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Scrapbooks, Local History, Historical Documents

Series consists of materials created and accumulated by the Kitchener-Waterloo Record on the history of the Waterloo Region as well as scrapbooks kept by the Record. Includes clippings, publications, ephemera, scrapbooks and a series of correspondence from "Joe Klotzkopp", the pseudonym of John Rittinger.

Kitchener-Waterloo Record

Negatives: K-W Record History

Series consists of negatives created by the K-W Record of the history of the newspapers and the companies which owned it. Contains approxamitely 2500 negatives.

Kitchener-Waterloo Record


Series consists of two local history films accumulated by the Kitchener-Waterloo Record. Includes one of downtown Kitchener, and one of the 118th battalion of Kitchener during First World War.

Kitchener-Waterloo Record

Motz, John and Motz, Helena Vogt

Series is comprised of materials relating to the life of John Motz and his wife Helena Vogt. Includes correspondence, ephemera, legal documents and clippings.

Motz Family

Motz, John George

Series is comprised of materials relating to the life of John George Motz. Includes a postcard photograph, funerary cards and a handkerchief.

Motz Family

Birth Control

Series consists of materials regarding birth control and other related maters. Includes newspaper clippings, articles, and ephemera.

Stopes, Marie

Personal and Professional Life

Series consists of materials created and accumulated by Panabaker relating to his personal and professional life, including his family, education, career, and hobbies. Includes artwork and doodles, articles written by Panabaker, and materials relating to his career at The Mutual Life Assurance Company of Canada (Mutual Life).

Panabaker, John H.

Publications by H.B.N. Hynes

Series consists of published works authored or co-authored by Hynes. Includes offprints and reprints as well as several small volumes. Series is not exhaustive and does not include all published works by Hynes.

Hynes, H.B.N.


Series consists of miscellaneous items: a flyer advertising a book by Hynes, and a card and photographs sent to him.

Hynes, H.B.N.

Electronic files.

Series consists of computer disks with electronic files created by, or related to, Jerzy Pindera. Includes copies of stories from "Fragments of Report" as well as transcripts of the Pindera interviews.

Pindera, Jerzy Tadeusz

Professional life.

Materials created or accumulated by Joan Hollobon as part of her professional life as a journalist. Includes research materials, drafts of articles, and articles written by Hollobon and other journalists in different media. Media include:

  • Northern Daily News
  • North Bay Nugget
  • Globe and Mail
  • Globe Magazine
  • Canadian Family Physician
  • CAA
  • The Pass Promoter
  • Toronto Star
  • Star Weekly Magazine
  • University Affairs from the University of Toronto
  • New York Times
  • Scientific American
  • Time Magazine
  • Canadian Museum of Health and Medicine at the Toronto Hospital
  • CARPNews
  • Newsweek
  • Science Medicine
  • Science Forum
  • Homemaker’s Digest

Also contains related correspondence and drafts of speeches for different events, as well as articles about Hollobon’s professional career and awards.

Hollobon, Joan

Architectural drawings.

Working and architectural drawings drawn by local architect Theophilus Hughes Wells for the house at 178 Claremont Avenue.
Box arrived in archives with handwritten note by donor that read: “T. Hughes Wells, architect, working drawings (5 scrolls) to scale for Reive home, 178 Claremont Avenue, Kitchener.”

Reive Family


Photographs of Westmount and the house at 178 Claremont Avenue from the 1950s to the 1990s. Includes photographs of the hills of Westmount, the house, and the Reive family engaged in different activities.

Reive Family


Series consists of realia including plaques and awards, and badges.

Dorney, Robert


Series is comprised of photographs, negatives, slides and contact prints showing the history, production, products, employees and buildings of RMS. Includes images of products built for WWII; staff working, receiving awards, retiring and on leisure time; interior, exterior and aerial views of RMS facilities; facilities of other parent company factories including the St. Jerome dam; products manufactured at RMS for their own use and to sell; photographs taken for publication in RMS publications as well as parent company publications, and newspapers; and production at RMS.

Rubber Machinery Shops


Information on medical, pension, and profit sharing benefits for members of the Schneider Employees' Association.

Schneider Employees' Association

Research : Canada : Brenda Dougall Merriman

This series consists of research files belonging to Brenda Dougall Merriman whose work concentrated on settlements of Petworth emigrants in Canada. There is correspondence with the other project members in both Canada and England, as well as correspondence with descendants of and informants on Petworth emigrants and their settlement in Canada. A good deal of the research is on settling details of biography and genealogy of individual family names associated with the various geographical clusters of settlement.

The Jackman Foundation

Projects and Events

Series consists of materials created and accumulated by the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario : North Waterloo Region Branch relating to projects and events put on by the organization or attended by members, including workshops, presentations, newsletters, etc.

Architectural Conservancy of Ontario : North Waterloo Region Branch

Correspondence Received by Others

Series consists of correspondence received by various individuals in the Anthes family: Martin Anthes, Carrie Anthes Breithaupt, and Leo Anthes. Includes letters, invitations, clippings, and a postcard.

Rieder and Anthes family

Cook, Ella Anthes.

Series consists of material created and accumulated by Ella Anthes Cook. Includes autograph albums, a scrapbook, ephemera, and correspondence.

Rieder and Anthes family

Property Transactions and Mortgages

Series consists of documents relating to land transactions. Most materials document the ownership history of the property consisting of Lots 1, 2, 3, and 4, and in particuar Lot 3, on the south (or west) side of Ahrens Street and the north side of Weber Street in David Weber's survey in the town of Berlin (now Kitchener); this property contained the Anthes home at 44 Weber Street and the Rieder home at 58 Roy Street.

Also present are documents relating to other land in Berlin as well as land in the Township of Wilmot, the Town of Moberly, and the District of Parry Sound. Series includes mortgages, deeds and certificates of ownership, abstracts from the Registry Office (Berlin), invoices, etc.

Rieder and Anthes family

Company Newsletters

Series consists of company newsletters, produced and distributed for internal communications and publicity purposes. The Cobbler, published by the Greb Shoes Employees' Association, was begun in 1952. It was replaced with the Greb Newshound in 1962, and was published until [ca. 1971?]. In 1978, a new company newsletter, Greb Footnotes, was launched. Series may not include a complete run of any one publication, and some issues may be missing.

Greb Industries Limited

Board of Directors Secretary Files

Series consists of records accumulated and used by William M. Alguire in his role as secretary of the Board of Directors from 1992 to ca. 1997, as well as by his predecessor Robert Bolden. Includes correspondence, agreements, reports, company and management information, and other material.


Executive Officers Files : James Holmes

Series consists of records accumulated and used by James Holmes in his role as chairman of the board and CEO from 1976 to 1979. Includes press clippings, ms. notes, and an ms. draft of a paper.


Administration : Annual Reports

Series consists of the annual reports of Electrohome. Series also includes some interim reports to shareholders, annual meeting notices, and photocopies of selected pages of the reports.


Administration : Corporate Planning Files

Series consists of material relating to the philosophy, objectives, and policies of Electrohome and to management theory and practice. Includes workshop manuals and other information about management and business principles, policy statements, research reports, article reprints, memoranda, and other material.


Administration : Legal Files

Series consists of legal records relating to the activities and operation of Electrohome. Includes agreements, draft agreements, correspondence (including faxes and some e-mail print-outs), memoranda, forms, and other material.


Publicity : External Publications

Series consists of material about Electrohome, its history, its divisions, and its facilities, produced for publicity purposes and intended for distrubtion outside of the company. Includes brochures, leaflets, interim reports to shareholders, and other material.


Research and articles.

Materials created or accumulated by John English during research activities. Includes articles and drafts of articles he authored, applications to related programs, notes on research topics, writings by other authors that were reviewed by English, and other research projects in which he participated.

English, John


Materials related to Arctic research and organizations. Includes articles and drafts of articles by different authors and published in different media; official reports, magazines, and publications; materials related to Arctic conferences and events; related correspondence; and materials related to organizations and committees, including the Arctic Council and Arctic 360.

English, John

Political life.

Materials related to John English's political life, including his political campaigns and his association with the Liberal Party of Canada and the Kitchener Liberals. Includes ephemera and campaign materials and information about the Kitchener Liberals and the Canadian Liberal party.

English, John

Dare Foods Limited : Accounting Records

Series consists of licences in mortmain, accounts, stock options, correspondence, real estate and equipment leases and bills of sale, estimate for a contract, taxation records, and a share certificate book. Records pertain to The Dare Company, Limited, The Howe Candy Company Limited and Major Foods Limited.

Dare Foods Limited

Dare Foods Limited : Legal Records

Series consists of supplementary letters patent for The C.H. Doerr Company, Limited and The Dare Company, Limited. The records pertain to company name changes, and include correspondence, land appraisals, trade name licence agreement, petitions, declarations and extracts from the general by-laws of The Dare Company, Limited.

Dare Foods Limited

Dare Foods Limited : Periodicals and Advertising

Series consists of candy, biscuit and cracker manufacturing industry periodicals, pamphlets, advertisements, correspondence and machinery plans from supply and related companies. The publications were sent to The Dare Company Limited and pertain to candy and biscuit manufacturing.

Dare Foods Limited

Sunbeam Shoes Limited

Series consists of letters patent, shares, correspondence, shareholders' meeting records, accounts, financial statements, and bankruptcy records. Contains records pertaining to The Humberstone Shoe Company and Sunbeam Shoes Limited. The series is arranged chronologically.

Dare Foods Limited

Publicity : Internal Publications

Series consists of company newsletters and bulletins, produced and distributed for internal communications and publicity purposes.

The employee newsletter Sparks and Chips was begun by Carl A. Pollock to foster inter-employee relationships and management-employee relations. The first issue was published on December 18, 1942, with Pollock as the first editor. It ran until ca. 1977. In 1980, a new company newsletter, Electrohome Update, was introduced to provide employees news on company people, products, and policies. In 1990, this newsletter was merged with Electrohome World, which contained news of the corporation's marketing activities for the dealer/distributor network in North America and abroad; the new Electrohome World was published for employees and dealer/distributors. Sparks and Chips: the next generation was introduced in 1994 as an informal newsletter for reporting plant activities, news, and ideas.

Several other internal newsletters and bulletins were published over the history of Electrohome.

Publications in the series include:

  • Sparks and Chips (employee/company newsletter), 1943-1977, 1994-1997
  • Super-News (supervisor's newsletter), 1946-1962
  • Electrohome World/E World (dealer/distributor newsletter), 1963-1964, 1968-1974, 1983-1989
  • E Dealer News (US dealers), 1967-1968
  • AV E News (US commercial distributors), 1973
  • E Service Now (Electrohome Service newsletter), 1974
  • Cambridge Capers (Plant 10 newsletter), 1975-1977
  • Electrohome Update (company newsletter), 1980-1989
  • AABEXpress (AABEX newsletter), 1983
  • Electrohome International (international marketing bulletin for distributors), 1985-1987
  • Motor Mania (Plant 10 newsletter), 1985
  • CAPsule (CAP Communications newsletter), 1985
  • Electrohome Display Systems (Display Systems newsletter), 1986
  • Electrohome World/E World (company newsletter), 1990-1992

Series may not include a complete run of any one publication, and some issues may be missing.


Sales and Marketing : Projection Systems Marketing and Communications Manager Files

Series consists of records accumulated and used by Jeffrey Brum, Marketing and Communications Manager, Projection Systems. In 1987, the Electrohome Electronics group was divided into four business sectors: Display Systems, Projection Systems, Digital Video (i.e. Jazz Systems), and Operational Services (e.g. circuit board operations). At that time, it seems that the marketing, communications, and public relations functions were transferred from a centralized department to each of these sectors.

Records in this series relate to the development of marketing and communications plans for the Projection Systems sector, the design and production of product literature and publicity material, advertising plans and activities in co-operation with dealers, and the development of a long-range strategic plan for the sector.

Includes correspondence and memoranda (including faxes and some e-mail print-outs); marketing, communications, and advertising proposals, plans and budgets; product literature, including dummies, layouts, and blueline proofs; news releases; meeting agendas and minutes; agreements; and other material.


Subsidiaries : CAP Communications

Series consists of records relating to the formation, evolution, and history of CAP Communications Limited, and material relating to the television and radio stations the company operated and the network of which it was a part. Includes agreements (photostat and original copies) and other legal documents, correspondence, memoranda, share certificates, reports, meeting minutes, histories, advertising material, radio scripts, photographs, press clippings, architectural drawings, and other material.


Public Relations Manager's Files

Series consists of records accumulated and used mainly by Robert Lovell in his role as Public Relations Manager (from 1963 to ca. 1988). Series includes correspondence files (including correspondence with community organizations, shareholders, and customers); subject files; records relating to the preparation and distribution of annual reports and the planning of annual meetings; records relating to the publicity of products, events, and board and management appointments; and other records relating to publicity of Electrohome.

Includes correspondence; memoranda; news releases (including some drafts); press clippings; draft speeches prepared for Carl A. Pollock, John A. Pollock, and other senior managers; reports to shareholders; product literature; photographs and other visual material; internal publications; and other material.


Correspondence Received by Others

Series consists of correspondence received by Margaret Rieder. Includes primarily Christmas cards, and one birthday card. Correspondents include: Anthes, Carolina; Clarke, Evelyn; Edkins, Phyllis; Morley, Margaret Louise and Anna Elizabeth; Parry, Magaret; Rieder, Emeline Merner; Rieder, Margareth Anthes.

Rieder and Anthes family

Anthes, J.I. Frank

Series consists of materials created and accumulated by J.I. Frank Anthes. Includes ribbons collected by J.I. Frank.

Rieder and Anthes family


Series consists of photographs created and accumulated by the Rieder and Anthes families. Includes ones photograph of a Kiwanis club picnic at Puslinch Lake.

Rieder and Anthes family


Series is comprised of ca. 150 items of correspondence between Tony Urquhart and others. Includes letters, cards, and email printouts. Correspondents are listed at the file level.

Urquhart, Tony


Series consists of slides taken by Tony Urquhart, primarily of graveyards in France and other parts of Europe.

Urquhart, Tony

Exhibitions : Curated by Urquhart.

Series consists of materials relating to the planning and execution of the exhibit "Vimy and After: Drawings by Walter Seymour Allward" curated by Tony Urquhart.

Urquhart, Tony

Sales, Marketing and Advertising

Series consists of material relating to the sales, marketing, and advertising of Greb Shoes and its various brands, including Hush Puppies, Bauer, Mohicans, Ramblers, and Cat Treads. Includes magazine and newspaper advertisements, fliers, point-of-purchase advertisements, advertisements for Greb retailers and sales staff, speeches given at a sales meeting, a marketing case study, and other advertising material.

Greb Industries Limited

Advertising : Working Files : Display and Communications

Series consists of material used in the production of advertisements for display and communications products, including data and video display monitors, educational receiver/monitors, satellite receivers, Telidon videotex terminals, and accessories for these products. Includes photographs, negatives, and other visual material, as well as final versions of product literature and news releases. Most of the material was used for the production of single-sheet advertisements intended for insertion into a portfolio with other product literature.


Design Commissions: illustrations.

This series contains correspondence and working materials relating to illustrations commissioned for publication, from cartoons to illustrations accompanying articles and books by others. Discrete printed or published items containing such illustrations are found in Series 9.5 Published illustrations.

Patterson, Nancy-Lou

Published illustrations.

This series contains discrete printed items containing illustrations by Nancy-Lou Patterson, not accompanied by any correspondence or working papers.

Patterson, Nancy-Lou

Weekly Bulletins

Series consists of copies of the weekly bulletin for the Rotary Club of Kitchener. The weekly bulletin provides a summary of the events of the weekly meeting, as well as other member and Rotary news. One copy of the bulletin from the Kitchener-Conestoga club is also present.

Rotary Club of Kitchener

Personal Life

Series is comprised of materials created and accumulated by Kay Rex relating to her personal and family life. Includes photographs, clippings, ephemera, etc. Also includes materials on Kay Rex created posthomously.

Rex, Kay


Series is comprised of materials created and accumulated by Kay Rex relating to trips taken both for pleasure and for business. Includes materials from trips to Mexico, Nigeria and Yugoslavia including photographs, clippings, correspondence, ephemera, etc.

Rex, Kay


Series is comprised of photographs acculumated by Kay Rex. Photos include those of Rex, her family and friends as well as of holidays and events.

Rex, Kay

Gill, Eric and Family

Series consists of materials created or accumulated by Eric Gill and members of his family. Includes one item of correspondence and two Christmas cards.

Gill, Eric


Series is comprised of miscellaneous materials related to Alice Munro. The materials were created or accumulated by Walter Martin and Warren Ober for their research.

Martin, Walter R.


Series consists of materials relating to the personal life of Jane Urquhart. Includes correspondence, clippings, calling cards, CVs, a diary, etc.

Urquhart, Jane


Series consists of photographs created and accumulated by Jane Urquhart. Includes photographs of Urquhart's hometown of Little Long Lac, Tilman's bridge and of Urquhart.

Urquhart, Jane

Ratz, Clara, estate.

Series contains materials relating to the estate of Clara Ratz. Includes correspondence, tax records, insurance documents, and lists of assets.

Ratz Family


Series consists of genealogical materials on the Hagey family. Includes a biography of Menno Hagey and a genealogical chart.

Hagey, Joseph Gerald


Series consists of photographs taken and accumulated by Joseph Gerald Hagey. Includes two albums containing snapshots of Hagey, his family and friends, as well as his time at Waterloo College. Also include reprint photographs, and a CD-R with scans of various unrepresented family photos.

Hagey, Joseph Gerald


Series is comprised of financial materials created by the George Pattinson Woollen Mill and its predecessors. Includes journals, a general ledger, figure slips, a coal account book and a ledger index.

George Pattinson Woollen Mill

Audio Visual and Realia

Series consists of audio visual materials including radio and television advertisements, data tapes, and artefacts relating to tires, Dominion Rubber, and Uniroyal.

Dominion Rubber Company

Works by Others

Series consists of works written by other authors that were sent to Virgil Burnett. Includes the works themselves as well as correspondence and notes. Includes a copy of the manuscript "Yrs. V" by Athur Morey which is a collection of letters and drawings sent to Morey from Burnett.

Burnett, Virgil

Correspondence : Received

File consists of correspondence received by Virgil Burnett from friends and family. Includes ephemeral items found in the correspondence such as clippings, articles, poems, etc. Note that correspondence has been left in original order. Correspondents include:

  • [?], Al;
  • [?], Bill;
  • [?], Chad;
  • [?], Chris;
  • [?], Ford;
  • [?], Josephine;
  • [?], Kim;
  • [?], Marcella;
  • [?], Martin;
  • [?], Melina;
  • [?], Peggy;
  • [d’Almeida?], George;
  • [Lindsay], Marion;
  • [Switzer], Dave;
  • AIDS Committee of London;
  • Boegehold, Alan;
  • Cruz, Rienzi;
  • Culhane, John and Hind;
  • Devrient, Michel;
  • Ducornet, Guy;
  • Ducornet, Rikki;
  • Edmunds, Helen;
  • Erb, Deb;
  • Erenberg, Ellen;
  • Gallery Stratford;
  • Gentilli, Jeremy;
  • Goldman, Barbara;
  • Hanewich, K.Y.;
  • Harbringer Gallery;
  • Haverford College;
  • Heller, Grace;
  • Hine, Daryl;
  • Horner, Judith and Hammond;
  • Liidemann, Ryan;
  • Littlewood, Jill;
  • Magowan, Robin;
  • Manchester, Barbara;
  • Mavor, Susan;
  • McGann, Jerome;
  • McInnery Burnett, Maud;
  • Morey, Arthur;
  • Morgan, Robert;
  • Morgan, Thomas;
  • Mulhallen, Karen;
  • National Gallery of Canada Foundation;
  • Nordley Beglo, Jo;
  • Otter, Sandra;
  • Pippin Burnett, Anne;
  • Plaskett, Joseph;
  • Rago, Juliet;
  • Roth, Martha;
  • Salvation Army;
  • Shute, Laurence;
  • Stefanescu, Isabella;
  • Tahon, Jean-Luc;
  • United Way;
  • Urquhart, Jane;
  • Wilbur, Richard;
  • Yamashige, Lloyd.

Burnett, Virgil

Financial : Fundraising Campaigns

Series consists of files containing materials on various K-W YWCA fundraising campaigns and events. Includes programme brochures, event information, correspondence, reports, budgets, etc. Also includes all fundraising materials relating to the United Way and their allocations to the K-W YWCA.

Young Women's Christian Association of Kitchener-Waterloo

Historical and Topical

Series consists of historical and topical materials relating to Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation. Includes an information package created by Walter Bean, and biographies and interviews with past-presidents of KWCF.

Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation

Ontario Zeta Chapter

Series consists of materials created by the Ontario Zeta Chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa. Includes minutes, financial reports, materials relating to chapter activities and events, scrapbooks, etc.

Alpha Delta Kappa. Province of Ontario Chapter

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