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Crossley and Hunter.

Studio portrait of evangelists Hugh Crossley and John Hunter. Crossley is seen with legs crossed, looking off camera and paper in left hand. Hunter is seated on the arm of a chair next to him with right arm propped on Crossley's shoulder, looking at camera.

Schantz Russell Family

Daily Record: 1930's Local Business Newspaper Advertisements: Ford, Schreiter, Victor Radio, Dominion Stores, Goodrich, Kabels, Lockhart Buick, Tip Top Tailors, Goudies.

Nine shots of various pages from bound editions of the Daily Record featuring advertisements from the 1930s for: Ford, Schreiter, Victor Radio, Dominion Stores, Goodric, Kabels, Lockhart Buick, TipTop Tailor, and Goudies.

Kitchener-Waterloo Record

Damaris Isabella Smith fonds.

  • SCA14-WA8
  • Fonds
  • [18--]-[19--]

Two scrapbooks, the first compiled by Damaris Smith containing clippings, engravings, stamps and seals, obituaries and biographies of prominent suffragists, literary, political and social women, some British. The second, compiled by her daughter Gertrude, contains an article written by Damaris Smith entitled "Pioneer Wife". As well, it documents the history of the Smith family and contains photographs and a pencil sketch of the "Mountain Hall" homestead.

Smith, Damaris Isabella

Dana Harris Porter fonds.

  • SCA231-GA228
  • Fonds
  • 1905-2001

Fonds consists of materials created and accumulate by Dana Porter during his personal and professional career, as well as materials collected posthumously and created and accumulated by his wife and children. Includes photographs, correspondence, research notes, essays and other writings, ephemera, scrapbooks and clippings.

Porter, Dana Harris

Dare Co. Ltd. Employees.

File consists of two identical photographs of unidentified employees of Dare Co. Ltd. at Carl Dargell's 50th anniversary at the Blue Moon Hotel in Petersburg, October 3, 1958.

Dare Foods Limited

Dare Co. Ltd. factory employees.

File consists of two identical photographs of factory employees of Dare Co. Ltd. from 1951. The photograph was taken on the grounds outside of the factory and the employees are mostly women and are dressed in white baking outfits. Employees are identified on a separate piece of paper.

Included in the photo:

Atkinson, [?]
Beirs, Amanda
Burkhardt, Emmerson
Clendenrusig, Bill
Crooks, [?]
Crooks, Phoebe
Dare, Carl
Dargell, Carl
Dawe, Marg
de Uries, [?]
Dodge, George
Erb, Erma
Erb, Wilma
Fehreubach, [?]
Fischer, [?]
Forler, Inez
Gellner, Susan
Grishow, Doug
Hopp, Oscar
Headley, Lila
Heintz, Mary
Homuth, Howard
Hopf, Bill
Huntz, Martha
Jantzi, John
Kaufman, Lorraine
Kinzie, Orpha
Kwiakoski, Bill
Lotzke, Lorne
Lwandowski, Rose
Meinzinger, Dolores
Menyes, Maria
Mezer, Kay
Montag, Mari
Norton, Edith
Reist, Orval
Rouse, Vi
Ruhl, Joan
Russell, Jack
Schmidt, Reggie
Schmitt, Cully
Schuster, [?]
Shantz, [?]
Shantz, Abe
Shantz, Eileen
Shoemaker, Marybelle
Sider, Johnny
Stelmach, Joan
Street, Dorothy
Stuckerat, Helen
Trompke, Emdie
Wagner, Russell
Weber, Jeanette
Weiler, Alma
White, Jenny
Windsor, Marion
Wittie, Harold
Wright, Ruby
[?], Ann
[?], Anna
[?], Barb
[?], Bill
[?], Connie
[?], Evelyn
[?], George
[?], George
[?], Gladys
[?], Gwen
[?], Joan
[?], Johnny
[?], Margaret
[?], Margaret
[?], Olga
[?], Olga
[?], Rose
[?], Sally
[?], Steve
[?], Tom
[?], Winnie

Dare Foods Limited

Dare Co. Ltd., Kitchener.

File consists of one photograph of employees of the Kitchener office of Dare Foods. Some employees are identified on a separate piece of paper.

Included in the photo:

Bloomin, Joan
Brubacher, Dorothy
Dargell, Carl
Dunbar, Les
Farenbach, [?]
Gaeler, Vela
Haas, Harry
Hanamel, [?]
Heffesin, [?]
Hopp, Oscar
Katush, Bernice
Miller, Belle
Ringwald, [?]
Scanin, Stella
Schlitt, Marg
Schmitt, Cully
Schultz, Bernice
Schuster, [?]
Smiley, Dorothy
Smiley, Marjorie
West, Frank
[?], George
[?], Jenny
[?], Scuster

Dare Foods Limited

Dare Foods Hamilton.

File consists of two photographs of the exterior of the Dare Foods plant in Hamilton, Ontario.

Dare Foods Limited

Dare Foods employees.

File consists of one photograph of employees of the Dare Foods plant in Kitchener. The employees are lined up outside for a group shot. Some identifications on verso:

Happ, Oscar
McFadzen, Ralph
Dare, Carl
Jantzi, John O.

Dare Foods Limited

Dare Foods factory.

File consists of four photographs of employees working on various stages of cookie production in the Dare factory.

Dare Foods Limited

Dare Foods warehouse.

File consists of one photograph of a Dare Foods warehouse in Moncton, New Brunswick.

Dare Foods Limited

Dare family and friends.

File consists of four photographs showing members of the Dare family and their friends at both the Dare family home at 221 Pandora Cres. and the Walper Terrace hotel. Identifications present on versos include:

  • Russell, Jack
  • Dare, Carl
  • O'Hara, Kevin
  • McFadzen, Ralph
  • Lumsky, Jim
  • McFadzen, Gath
  • Hopp, Oscar
  • Wild, Les
  • Russell, Em
  • Dare, Ruth
  • Lumby, Marie
  • O'Hara, Marion
  • Wild, Jean

Dare Foods Limited

Dare sales wagon at H. K. Forler

Photograph of Ralph Doerr and William Kettleborne standing next to a horse-drawn C.H. Doerr & Co. sales wagon outside of the H. K. Forler storefront in Wellesley.

Dare Foods Limited

Dare sales wagon.

File consists of two photographs of Ralph Doerr and William Kittleborne with a C.H. Doerr horse-drawn sales wagon Wellesley, Ontario. One photograph shows the two in front of H.K. Forler's grocery and the other shows them in the wagon, along a dirt road.

Dare Foods Limited

Dare, C.M. and unidentifed man.

File consists of one snapshot of C.M. Dare and an unidentified man. Verso reads "Howe Candy Christmas party Roberts Marine Room, Hamilton. Dec. 17/52. C.M. Dare (right)."

Dare Foods Limited

David M. Netterfield correspondence

  • SCA20-GA11
  • Fonds
  • 1958

File contains a typescript letter regarding lumbering on Lake Huron, Ontario written by David M. Netterfield. The letter describes the history of the Spanish River Lumber Company that operated near the Sauble River, between 1882 and the 1940's, focusing on the 20th century history of the company. Account makes reference to the Spanish River Indian Reserve, Wahnapitae, Ontario, the Great Lakes Storm of 1913 and the Mississauga Timber Reserve. Also included is a business card dated July 14, 1958, for Noranda Mines Limited located in Toronto, Ontario with a handwritten note that reads: Thought this might interest you. Hope you had a good trip. Hank. 14 July/58."

Netterfield, David M.

Deed of Bargain and Sale

  • SCA23-GA13
  • Fonds
  • 1834

Fonds contains a deed of bargain and sale on vellum. The deed, dated December 12, 1834, details a transaction between Vincent Dewell, and his wife Harriet, with Henry Smith regarding a plot of land in exchange for 50 pounds. The plot of land is identified as the west part of lot 29 on the 8th concession of Hope Township in Durham County, Upper Canada. Two red wax seals appear on the bottom right corner of the deed.

Dewell, Vincent

Deilcraft : Stellarton.

File consists of nine photographs (plus duplicates) of the Electrohome plant, Deilcraft division, in Stellarton, Nova Scotia. Includes interior and exterior photographs of the plant, and photographs of employees at work.


Delawana Inn.

File consists of three photographs of Dare employees at the Delawana Inn in Muskoka. Includes Carl Dare, Bob Sanders, and Les Wild.

Dare Foods Limited

Demolition of Buildings on Hall's Lane, Kitchener, April, 1958, to make way for Parking Lot.

Print photographs, with typed captions on verso, taken by the Kitchener-Waterloo Record of building demolition along Hall's Lane. File also includes April 5, 1958 newspaper clipping of published version of one of the photos [GA92-9-26_002].

Caption on verso of GA92-9-26_001 reads: "KITCHENER - Demolitions (April 3, 1958). Old home vanishes from Hall's Lane, together with three-story building used for some years by William Knell and Company. Purchased for city parking lot. (Walper Hotel in right background.)

Caption on verso of GA92-9-26_002: "KITCHENER - Demolitions. Two old buildings on Hall's lane east just off Queen street south are being demolished to make way for new Parking Authority car lot."

Caption on verso of GA92-9-26_003: "KITCHENER - Demolitions. April 5, 1958. Hall's Lane."

Kitchener-Waterloo Record

Demolition underway of warehouse no. 6.

File consists of 1 aerial photograph of demolition of distillery warehouse. Roof removed and inside framework visible. Verso reads: taken 1974.

Joseph E. Seagram and Sons, Ltd.

Department of Indian Affairs land grants.

  • SCA324-GA365
  • Fonds
  • 1886-1915

Five land grants from the Department of Indian Affairs granting promised Indigenous lands. The grants are made out to Benjamin Franklin Mutchmor (200 acres), Elizabeth Mutchmor (175 acres), Charles Woodward (100 acres), and Mary Rowe (100 acres). The lands granted were to be for the use of the Ojibwe and Odawa of Manitoulin Island.

Canada. Department of Indian Affairs

Design Exchange : Electrohome stereo design in the 1960s : article.

File consists of material relating to the Design Exchange (Toronto, ON) and an article written by the curator about Electrohome stereo design in the 1960s for Exchange (magazine published by Design Exchange).

Includes correspondence to and from John A. Pollock, memoranda, Electrohome stereo and lamp advertisements, photocopies of advertisements, issues of Exchange, advertising material from Design Exchange, three printing proofs of design drawings by Electrohome designer Gordon Duern, and other material. Design drawing proofs are mounted on board and depict the [Circa '80] concept.


Devonian gardens, Alberta

File consists of seven snapshots of Devonian gardens in Alberta. Photographs have captions on the verso.

Dorney, Robert

Diary : 1920-1923.

School exercise book filled with diary entries from Oct. 30, 1920 to April 1, 1923 written by Dorothy Russell recording her life at the normal school in Toronto, Ont. and the beginning of her teaching career in Kitchener, Ont.

Schantz Russell Family

Dismantling of a barn near Stratford.

Two images of the dismantling of a barn near Stratford, Ontario. One image has the caption "Oist Sat 4ish w-story" written on the verso. Both images have The Beacon Herald of Stratford copyright stamp on the verso.

Rempel, John I.


File consists of 1 photograph of Seagram distillery in field.

Joseph E. Seagram and Sons, Ltd.

Doerr candy factory fire.

File consists of ten photographs showing the aftermath of the fire at the Dare factory on Breithaupt street in March of 1943.

Dare Foods Limited

Dominion Life Assurance Company head office.

  • SCA265-GA283
  • Fonds
  • 1939

File consists of one photograph of the employees of the head office of the Dominion Life Assurance Company in Waterloo, Ontario. The photograph was taken July 1939. The employees are standing in front of the building at 14 Erb Street West.

Dominion Life Assurance Company

Dominion Rubber Company Ltd. Dominion Tire Factory Rubber Machinery Shop Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

File consists of one fire insurance plan of Dominion Rubber Company Ltd. Dominion Tire Factory and Rubber Machinery Shop. Plan was originally surveyed by Johnson and Higgins, N.Y. June 18, 1926 and was revised September 25, 1930. Plan also includes architectural details about the buildings.

Dominion Rubber Company

Dominion Rubber club

File consists of one photograph of employees at the Dominion Rubber club seated at a table. A victory bonds poster can be seen in the background. Pencil annotation on verso identifies those in photo as: W. Dippel, C.H. Harding, Hermie Kraatz, Bill Finlay, and Walter Eager.

Dominion Rubber Systems

Dominion Rubber club

File consists of one photograph of employees seated around the table at the Dominion Rubber club. A Staebler Insurance calendar can be seen in the background.

Dominion Rubber Systems

Dominion Rubber club Beavers softball team

File consists of one photograph of a composite photo of the members of the Dominion Rubber club Beavers softball team who were the twin city intermediate softball champions for 1926.

Included in the photo, along with views of Carling's Tropy and the Daily Record Trophy, are: J. Zehr; W. Steinke; K. Gies; J. Morrow; W. Nelson; O Hannenberg; H. Whitney; H. Sosnoki; A.O. Ruppel; A. Schlachter; W. Booth; P. Olinski; W. Lobsinger; M. Brigman; H. Lauber; A. Dahmer; C.H. Stumph.

Dominion Rubber Systems

Dominion Tire Company factory : album.

File consists of an album containing photographs of the construction of the Dominion Tire Company manufacturing plant in Berlin. Includes photographs of the construction process, the surrounding land, the interior and exterior during construction, equipment in the tire manufacturing prices, etc., as well as photographs of unidentified men in offices and a photograph of Talmon Henry Rieder.

Rieder and Anthes family

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