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Clement, Edwin Rev.

File consists of one head and shoulders studio portrait of Rev. Edwin Clement seen looking off camera.

Clement Bowlby Family

Copy of Arthur Lang's diary

  • SCA123-GA96
  • Fonds
  • 1820

Fonds contains a 13 page carbon typescript transcript of Arthur Lang's diary prepared as a Christmas souvenir in 1907 by T.A. Lang in Clearfield, Pennsylvania. It includes a copy of a letter from one of Arthur Lang's granddaughters, giving some family background. Arthur Lang describes the sea voyage, scenery, and passengers on trip from Montreal, through the Lachine Rapids, to Prescott, Ontario. The diary also discusses Lang’s experiences inspecting land near the townships of Ramsay, Lanark, and Dalhousie in Lanark County, Ontario.

Lang, Arthur


Silver crown from England showing on the obverse the head of King George IV and on the reverse an image of St. King George slaying the dragon.

Pyke, Edgar William

Wagner Hailer family fonds

  • SCA105-GA77
  • Fonds
  • 1822-September 16, 1988

Fonds consists of correspondence, legal documents, photographs, ephemera and genealogical records, relating to Jacob Hailer (1804-1885), Henry Wagner (1793-1867), Jacob Wagner (1824-1858), Louis Henry Wagner (1857-1945), their families and the related Staebler Family, Biehn/Bean Family and Breithaupt Family.

Wagner Hailer family


One wanderbuch (journeybook) recording Jacob Hailer's journeyman as a wheelwright. A wanderbuch served as both a passport and a resume and has pages for local authorities to give approval to work and for employers to make statements about the worker's qualifications. Hailer worked in various cities across Germany including Durlach, Muhlburg, and Kehl.

Hailer, Jacob

Robert Forbes fonds.

  • SCA38-GA21
  • Fonds
  • 1823-1973

Fonds contains three books written by Robert Forbes. They consist of ledgers dating from 1823 to 1873 and daybooks documenting Fobes' activities as a farmer and merchant dating from 1856 to 1891. Also included are three leaflets with information about postal and farmers’ schedules from the Department of Agriculture, Ontario.

Daybook coverage:

  • January 1871 – October 1881;
  • January 1882 – December 1891; and
  • March 1856 – December 1862.

Ledger coverage:

  • July 1839 – [1858?];
  • September 1851 – December 1857; and
  • September 1823 – 1873.

Three files:

  1. 3 pamphlets; Accounts, day books, diaries (volume 1 of 3), 1839 – 1862
  2. Accounts, day books, diaries (volume 2 of 3), 1851 – 1881
  3. Accounts, day books, diaries (volume 3 of 3), 1843 – 1891

Forbes, Robert

Genealogical records.

Detailed family relationships are outlined in genealogical documents prepared by Gordon Wagner.

Wagner Hailer family

Death notice.

Handwritten death notice for an unknown person who died November 4, 1824 aged 54 years, 9 months.

Wagner Hailer family

Receipt for work performed by female slave.

File consists of one receipt for work performed by a female slave on a chain gang in New Orleans in 1825. Translation reads "Wages for negress on the chain: The city treasury will pay to Mr. D. Fitch the sum of 11 piastre and 50 cents for forty six days of work by his negress Maria, employed by the public works from August 9 to October 3." The document is signed by David Fitch and Precend Lament [?] and is dated at New Orleans, Oct. 3, 1825.

Eisen, Sol


Silver shilling from England showing on the obverse the head of King George IV and on the reverse a lion over a crown and a rose.

Pyke, Edgar William

Autograph album.

  • SCA360-GA412
  • Fonds
  • 1825-1854

One autograph album kept by an unknown person. The album spans from 1825-1854 and features biblical and literary passages written by those in England and Scotland. Locations include Glasgow, York, London, Newark, Rotherham and more. In the back of the volume is the Lord's prayer written in Malay by a Mr. Trout, Baptist missionary in Batavia, Java.

Thomas P. Stowell mathematical notebooks.

  • SCA352-GA404
  • Fonds
  • ca. 1826-July 18, 1860

Three notebooks kept by Thomas P. Stowell with mathematical problems, solutions, and notes.

Stowell, Thomas Pollard

Birth certificate.

Birth certificate for Jacob Wagner (here listed as Johann Jacob Wagner) dated June 1, 1826. Wagner was born December 20 1804.


Robert Southey letter to William Webb.

  • SCA322-GA363
  • Fonds
  • November 8, 1826

One handwritten letter from Robert Southey addressed to a William Webb of Dublin. The letter was sent from Keswick and is dated November 8, 1826. Also includes an etching of Southey.

Southey, Robert, 1774-1843

Richard Beasley Upper Canada deed of enrollment.

  • SCA256-GA267
  • Fonds
  • 1827

Fonds consists of one Upper Canada deed of enrollment from Richard Beasley to David Gingrich for a parcel of land in Waterloo County. The parcel in question is noted as being "a certain parcel on tract of land in the Township of Waterloo in Richard Beasley Lower Block on the Northside of the Grand River containing one hundred acres ... being composed of the Eastern half of lot number four in the Second Concession beginning at a post planted equal distance from the front to rear on the division line between lotts number three and four which is the south east corner of Jacob [M] half of the same lott. Thence move seventy seven degrees East forty chains more or less to within fifty links of the rear of the said concession. Thence North thirteen degrees west twenty five chains more or less to the north east of Jacob [M] said half lott thence south thirteen degree east twenty five chains more or less to the place of beginning containing one hundred acres..."

Beasley, Richard

Sermons by Reverend Joseph Irons.

  • SCA270-GA291
  • Fonds
  • 1828

Fonds consists of one bound ms. volume of sermons by Reverend Joseph Irons for the year 1828. The book appears to have been written by his son William Josiah Irons (note on p. 26 reads taken by W.J.I.)

Irons, Reverend Joseph

Elizabeth Smith Shortt fonds.

  • SCA19-WA10
  • Fonds
  • 1829-1979

This fonds documents a social and family history spanning almost one century. It revolves primarily around three women: Elizabeth Smith Shortt, and her daughters, Muriel Clarke and Lorraine Shortt. The fonds contains family correspondence, 1880 - 1970, general correspondence 1876-1970, manuscripts, diaries, typescripts, pamphlets, clippings and photographs.

Correspondence includes Cecil B. and Senator E.D. Smith, the Smith and Shortt family letters, Adam and Elizabeth Shortt love letters, but primarily correspondence during and after the war period between Elizabeth, her daughters Muriel and Lorraine, until Elizabeth's death in 1949. Letters follow Elizabeth Smith through Queen's University, her role in formation of the Queen's Medical School for women, her concern with local and national councils of women, and a variety of clubs, commissions, and organizations. Correspondents includes Augusta Stowe-Gullen, Dr. Jennie K. Trout, Eliza Fitzgerald, Lady Ishbel Aberdeen. Also present are 15 manuscript diaries kept by E. Smith Shortt covering the period from 1872-1932 (typescript available for first 8 diaries). Diaries 1892-1911 are memoirs of Shortts' European trips. 23 diaries or day books kept by Lorraine Shortt from 1912-1943 are also present.

The fonds contains also approximately 50 manuscript addresses, reports and speeches given by Elizabeth Shortt, as well as speeches by Lorraine Shortt. About 100-150 pamphlets and leaflets on a variety of subjects document Elizabeth's interests and activities, especially war period and restoration, National Council of Women, Mother's Allowance Commission, etc. Also present are clippings from 1800-1960, original and photocopied newspaper and magazine clippings and articles arranged under about 50 headings dealing with the Shortt and Smith families, and with a multiplicity of organized groups that formed at the turn of the century. Miscellaneous documents include notebooks of Elizabeth Shortt's subjects at Queen's Medical School, certificates, records of investments, bank records, war medals, autograph books, and scrapbook belonging to the family. Photograph albums and approximately 100 loose photographs of family and friends complete this fonds.

Shortt, Elizabeth Smith

Passport and visa.

Passport and visa showing Jacob Hailer leaving through France for the United States. The passport gives a description of Jacob as having brown hair and eyes, an oval face, a straight narrow nose, medium sized mouth, and a round chin. Issued June 14, 1829.


Petworth : maps.

Material relating to the settlement of Petworth emigrants in Ontario. Consists of ms. notes, photocopies of published maps of townships and towns, photocopies from manuscript and published sources.

The Jackman Foundation

Clement Bowlby Family

  • SCA109-GA82
  • Fonds
  • 1831-1988

Fonds consists of textual and graphic materials created or accumulated by members of the Clement and Bowlby families, largely photographs of extended family members and materials created or accumulated by William Pope Clement and Florence Grace Clement. Also contains clippings, correspondence, genealogical records and research, textiles, artifacts including First World War medals, and other ephemera.

Clement Bowlby Family

Clement, Florence Grace 1889-1988

Series consists of materials relating to the life, interests, and death of Florence Grace Clement. Includes biographical information, clippings, aid-memories, correspondence, diaries, poetry written and collected by Florence and other ephemera.

Clement Bowlby Family

Ephemera : etchings.

File consists of two etchings accumulated by Florence Grace Clement. One is a plate taken from a book with identifying notes showing Louisa Elizabeth, Baroness Durham engraved by Thomson from a painting by Sir Thomas Lawrence, 1831. The other is an advertisement for an exhibit of oil and watercolour drawings and modern etchings at the City of London Fine Art Gallery by H. Gillard Glindoni from 1882.

Clement, Florence Grace


Material relating to research on illustrations. This folder consists of research on illustrations from Canadian sources. This folder contains correspondence and photocopies of illustrations.

The Jackman Foundation

Publication Process

Series consists of files which appear appear to be Mary McDougall Maude's files and Wendy Cameron's files. The folders contain material relating to editing the manuscript and correspondence, faxes, e-mails and other working papers circulated among the primary researchers for comment and correction. The "primary researchers" in this case are Wendy Cameron, Mary McDougall Maude, Shela Haines, Leigh Lawson, Brenda Dougall Merriman and sometimes Gwen Peroni.

The Jackman Foundation

Chapter 4 : tables.

Material relating to provisions and regulations for passengers. Consists of annotated photocopies of original printed and ms. sources
Notes on folder: check w. illustrations from NTM.

The Jackman Foundation

Home construction contract.

Contract, signed on 27 October 1832 in Waterloo Township to build the Hailer Home on King Street in Kitchener. Signed by Jacob Hailer, Philip Salzberger (builder), and Friedrich Kummel (witness).

Hailer, Jacob

Southey, Robert, 1774-1843: ALS, 1835 Dec. 21, Keswick, to the Rev. John Horseman, Heydon.

Autograph letter to the Rev. John Horseman. December 21, 1835. "Renewing the acquaintance of his correspondent and giving him an account of himself and his family, referring to the tragic state (insanity) of his wife" (Southey at his best as a letter-writer).
Published in Kenneth Curry's New Letters, v. 2 p. 433.

Davis, Bertram R.

Letters from Dorking.

Photocopy of a volume of published letters : Letters from the Dorking emigrants who went Canada in the Spring of 1832.

The Jackman Foundation

Adelaide Township settlement : Crown Lands petitions : Ms 691, Adelaide, Robert Johnston on behalf of the inhabitants of Adelaide, Bear Creek, 6 April 1833.

Material relating to settlement of Petworth emigrants in Adelaide Township, Middlesex County, Ont. This folder contains a photocopy from the Archives of Ontario RG1 C-I-1, Crown Lands petitions
Note on folder: Misery in the settlement - want of food, wants employment continued; women - rheumatism; ague; men - axe wounds; fears "excitement" caused.

The Jackman Foundation

Sims Family collection.

  • SCA369-GA427
  • Fonds
  • 1833-1963

The Sims family collection encompasses records of the Sims and Cook, Davidson and Garden families retained by members of the two family branches that came together when Harvey James Sims and Florence Katherine Roos married in 1902. Their Sims and Davidson forbears were equally significant in the history of the Waterloo-Wellington area and in the growth and development of agriculture, education, business and government. Harvey James Sims and Florence Katherine Roos were deeply involved in their local community of Berlin, (later Kitchener) Ontario and their own records contain significant additions to our knowledge of local personalities and affairs. Harvey was a childhood and lifelong friend of William Lyon Mackenzie King; they wrote and visited each other regularly. King's sister Bella was also a close friend of Florence from school days on.

Sims family

Mary B. Churchill fonds.

  • SCA49-WA27
  • Fonds
  • 1833-1859

Fonds consists of materials created and accumulated by Mary B. Churchill (nee Brewer). Includes a letter from Mary to an aunt, a clipping regarding Harriet Churchill, Mary's daughter, and an autograph album.

Churchill, Mary B.

Letter to an MP.

Photocopy of a published item: Emigration: a letter to a member of Parliament containing a statement of the method pursued by the Petworth Committee in sending out emigrants to Upper Canada in the years 1832 and 1833. Petworth, J. Phillips; London: Longman, 1833. Includes a photocopy of the t.p. and table of contents for the same title published in 1834.

The Jackman Foundation

George Davidson and Margaret Garden Family

Records documenting the family of George Davidson and his wife Margaret Garden, their daughters Margaret Kempt and Elizabeth Roos, and Elizabeth Roos' daughter Florence (the future wife of Harvey Sims.) Although there are very few letters from George extant, they are enough to show his genial and good-natured love of family, his keen and self-deprecating sense of humour, and his stoic acceptance of circumstances beyond his control. He had an unspecified affliction that require him to walk with canes; and two letters from New York City in 1880 describe in vivid detail the treatments he is receiving, most likely some form of electro-magnetic therapy.
Records making up the series include correspondence from George to his wife Margaret, letters written to Margaret by her daughter Maggie Kempt in Glasgow, letters from family in Scotland and friends in Canada, correspondence from Margaret to her granddaughter Florence, ephemera, and printed music. Some of the correspondence concerns Davidson and Sims genealogy.

Sims family

Haldimand County.

Material relating to the settlement of Petworth emigrants in Haldimand County. Consists of photocopies from 19th century manuscript and published sources.

The Jackman Foundation

Autograph album.

File consists of one autograph album kept by Mary Churchill with entries by family and friends. The album contains extensive passages of poetry and prose as well as illustrations. Names include:

  • Matilda W. Danas;
  • H.J. Ward;
  • C.H.A. Spear;
  • P.H.P.;
  • G.C.B.;
  • Daniel B. Woods;
  • Cyrus Brewer;
  • M.H. Shepherd;
  • L.W. Mears;
  • Lucy A. Parker;
  • L. Churchill;
  • S. Churchill;
  • Ino Coburn;
  • M. Salter;
  • C.W. Belcher;
  • M.W. Field;
  • Lauretta;
  • S.B. Carpenter;
  • L.M. Ingalls;
  • Mary Ann;
  • Peggy Doodle;
  • Francoise Rosulthe de Stelenheim;
  • J. Augustus Parker.

Churchill, Mary B.

Adelaide Township settlement : Crown Lands petitions : Ms 691, Adelaide, inhabitants of Adelaide and Carradoc[sic], public meeting held at Bear Creek, 1 April 1835.

Material relating to settlement of Petworth emigrants in Adelaide Township, Middlesex County, Ont. This folder contains a photocopy from the Archives of Ontario RG1 C-I-1, Crown Lands petitions
Note on folder: Grant to improve road from Longwoods Road to Lot 16 Seventh Concession (south) of Adelaide (originally opened by Mount.)

The Jackman Foundation

Garden, Robert to Margaret, Jane, and Jessy Garden.

Partial letter from [Robert?] Garden dated London, 31 October, 1833, to "Dear Sisters," followed by a long disquisition on the proper response of women to changes in their circumstances: "It is the smile of contentment which ought to be on your lips even in the midst of the greatest difficulty." It is not made clear whether actual changes in circumstance in the financial or social standing Garden family are behind this well-meaning attempt to stave off discontent in the sisters. This is possibly from Garden sisters' brother Robert Garden.

Sims family

Deed of Bargain and Sale

  • SCA23-GA13
  • Fonds
  • 1834

Fonds contains a deed of bargain and sale on vellum. The deed, dated December 12, 1834, details a transaction between Vincent Dewell, and his wife Harriet, with Henry Smith regarding a plot of land in exchange for 50 pounds. The plot of land is identified as the west part of lot 29 on the 8th concession of Hope Township in Durham County, Upper Canada. Two red wax seals appear on the bottom right corner of the deed.

Dewell, Vincent

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