group is seen wearing a hat and dressed in a full suits, some without jackets. Includes identifications (left to right): unidentified, unidentified, unidentified, W. A. Gruenawald, E.C. Kabel, George Seikliering [?], unidentified and R.Y. Copland.

Dominion Rubber Company

Lina (Nini) Neumeyer Raatz: letters, photographs, cards.

Correspondence primarily between Ulrich Sommer and Lina Neumeyer Raatz. Lina Neumeyer Raatz was Ulrich Sommer’s aunt and she lived in Germany. Includes letters interspersed with details about family life such as Lina’s death on January 21, 1969. Records include letters, postcards, poems, amateur drawings, and photographs of family members and friends.

Bowman family.

Photographs of Hervey Bowman, a house on Church St., Kitchener, and a house on Roland St., Kitchener. Note that the photographs were found with correspondence between Franklin Abram Schantz and Franklin Bowman regarding Hervey Bowman's death.

Schantz Russell Family

Unidentified woman.

Full body studio portrait of unidentified woman seen looking off camera while standing next to a table, holding a document..

Schantz Russell Family

Victoria Park trees

Photograph of trees, one with a stump seat, in Victoria Park. A wrought iron bench and lampposts are visible in the background.

Schantz Russell Family

Animal family drawings.

File consists of drawings by Anne Innis Dagg of herself and her family members as animals. Family members drawn as animals include: Dad, Don, Mary, Mother and Hugh.

Dagg, Anne Innis

Anthes Manufacturing Company : employees under factory sign.

Mounted photograph of employees standing in a row, posed for the camera, at the side front of the Anthes Manufacturing Company building under a painted sign that reads: "The Anthes Mfg. Co. of Berlin. Limited." J.I. Frank Anthes is visible standing in a doorway behind the employees at right.

Rieder, Talmon and Anthes family

McDonald, Zella Dexter

Photograph of Zella Dexter McDonald posed for the camera with left hand at back of head, on the edge of a bed. She is seen in what may be Romani inspired dress and is wearing multiple bracelets and necklaces.

Rieder, Talmon and Anthes family

Circus Parade, King Near Benton.

Copy negatives of elephants walking down city streets. The first is of an old photograph of elephants walking down a city street captioned: "Circus Day in Berlin". Caption accompanying negative reads: "1) Circus Day in Berlin nr p/o at Benton." The second is of elephants walking down a city street, taken from behind, while passing the Market Hotel accompanied by a caption that reads: "5) circus parade king near benton 1904". File also includes caption notes for the next 6 files in series titled PARADES.

Kitchener-Waterloo Record

Hunt, Alice Riggs.

File consists of one upper body portrait photograph of Alice Riggs Hunt taken while she was overseas taken by G&R Lavis, Eastbourne.

Hunt, Alice Riggs

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