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File consists of clippings regarding the life of Dr. Olive Ruth Russell relating primarily to her time in the Second World War as a Second Lieutenant with the Canadian Women's Army Corps (CWAC) and her book Freedom to Die, about the legal and moral implications of euthanasia. Included is media coverage featuring Russell's recruitment work on behalf of the CWAC, as well as an article regarding a sabbatical to Asia.

Russell, Olive Ruth

Memorandum of Agreement - Librarians.

Correspondence and clippings regarding negotiations between the FAUW and the University of Waterloo regarding the representation of librarians by the FAUW in keepig with article 12.2(a) of the FAUW Memorandum of Agreement. Of note are memos exchanged by Fred McCrourt, FAUW president, and Jim Kalbfleisch, Vice-President Academic & Provost, regarding two November meetings between the negotiating teams, subsequent communications related to the outcome and disagreement about whether negotiations had, in fact, concluded.

Faculty Association of the University of Waterloo


  • SCA415-GA483
  • Collection
  • 1866

Broadside of a poem delivered by Lizzie Doten on September 23, 1866 at Library Hall, Chelsea, titled "Reconstruction." The poem addresses then President Andrew Johnson and criticizes his approach to the South at the end of the American Civil War. She believed that Johnson was too lenient on the South and allowed too much wealth and influence to remain with Southern Confederate politicians. She also criticizes Johnson for being unconcerned with Black suffrage or the rights of Black soldiers who fought for the Union. She ends her poem with the rallying cry "...let the ballot finish what the bayonet has begun."

Doten, Lizzie

Concordia Club fonds.

The majority of the archives of the Concordia Club were destroyed either as a result of the ransacking of the club by the 118th Batallion in 1916, or as a result of the fire of Nov. 17, 1971. As a result the earliest records of Concordia have largely been lost forever. A very small number of items can be traced back to the Concordia Male Choir (1873-1914). These take the form of two items of correspondence, programs for the "Sängerfests", clippings, and photographs. A small number of archival records also can be found which belonged to the "Deutscher Club, Kitchener" (1925-1930), and include a set of house rules, letters patent, and photographs. Some records from the 1930s have also been preserved to this day, and include artifacts, clippings, legal documents, a membership list, photographs, and programs of events. However, the majority of the materials date from the 1950s onwards. These materials document the history of the Concordia Club since the 1950s, and include artifacts, audiovisual material, clippings, correspondence, ephemera, financial records, legal documents, membership records, minutes of meetings, photographs, publications, and scrapbooks.

Concordia Club

Va-Jel pamphlet.

  • SCA389-GA454-1
  • Collection
  • ca. 1925

One single folded page pamphlet advertising Va-Jel germicidal jelly. Recto also has an advertisement for Va'antiseptic douche. The products claim to offer a new freedom for women and a happier life through voluntary motherhood.

Consent card.

  • SCA390-GA455-1
  • Collection
  • ca. 1930

One possibly satirical consent card, stating that the woman who fills the card in is giving her permission to engage in sexual acts with the man who has given her the card. It also grants the man indemnity under the Mann Act.

Hockey team.

Contains a newspaper clipping of a picture of the Kaufman Footwear hockey team for 1935 under the headline "Kaufman's Team Reaches Playoffs". Caption below photo reads: "Reaching the play-offs in the Kitchener Industrial Hockey League, Kaufman's team are show above. Back row - Alf Schaefer, coach; M. Kowalski, H. Schaefer, M. Wannamaker, C. Schlote, W. Plomski, E. Wannamaker, J. Frank, C. Steppler and J. Loth, manager. Front row - E. Good, A. Bernhardt and H. Current; I. Weber, mascot. - (Photo by Denton, Kitchener.)

Kaufman Footwear

Documents received from G. R. Good.

Contains material relating to Kaufman Footwear's pricing, costs, and competition. Includes memoranda, notes, correspondence, training material, government specifications, price lists, and a production schedule.

Kaufman Footwear

Subject Files

Series consists of subject clipping files created and maintained by Long. The subjects are varied but in general relate to women's interests.

Long, Elizabeth

Rotenberg, David.

Typescript letter from David Rotenberg to Elizabeth Long regarding a bust of Dr. Emily Stowe with an enclosed Toronto Star article titled "Bust sets committee on ear", and a carbon copy typescript response from Long in which she says she is pleased the bust "has been retained in the new city hall".

Long, Elizabeth

Smith, Mary Ellen.

Typescript biography and a laminated upper body portrait of Canadian politician Mary Ellen Smith.

Long, Elizabeth

MacInnis, Grace.

File includes clippings of The Globe and Mail articles about Canadian politician Grace MacInnis, a photocopied typescript of biographical data about MacInnis, an October 1967 "Report from Ottawa" written by MacInnis in her capacity as Member of Parliament for Vancouver-Kingsway, and a head and shoulders portrait of MacInnis that was used in the report.

Long, Elizabeth

Correspondence from Thomas H. Johnson, Dept. of Crown lands, Toronto, Ont., May 3, 1881.

Letter from Thomas H. Johnson to Colin Rankin's purchase of the "east half of lot 15 in the 14th [concession] of Papineau, containing 30 1/2 acres" at a rate of 50 cents per acre; a land grant certificate with seal dated June 14, 1881; a typescript reproduction of the text on the certificate; and a typescript description of the land accompanied by a hand drawn sketch.

Rankin, Colin

IBM Education Executive Conference.

Material related to Donald Cowan's participation in the IBM Education Executive Conference held in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida between April 5-7, 1982. Includes correspondence, airplane tickets, hotel receipts, conference program, list of travel expenses, memoranda, a settlement claim, and a short abstract of Donald Cowan's presentation. Also includes one group portrait likely of the attendees of the IBM Asia/Pacific Education Executive Conference held in Tokyo, Japan in August 1986.

Cowan, Donald D.

Kaufman Footwear mural.

File consists of one photograph showing the Kaufman Footwear mural that was painted by Monte Wright and a brochure on the history of the mural, which identifies Mexican muralists such as Diego River and Orozco, as a source of inspiration in Wright's work.

Kaufman Family

Taxes paid in Saskatchewan and Alberta.

File of material relating to taxes paid by Peter Rieder in the Regional Municipality of Tullymet, Saskatchewan, and in the Grangedale School District and the Municipal District of Gilt Edge in Alberta. Includes correspondence, tax notices, tax receipts, etc.

Rieder and Anthes family

Securities investing.

File consists of flyers, correspondence, and newspaper clippings sent to J.I. Frank Anthes regarding investments in securities and bonds.

Rieder and Anthes family


File consists of ephemera probably relating to Ella Anthes Cook's trip to Europe in 1910. Includes a dinner menu and lists containing the mailing addresses for members of the Boston Travel Society, tour #28, while at sea. Lists contain manuscript notes by Martha Rieder and Ella.

Rieder and Anthes family


File consists of an unaddressed letter written by Ella Anthes Cook, an unsigned letter received by Ella, and a letter and postcard received by Ella from H. Milton Cook. Postcard contains a photograph of Cook with two other men in front of a pavilion, Woodside [farm?], Waterloo.

Rieder and Anthes family


File consists of a marriage licence or certificate of marriage between John S. Anthes (Township of Wilmot) and Lydia Catharine Herlan (Town of Berlin).

Rieder and Anthes family

Career : appreciation for service.

File consists of material relating to the work of Talmon Henry Rieder in the Dominion Rubber System and his resignation as president, his resignation as president of the Canadian Consolidated Felt Company and the Canadian Consolidated Rubber Company, and his retirement as a director of the Columbus Rubber Company (Montreal). Includes correspondence, extracts of minutes from shareholders' meetings expressing appreciation for Rieder's service, and a pin for 20 years of service with the Dominion Rubber System.

File also includes vol. 2, no. 9 of "Factory Facts" (employee newsletter of the Dominion Rubber System Eastern Factories), containing an article about Rieder's resignation as president; and ephemera relating to a reception for Charles B. Seger, president of the US Rubber Co. (manuscript notes on verso).

Rieder and Anthes family

Colt-Farm clambake.

File consists of material relating to a clambake hosted by Col. Samuel P. Colt at his farm in Rhode Island to meet the president and directors of the Industrial Trust Company. Colt was the chairman of the board of directors, as well as the president of the United States Rubber Company. File includes a personalized menu and guest list for Talmon Henry Rieder and newspaper clippings, as well as an invitation for a clambake held another year.

Rieder and Anthes family

Memos re: D. Lorne McGibbon & United States Rubber Co.

File consists of manuscript notes by Talmon Henry Rieder. Includes notes regarding stock values and Ames Holden McCready Co., calculations, and the text of some correspondence between D. Lorne McGibbon of the City of Montreal and Samuel P. Colt of the United States Rubber Co.

Rieder and Anthes family

New year's greetings.

File consists of a card containing new year's greetings to friends and fellow workers of the Canadian Consolidated Rubber Co., from vice-president T.H. Rieder.

Rieder, Talmon Henry

Personal documents.

File consists of personal material accumulated by Talmon Henry Rieder. Includes ephemera, newspaper clippings, membership cards (e.g. Kiwanis Club, Y.M.C.A., Old Colony Club, Automobile Club of Canada, Canadian Manufacturers' Association, and others), business cards, certificates, advertisements, a motor vehicle license, a typescript diet list from his doctor, ms. notes, a permit to leave Canada (including photograph), etc.

Rieder and Anthes family

Property : 610 Belmont Avenue, Montreal.

File consists of material relating to the purchase of the property and construction of the house at 610 Belmont Avenue in Montreal (City of Westmount), as well as the related mortgage and insurance. Includes correspondence, specifications for the house, receipts, manuscript notes, a deed of mortgage (copy), an agreement regarding a loan and repayment (copy), and by-law no. 229 regarding construction in the City of Westmount (copy).

Rieder and Anthes family

Kitchener Manufacturers' Association : farewell banquet.

File consists of material relating to a farewell banquet for Talmon Henry Rieder given by the Kitchener Manufacturers' Association on April 28, 1917, in honour of his appointment as president of the Canadian Consolidated Rubber Co. and subsequent move to Montreal. Includes ephemera (menu/program, paper dinner napkin, etc.), the manuscript speech given by Rieder at the dinner, and a newspaper clipping.

Rieder and Anthes family

Estate : miscellaneous.

File consists of material accumulated by Martha Rieder during the process of settling the estate of Talmon Henry Rieder. Documents pertain to Rieder's investments, his life insurance policies, succession duties on the estate, Martha's financial affairs, etc. Includes correspondence, notices, invoices, manuscript and typescript notes, a bank book, a newspaper clipping, a German bond (Hamburg state bond, 1902 issue, 1000 mark), etc. Correspondence is from executors H. Milton Cook and Hugo Wellein, and others; outgoing correspondence from Martha is in draft form.

Rieder and Anthes family

Family : Rieder, Edward.

File consists of material mostly accumulated by Martha Rieder relating to her son Edward Rieder. Includes birthday cards, a school report card and middle school examination results, his high school diploma, a baptism certificate, the commencement program for his graduation from the University of Toronto, letters from his parents and a friend, his obituary, and other material.

Rieder and Anthes family


File consists of sundry ephemera. Includes: mounted prints of paintings of women probably from a souvenir booklet (Sistine Madonna by Raphael, etc.), colour illustrations, pamphlets and brochures, flyers from the Ontario Women's Christian Temerance Union, a pin, a pocket calendar, a wedding announcement (Vincent Bennett and Catherine Olive Breithaupt), and other material. Includes pamphlet "Home Secrets," and three issues of "The Little Monthly" (New York: The Little Company): vol. 3 no. 2 (Nov., 1893) and vol. 4, no. 1 and 2 (Jan. and Feb., 1894).

Rieder and Anthes family

Augustine, Mary Caroline : ephemera.

Birthday, Christmas, Easter and Valentine greetings, and one postcard. Includes a letter from "Santa Claus," a Dionne Quintuplet postcard, and two hand drawn and coloured pieces relating to China and Japan. One is by Emma Kaufman of a child looking into a goldfish bowl and the other, of rabbits and chicks, is initialled H.T.

Augustine, Ham, Kaufman family

Macphail, Agnes.

File consists of clippings from various publications about Agnes Macphail's career and death, Maclean's Magazine article "Men Want to Hog Everything!" by Macphail, and an undated three-quarter length portrait of Macphail.

Long, Elizabeth

Johnstone, Barbara.

Clippings of Winnipeg Free Press article about Barbara Johnstone following her appointment as superintendent of the Lower Fort Garry National Historic Park after having previously served as curator of the Hudson's Bay Company museum.

Long, Elizabeth

Fleming, Aida.

Ephemera related to The Kindness Club which was started by Aida Flemming for children under eighteen who pledge to protect animals from suffering. Includes a handwritten note addressed "To the Librarian" with biographical information about Flemming.

Long, Elizabeth

Stark, Freya.

Clippings, ephemera, correspondence, photographs, a postcard of Creston, British Columbia, and a typescript biographical sketch related to and about British-Italian travel writer Freya Stark. The correspondence consists responses from staff at the Creston Review regarding a request from Valance S. Patriarche about Stark, as well as two letters written by Stark from her home in Italy to Patriarche regarding her father and his time in Creston. The photos are predominantly of Stark's father and his sculpture work, with the exception of a photo of Stark at the age of 72 in a garden with a dog the living room of a residential home.

Long, Elizabeth

Lyons, Alice.

Clipping from unknown publication about Alice Lyons of Regina, Saskatchewan.

Long, Elizabeth

Lear, Audrea.

Clipping of Globe and Mail article "Indulges Love of Travel, Managing Touring Service" about Audrea Lear, the manager of touring services for Shell Oil Company of Canada.

Long, Elizabeth

Lawson, Jessie I.

Clipping from unknown publication with biographical information about Canadian teacher and writer Jessie I. Lawson.

Long, Elizabeth

Laws, Jay Margaret.

Page torn from an unknown publication featuring the article "Our Advertising Personality of the Month" about Jay Margaret Laws, director of Home Economics at Aluminum Goods Limited.

Long, Elizabeth

Krys, Eleanor.

Clipping of Regina Leader-Post article "First woman patent examiner at Ottawa" about Eleanor Krys following her appointment as associate patent examiner in chemistry at Ottawa's patent office.

Long, Elizabeth

Fawcett, Millicent.

Typescript of brief biographical info about Millicent Fawcett and a clipping of painted portrait of Fawcett from an unknown publication.

Long, Elizabeth

Fallis, Iva.

Clippings (ill.) of Globe and Mail articles about Canadian Senator Iva Fallis.

Long, Elizabeth

Eddy, Cecilia.

Clipping of The Leader-Post article "Former Reginan is actress and playwright in England" about Canadian actress Cecilia Eddy.

Long, Elizabeth

Dean, Ethel.

Clipping of Leader-Post article "Woman is chief of Estevan fair" about Ethel Dean, secretary-manager of the Estevan Agricultural society.

Long, Elizabeth

Colquhoun, Dorothy Lash.

Page torn from an unknown publication featuring the article "Our Personality of the Month" about Dorothy Lash Colquhoun, the manager of Simpsons' homemaker's advisory service.

Long, Elizabeth

Casgrain, Emma.

Clipping from an unsourced publication with a brief mention of Emma Casgrain, the first woman dentist in Canada, under the heading "Pioneer Puller". Envelope with "The National Council of Women of Canada" letterhead included in file.

Long, Elizabeth

Hobbins, Rene.

Clipping from unknown publication about Rene Hobbins following her appointment as retail director at large for Allied Florists & Growers of Canada.

Long, Elizabeth

Yonge, Charlotte.

Clippings of reviews of biographies about English novelist Charlotte Yonge.

Long, Elizabeth

Whitton, Charlotte.

Clippings about and holiday greeting cards signed by Charlotte Whitton, former Mayor of Ottawa.

Long, Elizabeth

McClung, Nellie.

Clippings from various publications, ephemera, and typescript notes about Nellie McClung's life and career. File also includes a copy photograph of a press photo of McClung taken when she was appointed as the first woman on the first Board of Governors of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in 1936, and a copy of Souvenir Photo Summary of the Coloured Dramatique Presentation "Recalled To Life" (1965) about McClung and correspondence about its donation to the National Council of Women Lady Aberdeen library.

Long, Elizabeth

MacKinnon, Lillian Vaux.

Clipping from unknown publication with two captioned photos of Lillian Vaux MacKinnon, as a Queen's student and later in life with her grandchildren, a manuscript note about MacKinnon and her relationship to Mrs. W.S. Sandford of Hamilton and member of the National Council of Women, and a head and shoulders portrait of MacKinnon with typescript information about the photo and Mackinnon. File also includes the envelopes materials were sent in.

Long, Elizabeth

Wilson, Grace.

Clipping of [Telegram?] article "Elbow Grease Is Profitable As Cinderella's Luck" about Grace Wilson, advertising and sales promotion manager of Brantford's Johnson Wax Company.

Long, Elizabeth

Wilson, Cairine.

Clippings from various publications about career and death of Cairine Wilson, Canada's first woman senator.

Long, Elizabeth

Wilkie, Mary.

Clipping of The Fergus News Record column "That Inside Page" featuring an item titled "Fergus Won't Be the Same Without Mrs. Tom Wilkie" about the death of Fergus, Ontario "character" Mark Wilkie.

Long, Elizabeth

West, Rebecca.

Clippings of reviews from various publications of books by English author Rebecca West and a clipping of The Observer Weekend Review article "Authors in Edinburgh" that makes reference to West.

Long, Elizabeth

Wees, Frances Shelley.

Clipping of The Leader-Post article "Novelist to Speak to Canadian Club" about a talk being given by author Frances Shelley Wees to the Women's Canadian club at the Kitchener Hotel in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Long, Elizabeth

Watson, Kate Deadman.

Copy photograph of a portrait of Kate Deadman Watson, who served as National President of the Women's Christian Temperance Union (1960-1962) and a typescript about a brief biographical sketch. Included on the typescript is a confidential note from Elizabeth Long about whether or not the photo should be kept due to a lack of information about Watson.

Long, Elizabeth

Warnock, Sally.

Clipping of Chatelaine article "Winnipeg's Afraid of Sally" about Canadian Sally Warnock who managed the Winnipeg Humane Society.

Long, Elizabeth

Ward, Barbara.

Clippings of reviews from various publications about books written by English economist and author Barbara Ward.

Long, Elizabeth

Wambolt, Marjorie Grace.

Clipping from unknown publication about the appointment of Marjorie Grace Wambolt as Chairman of the Committee on Resolutions for the Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Woman's Clubs, 1948-1950.

Long, Elizabeth

Wallace, Claire.

Clippings of the two-part Chatelaine article series "I Got Here The Hard Way" written by Canadian journalist Claire Wallace.

Long, Elizabeth

Walker, Norma Ford.

Clipping of The Globe and Mail column "A Gallery of Women" about Canadian Dr. Norma Ford Walker, professor of human genetics at the University of Toronto.

Long, Elizabeth

Waddell, Mary E.

Clipping of Ottawa Journal article "Oldest Lady Lawyer at Conference" by Janet Lucas about Canadian Mary E.G. Waddell, the oldest practicing woman lawyer attending the Second Commonwealth and Empire Law Conference.

Long, Elizabeth

Voipio-Juvas, Anni.

Clipping of Independent Woman article "Big Woman In A Little Country" by Edna Greer Redner about Anni Voipio-Juvas, president of the Finnish Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs.

Long, Elizabeth

Vautelet, Mrs. H.W.

Clipping from undated and unidentified publication about Mrs. H.W. Vautelet following her election as President of the Canadian Association of Consumers.

Long, Elizabeth

Van Camp, M.M.

Clipping of The Globe and Mail column "A Gallery of Women" about Toronto barrister M.M. Van Camp, president of the Women's Law Association of Ontario and a member of the Council of the Canadian Bar Association.

Long, Elizabeth

Tyrwhitt, Jaqueline.

Undated clipping and partial manuscript copy of Independent Woman article "Her Specialty Is Better Living By Community Planning" by Ruth Beeler White about English planner and educator Jacqueline Tyrwhitt [sic] who designed a town planning exhibit as part of Festival of Britain.

Long, Elizabeth

Tweedsmuir, Lady.

Clippings of two Winnipeg Free Press articles about Lady Tweedsmuir, former undersecretary of state for Scotland, and a typescript letter from Tweedsmuir, writing in Oxford, to a Mrs. Coleman sending thanks for a parcel of "things we most need here".

Long, Elizabeth

Tucker, Helen.

Typescript biographical sketch for Helen Tucker including early life, education, family, professional experience and community service. Born in the United States, at the time of writing, Tucker was the Special Activities Director for the Canadian Council of Christians and Jews and a lecturer at the University of Toronto.

Long, Elizabeth

Trueland, Jean Reid.

Clipping of American Soroptimist article "Disperser of Facts and Fancies" about Canadian Jean Reid Trueland, President of La Société Grolier (Québec) Limitée.

Long, Elizabeth

Trudeau, Margaret.

Pages of Winnipeg Free Press coverage about the marriage of Margaret (nee Sinclair) and Pierre Elliott Trudeau and a clipping of Winnipeg Free Press clipping "PM's Wife Shops" about Margaret Trudeau shopping in Montreal for hot pants.

Long, Elizabeth

Tory, Jean Arnold.

Clipping of The Globe and Mail column "A Gallery of Women" about Jean Arnold Tory, chairman of the UNICEF committee and the Canadian committee of the International Conference of Social Workers.

Long, Elizabeth

Tomlinson, Ruth.

Clipping of article "Ruth Tomlinson, Alert Briton, Studies UN On Unique International BPW Fellowship" by Katharine Lyford writing for the Christian Science Monitor about Ruth Tomlinson, the first woman to receive and international fellowship to study at the United Nations.

Long, Elizabeth

Tierney, Helen M.

Clipping of Globe and Mail article "Women Serve Women They Respect: Woman" about Helen M. Tierney following her appointment as administrator of female personnel for the Insurance Company of North America Companies.

Long, Elizabeth

Thornton, Mildred Valley.

Clipping of Leader Post of article "Authority on Indian lore to address Canadian club" about an address to be given by Canadian painter Mildred Valley Thornton to the Women's Canadian club in Regina.

Long, Elizabeth

Thomson, Lillian.

Clipping of Globe and Mail article "Appointed Secretary of NWA" about the appointment of Lillian Thomson, former executive director of the National Council of the YWCA, as general secretary of the Neighborhood Workers Association

Long, Elizabeth

Thompson, Margot.

Typescript resume of Margot Thompson's birth, education, employment and interests. Thompson began working as the editor of the Canadian edition of Steel Labor in 1947.

Long, Elizabeth

Sweet, Ruth.

Page torn from an unknown publication featuring the article "Personality Plus" about Ruth Sweet, production manager at Walsh Advertising Co. Ltd.

Long, Elizabeth

Harding, Mary.

Page torn from an unknown publication featuring the article "Personality Plus" about Mary Harding, traffic manager of Howarth and Smith Monotype Limited.

Long, Elizabeth

Swanson, Gloria.

Clipping of Reader's Digest article "I Remember Gloria" by J.P. McEvoy condensed from the January 1951 edition of Motion Picture Magazine about American actress Gloria Swanson.

Long, Elizabeth

Swain, Dorothy.

Clipping of The Leader-Post article "Over 2,000 Bush Workers Recruited by Regina Girl" by Helen Rogers about Dorothy Swain, the Saskatchewan hiring agent for Abitibi Power and Paper company.

Long, Elizabeth

Strum, Gladys.

Clipping of The Leader-Post article "Mrs. Strum Now Has 11 Children" about Canadian politician Gladys Strum.

Long, Elizabeth

Street, Jessie.

Clipping of Sunday Telegram (Sydney, Australia) article "Tale of controversy in Truth Or Repose" Australian diplomat, suffragette and campaigner for Australian Indigenous rights Jessie Street and her forthcoming autobiography Truth or Repose.

Long, Elizabeth

Strange, Kathleen.

Clipping of The Leader-Post article "Well-known Free-lance Writer With Author Husband in Regina" about Canadian author Kathleen Strange.

Long, Elizabeth

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