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Rex, Kay.

File consists of one photograph of Kay Rex as a child. Front of enclosure is inscribed "For Grandma and Grandpa, From Kathleen."

Rex, Kay

Dominion Rubber club Beavers softball team

File consists of one photograph of a composite photo of the members of the Dominion Rubber club Beavers softball team who were the twin city intermediate softball champions for 1926.

Included in the photo, along with views of Carling's Tropy and the Daily Record Trophy, are: J. Zehr; W. Steinke; K. Gies; J. Morrow; W. Nelson; O Hannenberg; H. Whitney; H. Sosnoki; A.O. Ruppel; A. Schlachter; W. Booth; P. Olinski; W. Lobsinger; M. Brigman; H. Lauber; A. Dahmer; C.H. Stumph.

Dominion Rubber Systems

St. George Street water tower.

File consists of two photographs (plus duplicates) of the water tower on St. George Street in Kitchener, one taken during construction, and one upon completion.

Pequegnat, Marcel

Fennell, Patricia Grace

File consists of one upper body studio portrait of Patricia Grace Fennell by Panabaker. Inscription reads "Ollie from Pat Xmas 1928."

Bowlby Boyd Family

Chicopee Tennis Club.

Group photographs of the Chicopee Tennis Club, probably at annual club events. John Alexander Martin is present in most of the photographs. Three of the photographs are incorporated in two Christmas cards. One photograph was taken at a 1928 Rotary Club picnic at Chicopee.

Martin, John Gartshore

Schneider family : group at Southampton.

  • Informal group portrait taken at Southampton. Some identifications provided.
  • Ahrens, Florence, 1891-1982
  • MacPhail, Edith Louise Schneider
  • Schneider, Ethel Lapsley, 1894-1988
  • MacPhail, Gord
  • Anthes, Emma
  • Daniels, Lilian
  • Schneider, Norman C.
  • Schneider, Herbert John Jr.

Schneider, J.M. family

Cottage at Lexington.

Contains two original photographs and two reproduction photographs of two different informal group portraits of eight unidentified women. Caption on envelope states that these are "pictures of a trip Mr. Kaufman and others went on when trouble with the car, Irvin was along".

Kaufman Footwear

Dominion Rubber Company Ltd. Dominion Tire Factory Rubber Machinery Shop Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

File consists of one fire insurance plan of Dominion Rubber Company Ltd. Dominion Tire Factory and Rubber Machinery Shop. Plan was originally surveyed by Johnson and Higgins, N.Y. June 18, 1926 and was revised September 25, 1930. Plan also includes architectural details about the buildings.

Dominion Rubber Company


File consists of photographs of artesian wells. Includes three photographs of Roberts well at the Shoemaker Avenue pumping station; two photographs of well 30A, or the Hartley well, also at Shoemaker Avenue; one photograph of #20 well (location not identified); and one photograph of two boys at the Kelly well (location not identified). The boys are identified on a modern handwritten note as Robert and James Pequegnat.

Pequegnat, Marcel

The Breithaupt Leather Co., April 1930.

Panorama group portrait of Breithaupt Leather Company employees standing in a row, on muddy terrain, outside of the tannery building and office entrance. Most are in caps and several are wearing rubber boots and ankle-length aprons. A building with a bell tower is visible in the background.

Kitchener-Waterloo Record

Tire stores : Waterloo.

File consists of photographs of tire stores in Waterloo. Includes Waterloo garage with proprietors Charlie Heppler and Alec Sehl and taxi driver Joe Kienapple as well as Bauman and Clemmers garage with proprietors Vern Bauman and Allan Clemmers.

Dominion Rubber Company

Schneider, J.M. : cottage at Southampton.

Photographs relating to the Schneider cottage at Southampton, Ont. One is of the cottage "Hurona" ca. 1930. Two are snapshots of paintings and one is a view of Southampton's main street.

Schneider, J.M. family

C.F.C.O. Station Staff

Promotional composite photograph of 1930 C.F.C.O. Station Staff in Chatham, Ontario. Includes views of station building, studio and operation room.

Schantz Russell Family

Motz, William John.

File consists of four snapshots and two portraits of William John Motz. The snapshots show him in Nassau Bahamas, at a dinner, and holding two children outside of the family home (possibly his grandchildren William John and John Edward).

Motz Family


File consists of maps of the Muskoka region. Includes maps of Lake Muskoka, Lake Rosseau, and Lake Joseph by the Canadian Hydrographic Service, Department of the Environment, Ottawa; the road system in the District Municipality of Muskoka by A.R. Ferguson, Gravenhurst; and 6 blueline prints of topographical maps of the Humphrey, Medora, Wood, Muskoka, Monck, and Watt townships in Muskoka by the Ontario Forestry Branch, Perry Sound (1933-1942). Material probably collected by Michael Vaughan.

Muskoka Lakes Association

Kitchener Water Commission : miscellaneous.

File consists of miscellaneous photographs relating to the Kitchener Water Commission. Includes two photographs of the water commissioners and their wives at a dinner (1960), a photograph of flooding in Bridgeport after Hurricane Hazel (1954), two photographs of Kitchener City Hall taken from the rear (1933), a photograph of [water main construction?] on Queen Street outside of J. E. Wiegand & Co (1937), and a retouched photograph of the Shoemaker Avenue pump house (1935).

Pequegnat, Marcel

C.C.F. Crusaders program presentation

Two handbills for a free C.C.F. Crusaders program presentation at the Regent Theatre in Elmira on October 11, 1933 featuring the Crusading Choristers and talks by Varden Latsch and John Walter.

Little Long Lac.

File consists of thirty nine photographs, primarily postcards, and one Christmas card, showing views of Little Long Lac, Geraldton, and surrounding areas. Shots include the gold mine, downtown Geraldton, school in Little Long Lac, Baxton's Point, the hospital, Little Long Lac bridge, Nipigon, a dog sled, the visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, a bush fire, and more. Jane Urquhart was born in Little Long Lac where her parents moved in the early 1930's.

Urquhart, Jane

Yvonne Crnko fonds.

Two scrapbooks containing newspaper and magazine clippings which trace the lives of the Dionne quintuplets from 1934-1970.

Crnko, Yvonne

Hockey, 1930's : Kaufman Rubber Co. Industrial 'Y' Hockey Champions, 1934-1935.

Three copies of a group portraits of the Kaufman hockey team, seen in uniform.

Back row, left to right: A. Shaefer, M. Kowalski, H. Schaefer, M. Wannamaker, C. Schlote, W. Plomski, E. Wannamaker, J. Frank, C. Steppler, J. Loth.

Middle row, left to right: E. Good, A. Bernhardt, H. Current.

Front row, left to right: I. Weber.

Kaufman Footwear

Album 4.

File consists of an album probably compiled by Paul Rieder. Includes snapshots of friends and family members and snapshots taken on trips to the US and around Ontario. Album also includes ts. notes "Tour of Western States," describing a trip to the US. Some photographs include date/captions. Some photographs appear to be missing.

Rieder and Anthes family


Series consists of film reels and DVD copies of home movies shot by the Guy family. Includes films showing family members and friends participating in various activities both on vacation and at home in Waterloo. Many of the films show 110 John Boulevard and the early development of the Westmount region of Waterloo.

Guy, James Rutherford and George Harrington

Bridgeport well.

File consists of photographs of the test wells at Bridgeport (now northeast part of Kitchener).

Pequegnat, Marcel

Layne test well.

File consists of three photographs of the drilling of the Layne test well near the Shoemaker Avenue pump house in Kitchener.

Pequegnat, Marcel

Home movie / Guy family.

One film reel, a home movie showing members of the Guy family and friends. The film shows family activities at Big Bay and in Waterloo including babies, a boat regatta, hydro place races, playing hockey, and more. A scene list by Jim Guy is included.

Guy, James Rutherford and George Harrington

City of Kitchener memorial service for Our Late Beloved Sovereign King George V.

Program for the "City of Kitchener Memorial Service for Our Late Beloved Sovereign King George V." The services took place on Tuesday, January 28, 1936 at 10:30 am at the Zion Evangelical Church, the Lyric Theatre and the Capitol Theatre and featured performances by the Scots Fusiliers of Canada Brass Band and the Salvation Army Band.

Facilities : Plant 1 : Duke Street, Kitchener.

File consists of six photographs (plus duplicates) of the Electrohome plant at 283 Duke Street (formerly 39 Edward Street) in Kitchener (Plant 1). One of the photographs is mounted on board. Includes aerial photographs.


Georgian Bay : Augustine family group posed on dock of J.C. Breithaupt cottage.

A snapshot featuring members of the Augustine, Ham, Kaufman families standing on a dock at John C. Breithaupt's cottage in Georgian Bay, Ontario.

Back row, left to right: Ruth Mary Hagmeier, Mrs. T.H. Reiger, Elspeth (Mrs. J.E.) Breithaupt, Emma R. Kaufman, Edna (Mrs. A.W.) Augustine, Albert Jacob Augustine.

Front row, left to right: Mary Ham, John Ross Augustine.

Augustine, Ham, Kaufman family

YWCA floor plans.

File consists of four architectural drawings by Knechtel and Shmalz Architects, showing floor plans for the ground floor, second floor, third floor and basement of a proposed addition to the YWCA building.

Young Women's Christian Association of Kitchener-Waterloo

Lapsley home on Courtland Avenue.

Contains two snapshots of Clara Lapsley's house, on Courtland Avenue [Kitchener], with Clara Lapsley [?] standing on the steps, and a 1937 Buick outside of the house. Note on verso: "Grandma Lapsley's last house. Sold to Henry and Annie Bergen."

Schneider, J.M. family


One election campaign leaflet published by the Communist Election Committee featuring a portrait of Wm. G. Walsh. Text makes reference to the campaigns of [Mitchell] Hepburn and [William Earl] Rowe.

Kaufman, Emma : 1966 : 85th birthday.

Letters solicited for presentation at a"pre-birthday party" held on May 18, 1966 at Covenant College in Toronto, Ontario. Contains 57 letters, telegrams and notes written between May 10, 1966 and May 18, 1966 to Emma Kaufman. One letter has a photograph pasted-on of a party held in Emma Kaufman's home in Tokyo, Japan on March 19, 1937.

Augustine, Ham, Kaufman family

Portrait of Mr. Samuel Bronfman, President, and Allan Bronfman, Vice : President of Distillers Corporation : Seagram's Limited.

File consists of 1 photograph of page [5] clipping with photographs of Samuel Bronfman: President, Distillers Corporation-Seagram's, Limited, and Allan Bronfman: Vice-President, Distillers Corporation-Seagram's, Limited. Accompanying articled titled: 'Seagream Declares Dividend'. Verso reads: extra prints: B1/008 Do. 2.

Joseph E. Seagram and Sons, Ltd.

Seagram's farm at Waterloo, Ontario.

File consists of 1 aerial photograph of Seagram farm and surrounding area. Verso reads: used in the Seagram Spotlight, Oct. & Nov. 1937.

Joseph E. Seagram and Sons, Ltd.

Clement family.

File consists of one photograph showing members of the Edmonton Clements at the Clement family reunion in Forest Hill (Toronto). Includes Muriel Alberta Kerr Clement, Gertrude Unger Clement, Mrs. Gord, Mary C., Janie Elizabeth Bowlby Clement, Charles Bowlby Clement, Blanche Mildred Clement Kelly, Florence Grace Clement, Elizabeth (Betty) Clement Stewart, and Gay Forester.

Clement Bowlby Family

Home movie / Guy family.

One film reel, a home movie showing members of the Guy family and friends. Film shows family activities in New York, Waterloo and Bermuda including children, winter activities, fishing, vacationing and more. A scene list by Jim Guy is included.

Guy, James Rutherford and George Harrington

Freeport : homes.

Ten snapshots of Norman C. Schneider's homes at Freeport, Ont. Six are of the summer home ca. 1938-1940 and include one snapshot of Emmie Anthes beside a 1937 Humber. Four are of the home built later on the same site, ca. 1960.

Schneider, J.M. family

Lancaster Street reservoir construction.

File consists of photographs and a negative of the construction of the water reservoir on Lancaster Street, Kitchener, and photographs of the interior and exterior of the pump house.

Pequegnat, Marcel

Log 2, page 33 : log jail on Silver Islet near Port Arthur.

One image of a log jail on Silver Islet near Port Arthur. Includes a caption that is pasted below the print and reads: "This jail was built in 1870 at Silver Islet near Port Arthur. For detailed description see text. Note the careful selection of logs and the fine keying at the corners. The cells were at the rear."

Rempel, John I.

Grand River Conservation Commission : Shand dam, Fergus, Ont. : Sept. 19, 1939.

File consists of a photograph of members of the Grand River Conservation Commission inspecting the construction of the Shand dam near Fergus, Ontario. Identification beneath photograph: Udney Richardson (commissioner), W. Phillips (president), K. Fellows (resident engineer, in charge of construction), M. Pequegnat (vice-president), G.W. Waring (general superintendent, Rayner Construction Ltd.), and Hugh Templin (commissioner).

Pequegnat, Marcel

Strange Street and Shoemaker Avenue pumping stations.

File consists of a photograph of the interior of the Shoemaker Avenue pumping station and three photographs of the million gallon reservoir at the Strange Street pumping station. One photograph includes a typed note about the retouching on the photograph.

Pequegnat, Marcel

Dominion Life Assurance Company head office.

  • SCA265-GA283
  • Fonds
  • 1939

File consists of one photograph of the employees of the head office of the Dominion Life Assurance Company in Waterloo, Ontario. The photograph was taken July 1939. The employees are standing in front of the building at 14 Erb Street West.

Dominion Life Assurance Company

H.G. Acres Correspondence : labour and progress (file 1 of 2).

File consists of correspondence from H.G. Acres, chief engineer, mainly to secretary-treasurer F.P. Adams and his successors P.A. Ballachey (1941-1942) and E.F. Roberts (from 1942), regarding the contracts for the construction of the Shand dam and related work. Letters are carbon copies sent to Marcel Pequegnat. File also includes a blueprint relating to repairs to the Shand dam.

Pequegnat, Marcel

Royal visit.

A photograph of George VI, King of Great Britain and Elizabeth II, Queen of Great Britain on the platform at the train station in Kitchener, Ontario signing a book. The photograph is by Charles Belair, Binning Studio. Mary Caroline Augustine and Jane Baetz are identified as Brownies in this photo.

Augustine, Ham, Kaufman family

White, Dorothy : Port Elgin.

Six negatives showing the Schantz-Russell family at Port Elgin. They are shown picnicking, with a catch of fish, and posing in the wilderness. Identification from enclosure.

Schantz Russell Family

Shand dam : construction.

Consists of six photographs of the Shand Dam site on the Grand River above Fergus, Ontario, during the construction phase. The following identifications are provided on verso: Shand : widening and deepening river diversion. Shand : looking west across dam showing forms for east wing wall; Shand : commencing concrete operations on east wing wall; Shand: pouring concrete by means of pumpcrete machine; Shand : east wing wall completed for winter, showing backfill; Shand : floor of spillway prepared for winter.

Grand River Conservation Authority

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