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King, William Lyon Mackenzie to Arthur King.

Typewritten letter from William Lyon Mackenzie King to his nephew Arthur King on December 22, 1942. Arthur has apparently had pneumonia and King offers recovery advice, including a check-up by Arthur’s uncle Dr. Harold Wookey. King includes detailed suggestions for a proposed overnight stay at Laurier House on an unspecified date. King sends Christmas wishes through Arthur to Arthur’s fiancée Kathleen Thomas and to Mr. and Mrs. Rean (Arthur's brother Lyon’s in-laws) in Toronto.
King describes in detail the portrait he has had taken by Yousef Karsh as a Christmas gift to all family members, “which has a very special interest.” King describes the location of the portrait as the library at Laurier House, describes the significance of the table and the significance of some of the objects placed on it. He adds “there are other features of special interest of which I shall have to tell you at some future time.” King enlarges on his reasons for self-documentation at this particular time: “One can never say how long one may continue to be in office. This picture, being taken at a time of war, and signed by myself while in office as Prime Minister, will make it, I am sure, an acceptable gift to you.”
Salutation: “My Dear Arthur” [handwritten]; Signature: “With lots of love, Yours affectionately, Uncle Willie" [handwritten].
Includes handwritten corrections.

King, William Lyon Mackenzie

Seagram, Joseph Edward Frowde, 1903-1979: Scrapbook 3, May 1933-Oct. 1936 [i.e. 1929-1936].

Clippings, ephemera relating to Seagram family and interests, including the Seagram Co. and lawsuits, horse racing, social events such as weddings, sports such as golf, 48th Highlanders, Muskoka Lakes, boating, and ephemera related to the Muskoka Lakes Association, "1936 Forty Third Annual Regatta and Dance" programme.

Seagram Family

Waterloo County Women Teachers' Association: Correspondence and Miscellaneous.

Contents of this file originally stored in a binder. This appears to be a file which was maintained by Mary Johnston during her time as P.R. and county adviser with the W.C.W.T.A. This file contains miscellaneous materials including correspondence, information sheets about the F.W.T.A.O., flyers, notices of meetings, tss. relating to meetings, W.C.W.T.A. notices to members about actions being taken or proposed in a number of areas especially with regard to Bill 274. Also includes booklet containing legislation: Regulations (O. Reg. 95/47): General Regulations for Public and Separate Schools: Made Under the Department of Education Act.

Johnston, Mary

Zoological correspondence, general and miscellaneous 1976-1977.

Contains material relating to Anne Innis Dagg's zoological research. Includes correspondence to and from Anne Innis Dagg regarding both her research on giraffe, her teaching position at the University of Waterloo and her translation and review work. Includes 6 ts. carbon copies of book reviews by Anne Innis Dagg written for the Canadian Field Naturalist.
Includes works by Anne Innis Dagg: unpublished paper: "The wolverine and its future in Canada." written with Craig A. Campbell, (1977), 7 leaves, ts. carbon. submitted to Nature Canada but not accepted.

Correspondents include:

  • Chaline, Jean
  • Dacus, Angie
  • Eedy, Wilson
  • Ewer, Jakes
  • Falls, Bruce
  • Glew, Frank
  • Grieve, J.A.
  • Gunderson, Harvey L.
  • Hoar, W.S.
  • Longley, R.
  • Marshall, Joyce
  • Marshall, William H.
  • Morton, J.K.
  • Petter, F.
  • Poland, [Gurth?]
  • Priddle, G.B.
  • Rick, Anne M.
  • Roseborough, J.Douglas
  • Russell, Anthony P.
  • Sheppard, Arnet J.
  • Silverstein, R.M.
  • Simeone, John B.
  • Steiner, Andre L.
  • Weintraub, Joel D.
  • Weseloh, D.V.
  • Wilson, Don E.

Dagg, Anne Innis

Rieder, Peter.

Series consists of material accumulated by Peter Rieder relating to taxes paid in Saskatchewan and Alberta. Includes correspondence, tax notices, and tax receipts.

Rieder and Anthes family

Schoolbook: organic pharmaceutical chemistry, biochemistry III, haematology.

One duotang notebook kept by Michael Fritsch while he was a student at the Ontario College of Pharmacy. The notebook contains class notes and labs from the courses Organic Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Biochemistry III, and Haematology. Also includes one copy of the Code of Ethics of the Canadian Pharmaceutical Association.

Fritsch Pharmacy

A life story by Irene Brown : pages 405-419.

Contains the tenth section of Irene [Coombs] Brown's autobiography [ms. 14 leaves, original], titled "June 1941 to Sept. 1942". The section includes a description of daily life at the Kirkham Emergency Hospital, where she worked for three years.

Brown, Irene


File consists of one diary for Murray Bray for the year 1938. Notable entries include: local births, deaths and marriages as well as purchasing a new car, the inaugural meeting of the Waterloo Township Council, selling their house at 145 Union Blvd. a trip to Bermuda and getting a dog, Terry. Diary is a page a day book courtesy of H.L. Staebler Co. Ltd. Insurance.

Bray Family

Writings by Catherine Taylor.

File consists of a letter by Catherine Taylor to herself, written in 1920 with instructions not to be opened until 1940, and a typescript speech entitled "Special meeting," written in 1938.

Taylor, Catherine

Sims, Peter Harvey to his wife Jemima Sims.

Letter from Peter H. Sims dated Guelph, Ontario, May 31, 1880 to his wife Jemima Sims, on the way to Mount Forest where he has been called suddenly. Jemima and the children are not at home; he reassures her that he has left everything locked up, that he is lonely without the family, and that he is downhearted about serious business losses.

Sims family

Day book : July 24, 1902-July 20, 1903.

Contains 1 day book (400 pages) for the William Kriesel stoves and tinware store (hardware store) from 1902-1903. Daily entries include names and corresponding ledger page numbers for customers, with a description of what they bought, whether they paid for it, the prices and quantities of items bought, and whether customers paid by cash or by eggs, rags, beef, pork, butter, teaming supplies from St. Petersburg to New Dundee, wood, oats, flour, hay, or similar materials.

Kriesel indicates what he has sold by writing "To" and then the items, and how the person paid by writing "By" and then the method of payment, he also writes "cash sale not charged" when the sale does not apply to a customer's account.

Customer names include Cassel, E.H. Thamer, Philip Poth, Charles Kaufman, J.M. Weber [ie. Webber], J. Kriesel & Co., Wilmot Township Council, Ch. Kavelman, and other notable New Dundee business people.

Kriesel, William

Elsom, John C.

Date: 1929.03.02 Place from: Toronto, Ont. To: Catley, Elaine M. From: Elsom, John C.

Catley, Elaine Maud

Administration : Secretary Treasurer's Files : 1960-1966 : Ilmar Kao

Series consists of records created and maintained by Ilmar Kao in his position as Secretary Treasurer of the Grand River Conservation Commission, with some overlap to his previous position as Manager and Assistant Secretary. Includes material relating to the Ayr and Montrose Dams proposal, to assessment costs and notices, insurance, personnel, relations with municipalities and government departments, operations including dam, forestry, maintenance, land acquisition and management, cottage lots and rentals, etc. Contains correspondence, financial records, reports, memoranda, blueprints, ms. notes and calculations.

Grand River Conservation Commission

M.P.P for Waterloo North, 1951-1956.

START HERE Clippings regarding the activities, political recommendations, and policy changes put forward by Leavine in his capacity as Progressive Conservative M.P.P for Waterloo North from 1951-1956. One clipping shows a photograph of Leavine together with his wife, Desta, and daughter, Pauline, after his election as M.P.P. in November 1951. Another clipping reports that for the first time in a quarter-centry Waterloo North elected a Progressive Conservative to the Ontario Legislature when Leavine won a 201-vote majority over Libearl candidate J.G. Brown. The remainder of the clippings cover topics including: proposed policy measures in the areas of health, particularly the damage caused to the general practitioner by the medical monopoly of hospitals, his belief, as chairman of the Ontario legislature's health committee, that a preventive vaccine for polio would be discovered within two years; his urging of the speedy completion of the Windsor-Toronto section of Highway No. 401 by the Ontario government; and Leavine's desire to see government officials to discuss the problems arising from the use of horse-drawn buggies by the Mennonites with Mennonite leaders.

Leavine, Stanley Francis

Augustine, Mary Caroline : ephemera.

Birthday, Christmas, Easter and Valentine greetings, and one postcard. Includes a letter from "Santa Claus," a Dionne Quintuplet postcard, and two hand drawn and coloured pieces relating to China and Japan. One is by Emma Kaufman of a child looking into a goldfish bowl and the other, of rabbits and chicks, is initialled H.T.

Augustine, Ham, Kaufman family

Kaufman, Emma : 1965-1966 : clippings.

Press clippings relating to honours and awards presented to Emma Kaufman. Also contains an account of Emma Kaufman's role at the 60th Anniversary of the Tokyo Young Women's Christian Association (Y.W.C.A.).

Augustine, Ham, Kaufman family


178 items of correspondence primarily from the Bolender family living in Nigeria to family and friends in Canada, as well as a few items addressed to the Bolenders.

Bolender Ball Family

United States Army records.

Contains an original ms. copy of Harry Byers' Honorable Discharge from the Army of the United States, a ts. copy of his Honorable Discharge, and a ts. copy of Harry Byers' Enlistment Record, including his enlistment details and honorable discharge details.

Byers, Harry J.

Berlin Rescue and Hose Co.: Horse-drawn in front of Frederick St. Firehall.

Copy negative of a torn and taped photograph of members of the Rescue and Hose Co. on, and in front of, a horse drawn wagon. Corresponding caption from caption list in file 9 reads: "2) Berlin Rescue & Hose Co horse drawn in front of Fred St. firehall." Annotations on one of the reference prints in file read: "Scharlach, Charles [Loelu?], [Uhrig?], Timms, Dan Boettger, John Rhodes, Frank Seebert."

Kitchener-Waterloo Record

Kitchener-Waterloo and Area History: Slides

Series consists of slides showing the history of the Kitchener-Waterloo area. Slides have been sorted into basic subjects of: Automotive Retailers; Churches; Education; Entertainment; Financial/Insurance; Highways/Roads; Housing; Industry; Miscellaneous; Oktoberfest; Public Buildings; Restaurants;

Kitchener-Waterloo Record

Reports and Theses

Series consists of studies and reports prepared by or for the MLA and university student theses about issues of interest to the association. Subjects of the reports and theses include: planning, the environmental impacts of planning and development, property taxation, the financing of education in Ontario, and the historical geography of resorts in Muskoka. Series also includes some correspondence, the official plan for the District Municipality of Muskoka, and amendments to the plan.

Muskoka Lakes Association


File consists of one typed draft (computer output, original, 30 pp.) with handwritten annotations and corrections dated March 6, 2012.

McCormack, Eric P.

Brighton Public School.

One scrapbook of events, students, and staff at Brighton Public School. Includes photographs, clippings, realia and ephemera.

Johnston, Mary

Correspondence : miscellaneous.

Includes untitled loose leaf material in the form of correspondence received by Dendy over the period 1977-1991.
A considerable amount of the correspondence in this file relates to Dendy's professional employment including his teaching work at the University of Toronto, at the University of Waterloo, at Ryerson Polytechnical Institute, and at the Toronto Urban Studies Centre. Other correspondence relates to walking tours of Toronto given by Dendy, as well as to Dendy's proposed exhibition "The Architecture of Forest Hill" submitted to the Department of the City Clerk of the City of Toronto in 1991. Talks, presentations, and lectures given by Dendy at various universities, at public libraries, at the Toronto Historical Board, at the Architectural Conservancy Toronto, and at other places form the subject of some of the other correspondence contained in this file. Other correspondence, much of it with Oxford University Press Canada, relates to Dendy and Kilbourn's publication of Toronto Observed and to Dendy's proposed publication of a book re the history of architecture in Canada. The awards received by Dendy over the course of his life form another theme of this correspondence. These awards include the university scholarships awarded to Dendy by the Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation for his doctoral studies at Columbia University, New York, as well as his receipt of an Award of Merit from the Toronto Historical Board in 1988 for Toronto Observed. Finally, some letters relate to Dendy's activities as a member of various organisations including the Society for the Study of Architecture in Canda, the Society of Architectural Historians, and as a member of the City of Toronto Planning Advisory Committee.

Dendy, William

Correspondence, 1937.

  • Date and Place from [1937] April 6 Los Angeles, Ca. To Pincock, Jenny From Austin, Alma Attachments Envelope, with stamps. Notes ALs
  • Date and Place from 1937 June 9 Los Angeles, Ca. To Pincock, Jenny From Austin, Alma Notes ACs. Post card, without stamp.
  • Date and Place from 1937 October 8 Los Angeles, Ca. To Pincock, Jenny From Austin, Alma Notes ACs. Post card, without stamp.
  • Date and Place from 1937 December 23 Los Angeles, Ca. To Pincock, Jenny From Austin, Alma Notes ACs. Post Card, without stamp.
  • Date and Place from 1937 May 5 Hershey, Penna. To Pincock, Jenny From Deets, Roy W. Notes TLs
  • Date and Place from 1937 October 10 Rochester, N. H. To Pincock, Jenny From Sanborn, Lillian Attachments Envelope, with stamp Notes ALs
  • Date and Place from 1937 January 11 Holcomb, N.Y. To Pincock, Jenny From Wright, Harry M. Notes TLs
  • Date and Place from 1937 May 18 Kitchener, Ont. To Deets, Roy W. From Pincock, Jenny Notes TLs (draft copy)
  • Date and Place from 1937 October 5 Kitchener, Ont. To Sanborn, Lillian From Pincock, Jenny Notes TL. Has a rough draft of a letter on the back.
  • Date and Place from 1937 May 10 Winnipeg, Man. To Maines, Rev. Fred J.T. From Wood, W.R. Notes : ALs

Maines Pincock Family

A household God.

File contains typescript photocopy, 11 p.; notebook of further drafts, sketches etc., 1962

Herbert, John

Electronic Files

Series consists of electronic files received as e-mail attachments or as floppy disks all in WordPerfect 7. Also includes two databases in DBTextworks designed in-house to hold files converted from WordPerfect : I:\Working\Source Record Textbases\Petworth Emigrants and I:\Working\Source Record Textbases\Petworth Sponsors. The Emigrants database contains 682 records and the Sponsors database contains 103 records.

The Jackman Foundation

Some angry summer songs : drafts for book publication.

File contains drafts of John Herbert’s collection of plays “Some angry summer songs, published by Talonbooks in 1975. Includes drafts of an introduction to the collection by Alex Grigeroff , ts. (photocopy) and ts. (carbon), 7 and 6 pages respectively, drafts of “The pearl divers,” typescript 5 leaves, (photocopy) with corrections; "Beer room," typescript 13 leaves (photocopy) with corrections; "Close friends," typescript 15 leaves (carbon) with corrections; The dinosaurs,” typescript 7 and 6 leaves (carbons and photocopy). Includes an announcement of the book's publication. Includes author’s note on the envelope: “Box C: John Herbert archives: C22: Some Angry Summer Songs. Early drafts of 4 one-act plays: Pearl Divers, Beer Room, Close Friends and Dinosaurs (published by Talonbooks) plus an introduction to the plays by Alex Gigeroff, Lawyer, criminologist and painter. Plus the first announcement of the coming publication of the plays by Talonbooks of Canada. - 1975.”

Herbert, John

Carcasonne, France.

File consists of seven slides showing grave markers in Carcassone, France.

Urquhart, Tony

Hancock, Irene to Ray Strachey.

Correspondence from Irene Hancock to Ray Strachey, largely discussing the health of, and plans for, Barbara. Irene indicates that Barbara does not want to stay in Vienna but that she may again change her mind on this. As well, Irene states that Barbara has been unwell for the week and suspects that she may be anemic.

Hancock, Irene

Executive Officers Files : Andrew Malcolm Furniture Company

Series consists of records relating to the potential acquisition of the Andrew Malcolm Furniture Company (Kincardine and Listowel, ON). Includes correspondence, memoranda, financial statements, a property appraisal, site plans (copies), draft agreemetns, reoprts, ms. notes, and other material. Most records probably accumulated and used by Harold Eby, secretary-treasurer, and Donald S. Sykes, executive vice-president, finance, and vice-chairman of the board of directors. Electrohome did not acquire the company.


Provisional directors meeting minutes.

File consists of the first minutes of the C.H. Doerr company. Present were C.H. Doerr, Ralph B. Doerr, Edward Doerr and H. Williams. The first motion is to read the letters patent and organize the company for the commencement of business.

Dare Foods Limited

Honsberger family.

  • Cabinet card studio portrait of the Honsberger family. The spelling of the Honsberger name varies.
  • Back row, left to right: Lucinda Honsberger, Amanda White (nee Honsberger), Owen Honsberger, Lovina Levagood (nee Honsberger).
  • Front row, left to right: Benjamin Honsberger, Phoebe Murphy (nee Honsberger), Ervine Honsberger, Rosa Honsberger, Mrs. Stickney (first name unknown), Esther Honsberger (nee Biehn).

Schantz Russell Family

Scrapbook : July.

File consists of one scrapbook, possibly kept by Helen Kaufman. The scrapbook includes images with typed captions relating to the birth control debate in Canada.

Kaufman Family

Administration : Financial Files

Series consists of sundry records relating to financial administration and operation of the GRCA and its predecessors. Includes assessment information, financial statements, an audit report and an insurance survey.

Grand River Conservation Authority

Letters, late 1980's.

File consists of 37 pieces of correspondence (handwritten and typed originals) to Stan Johannesen from family, friends, academic colleagues and others, including four letter copies from Stan in reply. Includes greeting cards, poems and memoranda. Also in the folder are ephemera.

Johannesen, S.K.

Reel 6.

One audio reel. Side 1. July 5/62 Thurs. Rescue night. 1. General Booth - introduction; 2. John Kelly; 3. Brown family; 4. A flyer's predicament.
Side 2. July 10/62. Masters night. 1. Amirah - speaks on science of surgery - health herbs; 2. Rajah; 3. Oti - speaks of buried cities and cities beneath ocean; 4. Ling Chow - speaks of Gobi Desert goes back 22 thousand years; 5. Walter - speaks of Ling Chow.

Lacey, Thomas

Propaganda Research Papers : Series 3B Week No. 62. Intake Report : U.S.A. Broadcasts in English for North America during week 5th – 11th Nov.

Weekly intake report on broadcasts in English for North American listeners mainly from the United States of America, Germany, Italy and England. Copy no. 27.

University of Waterloo. Department of Political Science.

Camp Tinawatawa Newspaper, Aug. 1957.

Includes comic verses written about camp activities and chores, about the campers, and the staff at Camp Tinawatawa on Paradise Lake. These verses appear to have been written by the campers.

Schreiter, Margaret

Dominion Rubber club

File consists of one photograph of employees seated around the table at the Dominion Rubber club. A Staebler Insurance calendar can be seen in the background.

Dominion Rubber Systems


File consists of one scrapbook with reviews and articles on Mackay's book "Blencarrow." The reviews are pasted into a blank book that has the Blencarrow cover pasted on the front.

Mackay, Isabel Ecclestone

CANUNET file : general material.

Contains records documenting the development of A National Universities Computing Network (CANUNET). File consists of correspondence, memoranda, notes and study recommendations.

Cowan, Donald D.

Ontario Summer Games scrapbook.

File consists of a scrapbook containing press clippings and ephemera relating to the Ontario Summer Games. Includes the remarks given by Charles E. Greb at the opening ceremonies, invitations, and pamphlets and other publicity material for the games and related events.

Greb, Charles E. family

Unidentified man.

A cabinet card photograph of an unidentified man standing by a chair indoors from the Bechler family photo album.

Bechler family

Executive meeting : 1980, Feb. 19.

File consists of an agenda, proposed by-law no. 1 [Constitution], financial statements 1979, budget 1980, hand-drawn organization chart, report [i.e. photocopied minutes] of the Long Range Planning Committee.

Muskoka Lakes Association

Library Source Records: L83.1 - L83.10.

Nelson Scheifele Christie's Wine Publications (N. Y.) Alcohol & Drug Addiction Research Foundation Shire Publications Ltd. University of Waterloo Bookstore Nelson Doubleday Inc. American Association for State and Local History Wm. C. Brown Publishers
*Hunsberger Gallery

Seagram Museum

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