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Lizzie Nebel and Annie Holman.

Snapshot of two women identified on the back of the photograph as Lizzie Nebel and Annie Holman, holding bouquets of flowers.

Byers, Harry J.

Glen[n] Mac McCourt sitting in a high chair.

Snapshot of Glenn Mac McCourt sitting in a high chair beside a brick building, with a snowy landscape behind him. Caption on verso reads: "Glen Mac McCourt age - 5 mths 3 weeks."

Byers, Harry J.

Two unidentified boys and their dogs.

Snapshot of 2 unidentified boys and their dog and puppies, sitting on a lawn with a house behind them. Caption on verso reads: "This is our house & the little neighbor boys and their dogs."

Byers, Harry J.

Two unidentified children in their first communion clothes.

Snapshot of 2 unidentified children wearing first communion clothing, and holding candles on a lawn in front of a house. Letter on verso reads: "To Kate, this is our youngest boy and the oldest
girl in their first communion suits they both went last fall, George
and Mary."

Byers, Harry J.

American Hotel, [Tyson's Store, American Block] Corner of King & Queen Streets, ca. 1861 and later..

Copy negatives of American Hotel building block. Two negatives are of a photograph of the exterior of A. Tyson's Grocery on Page 81 of "Berlin today Centennial number in celebration of the old boys' and girls' reunion August, 6th, 7th, 8th, 1906". The third is of a photograph of the exterior of the American Hotel on the page of an unidentified book.

Kitchener-Waterloo Record

Horse-Drawn Streetcar in Winter: Streetcar on Sleds with Horse, Berlin Train Station Behind, Woman Walking.

Copy negative of a photograph on Page 79 of Berlin today Centennial number in celebration of the old boys' and girls' reunion August, 6th, 7th, 8th, 1906. Person dressed for cold weather seen at side of snow covered road with horse drawn wagon and [rail station?]. Caption under photo reads: "When Col. Burt was King. Photo kindly loaned by Mr. V. McIntyre."

Kitchener-Waterloo Record

Charter trips.

File consists of photographs of KW Sales and Ad Club members and families on charter trips. People identified include:

Boyer, L.M.
Price, Dora
Woodcock, Jerry
Barclay, Jean
Matthews, Reg
Shantz, Eleanor
Hagen, Doug
Celebrezze, Anthony
Wall, Art Mrs.
Boegel, G.
Schnarr, George
Shantz, [?]
Lillian, Isobel
[z?], Eckel
Tilton, J.R.
Brown, John

Kitchener Waterloo Sales and Ad Club

Ecoplans office landscaping.

File consists of 38 snapshots and 37 negatives of the landscape and gardening at the Ecoplans office at 544 Conestogo Rd. in Waterloo.

Dorney, Robert

Ecosystem at 124 Amos Ave.

File consists of snapshots and negatives of the Dorney's mini ecosystem on the front lawn of their house at 124 Amos Ave.

Dorney, Robert

Glass plate negatives.

File consists of four glass plate negatives of RMS: two images of the exterior (one aerial) and two images taken inside the plant. File also includes a contact print of the aerial image.

Rubber Machinery Shops

Scanned photographs.

File consists of one CD-R with scans of photographs of the Hagey family. Includes some images from albums in the collections, as well as images not present in the collection.

Hagey, Joseph Gerald

Air photographs.

File consists of two air photographs from the Air Photo Division, Energy, Mines & Resources, Canadian Government (two of copies each). Photographs are numbered A13472-204 and A13472-205; locations not identified. File also includes a map traced from one of the photographs.

Hynes, H.B.N.

K-W Symphony.

Contains snapshots and portraits of the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony relating to the Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation's Symphony fund. Includes identifications on some portraits:

Portrait: John Cowperthwaite.
Portrait: John Buckley.
Group Portrait, left to right: Rich Hobson, Margarite Brooke.

Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation

Living younger / hardy hearts.

Contains snapshots of participants in the Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation's involvement in the "Living younger : hardy hearts" program. Includes identification of some individuals:
Left to right: Brigid Loveday, Joyce Stormont, Jane Humphries.

Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation

Fry, Annie Nash.

One studio portrait of Annie Nash Fry (wife of Samuel Fry). Annie is shown late in life wearing a bonnet which ties at her neck, and glasses. Also includes one print of the identital portrait with a poem. Item may be a funeral card. Identification from verso with birth date as 1819 and death as 1903. Identification is uncertain however, as a print with a poem about the woman identifies the woman as Nancy Fry (possibly familiar form of Anna).

Poem reads:

We meet, in thankfulness to-day,
For blessings showered on our way.
May all our hearts with love abound
As once again we gather round
The heartstone of Aunt Nancy.
Vineland, August 9th, 1905.

Schantz Russell Family

Moyer, Theodore.

One card photograph of an upper body studio portrait of Theodore Moyer. The image has been altered so that Theodore is shown in a scroll. Identification from verso

Schantz Russell Family

Schantz, Carrie Flagler.

One portrait photograph of Carrie Flagler Schantz. The photograph has been altered so that it appears to look like a charcoal drawing.

Schantz Russell Family

Schantz, Ruth.

One photograph of Ruth Schantz. Ruth is wearing her eyeglasses and a large hat. Identification from recto.

Schantz Russell Family

View of Berlin factories.

File consists of a photograph (postcard, blank) of a view of Berlin, taken from a high vantage point, showing several factories and smoke towers.

Rieder and Anthes family


File consists of two slides showing grave markers in Cary.

Urquhart, Tony

Dordogne, France.

File consists of thirteen slides showing grave markers in Dordogne, France.

Urquhart, Tony

Marville, France.

File consists of fifteen slides showing grave markers in Marville, France.

Urquhart, Tony

Montauban, France.

File consists of three slides showing grave markers in Montauban, France.

Urquhart, Tony

Nimes, France.

File consists of twelve slides showing grave markers in Nimes, France.

Urquhart, Tony

Ornans, France.

File consists of two slides showing grave markers in Ornans, France.

Urquhart, Tony

Honour roll citation recipients.

Studio portraits and duplicate prints of identified individuals: H.A. Cameron; Garfield Disher; Hugh Crall Elliott; George E. Fisher; Robert H. Haworth; Perry Richard Hilborn; Charles Henry Janzen; Harold Gordon Mack; Katharine Marston; I.C. Marritt; George Albert McWilliams; William A. Philip (first Chairman, GRCC 1934, first Chairman, Grand Valley Conservation Authority, 1949); Marcel Pequegnat; Robert Pequegnat; Gerald N. Ruhnke; Clarence D. Suter; Oliver Wright.

Includes a photo of a drawing of a Conestogo wagon. The three copy negatives are of Hugh Cameron, Robert Pequegnat and the Conestogo wagon.

Grand River Conservation Authority

Dunnville, Ontario : Grand River.

Consists of three photographs taped onto looseleaf depicting scenes on the Grand River at Dunnville, Ont. The photographs bear the following identifications printed on recto: Bird's Eye View of River, Dunnville, Ont., Canada; Dunnville, Ont. Long Bridge and Dam; Canal and Lower Lock, Dunnville, Ont.

Grand River Conservation Authority

Anthes, J.I. Frank family.

File consists of three photographs of the children of J.I. Frank and Cyrena Anthes. Includes a snapshot of Olive Cyrena Anthes, a snapshot of Olive Cyrena and Edith Louisa Anthes, and a snapshot of Olive Cyrena, Edith Louisa and Leonard John Anthes.

Rieder and Anthes family


File consists photographs of members of the Innis family including Anne Innis Dagg, Donald Innis, Wendy Innis, and Donald's children Kathleen, Mary and John.

Innis family

Eschwege, Germany.

Snapshots, postcards and tourist information relating to Eschwege, Germany, home of the Roth family (Reichen Sachsen on the Werre, Hesse). Henrietta Charlotte Roth was the wife of Charles Andrew Ahrens.

Schneider, J.M. family

Ahrens cousins.

One snapshot of, left to right from centre, Florence, Carl and Lottie Ahrens with two unidentified people at left sitting on a picnic table, Freeport Bridge [?] in background.

Schneider, J.M. family

Zeller, Walter.

Snapshots of Walter Zeller, friend of Norman C. Schneider and founder of the Zeller's chain of stores.

Schneider, J.M. family

Scrapbook 2.

File consists of a scrapbook compiled by Damaris Smith's daughter Gertrude, containing an article written by Damaris Smith entitled "Pioneer Wife" published as a serial in Farmer's Magazine beginning with vol. 41, no. 7, July, 1944. The scrapbook also documents the history of the Smith family and contains photographs, a pencil sketch of the "Mountain Hall" homestead, and correspondence.

Smith, Damaris Isabella


File consists of photographs of tires including: royal cord, nobby, chain, usco, plain, goodyear tires, clincher plain tread, chain tread, usco thread, heavy service, royal.

Dominion Rubber Company


File consists of photographs of tires including: ground-drive, royal guard, implement ground drive, laredo, master air ride, master, master grip.

Dominion Rubber Company

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