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Historical, Topical Files: News Clippings.

This series includes news clippings from The Globe and Mail, from the Kitchener-Waterloo Record, and from The Waterloo Chronicle. These clippings relate to educational issues. Some of them are relevant to educational matters at a national level e.g some articles report on the educational system in Canada, while anoher article focuses on the likely impact of computers for schools in Canada. Other clippings report on educational issues at a provincial level e.g. Ontario teachers' actions to oppose the anti-strike legislation in 1973. Moreover, some clippings relate to the activities of the Federation of Women Teachers' Associations of Ontario. Finally, this series contains news clippings which relate to educational affairs in Waterloo County including the activities of the Waterloo County Board of Education, and the Waterloo County Women Teachers' Association.

Johnston, Mary

Branch Files

Files containing primarily historical and biographical material on the Canadian Women's Press Club Branches across the country. They contain some correspondence, typescripts, ephemera, clippings, and many photocopied documents and news items. Most are items gathered by or sent to Kay Rex.

Women's Press Club of Toronto


Series consists of ca. 1479 items of personal and professional correspondence between Stan Johannesen and others, including family, friends, academic colleagues, and publishers in the forms of letters, greeting cards, postcards, invitations and memos.

Johannesen, S.K.

Works By

Series consists of manuscripts and galley proofs prepared for publications and other research reports and papers by Dendy.
This includes a photocopy of a preliminary report, which Dendy wrote for the National Historic Sites Service in Ottawa re the 1968 Archaelogical Excavations Conducted at Fort Beausejour National Historic Park, Aulac, New Brunswick. It also includes a ts. draft of a research paper presented by Dendy entitled "The Background of Modernism in Toronto". Finally, Series consists of several sections of the galley proofs prepared for the revised and expanded edition of Lost Toronto which was published in 1993, in addition to a list of the photographs used in the first edition of this work (1978).

Dendy, William

Forms, Publications : Unnumbered

Series consists of printed and ts. material issued by the Parents' Information Bureau, but not as part of the numbered series, in 1969 and 1976. Two are tss. by A.R. Kaufman relating to birth control.

Parents' Information Bureau

Operations : Divisions : Forestry and Wildlife Branch

Series consists of annual reports of the Forestry and Wildlife Branch of the Grand River Conservation Authority. The reports contain information regarding reforestation programs, wildlife management and control and maintenance of nursery stocks. Some of the annual reports from the 1970s include black and white and colour photographs of the Forestry and Wildlife Branch operations, which have been pasted or otherwise affixed to the reports.

Grand River Conservation Authority

Financial : Donations, Bequests

Series consists of files containing materials relating to donations and bequests by individuals and organizations to the K-W YWCA. Includes correspondence, legal information and budgetary information. Also includes information on the K-W YWCA corporate donation campaigns.

Young Women's Christian Association of Kitchener-Waterloo


Series consists of slides created and accumulated by Don Cowan for presentations and teaching.

Cowan, Donald D.


Series consists of photographs created and accumulate by Robert Dorney and his estate. Includes photographs of Dorney's garden at his home at 124 Amos Ave and others.

Dorney, Robert

Kitchener-Waterloo and Area History: Slides

Series consists of slides showing the history of the Kitchener-Waterloo area. Slides have been sorted into basic subjects of: Automotive Retailers; Churches; Education; Entertainment; Financial/Insurance; Highways/Roads; Housing; Industry; Miscellaneous; Oktoberfest; Public Buildings; Restaurants;

Kitchener-Waterloo Record

Urban Wildlife Papers Correspondence

Series consists of material relating to Anne Innis Dagg's research on urban wildlife. Includes correspondence, minutes and agendas, memoranda, typescripts and offprints.

Dagg, Anne Innis


Series consists of approximately 40,000 slides depicting architecture, urban space, and landscape in Canada and elsewhere. The total number of Canadian slides in this collection is 17,550 and the total number of American slides is 7,000. This represents sixty-one percent of the slides in the total collection. The remaining slides cover European countries (especially England), as well as Central and South America, the Far East and other places.
Eighty percent of these slides were taken by Dendy himself. The remaining slides are graphic in nature i.e. they depict plans, maps, old photographs, architectural drawings, paintings. Many of these slides have been taken from city archives and appear to be in the public domain.

Dendy, William


Series consists of miscellaneous material relating to a contribution by Electrohome to a charitable cause in the community and to the activities of company president Zoltan D. Simo. Includes a certificate and a thank-you card.



Series is comprised of materials relating to courses taught and project supervised by Dorney at the University of Waterloo from 1983-1987 as well as during guest lecture appointments at the University of Guelph and York University.

Dorney, Robert

Events and Activities: Conferences, Workshops, and Other Courses.

This series includes materials relating to various conferences, workshops, and other courses of the Federation of Women Teachers' Associations of Ontario and the Waterloo County Women Teachers' Association respectively. They include correspondence, forms, questionnaires, course handouts, ephemera, information booklets produced for conference delegates and attendees at workshops, as well as summary reports of the Waterloo County Principals' Conferences.

Johnston, Mary

Dare Foods Limited : Moving Images and Sound Recordings

Series consists of moving images and sound recordings that were produced by Dare Foods Limited and its employees for internal events such as birthdays, retirement parties, presentations, meetings, as well as consumer panels and promotional events. The majority of moving images are on videocassette and a few are on film reels. The sound recordings are on audio cassette.

Dare Foods Limited

Writings and letters of Florence Reid.

Series consists of James Downey's files relating to friend and former student, Florence Reid. Includes correspondence to and from Florence Reid, clippings, manuscripts, tss., photographs, etc.

Downey, James, 1939-

Visual : Photographs and Slides

Series consists of photographs and slides. Subjects include: sales and marketing and public relations presentations, Electrohome facilities, employees at work, projection systems products, and a company Christmas party for children.



Series consists of material relating to readings given by Rienzi Crusz. Includes clippings, emphemera, and ms. notes.

Crusz, Rienzi

Ecoplans Ltd.

Series consists of materials created and accumulate by Ecoplans Ltd., a company formed by Dorney in 1970. Dorney was president until 1979 and then Chairman of the Board. Major projects of Ecoplans included urban forestry, water quality and environmental design as well as numerous highway and pipeline projects for the Province of Ontario. Approximately 100 plans were completed between 1970 and 1987 in which Dorney was able to "explore and demonstrate how environmentally science can be the basis of rational, less costly and pleasing development." Series contains publications and drafts of plans and projects undertaken by Ecoplans as well as some working and personal materials.

Dorney, Robert


This series contains just two files. The first file includes ephemera relating to Waterloo County Board of Education events and activitities, while the second file includes ephemera which relates to events and activities of the Waterloo County Women Teachers' Association.

Johnston, Mary


Ephemeral items created or accumulated by Dare Foods Limited.

Dare Foods Limited

Dare Foods Limited : Old Price Pages

Series consists of price pages for biscuits and candy products. Price pages list products, product code number, universal product code (UPC), item code number, package weight, case weight, cubic feet per case, net price delivered to stores and warehouses, and were used by sales personnel. The lists are organized chronologically and then by region: Lakehead and West, East of Lakehead, Newfoundland, and Quebec. New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island regions are also included.

Dare Foods Limited

Visual : Moving Images : Films

Series consists of 8mm and 16mm films accumulate by, and produced for the Grand River Conservation Authority. The majority of these films have been transferred to DVD and can be found in series 54. Includes films of the Elora Gorge, Conestogo, flooding, Grand Valley ice jams, Brantford ice jams, GRCA dams, Luther Marsh, etc.

Grand River Conservation Authority

Interests and Activities.

Series consists of materials created and accumulated by Robert Dorney relating to his interests and activities that were not part of his teaching career or work with Ecoplans Ltd.

Dorney, Robert

Business and Financial

Series consists of material relating to the business and financial affairs of Rienzi Crusz. Includes receipts, invoices, agreements, and other material.

Crusz, Rienzi

Physical Plant Files

Series consists of materials created and accumulated by the Kitchener-Waterloo Record relating to the buildings that the company owned and occupied. Includes correspondence, notes, clippings, floor plans, etc.

Kitchener-Waterloo Record


Series consists of materials relating to Jerzy Pindera's time employed as both a professor and a professor emeritus at the University of Waterloo. Includes primarily correspondence and memos.

Pindera, Jerzy Tadeusz

Research and Writing

Series consists of research materials which relate to many different areas of Dendy's work in the field of architectural history. They include textual and graphic materials, as well as electronic information in the form of computer files stored on 3.5" floppy disks.

This includes the research materials acquired by Dendy during his studies at Cambridge University, England and probably at Columbia University in New York. These take the form of course handouts, ms. holograph notes, and photocopies of journal articles. A large number of the ms. holograph notes relate to the history of home building and residential architecture in Canada (this formed the subject of the thesis which Dendy wrote either for one of the Masters degree he received in Architectural History and/or for the PhD in Architectural History on which he was working).

Also included is material relating to topics studied by Dendy either at university or in his professional career. These research topics include: the architects Frank Darling, John Howard, and Oliver Hill; the architectural history of the city of Hamilton, Ont.; "The Smaller Houses of the American Suburbs", "The Houses of Indian Road", and "A Comparision of 504 Jarvis St. and 135 St. George St." (last three topics constitute research papers written by Dendy).

Other research materials contained in this file were gathered in the process of researching for Lost Toronto and for Toronto Observed. These research materials primarily take the form of planning information sheets, ms. lists of Toronto buildings/architects, tender information from the Toronto Globe (issues from the late 19th century), ms. holograph notes re Toronto building permit files, and some photographic materials. Some reviews of Lost Toronto can also be found in this series.

Other research materials relate to Dendy's extensive research on the residential area of Forest Hill and take the form of ms. holograph notes on Forest Hill building permit files. Photocopies of journal articles, ms. holograph notes and other materials, which appear to have been gathered and/or prepared for a proposed publication on the history of Canadian architecture, are also contained in this series.

Ms. research notes used by Dendy in preparation for Toronto walking tours led by him are also contained in this series, in addition to research materials used by him for projects he worked on in his capacity as consultant architectural historian to various architectural firms and government bodies.

Other files include information relating to projects Dendy worked on as architectural historian to the Property Restoration Branch of the Ontario Heritage Foundation from 1987-1989, and to work which he carried out for Tom Schwartz, President of Intraurban Projects, as well as to a study conducted by Dendy on CNR Railway Stations for the Architectural History Branch, Canadian Historic Sites Directorate of the Canadian Parks Service in 1991.

Dendy, William

Visual : Slides : Donations : Violet Fair Collection

Series consists of slides donated to the GRCA by Violet Fair: Ontario badlands (5); Wilkes Dam sunsets (21); other Wilkes Dam area snapshots (22); other Grand River snaps in Brantford Area (46); Grand River in Glen Morris area (4); Grand River watershed areas (54); photo essay: "A dam for all seasons" (34); large trees in Grand River watershed (20); Elmira Sugar Festival, 1970 (9); Kitchener Farmer's Market, 1972 (20).

Grand River Conservation Authority

Executive Vice-President's Files

Series consists of records accumulated and used by Charles E. Greb in his role as exectuive vice-president of Greb Industries Limited. Includes memoranda to the management group, and correspondence, ephemera, and other material relating to a retirement dinner for several senior executives.

Greb Industries Limited

Advertising : Working Files : Appliances

Series consists of material used in the production of advertisements for Electrohome appliances, including humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air conditioners, fans, microwaves, and other products. Includes photographs, transparencies, slides, and negatives, as well as drafts of advertising copy, dummies, final versions of advertisements, etc. Most of the material was used for the production of single-sheet advertisements intended for insertion into a binder with other product literature, as well as brochures advertising the "summer comfort" line of products.


Academic Papers, Projects and Presentations

Series consists of material relating to pubished and unpublished artivles and papers by Anne Innis Dagg on a number of topics, as well as material on a variety of other projects. Includes correspondence, clippings, ephemera, ms. notes, articles, newsletters, reviews, typescripts, and other material. Includes copies of publications.

Dagg, Anne Innis


Materials relating to awards and honours given to Mary Johnston.

Johnston, Mary

Personal and Biographical

Series consists of personal and biographical materials created and accumulate by Barbara Smucker. Includes correspondence, biographical and critical articles and notes, as well as clippings.

Smucker, Barbara

Public Relations Working Files : Electrohome Design Lecture Series

Series consists of records relating to the planning and organization of and publicity for the Electrohome Design Lecture Series held in March, 1973 and in October, 1974. The lectures, held to inform and educate entrepreneurs and designers in manufacturing and the general public about the effective use of industrial design, were planned, implemented, and sponsored by Electrohome, and conducted in co-operation with the National Design Council, the Office of Design, Department of Industry, Trade and Commerce, and the Association of Canadian Industrial Designers.

The 1973 series opened at the University of Waterloo, followed by lectures at the University of Montreal, the University of British Columbia, and the University of Manitoba. The 1974 series included lectures at the University of Toronto, the University of Manitoba, and the University of Montreal.

Series includes correspondence, memoranda; draft schedules, budgets, and itineraries; publicity materials (including news releases, brochures, press listings, etc.); press clippings; speeches and papers; biographies and curriculum vitae; and other material.


Advertisements : Product Literature : Commercial Electronics

Series consists of product literature promoting commercial electronic products and services available from Electrohome, including display monitors, projection systems, Jazz systems, educational monitor/receivers, projection television, circuit board operations, computer graphics-related products, and contract assembly. Includes single-sheet advertisements intended for insertion into a binder or portfolio with other product literature, brochures, leaflets, price lists, and product bulletins.


Publications, Printed Materials: Waterloo County Women Teachers' Association.

Includes publications and printed items of the Waterloo County Women Teachers' Association including issues of a newsletter, a guidebook, a submission made by the W.C.W.T.A. to the Social Development Committee of the Ontario Legislature, and a report on the teachers' provincial protest action of 1997.

Johnston, Mary

The 50% Solution : Why Should Women Pay for Men's Culture? : Publication Files

Series consists of material relating to the research for and publication of Anne Innis Dagg's work The 50% Solution : Why Should Women Pay for Men's Culture? published in 1986 by Otter Press. Includes correspondence, clippings, ephemera, ms notes, articles, newsletters, reviews, typescripts, and other material. Includes copies of publications.

Dagg, Anne Innis

Awards and Activities

Series consists of material relating to awards received by Rienzi Crusz and his involvement as a judge for literary awards. Includes ms. note, ephemera, clippings, and other material.

Crusz, Rienzi

Professional life.

Contents: series consists of materials created and accumulated by Bill Thomson relating to his professional life. Includes materials relating to projects that he consulted on, materials relating to teaching responsibilities at the University of Waterloo, and also to organizations that he has been involved with.

Thomson, William

Publications, Printed Materials: The Waterloo County Board of Education.

This series contains publications and printed materials issued by the Waterloo County Board of Education. These materials include booklets, an educational position paper, reports, a submission to the Standing Committee on Social Development of the Ontario Legislature, telephone directories, and serial publications.

Johnston, Mary

Uniroyal World Junior Curling Championship

Series consists of materials relating to the Uniroyal world junior curling championship. Includes teem rosters, statistics, correspondence, etc. The championship was held in: East York, Ontario in 1975; Aviemore, Scotland in 1976; Quebec City, Quebec in 1977; Grindewald, Switzerland in 1978; Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan in 1979; Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario in 1980; Megeve, France in 1981; Fredericton, New Brunswick in 1982; Medicine Hat, Alberta in 1983; Cornwall, Ontario in 1984.

Dominion Rubber Company


Series is comprised of approximately 232 items of correspondence between Kay Rex and others. Also includes accompanying materials. Correspondents include:

  • [?], Betty;
  • [?], Bev;
  • [?], Etta;
  • [?], Fay;
  • [?], Flo,
  • [?], Dorothea;
  • [?], Frances;
  • [?], Jesse;
  • [?], Jo;
  • [?], John and Ellea;
  • [?], Margaret;
  • [?], Maud;
  • [?], May and Bill;
  • [?], Nick;
  • [?], Terry;
  • [R?], Mary;
  • Akiwenzie, Chief Ralph;
  • Arnott, Edythe and Al;
  • Barbens, Joan;
  • Bertrand, Luc;
  • Birtch, Gilberte;
  • Bordeleau, Christine J.
  • Bourassa, Robert
  • Boyd, Malcolm, Nora, Barbara, and Hugh
  • Burcher, Dorothy
  • Cameron, Christina
  • Cameron, Don
  • Canadian Council
  • Casgrain, Therese
  • Clark, Doris
  • Clark, W.E.
  • Cot, Dorothea
  • Dennis, Laddie
  • Department of Labour
  • Dimbert, Eleanor
  • Doak, Buckingham, Pressley and Perlmutter
  • Doyle, Richard J.
  • Edwards [?]
  • Edwards, Bess
  • Evans-Ehricht, Barbara
  • Evans-Ehricht, Mark & Barb
  • Evans-Ehricht, Mark and Barb
  • Filmon, Gary
  • Foote, Judy M.
  • Fraser, John
  • Freedman, Sonya
  • Gatenby, Greg
  • Hamilton, Pat
  • Hamm[?], Rene
  • Harcourt, Mike
  • Hartwell, G.O.
  • Hauschildt, Elda
  • Hodgson, Dorothy
  • Hollobon, Joan
  • Hurtig, Mel
  • Kemp, Barbara
  • Kiyoshik, Ramona
  • Kiyushk, Ramona
  • Krackovic, Elvira
  • Lenaham, Kim
  • Lobregt, Patricia D.
  • Ludwig, Doris
  • MaKeigon, Pearl
  • Mason, Madge B.
  • McCullum, Terry
  • McKenna, Frank
  • Megarry, A.R.
  • Montgomery, Malcolm
  • Padmore, Margaret
  • Parker, H.L.
  • Pearson, Shirley
  • Purcell, Gillis
  • Rae, Bob
  • Renwick, Cathy
  • Rex, Beverly
  • Rex, Kenneth
  • Rex, Sylvia
  • Romanow, Roy
  • Rumble, Verne
  • Sawyer, Glad
  • Scarse, Carole
  • Sky, Ruth C.
  • Smith, Sybil
  • Stewart, William
  • Tanzola Sorbara McClellan and Handler
  • Taylor, Gaie
  • Taylor-Turpim, Pam
  • Taylor-Turpin, Pam
  • Tomlinson, Lynne
  • Valcourt, Bernard
  • Van Fleet, Janis K.
  • Verbugge & Co.
  • Warren, Isobel
  • Webster, Art
  • Wellesley Hospital
  • Whalen, Barbara
  • Wright, C.F.

Rex, Kay

Appointment Calendars

Series consists of daily and weekly appointment calendars, as well as weekly schedules, belonging to James Downey.

Downey, James, 1939-

Scrapbooks: F.W.T.A.O./W.C.W.T.A. Scrapbooks.

This series contains twenty-three scrapbooks all of which are assigned individual file numbers. The first sixteen scrapbooks in this series have been numbered consecutively by the compiler of these scrapbooks as follows: 1-5, 7, 9, 10-11, 13-18, 20 (some scrapbooks are missing). The remaining scrapbooks have not been numbered by the compiler but also relate to W.C.W.T.A. and F.W.T.A.O. affairs and activities. These sixteen scrapbooks include materials relating to meetings, workshops, conferences, leadership courses and other events of the W.C.W.T.A. and of the F.W.T.A.O. Materials take the form of b&w and col. photographs, newsletters, meetings agendas and minutes, corrrespondence, ts. lists, reports, news clippings, and ephemera.

Johnston, Mary

Administration : Summer Student Employment Programs

Series consists of reports of projects undertaken by students hired by the Grand River Conservation Authority under federal and provincial employment programs. The reports were submitted in fulfilment of requirements by the various federal and provincial ministries who funded or subsidized the students' employment.

Grand River Conservation Authority

Burrett, Alida : Personal

Series consists of materials created and accumulated by Alida Burrett relating to her personal life and interests. Includes a CV, an essay written as a student and two copies of a student newspaper from when she attended Trent University.

Burrett, Alida and George

Annual Meetings and Reports

Series consists of files containing a variety of materials relating to the YWCA annual reports and meetings. Includes copies of annual reports, and organizational files from the annual meetings. Also includes a file on the 100th annual meeting celebration.

Young Women's Christian Association of Kitchener-Waterloo

Executive Officers Files : Howard W. Main

Series consists of records accumulated and used by Howard W. Main his role as executive vice-president, marketing and public relations. Includes correspondence and memoranda, press clippings, ms. notes, and a report.


Seagram Museum

Series consists of materials relating to the history and operation of the Seagram Museum. Includes acquisitions registers, source and purchase records, and more.

Seagram Museum

Waterloo County Health Council

Series consists of William H. Kaufman's files relating to his work with the Waterloo County Health Council, later the Waterloo Region District Health Council. Includes correspondence, handwritten notes, agendas, minutes and reports. Arranged alphabetically.

Kaufman, William Hutton

Annual Meetings : Budget Information Packages

Series consists of budget information for the Annual Meeting of the Grand River Conservation Authority appended to the agenda and GRCA membership list. This information does not appear to be included in the bound volumes of minutes. The bound volumes appear to contain only the minutes and resolutions, not the agendas and supporting documents.

Grand River Conservation Authority

Student Reports

Series is comprised of three student reports written by graduate students for classes taken with Kenneth McLaughlin. One report details the findings of the oral history interviews, one is a further investigation into how Dominion Woollens and Worsteds impacted Hespeler, and the last is a look at Newfoundland settlers to the Hespeler area.

Dominion Woollens and Worsteds Ltd.

Board of Directors : Minute Books

Series consists of Board of Directors minute books relating to the policies, finances and management of the Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation. Series includes minutes and supporting documents including correspondence, reports, proposals, financial information, memoranda, agendas, brochures, and bills.

Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation

Scrapbooks: Leadership Books.

This series contains fourteen scrapbooks all of which are assigned individual file numbers. These scrapbooks contain materials relating to the W.C.W.T.A.'s leadership training courses. Materials take the form of b&w and col. photographs, news clippings, correspondence, lists of course participants, course application forms, course schedules and outlines, course handouts, course evaluation sheets, meeting agendas, and ephemera.

Johnston, Mary

Women and Universities

Series consists of files maintained by Anne Innis Dagg on the status of women, arranged chronologically by year from 1973 to 1999. Includes acticles, clippings, correspondence

Dagg, Anne Innis

Otter Press.

Series consists of material relating to Anne Innis Dagg's publishing venture, Otter Press. Includes correspondence to and from Anne Innis Dagg, ms. notes, invoices, reviews, ephemera, and copies of publications.

Dagg, Anne Innis

Executive Officers Files : John A. Pollock

Series consists of records accumulated and used by John A. Pollock in his role as company president and CEO. Includes news releases, correspondence, memoranda, press clippings, reports to shareholders, photographs, ephemera, and other material.


Financial Files

Series contains material relating to the management of Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation accounts pertaining to estates, Grand River Hospital, Freeport Hospital, St. Mary's Hospital, and United Way. The majority of investments and accounts were held at Canada Trust Company. Includes annual, quarterly and monthly account statements, correspondence, memoranda, investment reports, account summaries, agendas, minutes, policies, and reports.

Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation

George Cluthé Files

Series consists of material relating to the management of the George Cluthé Foundation. The George Cluthé Foundation, currently a fund managed by KWCF, was founded Oct. 8, 1974 by George Joseph Cluthé. Includes records pertaining to the incorporation of the Foundation and its charitable status, the Foundation's seal, by-laws, lists of directors, lists of members, accounts, minutes, correspondence, donation requests, tax records, bank statements, and receipts.

Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation


Series consists of material relating to grant applications made by Rienzi Crusz. Includes photocopies and forms.

Crusz, Rienzi

Other Works and Activities

Series consists of materials created or accumulated by Barbara Smucker related to other works or activities. Includes published and self published works, materials relating to awards, events and readings, and advertising materials for Smucker's various works.

Smucker, Barbara

Works by Rienzi Crusz : Reviews

Series consists of reviews of works by Rienzi Crusz. Includes reviews clipped from newspapers and other publications, and photocopies of reviews.

Crusz, Rienzi

Administration : Flood Inquiry, 1974

Series consists of ts. (photocopies) of transcripts of the Ontario Royal Commission Inquiry into the Grand River Flood hearings, July 9, 1974 to November 14, 1974, held at various venues throughout the Region of Waterloo and the Grand River Watershed.

Grand River Conservation Authority

Works : Talks, Presentations

Series consists of materials relating to talks and presentations given by Donald D. Cowan. These talks and speeches include conference addresses and talks to non-University of Waterloo groups. Includes slides, transparencies and manuscripts.

Cowan, Donald D.

Writers' Union of Canada

Series consists of material relating to Anne Innis Dagg's activities as a member of the Writers' Union of Canada, and material relating to Anne Innis Dagg's Language Alert Newsletter. Includes corespondence, clippings, minutes, newsletters, typescripts of articles and reports by Anne Innis Dagg.

Dagg, Anne Innis

Kitchener-Waterloo Hospital

Series consists of W.H. Kaufman's files relating to his volunteer committee work with the Kitchener-Waterloo Hospital. Includes correspondence, minutes, notes, proposals, reports, etc.

Kaufman, William Hutton

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