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Series consists of publicity materials accumulated by Claire Wallace relating to the advertising of radio stations and radio shows.

Wallace, Claire

Administration : Board Minutes : Secretary-Treasurer's Files

Series consists of successive Secretary-Treasurer's copies of GRCC minutes and supporting documentation. Files contain in addition to minutes all pertinent correspondence sent and received by the Secretary-Treasurer, some copies of executive minutes, ms. notes and drafts of correspondence and documents. Annual meeting files contain lists of commission members for the year commencing, also correspondence form the various municipalities re attendance, members, etc.

Grand River Conservation Commission

Publicity : Clippings : Originals : Loose 1936-1987

Series consists of spiral-bound volumes and scrapbooks of original and photocopies of newspaper clippings relating to the activities of the Grand River Conservation Commission, Grand Valley Conservation Authority and Grand River Conservation Authority. The materials are organized chronologically; scrapbooks of clippings devoted to particular events such as floods on the Grand River are present.

Grand River Conservation Authority


Series consists of clippings from newspapers, some containing articles or editorials by John D. Detwiler, some about him and/or his work and some collected by him as of subject interest.

Detwiler, John D.

Dare Foods Limited : Accounting Records

Series consists of licences in mortmain, accounts, stock options, correspondence, real estate and equipment leases and bills of sale, estimate for a contract, taxation records, and a share certificate book. Records pertain to The Dare Company, Limited, The Howe Candy Company Limited and Major Foods Limited.

Dare Foods Limited


Series consists of materials created or accumulated by Bernard Suits when he was a student in both public school and at university. Includes student work, class notes, term papers, one bound manuscript with manuscript notes and a year book.

Suits, Bernard

Sales and Marketing : Promotional Material for Sales Staff, Dealers, and Distributors

Series consists of material developed for, distributed to, and accumulated by Electrohome sales staff, dealers, and distributors. Includes material relating to promotional campaigns, merchandising, sales contests, and dealer education; as well as material used for co-operative advertising, point-of-purchase advertising, and for reference by dealers. Includes product literature, advertisements, price lists, advertising schedules, radio advertisement scripts, memoranda, sales manuals and kits, selling aids, dealer agreements and forms, photographs, and other material.



Series consists of various artifacts created and accumulated by the K-W YWCA. Includes sports patches and badges, YWCA pins, stamps and buttons, and materials created by other YWCA's.

Young Women's Christian Association of Kitchener-Waterloo

Visual : Moving Images : Videocassettes : Transfers from Film

Consists of videocassette transfers from original films, several of which were acquired by the GRCA from donors. Includes transfers of original films made by Hugh Templin, a GRCA commissioner. During the 1940s, Templin took footage of the construction phases of the Shand Dam, near Belwood, Ont. and its subsequent opening and early operation.

Grand River Conservation Authority


Contents: series consists of materials relating to the childhood and education of Anne Innis Dagg. Includes materials from her time in the Toronto Public School system, at Bishop Strachan School and at the University of Toronto.

Dagg, Anne Innis

Dare Foods Limited : Periodicals and Advertising

Series consists of candy, biscuit and cracker manufacturing industry periodicals, pamphlets, advertisements, correspondence and machinery plans from supply and related companies. The publications were sent to The Dare Company Limited and pertain to candy and biscuit manufacturing.

Dare Foods Limited

University of Waterloo

Series consists of materials created and accumulated by Stanton while he was a professor at the University of Waterloo. Includes department notes, information on the founding of the university and the mathematics department, correspondence, press cuttings, etc.

Stanton, Ralph G.

Grand River Conservation Commission

Series consists of records accumulated and used by Marcel Pequegnat in his role as vice-chairman of the Grand River Conservation Commission. Records pertain to the administration and activities of the Commission. Includes correspondence (including carbon copies) and minutes of regular, annual, and executive committee meetings.

Pequegnat, Marcel


Material related to the operation and history of Dare Foods Limited and its predecessors.

Dare Foods Limited


Series consists of material relating to research conducted by Hynes for various projects throughout his career. Includes ms. and ts. notes taken by Hynes from the scientific literature; reports by Hynes and other researchers; correspondence; several draft papers by Hynes; drawings, charts, and maps; and note cards.

Hynes, H.B.N.

Administration : Secretary Treasurer's Files : 1938-1941 : F.P. Adams

Series consists of files belonging to F.P. Adams, Secretary Treasurer of the Grand River Conservation Commission, dating from 1938 until 1941concerning all aspects of the organization, administration and operations of the Commission. Includes finance and accounting; personnel; land acquisition and management; dam project records; relations with municipalities, government departments and ordinary citizens. Includes correspondence, financial records, minutes, reports, clippings, blueprints, sketches and ephemera.

Grand River Conservation Commission

Administration : Legal Files

Series consists of legal records relating to the activities and operation of Electrohome. Includes agreements, draft agreements, correspondence (including faxes and some e-mail print-outs), memoranda, forms, and other material.


War Memorabilia

Material collected by John Gartshore Martin relating to his time of service with Canadian army in World War II, mainly with the Lincoln and Welland Regiment, 10th Infantry Brigade, 4th Canadian Armed Division. Includes certificates of qualification, service, and recognition; ephemera; correspondence; maps; and other memorabilia.

Series also includes scrapbooks containing photographs, newspaper clippings, ephemera, and correspondence relating to John's experience in the war. Also present are certificates relating to Lt. William Jamieson (Jamie) Martin and Wilson Martin.

Martin, John Gartshore

Dare Foods Limited : Share Transfers

Series consists of two sheets of share transfers. The sheets were probably removed from a share certificate book, however, the connection has been lost. One sheet refers to the Howe Candy Company.

Dare Foods Limited

Liberation and repatriation.

Material created or accumulated by Cameron Hill during the Second World War after he was liberated by the British Second Army, near the town of Kittlitz in Germany and eventually repatriated back to Canada. Includes a compass, embarkation and identification cards, receipts, and other related material.

Hill, Cameron Clare

MLA Office Correspondence and Administration Files

Series consists of records primarily to the production of the MLA yearbook, as well as the Association's centennial, including correspondence, clippings, draft articles, reports, advertising material, certificates, invoices, photographs, etc. Series also includes some Secretary-Treasurer and President's correspondence (1939-1956).

Muskoka Lakes Association

Field Notes

Series consists of material relating to field work conducted by Hynes in various locations throughout his career, including the British Isles, Africa, the British West Indies, Australia, and North America. Includes mainly notebooks and loose papers containing ms. and ts. field notes, most recorded by Hynes but some also recorded by research assistants or technicians. Notebooks include drawings, charts, graphs, maps, etc. Series also includes some ms. notes by Hynes from the scientific literature as well as a small amount of correspondence.

Hynes, H.B.N.

Visual : Moving Images : Films : Hugh Templin

Series consists of films acquired from Hugh Templin, GRCA Commissioner and editor of the Fergus News Record, which depict various stages of the Shand Dam construction as well as footage from Elora, Belwood and Fergus, Ontario during the 1940s and 1950s.

Grand River Conservation Authority

Administration : Financial Files

Series consists of sundry records relating to financial administration and operation of the GRCA and its predecessors. Includes assessment information, financial statements, an audit report and an insurance survey.

Grand River Conservation Authority

Professional Organizations

Materials relating to professional organizations of which Mary Johnston was a part. These include the Waterloo County Women Teachers' Association, the Federation of Women Teachers' Associations of Ontario, Association of Catholic Principals, North Waterloo Federation of Women Teachers, the North Waterloo Teachers Institute and the organization for Women in Education Administration.

Johnston, Mary

Negatives: K-W Record History

Series consists of negatives created by the K-W Record of the history of the newspapers and the companies which owned it. Contains approxamitely 2500 negatives.

Kitchener-Waterloo Record

Publications by H.B.N. Hynes

Series consists of published works authored or co-authored by Hynes. Includes offprints and reprints as well as several small volumes. Series is not exhaustive and does not include all published works by Hynes.

Hynes, H.B.N.

Publicity : External Publications

Series consists of material about Electrohome, its history, its divisions, and its facilities, produced for publicity purposes and intended for distrubtion outside of the company. Includes brochures, leaflets, interim reports to shareholders, and other material.



Series consists of advertising material, including advertisements distributed to Electrohome dealers for publication in local media, advertisements prepared for publication in national magazines and newspapers in Canada and the US, point-of-purchase advertisements, and advertisements and clippings collected in scrapbooks. Series also includes advertisements that did not belong in the category of product literature (Series 38-41). Advertisements cover the range of Electrohome products, including appliances, television and stereo, display monitors, projection systems, and service.


Dare Foods Limited : Price Pages and Lists

Series consists of C.H. Doerr Company Limited price lists for cookie and candy products. The price lists are organized by region with lists for individual stores. Series includes H.S. McCabe’s price lists, formulas for cookies and candies, and “Cookie Sheets.”

Dare Foods Limited

World War II and The Holocaust.

Series consists of materials relating to Jerzy Pindera's life during World War II and his time as a prisoner of war in Sachsenhausen concentration camp during the Holocaust. Includes primarily photocopies of correspondence (including those sent to his mother from Sachsenhausen), war records, articles, etc. Also includes ts. copies of Pindera's short stories on the Holocaust that make up "Fragments of Reports" and "Records of Life".

Pindera, Jerzy Tadeusz


Series consists of materials created by RMS and its parent companies for the purpose of publicity. This includes photographs that were used for sales manuals, publications, and advertising that show products, machinery, staff and facilities of RMS; a leaflet titled Facts About Uniroyal; a company portfolio for Uniroyal Goodrich giving information about products, equipment and facilities; and quotes illustrating the RMS values and attitudes.

Rubber Machinery Shops

Military training.

Material created or accumulated by Cameron Hill during his time enrolled in the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP) including photographs, a coupon, an invitation, and a book.

Hill, Cameron Clare

Uniform insignia and personal gear.

Uniform insignia and personal gear that was issued to or accumulated by Cameron Hill during the Second World War. Includes insignia badges, uniform buttons, a haversack as well as personal equipment such as a helmet, mess tin, compass, and other related material.

Hill, Cameron Clare

Dare Foods Limited : Packaging

Series consists of boxes, cellophane, and tin tie packages that were used by C.H. Doerr Company, The Dare Company Limited, and Dare Foods Limited for biscuits, crackers, potato chip and candy products. Series includes colour slides of redesigned packages and coupons. Tin tie packages were introduced with one line in 1957.

Dare Foods Limited

Executive Officers Files : Carl A. Pollock

Series consists of records accumulated and used by Carl A. Pollock in his role as company president and chairman of the board (1951 to 1974) and through his involvement in industry- and government-related bodies, as well as personal files. Includes correspondence, typed and ms. speeches, press clippings, personal financial records, photographs, ephemera, legal documents, and other material.


Prisoner of War.

Material created or accumulated by Cameron Hill during the Second World War while he was held in custody as a prisoner of war (POW) and sent to POW camps in Libya, Italy, Austria, Prussia, Poland, and Germany. Includes a log, identification tags, correspondence, maps, and other related material.

Hill, Cameron Clare


Clippings, biographical notes, a photograph and a speech relating to the life of Elaine M. Catley.

Catley, Elaine Maud

Employees' Associations

Series consists of records relating to the Greb Shoe Quarter Century Club, the Greb Shoes Employees' Association, and the Valentine and Martin Employees' Association. Includes association constitutions, by-laws, meeting agendas and minutes, and financial statements; newspaper clippings; correspondence; membership rolls and rosters; ephemera; photographs; and other material.

Greb Industries Limited


Series consists of 140 pieces of correspondence and a small amount of related ephemera and clippings. Includes mainly letters written to John Alexander and Jessie Martin from John Gartshore Martin during his service with the Canadian military during World War II, describing his daily activities, social outings, leaves, meetings with friends and relatives, and general news about the war.

Series also contains several letters from Wilson Martin, Jamie Martin, Jamie's financee Muriel Clift, and several other correspondents. The correspondence is in the form of letters, many of which include the original envelopes and stamps; aerograms with original stamps; and telegrams. Series also includes a small amount of correspondence between John Gartshore Martin and an acquaintance from Holland (1994-2004).

Martin, John Gartshore

Personal Records

Series consists of personal records created and accumulated by members of the extended Hobson family. Includes financial records of the home at 155 John Boulevard.

Hobson Family

Overseas deployment.

Material created or accumulated by Cameron Hill during the Second World War while he was deployed overseas in England and Egypt.

Hill, Cameron Clare

Publications, Printed Materials: Government of Ontario.

This series contains government publications including educational legislation, curriculum guidelines, school programme requirements, reports and booklets on various topics, as well as a news release and issues of a journal. Included in this series are publications of the Government of Ontario, as well as of the Ministry of Education of Ontario, and of the Ministry of Education and Training of Ontario.

Johnston, Mary

Fiction Works

Series consists of fiction works created by Bernard Suits. Includes both published and unpublished materials, primarily poems as well as short stories.

Suits, Bernard


Series consists of works authored by Dana Porter that are not on the topic of Shakespeare. Includes essays and a play.

Porter, Dana Harris

Events and Activities

Series consists of materials relating to events and activities held by the Kitchener Waterloo Sales and Ad Club. Includes information on tournaments, stag nights, courses, guest speakers, etc.

Kitchener Waterloo Sales and Ad Club

Operations : Wartime Production

Series consists of records relating to the involvement of Electrohome in the engineering and manufacture of products during WWII, including material relating to production councils from the company's three divisions (furniture and woodworking, radio and communications, and appliances and metal products), the Radio Production Alliance, the Canadian Aircraft Workers' Association, and contract renegotiation after the war. Includes photographs, correspondence, memoranda, meeting minutes, instruction manuals, ms. notes, technical drawings, and other material.



Series consists of materials relating to A.Y. Jackson and his connection to the Clement-Bowlby family. Includes clippings, photocopies of correspondence between A.Y. and Florence Grace Clement, authentication information for a painting, genealogy notes, and notes on Jackson and the Group of Seven. Also includes an article on A.Y. Jackson from the September 1945 edition of Mayfair Magazine.

Clement Bowlby Family

Administration : Secretary Treasurer's Files : E.F. Roberts

Series consists of files belonging to E.F. Roberts, Secretary Treasurer of the Grand River Conservation Commission, dating from 1942 until 1960 concerning all aspects of the organization, administration and operations of the Commission. The Secretary-Treasurer's position was where all roads crossed with one person overseeing finance and accounting; personnel; land acquisition and management; dam project management; relations with municipalities, government departments and ordinary citizens; environmental monitoring and reforestation. Includes correspondence, financial statements accompanied by supporting invoices etc., minutes, reports, clippings, land deeds, blueprints, sketches and ephemera. The early years of E.F. Roberts tenure are not well represented in these records, most likely the result of a space-saving exercise conducted at some time in the past.

Grand River Conservation Commission


Series documents the management of Homer Watson’s paintings by Ross Hamilton and the Waterloo Trust and Savings Company. Consisting of correspondence between 1942 and 1949, many of the letters are addressed to Hamilton, from various galleries and museums, regarding the possible purchase or exhibition of Watson’s paintings. Other correspondence to note is a letter from the Waterloo Trust and Savings Company to Prime Minister Leslie M. Frost on displaying Watson’s work in Canada’s parliamentary buildings. There is also a letter dating to July 14, 1917 that was written by Watson’s adopted daughter, Mary Margaret.

1. to Alma from Mary Margaret Watson, Doon July 14, 1917

Correspondence re: Homer Watson
2. to Ross Hamilton from Estates Manager Oct. 13, 1942
3. to Ross Hamilton, Waterloo Trust from O.W. Scott Feb. 28, 1944
4. to Ross Hamilton from Lillian MacIntyre, St. Catharines Dec. 30, 1947
5. to Ross Hamilton from D. I. McLeod, Toronto Jan. 23, 1948
6. to Ross Hamilton from Max Stern, Dominion Gallery, Montreal Feb. 23, 1948
7. to Ross Hamilton from Paul Rainville, Provincial Museum, Quebec April 1, 1948
8. to Ross Hamilton from Robert Tyler Davis, Art Association Montreal April 30, 1948
9. to Ross Hamilton from Blake- More Godwin, Toledo Museum of Art Oct. 2, 1948
10. to P.V. Wilson, Waterloo Trust from D. A. Wanklyn, Montreal Feb. 3, 1948
11. to Hon. Leslie M. Frost from P.V. Wilson Nov. 24, 1949
12. to P.V. Wilson from E. J. Young, Waterloo Trust, Toronto Nov. 30, 1949
13. note re Homer Watson's paintings

Hamilton, Ross

Publicity : Internal Publications

Series consists of company newsletters and bulletins, produced and distributed for internal communications and publicity purposes.

The employee newsletter Sparks and Chips was begun by Carl A. Pollock to foster inter-employee relationships and management-employee relations. The first issue was published on December 18, 1942, with Pollock as the first editor. It ran until ca. 1977. In 1980, a new company newsletter, Electrohome Update, was introduced to provide employees news on company people, products, and policies. In 1990, this newsletter was merged with Electrohome World, which contained news of the corporation's marketing activities for the dealer/distributor network in North America and abroad; the new Electrohome World was published for employees and dealer/distributors. Sparks and Chips: the next generation was introduced in 1994 as an informal newsletter for reporting plant activities, news, and ideas.

Several other internal newsletters and bulletins were published over the history of Electrohome.

Publications in the series include: Sparks and Chips (employee/company newsletter), 1943-1977, 1994-1997 Super-News (supervisor's newsletter), 1946-1962 Electrohome World/E World (dealer/distributor newsletter), 1963-1964, 1968-1974, 1983-1989 E Dealer News (US dealers), 1967-1968 AV E News (US commercial distributors), 1973 E Service Now (Electrohome Service newsletter), 1974 Cambridge Capers (Plant 10 newsletter), 1975-1977 Electrohome Update (company newsletter), 1980-1989 AABEXpress (AABEX newsletter), 1983 Electrohome International (international marketing bulletin for distributors), 1985-1987 Motor Mania (Plant 10 newsletter), 1985 CAPsule (CAP Communications newsletter), 1985 Electrohome Display Systems (Display Systems newsletter), 1986 Electrohome World/E World (company newsletter), 1990-1992

Series may not include a complete run of any one publication, and some issues may be missing.


Russell, Dorothy: Personal.

Material created or accumulated by Dorothy Etta Russell (nee White) that does not fit into any other series previously established. Includes ephemera and clippings.

Schantz Russell Family

Dare Foods Limited : Legal Records

Series consists of supplementary letters patent for The C.H. Doerr Company, Limited and The Dare Company, Limited. The records pertain to company name changes, and include correspondence, land appraisals, trade name licence agreement, petitions, declarations and extracts from the general by-laws of The Dare Company, Limited.

Dare Foods Limited

Dare Foods Limited : Newspaper Clippings

Series consists of clippings of newspaper articles on Dare Foods Limited from four different newspapers. Series includes clippings from the Tavistock Gazette, Toronto Star, Kitchener Daily Record, and Kitchener This Week.

Dare Foods Limited


Series consists of packaging from various Dare Foods Ltd. products.

Dare Foods Limited

Administration : Manager's Files : Ilmar Kao 1958-1959

Series consists of files created and maintained by Ilmar Kao in his position as Manager and Assistant Secretary of the Grand River Conservation Commission during 1958 and 1959. Includes correspondence, memoranda, reports, invoices, ms. notes and calculations etc. relating to land acquisition, cottage and property rental, services, insurance, dam operations, forestry operations, Mechanical and Maintenance Department operations, relations with municipalities and government departments, and personnel.

Grand River Conservation Commission

Administration : Secretary Treasurer's Files : 1960-1966 : Ilmar Kao

Series consists of records created and maintained by Ilmar Kao in his position as Secretary Treasurer of the Grand River Conservation Commission, with some overlap to his previous position as Manager and Assistant Secretary. Includes material relating to the Ayr and Montrose Dams proposal, to assessment costs and notices, insurance, personnel, relations with municipalities and government departments, operations including dam, forestry, maintenance, land acquisition and management, cottage lots and rentals, etc. Contains correspondence, financial records, reports, memoranda, blueprints, ms. notes and calculations.

Grand River Conservation Commission

General Files

Series consists of material relating to the life and activities of A.R. Kaufman. Includes speech texts and travel reminiscences written by him, biographical information in the form of clippings and correspondence, as well as information relating to the Dorothea Palmer Birth Control trial.

Parents' Information Bureau

Administration : Labour Relations

Series consists of records relating to labour relations at Dominion Electrohome Industries Limited. Includes minutes of union-management committee meetings, union agreements, union local constitutions and by-laws, correspondence, forms, etc. Some of the material probably belonged to W.G. Scott, Industrial and Public Relations Manager, and W. E. Curry, Industrial Relations Manager.



Series consists of materials relating to the mathematical education of Ralph Stanton. Includes course and lecture notes, as well as an essay and an examination.

Stanton, Ralph G.

The Lang Tanning Company, Ltd. photograph album.

Series consists of a collection of photographs originally contained in a photograph album created to showcase the activities of The Lang Tanning Company Limited. It tells the story of a three generation manufacturing company and depicts several steps in the leather tanning process.

Lang Tanning Company, Ltd.

W.L. Mackenzie King : newspapers and clippings

Series consists of newspaper coverage of Mackenzie King's life, death and funeral. Significant issues of newspapers with major war-related headlines contain stories about Mackenzie King's prime-ministerial activities in relation to events of the day. However, the focus of this series is primarily coverage of Mackenzie King's death, memorial and funeral services published by major Ontario newspapers, often in more than one edition in a day.

History Working Files

Series consists of material created, collected and accumulated for the purpose of researching and writing the history of the COAA. Most files were probably kept or acquired by Oreen Campbell, who was responsible for writing the history of the association during the 1980s. Includes files containing items removed from elsewhere in the fonds for the purpose of gathering key documents for the association's history and especially those containing information about important decisions and developments. Series includes correspondence, typed histories (including draft versions), flyers, announcements, membership lists, newsletters, exhibition catalogues, reports, minutes, lectures, articles, clippings, photographs, the association constitution and procedures manual, and other material.

Central Ontario Art Association

Dare Foods Limited : The Howe Candy Company Limited

Series consists of financial statements including auditor’s reports, a candy manual, monthly comparative statements, deeds of land, correspondence, valuation of shares, merger documents, bills of sale and photographs.

Dare Foods Limited

Ephemera and Artefacts

Series consists of ephemera and artefacts created by Dare Foods Ltd. Includes programmes, cards, invitations, a ruler, and more.

Dare Foods Limited

Operations : Division : Forestry and Wildlife Branch

Series consists of materials relating to the Forestry and Wildlife Division of the GRCA, including materials created by the GRCA and submitted to the GRCA. Includes a report on a tree planting machine and an Annual Report submitted to the GRCA from the Department of Lands and Forests, Lake Huron District.

Grand River Conservation Authority

Speeches and Addresses

Series consists of transcripts and notes of speeches and addressed given by Dana Porter. Includes speeches from convocations, luncheons, meetings, etc. Some speeches are described individually and some in files grouped together by year.

Porter, Dana Harris


Material created or accumulated by Cameron Hill and his family after the Second World War including certificates, war medals and ribbons, financial records, correspondence, and other related material.

Hill, Cameron Clare

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