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Series consists of approximately 5,900 items of correspondence between 165 correspondents. Includes correspondence to and from Bertram R. Davis, correspondence to and from unknown correspondents, and correspondence between others. Also includes two files of correspondence on a specific topic. One file is on portraits of Southey and the other is on the Portugues author Jose Maria de Eca de Queiroz.
Correspondents include:

  • All American Cables
  • Baldwyn, L.
  • Bathietwell, William
  • Beddoe, Dorothy
  • Bell, Whitefield Jr.
  • Bennett, Rhoda
  • Bentley, G.E. Jr.
  • Bernard Quariten Ltd.
  • Blunden, Edmund
  • Boots Cash Chemists
  • Boult, Nellie A.
  • Boyce, R.R.
  • Brace, Keith
  • Bremer, Heather
  • Bremner, Robert
  • British Council, The
  • British Museum, The
  • Bronson, Bertrand
  • Browning, Daphne DuMaurier
  • Buchan, Alexander M.
  • Cabral, Adolfo De Oliveira
  • Cabral, Maria de Gloria Ramos de Oliveira
  • Calme, John
  • Carnall, Geoffrey
  • Cartwright, Revd. Canon R.F.
  • Cascas, Artur Simoes
  • Charles Lamb Society Bulletin
  • Cheyne, A.D. Gordon
  • Christ’s Hosptial
  • Coburn, Kathleen
  • Collis, Ivan
  • Crook, Arthur
  • Crowsley, Ernest G.
  • Curry, Kenneth
  • Darbshire, Helen
  • Davis, Annabel
  • Davis, Doris
  • Davis, Watson
  • de Eca de Queiroz, Antonio
  • de Eca de Quieroz de Castro, Maria
  • De Sousa-Lead, J.
  • do Ceu Costa, Maria
  • Early, Benjamin W.
  • Early, Margaret Sue
  • Edward, P. Welson
  • Espstein, Jason
  • Faliscue-Brickdale, Matthew
  • Filler, Louis
  • Fisher, Dorothy
  • Fitzgerald, Maurice
  • Flack, Ellis
  • Flack, G. Ellis
  • Fox, Levi
  • Gandy, Norman
  • Gardner, WH.
  • Garlick, Kenneth
  • Gayford, J.C.
  • Gibbs, Donald T.
  • Goodland, Alice
  • Green-Armytage, R.N.
  • Griggs, Earl Leslie
  • Haller, William
  • Harris, Roy
  • Haugh, W.S.
  • Havens, Raymond D.
  • Heaton, P.
  • Highman, Norman
  • His Excellency the Portuguese Ambassador
  • Hoover, Ben
  • Hope, Warren T.
  • Hough, Henry B.
  • Howe, H.W.
  • Hynes, Mary
  • Kaderley, Nat Lewis
  • Kaderly, Nat Lewis
  • Kaufman, Paul
  • Keens, R. Lyall
  • Kew, S.F.
  • Kopaitic, Boris (Commander)
  • Kuhn, A.J.
  • Kurahashi, J.
  • Lamoine, Georges
  • Laverick, D.M.
  • Lee, Chi-Pui
  • Lindsay, Philip C.
  • Looker, Samuel J.
  • Lowes, John Livingston
  • Mabbott, Thomas Ollive
  • Manogue, Ralph Anthony
  • Mansfield, John
  • Mason, A.S.
  • Massey-Stewart, John
  • McElderry, Bruce Robert
  • Merritt, Theodore E.
  • Metford, J.C.J.
  • Meyerstein, E.H.W.
  • Middendorf, John H.
  • Middleton, Arthur Pierce
  • Miller, C.A.
  • Mooman, Mary
  • Moore, R.W.
  • Morgan, P.F.
  • Morley, E.J.
  • Morris, Christopher
  • Munday, Katherine
  • Mure, G.R.G.
  • New House Museum
  • Nowell, Charles
  • Nunes de Silva, Henrique
  • Ober, Warrun U.
  • Ormond, R.L.
  • Osborne, Edgar
  • Peck, Walter Edwin
  • Penney, Clara L.
  • Pinney, Hester
  • Pinto, Abranches
  • Pleasance, Antony C.
  • Polhemus, George W.
  • Prabhakar, T.
  • Pugsley, N.S.E.
  • Purchase, J.L.
  • Raepe, Elizabeth
  • Ramos, Charles
  • Rawnsley, E.F.
  • Rawnsley, H.D.
  • Reeves, Florence S.
  • Rich, Norman
  • Rodgers, Betsy
  • Ross, Archibald
  • Ross, James
  • Russell, P.E.
  • Shaffer, Elinor
  • Shaver, Chester L.
  • Simmons, Jack
  • Smith, Elsie
  • Smith, H.G.
  • Sproule, Hugh
  • Sypher, Gale
  • Sypher, Lucy
  • Sypher, Wylie
  • Taylor, Donald
  • Taylor, L. Acland
  • Taylor, Rachel
  • Thompson, J.E.
  • Thone, Frank
  • Times Literary Supplement, The
  • Times, The
  • Times, The
  • Turnbull, J.M.
  • University of Toronto Quarterly
  • Usher, H.W.F.
  • Wakefield, [?]
  • Waller, Robert
  • Wallis, F.S.
  • Wasserman, Earl R.
  • Watson, Rowland
  • Wells, Charles
  • West, S. George
  • Whalley, George
  • Whiting, F.
  • Wilkinson, Norman B.
  • Williams, M.G.
  • Williams, Rev. H. Fulford
  • Wilson, R.A.
  • Woof, Robert

Davis, Bertram R.

John Keble fonds.

  • SCA75-GA45
  • Fonds
  • 1860-1862

Fonds consists of two holograph letters from John Keble addressed to Henry Thomas Ellacombe [?]. The fonds also includes one photograph of Mr. and Mrs. Keble.

Keble, John

Armistead Churchill Gordon letter.

  • SCA70-GA39
  • Collection
  • 1923

Contains one holograph letter from Armistead Churchill Gordon to C.C. Pinckney discussing John Drinkwater's book "Robert E. Lee."

Gordon, Armistead Churchill

Ontario Association of Architects register book.

  • SCA63-GA36
  • Collection
  • 1890-1913

One register book kept by the Ontario Association of Architects for the years 1890-1899. The book lists dues paid by each member of the association as well as money received for exam fees, filing articles, student fees and more. Also includes one item of correspondence from Mills & Hutton, architects asking the secretary for information on rates for architectural work. The register was kept by William R. Gregg.

Ontario Association of Architects

David Shannon Bowlby fonds.

  • SCA57-GA33
  • Fonds
  • 1892-1921

Fonds consists of 28 items of correspondence between David Shannon Bowlby and his family.

Bowlby, David Shannon


Series documents John Walter’s correspondence with William Daum Euler and the Kitchener Daily Record. The correspondence focus on Walter’s request for a public debate with Euler over capitalism and the economy. Other correspondence and newspaper clippings cover the Record’s refusal to publish, in their newspaper, the letters Walter sent about challenging Euler. There are also clippings of Euler's speech which Walter references in his letters.

Walter, John

Associate Correspondence, O-Y.

File consists of 33 pieces of correspondence from writers with last names beginning with the letters "O" to "Y" to other receipients.

Detwiler, John D.


Series consists of approximately 2600 pieces of correspondence to and from Dr. J.D. Detwiler. Correspondents include many names prominent in science, conservation and public life, including William A. Albrecht, Ian McT. Cowan, L.A. DeWolfe, J.R. Dymond, Archibald Gowanlock Huntsman , W.W. Judd, Fred Landon, Robert F. Legget, Harrison F. Lewis, Georges Maheux, K.W. Neatby, Ernest C. Oberholtzer, Edward G. Pleva, Dana Porter, D.S. Rawson, A.H. Richardson, R. Omar Rilett, William Rowan, Jacques Rousseau (1905-1970), E.S. Russenholt, T.M. Sonneborn, Robert J.C. Stead, Hugh Templin, Ross B. Willis.

Detwiler, John D.

John William Dawson correspondence

  • SCA26-GA15
  • Collection
  • April 17, 1878

Contains of a single holograph letter, dated April 17, 1878, written by Sir John William Dawson to an unidentified recipient about the conflict between science and religion.

Dawson, John William, Sir

D.K. Goodfellow to David Boyle.

One item of correspondence addressed to David Boyle from D.K. Goodfellow, dated May 23, 1904. Also includes a manuscript copy of an "extract from a petition from the Chippeaw, Ottawa and Pattawattamie Indians to Sir Francis Bond Head, Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada, dated at Sandwich U.C. the 27th February 1836."

Mr. Robertson of Strowan to Lord Mar.

One letter address to My Lord [Lord Mar] from Mr. Robertson of Strowan dated December 15, 1716. The letter gives an account of the journey through France that Robertson has taken to meet Lord Mar as well as news of his traveling companions. Also includes a later copy of the letter. Lord Mar was a major figure in the Jacobite uprising of 1715 and and fled to France shortly thereafter.

Revolutionary War letters.

File consists of typescript transcripts of letters between important figures of the revolutionary war including Ethan Allen, Frederick Haldimand, William Marsh and more.

Petition of Thomas Talbot.

File consists of one ts. of a petition of Timothy Talbot regarding a land claim. Also includes typescripts of correspondence related to the claim. Originally dated May 18, 1801.


Contains correspondence, news clippings, etc. regarding awards won by the Kitchener-Waterloo Record for outstanding reporting, sports writing, typography etc.

Kitchener-Waterloo Record

Open House, March, 1952.

This open house was held to mark the "75th year of daily newspaper publishing in Kitchener-Waterloo". File contains correspondence, facsimile of the first issue of the )Daily News, Feb. 9, 1878, instructions for guides, tour scripts, invitations, reports.

Kitchener-Waterloo Record

Electrohome design lecture series, 1973 (1) : section 2 : Waterloo.

File consists of the material contained in the second section of the binder Electrohome Design Lecture Series, 1973 (1), relating to the planning of the lecture series, and in particular the events and participants in Waterloo. This section is divided by the following tabs: D.P. Dempster, M.S. Hartley, Jan Kuypers, O.M. Solandt, G.N. Soulis, D.R. Steele, and General. Includes incoming and outgoing correspondence with the participants, typed meeting notes, and a schedule of events.


Election campaign.

Material created or accumulated by Andrew Telegdi during his campaign to be elected as a Member of Parliament representing the Liberal Party for the riding of Kitchener-Waterloo in the 2004 Canadian federal election. Records include business cards, invitations, flyers, pamphlets, questionnaires, correspondence, speech transcripts, a sticker, an unsigned candidate agreement, elections results summary, and a return of writ. Also includes letters of congratulations received by Telegdi after he was elected.

Telegdi, Andrew

Stewart, Elizabeth (Betty) née Clement 1916-1977 and Peter Stewart 1915-1980.

File consists of materials relating to the life and death of Elizabeth (Betty) Clement Stewart and husband Peter Stewart. Includes clippings on Betty's schooling, achievements, and death as well as obituaries for Peter and marriage announcements for the two. Also includes correspondence between Betty and William Pope Clement. As well, the file includes materials on Betty and Peter's daughter Janet including a programme from the 1978 Five Outstanding Young Londoners Awards Banquet at which she was honoured and correspondence between her and Beatrice Hagey.

Clement Bowlby Family

Forbes, Margaret (Peggy) Chellew née Adams Clement 1921-2010 and Donald Rossell Forbes 1920-2005.

File consists of materials relating to Margaret (Peggy) Chellew Adams Clement Forbes and husband Donald Rossell Forbes. Includes a clipping, an invitation to Peggy and Donald's wedding as well as to the wedding of their son Jock to Rosemarie Ann Wilson, a poem written for Florence Grace Clement on her 90th birthday, family agendas and a series of correspondence.

Correspondents include:

  • Florence Grace Clement,
  • Carlton and Mary Clement,
  • Edward Meijer (Valhalla Inn),
  • Janet Stewart,
  • Walper Hotel,
  • John [?].

Clement Bowlby Family

Nowell, Charles.

File consists of one item of correspondence from Charles Nowell, Chief Librarian of Manchester Public Libraries.

Davis, Bertram R.

Purchase, J.L.

File consists of four items of correspondence between Bertram R. Davis and J.L. Purchase of The Council House, Bristol.

Davis, Bertram R.

Rich, Norman.

File consists of one item of correspondence from Norman Rich of The Western Daily Press & Bristol Mirror.

Davis, Bertram R.

Ross, James.

File consists of three items of correspondence from James Ross of City and Council of Bristol Public Libraries.

Davis, Bertram R.

Smith, H.G.

File consists of fourteen items of correspondence between Bertram R. Davis and H.G. Smith.

Davis, Bertram R.

Sypher, Wylie.

File consists of forty seven items of correspondence from Wylie Sypher as well as one joke poem written by Wylie Sypher about E.H.W. Meyerstein.

Davis, Bertram R.

Taylor, Donald.

File consists of thirty seven items of correspondence between Bertram R. Davis and Donald Taylor.

Davis, Bertram R.

Taylor, L. Acland.

File consists of one item of correspondence from L. Acland Taylor of City & Council of Bristol Municipal Public Libraries.

Davis, Bertram R.

Thompson, J.E.

File consists of one item of correspondence from J.E. Thompson of Keswick School House, Cumberland.

Davis, Bertram R.

Times, The.

File consists of three items of correspondence from Bertram R. Davis to The Times.

Davis, Bertram R.

Waller, Robert.

File consists of two items of correspondence from Robert Waller of the British Broadcasting Company.

Davis, Bertram R.

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