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Photograph collection.

  • SCA83-GA53
  • Collection
  • [186-?]-[19--?]

Collection consists of 169 19th century American photographs. Included are 115 carte-de-visites, 40 cabinet portraits, 2 albums, 11 miscellaneous photographs and 1 envelope of miscellaneous business and greeting cards.

The photographs vary in size, but many of are 1 x 1 cm and mounted on card. Most are albumen type photographs depicting various people including infants, children, and adults. The photographs come from various studios across the United States though the majority come from studios in New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Illinois. The photographs, since rehoused, were originally housed in two albums decorated with an intricate relief on the cover and a metal clasp lock.

Theatre record and scrapbook.

  • SCA426-GA496
  • Accession
  • 1904-1905

One scrapbook kept by an unknown theatre goer. The book is specially made for theatre performances and features in index of the plays, and a two page spread devoted to each play. The left hand side of the page allows for written comments on the title, date and location of the play as well as impressions, and criticisms of the actors and performance. The right hand side of the page is intended to be used to paste in the playbill. In many entries newspaper clippings about the performance are also present. All of the productions were held at the Castle Square Theatre in Boston by the Boston Stage Society in 1904 and 1905. There are records for 80 plays. Some of the playbills also include advertisements.

World War One food circulars.

  • SCA424-GA494
  • Collection
  • [191-]-May 1921

A collection of food circulars distributed during the First World War in both Canada and the United States. The circulars provide information on food nutrition, rationing and recipes.

Zagar family photograph album.

  • SCA420-GA488
  • Collection
  • 1930-1955

Photograph album containing photographs and other materials related to the Zagar family with an emphasis on their youngest daughter Margaret Ann.

Photographs and ephemera in album cover the lives of the Zagar family from the early 1930s to the early 1950s. First sheets include photographs of the grandmothers, parents (Stephan and Wilma), twin oldest daughters (Rosalyn and Marilyn Ann), and youngest daughter as a baby (Margaret Ann). Rest of sheets focus on Margaret Ann and her development from early childhood to adulthood after having gotten infected with Poliomyelitis as an infant. Photographs include family pictures and celebrations, class photographs at the Gompers School for the Handicapped (located at South State St. and 123rd, Chicago), photographs of Margaret Ann's development at different stages, and photographs of family friends. Album also contains religious ephemera, school ephemera related to Gompers School events, and a newspaper clipping related to a function at Gompers School.

Zagar family


  • SCA415-GA483
  • Collection
  • 1866

Broadside of a poem delivered by Lizzie Doten on September 23, 1866 at Library Hall, Chelsea, titled "Reconstruction." The poem addresses then President Andrew Johnson and criticizes his approach to the South at the end of the American Civil War. She believed that Johnson was too lenient on the South and allowed too much wealth and influence to remain with Southern Confederate politicians. She also criticizes Johnson for being unconcerned with Black suffrage or the rights of Black soldiers who fought for the Union. She ends her poem with the rallying cry "...let the ballot finish what the bayonet has begun."

Doten, Lizzie

Letter from Reverend Alfred H. Tyrer with birth control pamphlets.

  • SCA402-GA468
  • Collection
  • 1941

Materials related to Reverend Alfred Henry Tyrer’s books and publications on birth control, sex education, and marriage life.

Includes pamphlets and order forms for Tyrer’s books Where did we come from, mother dear? (Marriage Welfare Bureau, 1939) and Sex, marriage and birth control (Marriage Welfare Bureau, 1936), and ephemera related to the books and the Marriage Welfare Bureau.
Also contains booklet Marriage welfare : some facts about birth-control by Reverend Alfred Henry Tyrer which acted as promotional material for the book Sex, marriage and birth control. Booklet includes sections: Birth-control, the population problem, definition of birth-control, birth control and war, mothers who die in child-birth, infant mortality, birth control vs. infanticide, birth-control vs. abortions, birth-control vs. degeneracy and disease, birth-control vs. prostitution, economics and birth-control, divorce, religion and birth-control, the present status of birth-control, a prairie marriage.

Materials were enclosed in an envelope sent from Ontario on July 10, 1941, and with a letter addressed to Steve E. Chorney from Ranfurly (Alberta) acting as an introduction to the publications and explaining their importance.

Tyrer, Alfred Henry

Mabel Welma Fox scrapbook album.

  • SCA392-GA457
  • Collection
  • 1921-1923, 1925

Scrapbook album created by Mabel Welma Fox during her time at the University of Michigan (1921-1923).

Scrapbook is covered with correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings, ephemera, physical objects, and annotations that guide the reader through Fox’s university life.
Photographs are of Fox’s house guests, parties, field trips, prom, graduation, and members of the Betsy Barbour women’s residence hall.
Newspaper clippings and full editions include Michigan Daily, College News, The Detroit News Mail edition, and Detroit Free Press, as well as others unidentified.
Ephemera includes posters, invitations, tickets, and programs for events; place, calling, membership, and business cards; envelopes with receipts (including for tuition, lodging and rent, transportation, raffle tickets, and memberships); report and grade cards; poetry clippings and pages stripped from books; notebooks with course notes; cards and napkins; materials related to 1923 Commencement; and booklets for the University of Michigan Women’s League.
Physical objects include decorations made with crepe paper for different events, a pencil tied to a notebook, and a mini frying pan from a dinner event, and rose leaves and petals.

Scrapbook is housed in a production scrapbook published by the College Memory Book Company from Chicago (Illinois, USA) with copyright from 1918, W.M.W. Clay, and with the title “National Memory and Fellowship Book.”
Fist 25 pages of scrapbook include pre-printed sections used by Fox and/or her colleagues. Preprinted sections include annotations, drawings, photographs and ephemera (by students from Michigan, the United States, Japan, and China).
Pre-printed sections are:

  • Register of friends,
  • Faculty and Campus,
  • Student Hall of Fame,
  • Comparative Athletic Record,
  • School and Social Functions,
  • My Favourites,
  • Entertainments, Lectures, Plays,
  • Memorable Trips,
  • Clubs and Societies,
  • Professors I Have Met,
  • Dates and Doings,
  • Things Worth-Wile Noting,
  • Lest you forget.

Rest of pages are part of the same production scrapbook but do not show section titles. Some pages are left unused. And some items look like they were clipped from another scrapbook (including several items that were inside an envelope pasted to backcover).

Fox, Mabel Welma

Consent card.

  • SCA390-GA455-1
  • Collection
  • ca. 1930

One possibly satirical consent card, stating that the woman who fills the card in is giving her permission to engage in sexual acts with the man who has given her the card. It also grants the man indemnity under the Mann Act.

Va-Jel pamphlet.

  • SCA389-GA454-1
  • Collection
  • ca. 1925

One single folded page pamphlet advertising Va-Jel germicidal jelly. Recto also has an advertisement for Va'antiseptic douche. The products claim to offer a new freedom for women and a happier life through voluntary motherhood.

Sims Family collection.

  • SCA369-GA427
  • Collection
  • 1833-1963

The Sims family collection encompasses records of the Sims and Cook, Davidson and Garden families retained by members of the two family branches that came together when Harvey James Sims and Florence Katherine Roos married in 1902. Their Sims and Davidson forbears were equally significant in the history of the Waterloo-Wellington area and in the growth and development of agriculture, education, business and government. Harvey James Sims and Florence Katherine Roos were deeply involved in their local community of Berlin, (later Kitchener) Ontario and their own records contain significant additions to our knowledge of local personalities and affairs. Harvey was a childhood and lifelong friend of William Lyon Mackenzie King; they wrote and visited each other regularly. King's sister Bella was also a close friend of Florence from school days on.

Sims family

Handbill for The Public Life of Capt John Brown.

  • SCA357-GA409
  • Collection
  • 1860

One handbill advertising the publication of James Redpath's "The Public Life of Capt John Brown." Redpath and Brown were contemporaries and abolitionists and Redpath wrote this work the year after Brown's execution.

Thayer and Elridge

The Boston Rivals concert handbill.

  • SCA310-GA346
  • Collection
  • 1891

One handbill advertising a concert of the Boston Rivals. The Boston Rivals were made up of Miss Hamlin, Mrs. Southwick, Mr. Winternitz, and Mr. Conant.

Concordia Club fonds.

The majority of the archives of the Concordia Club were destroyed either as a result of the ransacking of the club by the 118th Batallion in 1916, or as a result of the fire of Nov. 17, 1971. As a result the earliest records of Concordia have largely been lost forever. A very small number of items can be traced back to the Concordia Male Choir (1873-1914). These take the form of two items of correspondence, programs for the "Sängerfests", clippings, and photographs. A small number of archival records also can be found which belonged to the "Deutscher Club, Kitchener" (1925-1930), and include a set of house rules, letters patent, and photographs. Some records from the 1930s have also been preserved to this day, and include artifacts, clippings, legal documents, a membership list, photographs, and programs of events. However, the majority of the materials date from the 1950s onwards. These materials document the history of the Concordia Club since the 1950s, and include artifacts, audiovisual material, clippings, correspondence, ephemera, financial records, legal documents, membership records, minutes of meetings, photographs, publications, and scrapbooks.

Concordia Club

Int[ernationa]l conf[erence] on Race relations.

Materials related to the International Conference “Race relations in the United Kingdom and Canada: policy, practice and research,” at York University, in 1990 where James Walker participated with a paper titled “‘Race’ and the historian: some lessons from Canadian public policy.” Includes synopsis and printout of Walker's paper, related correspondence, conference program, and pamphlets for the conference.
Also contains a synopsis and printout of Walker’s “‘Race’ policy in Canada: a retrospective.”

Walker, James

News : 1984.

File consists of page proofs for the association newsletter and flyers for 1984. File also includes flyers, a small amount of correspondence, and an agenda for the 1984 annual meeting.

Central Ontario Art Association


File consists of correspondence, ephemera, articles, and more for the years 1970-1973.

Dagg, Anne Innis


File consists of one scrapbook documenting the immigration of British and Dutch citizens to Canada following the Second World War, in which Porter was involved. Includes clippings and photographs, most of which have captions.

Porter, Dana Harris


File consists of one large scrapbook with pasted-in clippings on Porter, his life, and his work. Includes many clippings on the British immigration of 1947.

Porter, Dana Harris


File consists of correspondence, ephemera, articles, and more for the 1960's.

Dagg, Anne Innis

Newsgirls promotion events.

Materials related to the promotion and launch of the book Newsgirls during different book launch and promotion events. Includes information for events at the North Toronto Historical Society, the Literary Table of the Arts and Letters Club of Toronto, the Women’s Art Association of Canada, the S. Walter Stewart Library Auditorium, Belmont House, CBC Radio, the University Women's Club of Toronto, Victoria University Library, the Toronto Public Library, and the Toronto Hunt. Includes a promotional poster, bookmarks, and a nametag and lanyard. Also contains photographs of several presentations and events.

MacKinnon, Donna Jean

Estate : miscellaneous.

File consists of material accumulated by Martha Rieder during the process of settling the estate of Talmon Henry Rieder. Documents pertain to Rieder's investments, his life insurance policies, succession duties on the estate, Martha's financial affairs, etc. Includes correspondence, notices, invoices, manuscript and typescript notes, a bank book, a newspaper clipping, a German bond (Hamburg state bond, 1902 issue, 1000 mark), etc. Correspondence is from executors H. Milton Cook and Hugo Wellein, and others; outgoing correspondence from Martha is in draft form.

Rieder and Anthes family


Invitations sent or received by Andrew Telegdi during his tenure as a Member of Parliament.

Telegdi, Andrew

News : 1983.

File consists of material relating to the association newsletter and flyers for 1983. Includes newsletters, flyers, correspondence and memoranda, a list of members issued a cheque, the agenda for the annual meeting, etc.

Central Ontario Art Association


File consists of one scrapbook with clippings, speeches and articles on Dana Porter, his work, life, and interests.

Porter, Dana Harris

Canadian Associat[io]n for African studies.

Materials related to the 19th Annual Canadian African Studies Conference organized by the Canadian Association for African Studies, in Halifax, in 1990 where James Walker participated in the panel “Black Diaspora Workshop (1): Round table on the Black diaspora: origins and diversity.” Includes printout of Walker's paper “Canada and the origins of the African diaspora,” related correspondence, handwritten notes about the conference, printout of “Commonwealth History Seminar, 29 October 1979,” printout of “Introductory remarks, African Diaspora session, 15 March 1979,” paper “Social and cultural relationships between diaspora and Indigenous groups in Sierra Leona,” memoranda related to travel expenses and organization of the conference, printout of “The challenge of public policy,” program of the event.

Walker, James


File consists of correspondence, ephemera, articles, and more from the 1950's. Includes wedding announcement regarding marriage to Ian Dagg and letters to her mother, Mary Quayle Innis.

Dagg, Anne Innis

Via Rail service reductions.

Material created or accumulated by Andrew Telegdi during his tenure as a Member of Parliament related to Via Rail service reductions along the Sarnia-Toronto corridor. The material documents the opinions of some constituents as well as Telegdi’s political involvement in the matter. Records include correspondence, itineraries, invitations, news releases, and other textual material.

Telegdi, Andrew

Canadian Ethnic Studies conf[erence].

Materials related to the 10th Biennial Conference of the Canadian Ethnic Studies Association in Calgary in 1989 where James Walker participated with a paper titled “West Indians in Canada and the campaign for immigration policy reform, 1945-1962.” Includes script and abstract for Walker's talk, related correspondence, accommodation information, a program of the conference, Bulletin for the Canadian Ethnic Studies Association from Fall 1988 and for Spring 1989, call for papers for the conference, related forms, and receipts for expenses.

Walker, James


File consists of clippings accumulated by Dana Porter and family on Dana Porter, his work, personal life, and interests.

Porter, Dana Harris


File consists of clippings primarily related to the interests of Dana Porter, including ones on higher education and book reviews. Also includes two from 1968 on the George Drew years of Ontario parliament.

Porter, Dana Harris

Talk to Nisei veterans.

Materials related to the 20th Annual General Meeting of the S-20 & Nisei veterans association where James Walker was a guest speaker. Includes program of the meeting, related correspondence, lyrics to the Canadian national anthem and the song “Hotaru Lang Syne,” and script of Walker’s speech.

Walker, James


File consists of two photocopies of a clipping from the May 20, 1948 edition of the Toronto Evening Telegram. Clipping discusses Porter's position as Minister of Planning and Development.

Porter, Dana Harris


Materials related to The Guelph, Laurier, Waterloo History Conference on November 12, 1988, in Guelph. Includes program of the conference and a draft of a talk given by James Walker titled “Race and recruitment in World War I: enlistment of visible minorities in the Canadian Expeditionary Force.”

Walker, James


File consists of two clippings on Rienzi Crusz.

Crusz, Rienzi

Sims, Florence : ephemera.

Identity card issued on June 22, 1918 to Florence K. Sims by the Canada Registration Board, "for the national purposes," to be carried at all times.
Grand River Country Club membership card, 1919.
Trip ephemera: Florence Sims and Mrs. William Roos, London and Paris.

Sims family

Schneider, Norman C. : "personal papers" : F.

Material relating to a camp[?]. Includes cash accounts kept in a notebook (W.A. Freeman Co. Butcher Supplies, Hamilton, Canada): lists of amounts received from individuals and expenses for food and equipment. Includes ms. lists of equipment, materials and groceries. Also includes a leather wallet.

Schneider family

Seventh international congress of Arctic social science.

Materials related to the Seventh International Congress of Arctic Social Science organized by the International Arctic Social Sciences Association (IASSA) and with title "Circumpolar Perspectives in Global Dialogue : Social Sciences beyond the International Polar Year" (June 22-26, 2011), Akureyri, Iceland. Includes program, abstracts, and possibly related invoices.

English, John

Bulletin : 1970.

File consists of material relating to the publication of the Bulletin of the COAA (mainly the 1970 volume). Includes incoming and outgoing correspondence, announcements and invitations, newsletters, clippings, a cover mock-up, and other material.

Central Ontario Art Association

Election campaign.

Material created or accumulated by Andrew Telegdi during his campaign to be elected as a Member of Parliament, representing the Liberal Party in the riding of Waterloo in the 1993 Canadian federal election. Records include a copy of the Telegdi Report (volume 1, fall 1993), articles, speech transcripts, proposed budgets, brochures, flyers, and business cards distributed to constituents, and other textual material. Also contains signed correspondence including letters of congratulations received by Telegdi after he was elected from constituents, fellow politicians such as Jean Chrétien, then Leader of the Liberal Party and Leader of the Opposition, and community leaders such as Ron George, then National Chief of the Native Council of Canada (now the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples).

Telegdi, Andrew

Familienbriefe: 1967-1969.

  • SCA344-GA393-9
  • File
  • February 6, 1966-[January 8, 1970?], predominant 1967-1969
  • Part of Sommer family fonds.

Correspondence primarily between members of the Sommer family. Includes letters interspersed with details about family life such as Ulrich Sommer and Cornelius Sommer’s studies in university, Angelika Sommer’s pending visit with her grandparents, and Lina Neumeyer Raatz’s declining health. Lina Neumeyer Raatz was Ulrich Sommer’s aunt and she lived in Germany. Also contains correspondence between the Sommer family and the Altenmueller family from Cooksville, Ontario. Records include letters, postcards, and pamphlets.

Food For Your Children.

U.S. Department of Agriculture U.S. Food Administration United States Food Leaflet No. 7: Food For Your Children. This leaflet gives information on the kinds of foods that are important for children to or not to have, as well as a meal plan an recipes.

United States Department of Agriculture

William Hutton Kaufman files.

Materials related to William Hutton Kaufman (A. R. and Jean Kaufman’s son). Includes birth certificate, certificates and photographs from the Royal Canadian Air Force, certificates and photographs from the Delta Upsilon Fraternity and the University College Men's Residence, marriage certificate between William Hutton Kaufman and Sara Kathleen Hall, materials related to the Kitchener-Waterloo Gyro Club (pamphlets with information, constitution, and certification of induction of William Hutton Kaufman to the club), and two reproductions of photographs of Kaufman in his later years.

Kaufman, A. R. (Alvin Ratz)

North Pole, May 1992.

Material relating to the Weber Malakhov Polar Expedition of 1992, for which Kaufman designed a special boot. Includes publicity material, news stories, photocopies of memoranda and faxes, handwritten notes, etc.

Kaufman, William Hutton

Booklets issued by the National Liberal Federation.

Booklets issued by the National Liberal Federation. Includes:

  • One copy of “Mackenzie King and the wage earner, an article by William Henry Moore, reprinted from Public Life” (1935)
  • Two copies of “Mackenzie King the obstinate idealist, an article by William Henry Moore, reprinted from Public Life” (1935). One of the copies contains a stamp that reads: “Egerton Lovering, Liberal Candidate Eglinton Riding.”

King, William Lyon Mackenzie


Robert Shipley's journal for the years 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997 and 1998. Includes Shipley’s daily journaling, personal notes, drawings, and remarks, as well as related photographs, ephemera, and newspaper clippings collected and pasted on the journal.
Also contains a document created by Shipley identifying the people and places mentioned in the journal.

Shipley, Robert

Related issue : toxic wastes.

File consists of material relating to toxic wastes and water pollution, and in particular the disposal of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). Includes newspaper clippings; a report to an environmental assessment board regarding the burning of PCBs in Mississauga; a letter to Godfrey from Jim Bradley, Ontario Minister of the Environment; and a newsletter from the Liberal Caucus (Ontario) regarding pollution in Lake Simcoe.

Godfrey, Judy

Mayor of Kitchener, 1950-1951, 1957-1958.

Clippings regarding Leavine’s activities as Mayor of Kitchener from 1950-1951. They cover Mayor Leavine and Mayor Bauman of Waterloo attending the official opening of the K-W Family Service Bureau in November 1950, of which both because the first members; Leavine's stance on the issue of civil defence; Leavine's involvement in the plans to build the Kitchener Memorial Arena in 1950; and Leavine’s daily morning walk to work as Mayor in the early 1950s. Another clipping from the Kitchener-Waterloo Record, dated June 17, 1958, during Leavine’s second term as Mayor, reports on Leavine's attendance at the official sod turning ceremony for the Kitchener police building.

Leavine, Stanley Francis


Clippings from an unidentified newspaper and an undated issue of the Kitchener-Waterloo Record relating to Norman C. Schneider's political career.

  • "Norman C. Schneider in Liberal Race," April 18, 1952 (ill.)
  • "Schneider Named Liberal Candidate; No Opposition" (ill.)

Caption from Record photo: "NOMINATE LIBERAL CANDIDATE - Norman Schneider (left) was nominated Liberal candidate in the May 26 by-election at a meeting last night in the Waterloo North Liberal Association. Left to right are Mr. Schneider, Justice Minister Garson, Bruce McCullough, president of the association, and Harold S. Wagner, secretary."

Schneider, Norman Christoph

Soapine advertisement

Soapine advertisement illustrated by Charlotte Perkins Gilman showing a woman hanging laundry out from a wash basket. The laundry on the line spells out "Soapine." Verso reads "Soapine the great dirt killer, will remove dirt of all descriptions! Without injury to hands or fabric. Kendall Mfg. Co. established 1827 Providence, R.I."

Correspondence from Thomas H. Johnson, Dept. of Crown lands, Toronto, Ont., May 3, 1881.

Letter from Thomas H. Johnson to Colin Rankin's purchase of the "east half of lot 15 in the 14th [concession] of Papineau, containing 30 1/2 acres" at a rate of 50 cents per acre; a land grant certificate with seal dated June 14, 1881; a typescript reproduction of the text on the certificate; and a typescript description of the land accompanied by a hand drawn sketch.

Rankin, Colin

Election campaign.

Material created or accumulated by Andrew Telegdi during his campaign to be elected as a Member of Provincial Parliament representing the Liberal Party for the Waterloo North riding in the 1990 Ontario general election. Records include a candidate survey, press clippings, newspaper advertisement mock-ups, pamphlets, and invitations to an event to meet Premier David Peterson that was hosted by Andrew Telegdi, John Bell, David Cooke, and Carl Zehr in Waterloo, Ontario.

Telegdi, Andrew

Personal notes.

Research materials created or accumulated by Robert Shipley related to different matters, including Shipley's work, other Canadian authors, and general history. Includes articles, research notes, and related ephemera and newspaper clippings. Also contains personal and University of Waterloo notes and correspondence, and class materials.

Shipley, Robert

Personal notes.

Materials created or accumulated by Robert Shipley. Includes personal correspondence, notes, writings, and poems. Also contains ephemera related to events and organizations in which he participated.

Shipley, Robert


One unlined notebook belonging to Fred J.T. Maines, containing manuscript notes on birds and insects. Material inserted and tipped-in includes manuscript notes, notes, clippings etc.

Maines, Frederick J.T.


Materials created or accumulated by Robert Shipley related to his time in the Canadian Armed Forces. Includes personal notes, correspondence, and related ephemera.

Shipley, Robert


Materials related to the Bermuda-Canada Conference where James Walker participated in a session titled “Black studies: a comparative perspective” with a paper titled “West Indian immigrants and the Black community in Canada: parallels and promises.” Includes related correspondence, conference schedule, press release, conference program, abstract of Frank E. Manning's presentation for the conference titled “The Black Experience in Bermuda and Canada: Ethnicity, culture, and immigration,” and information about travel and accommodation arrangements.

Walker, James

CHA Victoria BC.

Materials related to the Canadian Historical Association (CHA) Annual Meeting in Victoria, B.C. Includes information about accommodation and travel for the conference, a copy of the conference proposal by John Leslie (Indian and Northern Affairs Canada) titled “Vision versus revision: Native peoples, government officials, and the Joint Senate/House of Commons Committees on Indian affairs, 1946-1949 and 1959-1961,” a newsletter for the CHA for Autumn 1989, correspondence related to the conference, extracts from “Learned societies conference, University of Victoria, May 20 to June 8,” business cards for different people, abstract of Walker’s talk titled “Public history and public policy in Canada: a case study of race relations since 1867,” guidelines for participants, program of the conference, and script for the talk.
Also contains a printout of the “List of delegates 5th annual public history conference, University of Waterloo, May 5-7, 1983.”

Walker, James


Research materials created or accumulated by Robert Shipley related to his time in the Canadian Armed Forces. Includes materials covering the history of Canadian National Defense, instructions and rules, class materials, course sillabi, research and class notes, class exercises, weekly schedules, and related ephemera.

Shipley, Robert

Nova Scotia Youth and race.

Materials related to the Saint Mary’s University’s Youth and Race Conference, in Halifax, in 1983 where James Walker delivered the keynote speaker. Includes related correspondence, program, poster, and abstract of the conference.

Walker, James

Betty Forbes's wedding planner.

A wedding planner notebook containing correspondence, sketches, advertisements, and notes pertaining to Betty Forbes's wedding ceremony with Bill Land on May 29, 1954 in Hespeler, Ontario.

Forbes, Betty

Documents received from G. R. Good.

Contains material relating to Kaufman Footwear's pricing, costs, and competition. Includes memoranda, notes, correspondence, training material, government specifications, price lists, and a production schedule.

Kaufman Footwear

Election campaign.

Material created or accumulated by Andrew Telegdi during his campaign to be elected as a Regional Councillor in the Regional Municipality of Waterloo in the Waterloo Region municipal elections held on October 27, 2014. Records include invitations, notes, speech transcripts, research material about the regional budget and Light Rail Transit (LRT) construction, a flyer, a business card, a biographical sketch of Telegdi, and other textual material. Also contains correspondence including a letter to Telegdi from Michael Harris, then Member of Provincial Parliament, thanking Telegdi for running in the 2014 municipal elections.

Telegdi, Andrew


Research materials created or accumulated by Robert Shipley related to different matters, including Canadian politics, general history, and military history. Includes articles, research notes, and related ephemera. Also contains personal correspondence and notes.

Shipley, Robert


File consists of two articles clipped from the Globe and Mail on July 22 and July 24, 1998. One article is about pollution in the Great Lakes, and one is an opinion piece about canoes.

Muskoka Lakes Association

Betty Forbes's diary.

A diary containing daily entries written by Betty Forbes in 1951. Several entries describe Betty’s work as a nurse, family events, and holidays. The diary includes press clippings, invitations, telegrams, letters, and a photograph of an unknown individual.

Forbes, Betty


Research materials created or accumulated by Robert Shipley related to different matters, including Canadian politics, Canadian law, and Canadian law, and resources for writers. Includes articles, bibliography lists, research notes, newsletters, and related ephemera. Also contains personal correspondence and notes.

Shipley, Robert


Research materials created or accumulated by Robert Shipley related to different matters, including Canadian politics, Canadian history, Canadian culture and heritage, and resources for writers. Includes articles, bibliography lists, research notes, newsletters, and related ephemera. Also contains personal correspondence and notes, and poems written by Shipley.

Shipley, Robert

Betty Forbes's diary.

A diary containing daily entries written by Betty Forbes in 1950. Several entries describe Betty’s work as a nurse, family events, and holidays. The diary includes press clippings, invitations, telegrams, postcards, two photographs of unknown individuals, a certificate for a rare blend of Crown Royal whiskey from the House of Seagram, and a registration card from the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario.

Forbes, Betty

Posters, photos.

Ephemera related to different events James Walker attended or helped organize. Includes ephemera for:

  • Program of "6T3 celebrates 50 years," University of Trinity College (May 31, 2013),
  • Schedule for “Aporte de la comunidad Afro canadiense al multiculturalismo” at Universidad de Matanzas “Camilo Cienfuegos” in Cuba in February 27, 2012 where Walker gave talk titled “Black power, community politics, and the promise of multiculturalism in Canada,”
  • Program for the unveiling of a plaque in honour of Hugh Burnett and the National Unity Association (July 31, 2010),
  • Poster of “14th Annual New Frontiers Graduate History Conference” where Walker presented “Human Rights and the Historian” (February 18, 2010),
  • Program and poster for “The National Archives Experience. The Black Loyalists and their flight to freedom” (January 22, 2009),
  • Poster of “The Caribbean connection: Canadian Immigration policy, Caribbean Immigration, and consequences for Nova Scotia” presented by Walker (February 17, 2011),
  • Poster of “Indian Students Association (INDSA) presents “South Asians in Canadian Immigration policy: a historical overview” by Walker (November 16, 1995),
  • Poster of “The eleventh annual arts lectures 1990” with Walker’s “Canada’s Race Relations crisis: myth and reality” (November 1990),
  • Poster of “Native Studies Conference. Brandon University” with Walker’s “The Indian in Canadian Historical Writing since 1971” (November 5-7, 1981).

Also contains a photograph of 22 people with James Walker among them, and information on the Public History Program at the University of Waterloo.

Walker, James

Betty Forbes's diary.

A diary containing daily entries written by Betty Forbes in 1949. Several entries describe Betty’s work as a nurse, family events, and holidays. The diary includes press clippings, postcards, notes, letters, invitations, a program from Maple Leaf Gardens, tickets, a national credit card from Imperial Oil Limited and four photographs of unknown individuals.

Forbes, Betty


Research materials created or accumulated by Robert Shipley related to different matters, including Canadian politics, Canadian law, archives, history and heritage of Ontario, and cooking. Includes articles and newspaper clippings, research notes, and related ephemera. Also contains personal correspondence.

Shipley, Robert

Colt-Farm clambake.

File consists of material relating to a clambake hosted by Col. Samuel P. Colt at his farm in Rhode Island to meet the president and directors of the Industrial Trust Company. Colt was the chairman of the board of directors, as well as the president of the United States Rubber Company. File includes a personalized menu and guest list for Talmon Henry Rieder and newspaper clippings, as well as an invitation for a clambake held another year.

Rieder and Anthes family

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