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Abram Ball will.

  • SCA340-GA433
  • Fonds
  • June 14, 1887

One will for Abram Ball of Galt. Lists gifts of possessions and money to family members, as well as the Galt estate known as "The Cedars" (45 Blair Road) to his wife Julia Ball.

Ball, Abram

Canadian Suffrage Association letters patents.

  • SCA267-GA288
  • Fonds
  • 1910-1912

Fonds consists of two letters patents for the Canadian Suffrage Association. One is dated October 20, 1910 and incorporates Suffrage Headquarters Limited and the other dated April 12, 1912, incorporating the Canadian Suffrage Association.

Canadian Suffrage Association

Charles Bickerstaffe and Norman Atwood indenture.

  • SCA272-GA293
  • Fonds
  • 1669

Fonds consists of one indenture dated May 17, 1669 between Charles Bickerstaffe and his brother William, and Norman Atwood and his brother John.

Bickerstaffe, Charles

Concordia Club fonds.

The majority of the archives of the Concordia Club were destroyed either as a result of the ransacking of the club by the 118th Batallion in 1916, or as a result of the fire of Nov. 17, 1971. As a result the earliest records of Concordia have largely been lost forever. A very small number of items can be traced back to the Concordia Male Choir (1873-1914). These take the form of two items of correspondence, programs for the "Sängerfests", clippings, and photographs. A small number of archival records also can be found which belonged to the "Deutscher Club, Kitchener" (1925-1930), and include a set of house rules, letters patent, and photographs. Some records from the 1930s have also been preserved to this day, and include artifacts, clippings, legal documents, a membership list, photographs, and programs of events. However, the majority of the materials date from the 1950s onwards. These materials document the history of the Concordia Club since the 1950s, and include artifacts, audiovisual material, clippings, correspondence, ephemera, financial records, legal documents, membership records, minutes of meetings, photographs, publications, and scrapbooks.

Concordia Club

Contracts with Grolier.

Two publishing contracts detailing E Palmer Patterson's agreement to sell publishing rights for two books to Grolier. One book was to be titled, "Native Peoples of Canada - Indians" and the other was to be titled, "Inuit Peoples of Canada." Each contract specifies legal provisions such as compensation, copyright and other obligations to be fulfilled by E Palmer Patterson and Grolier respectively. Both of the contracts are signed by E Palmer Patterson, a representative of Grolier, and a witness. Also includes related correspondence and notes.

Patterson, E Palmer

Deed of Bargain and Sale

  • SCA23-GA13
  • Fonds
  • 1834

Fonds contains a deed of bargain and sale on vellum. The deed, dated December 12, 1834, details a transaction between Vincent Dewell, and his wife Harriet, with Henry Smith regarding a plot of land in exchange for 50 pounds. The plot of land is identified as the west part of lot 29 on the 8th concession of Hope Township in Durham County, Upper Canada. Two red wax seals appear on the bottom right corner of the deed.

Dewell, Vincent

Dunke, Henry, estate : deed for sale of land in the Village of Elmira, Ontario from William Cavauagh and Adaline Cavauagh to Henry Dunke and related material.

Land deed registering the sale of a property in the Village of Elmira, Ontario from William Cavauagh and his wife Adaline Cavauagh to Henry Dunke on September 10, 1879. Also includes a description of property that Henry Dunke deeded to Henry Heimbecker in 1912, which contained a parcel of land originally purchased by Henry Dunke from William and Adaline Cavauagh in 1879.

Ratz Family

Indenture, Christian Schantz to Abraham Weber.

An indenture dated December 31, 1853 at Waterloo between Christian Schantz and Abraham Weber for 1200 pounds for 195 acres of land in the lower block of Waterloo Township. Also includes a short history by Harold Russell about the lands in Kitchener-Waterloo owned by the Schantz family.

Schantz Russell Family

Indenture: Samuel Weaver and Wife to John Myers.

One indenture regarding the purchase of land in Woolwich Township between Samuel Weaver and Wife to John Myers, January 23, 1847., memorial recorded Oct. 5, 1848, number 695 Liber F, Folio 54.

Bowman family

R.A. Haney collection of legal instruments.

  • SCA244-GA246
  • Fonds
  • 1738-1862

Collection consists of six British legal instruments, on vellum used by R.A. Haney when teaching law courses. Includes:

  1. Richard Knight and Elizabeth Collyer to John Hilde, assignment of lease of land, July 20, 1738;
  2. John Ball and Elizabeth Ball to John Hyde, partitioning of land, Dec. 23, 1754;
  3. John Ball and wife to John Hyde, assignment of land, Mar 14, 1757;
  4. George Elwes and John Elwes to Mr. George Lockett, reassignment of land, Apr 28, 1801;
  5. Benjamin Wall and Joseph Malden, lease, May 31, 1852;
  6. George Lockett to George Winter, reassignment of land, July 3, 1862 and George Winter to John Wright reassignment of land and John Wright to John Hyde reassignment of land.

Haney, R.A.

RIM park donation agreement.

File consists of one donation agreement between a consortium including the Rotary Club of Kitchener and The Corporation of the City of Waterloo in support of RIM Park.

Rotary Club of Kitchener

Ratz, Elmer, estate : indenture for sale of interment rights from the Corporation of the City of Hamilton to Emma Louise Ratz [nee Luebke] .

Indenture for sale of interment rights from the Corporation of the City of Hamilton to Emma Louise Ratz for a parcel of land in Woodland Cemetery, Hamilton, Ont. Emma Louise Ratz likely purchased this cemetery plot for the burial of her husband Elmer Ratz. Emma Louise Ratz was occasionally referred to as Emily.

Ratz Family

Sims, Harvey J. : agreement with Gay Estill Robb, James Kenneth, and William Harvey Sims.

Memorandum of agreement made June 22, 1944 respecting the will and assets of Harvey J. Sims in light of his impending marriage with Gay Estill Robb. This agreement is signed and sealed by all parties and witnessed; the attached will of the same date is signed and witnessed, two other notarized documents also signed and witnessed.

Sims family

Sims, Peter Harvey : Travers case.

Correspondence to Peter H. Sims from A. Millar, legal documents, and receipts all relating to action brought against Peter by creditors John Travers and Milton Cushing Schofield.

Sims family

Sims, Peter Harvey : patent correspondence and legal agreements to and from Henry B. Weaver.

Correspondence and agreements relating to a U.S. patent issued to Peter H. Sims and Philip Hohmeier of Waterloo for improvements to a hot air furnace and the transfer of manufacturing rights to Henry B. Weaver of Blue Ball, Pennsylvania. In the first letter of May 6, 1886, A.M. Weaver asks about the "Balm of Life receipt" sent to her by Peter, but wants to know how many ounces of "oil of origanum" are needed.

Sims family

William Dickson collection.

  • SCA12-GA7
  • Fonds
  • 1818, 1831-1834, 1839

Collection consists of seven legal documents regarding the sale of land in the Township of Dumfries in Southern Ontario.

File list:

1. Deed of land between Aaron White and Joseph Dorland -100 acres (Hallowell Township) – June 5, 1818
2. Deed of land between between William Dickson and William Otis - 50 acres – May 9, 1831
3. Deed of land between between William Dickson and John Campbell - 315 1/3 acres – July 14, 1832
4. Deed of land between between William Dickson and Jacob Kinsey - 150 acres – April 25, 1833
5. Deed of land between between William Dickson and John Fraser - 50 acres – October 1, 1834
6. Deed of land between between William Dickson - Levi Howell, 25 acres – April 16, 1834
7. Receipt for Joseph Pettengall from the Commissioner for Crown Lands - 100 acres (Hillier Township) – June 6 1839

Dickson, William