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Ephemera : visiting cards.

Five hand lettered visiting cards of Jennie Moyer, Edmund Warren Moyer, Austin Schantz, and Orpheus Moyer Schantz and F.J. Ottmax. The cards of Edmund and Jennie list them as living at 3823 Langley Ave., Chicago. The card of Orpheus and F.J. Ottmax is inscribed "A Happy New Year 1889."

Schantz Russell Family


File consists of materials accumulated by Kay Rex on the genealogy of her family. Includes photocopies, clippings, correspondence, biographies and photographs.

Rex, Kay

Bissell Carpet Sweepers

Puzzle card postcard advertising Bissell Carpet Sweepers showing an unhappy couple with a regular broom and a happy couple with a Bissell Carpet Sweeper. Recto reads "Why is this gentleman so perplexed, why is this lady sorely vexed? Why does this gentleman now smile. and she be happy all the while? The reason will be plain, if you can but this puzzle card see through."

Scrapbook 1.

File consists of a scrapbook compiled by Damaris Smith containing clippings, engravings, stamps and seals, and obituaries and biographies of prominent suffragists, literary, political and social women, some of whom are British.

Smith, Damaris Isabella

Sims Family collection.

  • SCA369-GA427
  • Fonds
  • 1833-1963

The Sims family collection encompasses records of the Sims and Cook, Davidson and Garden families retained by members of the two family branches that came together when Harvey James Sims and Florence Katherine Roos married in 1902. Their Sims and Davidson forbears were equally significant in the history of the Waterloo-Wellington area and in the growth and development of agriculture, education, business and government. Harvey James Sims and Florence Katherine Roos were deeply involved in their local community of Berlin, (later Kitchener) Ontario and their own records contain significant additions to our knowledge of local personalities and affairs. Harvey was a childhood and lifelong friend of William Lyon Mackenzie King; they wrote and visited each other regularly. King's sister Bella was also a close friend of Florence from school days on.

Sims family

Photograph collection.

  • SCA83-GA53
  • Fonds
  • [186-?]-[19--?]

Collection consists of 169 19th century American photographs. Included are 115 carte-de-visites, 40 cabinet portraits, 2 albums, 11 miscellaneous photographs and 1 envelope of miscellaneous business and greeting cards.

The photographs vary in size, but many of are 1 x 1 cm and mounted on card. Most are albumen type photographs depicting various people including infants, children, and adults. The photographs come from various studios across the United States though the majority come from studios in New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Illinois. The photographs, since rehoused, were originally housed in two albums decorated with an intricate relief on the cover and a metal clasp lock.

Davidson family ephemera : The History of the children in the wood.

The History of the children in the wood, published by Lumsden & Sons, Glasgow. This is a single sheet with eight hand-coloured woodcuts with verses beneath; versions of which circulated in Great Britain and the United States, most often in chapbook form. A note on the back says "This was given to Catharine as a prize at school at Berlin."

Sims family

Handbill for The Public Life of Capt John Brown.

  • SCA357-GA409
  • Fonds
  • 1860

One handbill advertising the publication of James Redpath's "The Public Life of Capt John Brown." Redpath and Brown were contemporaries and abolitionists and Redpath wrote this work the year after Brown's execution.

Thayer and Elridge

New Years card.

New Years card given to Etta Lydia Mary White (nee Schantz) from Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Becker.

Schantz Russell Family

Cook, Jemima : ephemera : valentines.

Three paper lace valentines, possibly handmade:
Paper lace and coloured floral valentine with lift-up flowers hiding three heart-shapes to write messages on. Inside the card is a hand-written poem to the "Belle" of the ball, signed "Valentine"
Paper lace overlay of bird's nest and flowers over second layer with a two-piece embossed lift up figure of a woman with cherub on her shoulder, purple ribbon and coloured floral decoration applied on her skirt, under this is a third layer with a coloured metallic bird flying into pasted-on coloured floral decorations. A gold and white banner is pasted at the bottom of the page, with "A Token of True Love" printed in blue.The back of this card is signed "from Jemima." Maker's name embossed on back: "Meek"
Pink paper folded valentine with embossed gold floral design surrounding pasted-on die-cut flowers and leaves, below this a white and gold banner reading "A Pledge of Love" in blue. Inside the card is signed" Miss Mary Jemima Cook"

Sims family

Sims, Peter Harvey : Salem Woolen Works advertisement.

Letter to Harvey J. Sims dated August 4, 1930 from John R. Connon of Elora, enclosing advertisements for what he describes as "relating to your father's unfortunate venture in the Salem Woollen Mill." Includes an original manuscript copy of an advertisement for the Sims Bros. Salem Woollen Works, and the advertisement as published in the Elora Observer, no. 39 Friday April 17, 1868.

Sims family

Mt. Penn Stove Works advertisement

Advertisement trade card for Mt. Penn Stove Works featuring decorative floral illustration surrounding a woman cooking on a range with a caption reading "a complete kitchen always contains a pretty cook and a Penn Esther range." A large line of sizes and a great variety of styles. For sale by G.W. Rinesmith & Sons 114 North Hanover Street, Carlisle, PA. Made by Mt. Penn Stove Works, Reading, Pa."

Conqueror wringer advertisement

Conqueror wringer advertisement showing three women and one young girl ironing clothes titled "Ironing Day." The young girl is seated at a stool holding up a dress in front of a Conqueror wringer. Verso reads "The Conqueror excels all other wrings in having 1. A forged steel spring, tapered and tempered, and the temper not "drawn" by galvanizing. 2. The extension crank, which gives double power, without loss of speed. 3. Composition metal bearings, which neither rot, rust or wear out. 4. Patent solid white rubber rolls, fastened immovably to the shaft. 5. Malleable iron swivel clamps, which fit either round or stationary tubs. Foote & Gaskill dealers in hardware, agricultural implements, also stoves, hollow ware, house furnishing goods, &c. wringers repaired. Hamilton, New York."

David's Prize Soap

David's Prize Soap advertisement trade card showing a vital looking woman washing laundry in a washing bucket with David's Prize Soap while a young girl looks in. Looking in through the door way is a sallow looking older woman. The caption reads "Get David's Prize Soap if you want to avoid hard labor and save your health and strength in washing besides you may get a small fortune as a prize into the bargain." "Verso explains that prizes can be won by purchasing David's Prize Soap, including 2 grand pianos."

Universal Clothes Wringer advertisement

Universal Clothes Wringer puzzle advertisement showing a young woman using a clothes wringer while a man looks in from the window. When the advertisement is held up to the light you can see that the man is looking in with a gun while the young woman leans in to kiss a young man and an older woman comes towards them brandishing a broom. As well, a caption on the advertisement becomes clear which reads "Buy the universal clothes wringer."

Sapolio advertisement

Advertisement trade card for Sapolio showing two women cleaning marble statues with the caption "clean marble with Sapolio." Verso reads "1809 1880 Enoch Morgan's Sons' Sapolio for cleaning & polishing. Hand Sapolio for the toilet and bath. Sapolio being put up in an attractive style some persons think is a fancy article but the fact is that one cake is equal to three cakes of any 'mineral soap' and will do more and better work."

Lenox Soap advertisement

Die cut Lenox Soap advertisement showing a woman standing next to a washing tub with a large pile of soap suds coming out of it. The advertisement reads "Lenox Soap. Lather from 1 oz in hard water. Lathers freely in hard water."

Tree Ball Washing advertisement

Tree Ball Washing crystal advertisement trade card showing an illustration of three women washing, hanging out, and ironing laundry. The women are accompanied by a dog and a bird in a cage. Verso reads "Nellie - mama, shall I go for the washerwoman, as you have been sick lately and are not able to do the washing? Mother - Oh no, my dear child, you just go to our grocer and get me a large 5 cents package of the Three Ball Washing Crystal, it makes washing so easy that no washwoman is required. Manufactured by C.H. Fischer & Co., New York"

Soapona advertisement

Soapona trade card advertisement featuring an elephant looking on while two women hang laundry on a line. Verso reads "Saves times, expense and labor. Makes hard water soft. Does not injure the hands or clothes. Makes linen perfectly white. Is a great disinfectant. Each package contains a set of handsome picture cards. Manufactured only by R.W. Bell & Co. 77 to 89 Washington St., and 8 to 20 Beaver St., Buffalo, N.Y."

White Mop Wringer Co. advertisement

Advertisement trade card for the White Mop Wringer Company of Fultonville, N.Y. Serving as a business card for representative M.D. Alger. Recto shows a woman using a mop wringer and the verso shows illustrations of two mop wringers, one for family use and the other for hotel use.

Sapolio advertisement

Advertisement trade card for Sapolio showing a woman scrubbing a tub while a baby bathes in a smaller tub with the caption "clean baths with Sapolio." Verso reads "1809 1880 Enoch Morgan's Sons' Sapolio for cleaning & polishing. Hand Sapolio for the toilet and bath. Sapolio being put up in an attractive style some persons think is a fancy article but the fact is that one cake is equal to three cakes of any 'mineral soap' and will do more and better work."

Sapolio advertisement

Advertisement trade card for Sapolio showing a woman scrubbing a tin pan while a young girl shows a cat its reflection in another. Caption reads "clean tins with Sapolio." Verso reads "1809 1880 Enoch Morgan's Sons' Sapolio for cleaning & polishing. Hand Sapolio for the toilet and bath. Sapolio being put up in an attractive style some persons think is a fancy article but the fact is that one cake is equal to three cakes of any 'mineral soap' and will do more and better work."

Conqueror wringer advertisement

Conqueror wringer advertisement showing three women and two children on washing day titled "Washing Day." The women are washing, wringing, and hanging out clothes to try while the children are playing with a boat and a doll near the wash bucket. Verso reads "The Conqueror excels all other wrings in having 1. A forged steel spring, tapered and tempered, and the temper not "drawn" by galvanizing. 2. The extension crank, which gives double power, without loss of speed. 3. Composition metal bearings, which neither rot, rust or wear out. 4. Patent solid white rubber rolls, fastened immovably to the shaft. 5. Malleable iron swivel clamps, which fit either round or stationary tubs. Foote & Gaskill dealers in hardware, agricultural implements, also stoves, hollow ware, house furnishing goods, &c. wringers repaired. Hamilton, New York." Includes illustrated depiction of the wringer.

Empire Wringer advertisement

Advertisement trade card showing a woman seated using a clothes wringer while a man stands next to her holding a tennis racket and a cat stands at her feet. The caption reads "George: Come into the garden Maud. Maud: Wait George until I finish these clothes it won't take three minutes with this new Empire Wringer. "Verso reads ""You can do twice the work! And no more labor required. Our ""purchase gear"" reduces the labor one-half! By giving added power, and the strength thus saved every week is worth much more than the small additional cost. The gears and bearings of rolls need no oil, so cannot soil or grease the clothes the crank is not attached to either roll, as in other wringers, thus saving wear or rolls and cost of repairs. The rolls are solid white rubber. Empire wears longest and is warranted against defects. Look for brass bushing on the crank journal: our latest improvement. Use the Empire Wringer - will pay for itself. For sale by S.A. Ball, Le Roy, N.Y."""

L. I. Fisk & Co. Soaps pamphlet

Pamphlet advertising L.I. Fisk & Co's Soaps. The cover shows three women washing and hanging out clothes with the caption "The suds is like velvet, I never used a soap like it. The water is settled and I find no grit in the tub. We never had such clothes they are whiter at every washing. L.I. Fisk & Co,'s Soaps for sale by all grocers who look to the interests of their customers by buying pure goods." The interior describes the qualities of the soap and gives examples of clothes washed in their soap and with others. The back cover shows a young woman and a caricature of a Japanese man holding a scroll which reads "All soaps bearing our name are warranted free from any of the many adulterations the best for economy, purity, cleanliness and washing quality of any in the world. L.I. Fisk and Co., Springfield, Mass." There are also testimonials on the back cover which read "It has cured my chapped hands. I'll use no other and keep them so. It is a delight to all in the bath. It is so soft and clean."

Sapolio advertisement

Advertisement trade card for Sapolio showing three women washing dishes with the caption "Wash dishes with Sapolio." Verso reads "There is no one article known that will do so many kinds of work in and about the house and do it so well as Enoch Morgan's Sons Sapolio. (Each cake is wrapped in Tin Foil, and surrounded with Ultramarine Blue-Band, and bears the above device) always note this. A cake of Sapolio, a bowl of water and a brush, cloth or sponge will make house cleaning a quick and easy job, will clean paint and all painted surfaces, will clean marble, mantles, tables and statuary, will clean oil-cloths, floors, shelves, etc., will clear bath tubs, wash basins, etc., will clean crockery, glassware, etc., will clean kitchen utensils, of all kinds, will clean windows without splashing of water, will polish tin, brass and copperware, will polish knives as you wash them, will polish all metal surfaces and will clean all household articles and is better and cheaper than soap, emery, rotten stone, etc. John Wanamaker, Grad Depot, Phila."

Sweeperette advertisement

Die cut card showing five women behind a fence with a caption reading "The look well on the fence! Much better on the other side. This road leads to success used by the million." The verso shows the backs of the women, each of whom are holding a Sweeperette sweeper. Verso reads "always in the push our Sweeperette. Sweeperette Company 76 5th Ave. New York Grand Rapids, Mich."

Ivorine advertisement

Advertisement showing three women of different generations at a water pump with a washing bucket washing clothes and holding up a box of Ivorine. In the background are two men standing looking into the distance carrying farm implements. Verso reads "Ivorine the wonderful cleanser the best and purest article for all washing purposes that it is possible to produce; also, unequaled as a disinfectant. Use it, and clothes, money, and life will last longer. We use the same care in the selection of materials and the preparation of Ivorine, which, for almost half a century has given Williams' "Genuine Yankee" shaving soaps their wide popularity. A handsome silver plate tea-sponn is given with each one-pound package of Ivorine, and, with each two-pound package, either a substantial silver plated table spoon, knife, fork, butter knife, or sugar shell as the purchaser may prefer. By this way of advertising Ivorine and inducing the housekeeper to give it a trial, we are giving to them, directly, what others spend in newspapers and other expensive advertising from which the purchaser gets no benefit. As this plated-ware is made for us by the Williams Bros. M'f'g Co., of this town, under our direct supervision, we can guarantee each article to be of good quality and to wear well. Ask your grocer for Ivorine. The J.B. Williams Co., Established 1840, Glastonbury, Conn."

David's Prize Soap

David's Prize Soap advertisement trade card showing an older woman standing at a washing bucket with a bar of David's Soap while two young women play the piano in another room. It reads "All got by using David's Prize Soap besides the excellent washing it does" as well as a caption under the women at the piano which reads "The prize pianoforte." Verso outlines details regarding incentives to try David's Prize products where users can exchange product wrappers for tickets that can be put toward a list of presents.

Sapolio advertisement

Advertisement trade card for Sapolio showing three women polishing glassware with the caption "clean glass with Sapolio." Verso reads "1809 1880 Enoch Morgan's Sons' Sapolio for cleaning & polishing. Hand Sapolio for the toilet and bath. Sapolio being put up in an attractive style some persons think is a fancy article but the fact is that one cake is equal to three cakes of any 'mineral soap' and will do more and better work."

Kaufman, Mary : ephemera, artifact.

A valentine's card sent to Mary Kaufman in 1874. Also includes a Christmas card from Mary Kaufman [ca. 1920] with a Japanese Christmas card to her attached and one pink and blue embroidered book mark

Augustine, Ham, Kaufman family

Sims, Peter Harvey : ephemera.

Birthday party invitation to Peter and Jemima Sims from Mrs. Hilliard, May 6, 1875.
Memorial card: William John Roat, died at Berlin, December 23, 1887 (includes envelope).
Memorial card: James McFeiggan, died in Galt, May 23, 1888.
Memorial card: Harvey James Cook, November 12, 1930.
Wedding invitations, 1895-1898.

Sims family

Soapine advertisement

Advertisement trade card for Soapine by Kendall Manufacturing Company of Providence Rhode Island and illustrated by Charlotte Perkins Gilman showing a woman from behind dusting figurines that spell out Soapine on a mantel piece. Verso reads "Cleanliness in the house, laundry, kitchen and workshop is best secured by the use of Soapine. All wise people continue to use it after one trial. Kendall Mfg. Co. Established 1827. Providence, R.I."

French Laundry and Soapine advertisement

French Laundry and Soapine advertisement trade card illustrated by Charlotte Perkins Gilman showing a young woman standing in a frame holding a washing board and a box of soap. The frame is held up on either side by two young men standing on upside down washing buckets that read Soapine. "Verso reads ""French Laundry is the best soap ever made for all purposes. It is the oldest popular soap, having outlived all its rivals. It has won its way into public favor solely on its merits, and thousands of families who are now using it would not be without it. One trial with convince you. Soapine is the best article known for the laundry and general household use. Use no soap, sal soda, borax, washing crystals or other preparations with it. For washing dishes, glassware, silverware, milk cans, dairy utensils, windows, marble, paint or oil cloth, and house cleaning, use Soapine. Kendall Mfg. Co. Established 1827 Providence, R.I."""

Soapine advertisement

Soapine advertisement illustrated by Charlotte Perkins Gilman showing a woman hanging laundry out from a wash basket. The laundry on the line spells out "Soapine." Verso reads "Soapine the great dirt killer, will remove dirt of all descriptions! Without injury to hands or fabric. Kendall Mfg. Co. established 1827 Providence, R.I."

Armour & Co. advertisement

Advertisement trade card for Armour's Mince Meat and Canned Meats showing an older woman teaching a group of younger women how to cook. Verso reads "It is admitted by every prudent housekeeper, that our Condensed Mince Meat is equal in every respect to the old-fashioned home-made article. Our well known connection with the beef industry, enables us, to put a Mince Meat on the market second to none. We use only the best and purest ingredients, and it is the universal verdict that our product retains its sweetness longer and goes farther than any other brand. Packaged in 12 oz. (net) cardboard cartons. Enough for two large pies. 2 packages for 25 cents. At all first-class grocery stores. Armour and Company, Chicago."

Work & play.

File consists of paper doll advertisements. The first is a stand up paper doll of a sheep wearing a dress holding a duster advertising Enameline stove cleaner. The verso reads "Look out for imitations and parties who claim to have something 'just as good.' It is not as good. There's but one Enameline that's the best. For sale by all dealers. Manufactured by J.L. Prescott & Co. 11 Jay Street New York."; a set of six double sided paper dolls with two interchangeable heads, advertising Clark's O.N.T. Spool Cotton. The interiors of the dolls reads "if the child who receives this doll is sent to the store for thread she should ask for Clark's O.N.T. Spool Cotton and see that she gets it. Double Dolls "work and play" 12 in a set. By sending three 2 cent stamps, with name and address, to Clark's O.N.T. Spool Cotton Factory. Newark, N.J. a complete set will be sent by mail be careful to state that the double dolls are wanted."

Sims, Harvey J. : ephemera.

Wide range of ephemera retained by Harvey J. Sims between 1886 and 1912. Includes invitations to "at homes" and organized social events, dance cards, dinner menu, also a copy of the The Second Annual Meeting of the Ontario Associated Boards of Trade, Toronto, Feb. 22-23, 1912.
Some ephemera is associated with local clubs, most of which Harvey was a member: Berlin H.S. Musical and Literary Society, The Beavers' Club, Grand River Lodge, Bachelors of Berlin and Waterloo, The Berlin Club and Young Men of the Ark.
Includes an 1896 curling scorecard with heavily illustrated covers, advertising the Dominion Brewery, Toronto, and Harvey J.'s Trinity University convocation program, June 27, 1896.

Sims family

Printed Materials.

Notes and poems; items issued by the K-W Christian Business Men's Committee ca. 1948; an assortment of printed ephemera regarding dreams, sign language, a 1887 Rand-Mcnally railroad map of Canada, the U.S. and Mexico; 1909 Railway Lands Branch, Department of the Interior Map of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta showing lands finally disposed of; a partial book on the Boers in South Africa, 1899; The Voyageur, a broadside poem by Walter Stewart Stinson, 1929 by the Moreau Studio; stories from magazines, ca. 1935.

Maines Pincock Family

Pears' Soap booklet

Eight page booklet advertising the benefits of Pears Soap, specifically for use on women and children and in washing clothes. The cover shows a young girl holding a newspaper which reads "How to improve the complexion Soap" and the verso shows an illustration of a grandmother forcing a young boy into a bath with Pears Soap and the caption "You dirty boy."

Bon Ami advertisement

Advertisement trade card showing a girl holding the tail of a cat as it tries to scratch a bird in a cage. The caption reads "Cats can but Bon Ami can not scratch for it lacks grit." Verso reads "Bon Ami is a modern improvement in the list of household necessities, doing the work of a metal polish, a scouring soap and all powders used for cleaning purposes (not for washing of clothes). It will clean anything cleanable and polish anything that can be polished. It contains no grit to scratch or acid to corrode; neither is there any alkali to redden or roughen the hands; on the contrary, it leaves them soft. It is always used in the form of a lather, which is applied to the surface to be cleaned. It requires so little water for this that slops and muss are avoided. It is made of the best and finest materials, and is so constituted that while it is too fine to scratch, it is coarse enough to clean. Coarser cleaners gradually and surely wear out the article cleaned, but Bon Ami removes the dirt without injuring or wearing off the surface. Don't fail to try the sample. Read carefully directions with each package. For sale by all grocers. The Bon Ami Company, 66 Maiden Lane, New York City."

Sims, Harvey J. : football ephemera.

Membership cards signed by Harvey J. Sims for the Rangers Football Club dated 1890 and 1899, listing officers and executive, club grounds and colours. In 1890, Harvey J. Sims is listed as on the Committee of Management; in 1899, he is on the executive committee. The 1899 card includes the W.F.A (Western Football Association) schedule for the spring season. These cards are in addition to a copy of the Western Football Association Annual for 1900, edited by D. Forsyth, Secretary Western Football Association and printed in Berlin. This volume contains the constitution and rules, hints for referees and players, as well as detailed lists of champion teams from 1880 to 1899. The pages for 1900, printed in red, appear to have been pasted in at the front and end of the 1899.

Sims family

Invitation card.

  • Invitation card possibly written by or sent to Austin Tobias Schantz.
  • The quote inscribed on the verso of the invitation card is from Alfred Tennyson's poem titled, The Sea Fairies that was first published in 1830.

Schantz Russell Family

The Boston Rivals concert handbill.

  • SCA310-GA346
  • Fonds
  • 1891

Fonds consists of one handbill advertising a concert of the Boston Rivals. The Boston Rivals were made up of Miss Hamlin, Mrs. Southwick, Mr. Winternitz, and Mr. Conant.

The Boston Rivals.

James Pyle's Perline Washing Compound advertisement

Advertisement featuring illustration of young girl holding a dust pan, broom and bucket with a box of James Pyle's Pearline Washing Compound in it titled "My Busy Day." Verso reads "James Pyle's Pearline washing compound the great invention for saving toil & expense without injury to the texture, color, or hands. New York. Front of every package of Pearline should look exactly like this cut, or it is an imitation. Don't use an imitation of anything, much less an imitation of Pyle's Pearline. Peddlers and some unscrupulous grocers will tell you the stuff they offer is "Pearline," "same as Pearline," "or as good as Pearline." IT'S FALSE; Pearline is the Original Washing Compount - has no rival - no equal - never peddled - gives no prizes - but stands on the foundation on which it was reared – MERIT."


Clippings, primarily relating to both the [1894?] Lacrosse championship and the 1959 Kitchener downtown fire.

Martin, John Gartshore

New years card.

A handmade New Yeas card from Orpheus Moyer Schantz, Carrie Schantz and Ruth Schantz to Arthur Benjamin Schantz. The card features calligraphy, small drawings and scherenschnitte edges.

Schantz Russell Family

Seagram, Joseph Emm, 1841-1919: Canadian Wheelman's Association.

Article "C.W.A. Meet, Waterloo, July 1st and 2nd," Saturday Globe, June 22, 1895: [1]. This article concerns the annual meet of the C.W.A. [Canadian Wheelman's Association?] to be held in Waterloo, Ont. in 1895. Joseph E. Seagram was Honorary President of the Waterloo Bicycle Club and donated a horse as a prize for this meet. The article also includes two images of the Waterloo Bicycle Club Track, as well as portraits of local individuals: D. Hybner, Mayor, Berlin; Simon Snyder, Mayor, Waterloo; Waterloo Bicycle Club officers J.W. Fear, J.M. Scully, Geo. Wegenast, F.G. Hughes, A.H. Snyder, C.W. Wells; also W.G. Roos, C.H. Froelich.

Seagram Family

Concordia Club fonds.

The majority of the archives of the Concordia Club were destroyed either as a result of the ransacking of the club by the 118th Batallion in 1916, or as a result of the fire of Nov. 17, 1971. As a result the earliest records of Concordia have largely been lost forever. A very small number of items can be traced back to the Concordia Male Choir (1873-1914). These take the form of two items of correspondence, programs for the "Sängerfests", clippings, and photographs. A small number of archival records also can be found which belonged to the "Deutscher Club, Kitchener" (1925-1930), and include a set of house rules, letters patent, and photographs. Some records from the 1930s have also been preserved to this day, and include artifacts, clippings, legal documents, a membership list, photographs, and programs of events. However, the majority of the materials date from the 1950s onwards. These materials document the history of the Concordia Club since the 1950s, and include artifacts, audiovisual material, clippings, correspondence, ephemera, financial records, legal documents, membership records, minutes of meetings, photographs, publications, and scrapbooks.

Concordia Club

Biographical materials.

Clippings and biographical notes from Eby's "A Biographical History of Waterloo Township" relating to the Wagner-Hailer families and related families. Includes obituaries of Margaret Bean (nee Hailer), daughter of Jacob Hailer and Margaret Riehl; obituary of Harriet Brehler; a clipping about Jacob Hailer; genealogical notes on the Bean family from the Eby Book.

Wagner Hailer family


File consists of some material relating to one or several art weekends at Geneva Park: a brochure, a program and workshop participant lists, and handwritten notes from an annual meeting. File also includes a guest list for a K-W Society of Artists exhibition, and completed surveys of art teachers in the five counties area.

Central Ontario Art Association

Clipping : "With Tractor Instructor in Russia".

Contains a newspaper clipping of an article describing the experiences of a Mr. Thome, who was a tractor instructor in Russia. His experiences would be similar to those of Harry Byers. A handwritten note appears on the article that reads: "Here is a good laugh Old Mom".

Byers, Harry J.


File consists of clippings about Donald Innis. Includes biographical material, clippings on his work, book reviews, and short articles.

Innis family


Ephemera and other material probably collected and kept by Jessie Gartshore Martin. Includes an invitation and program for a banquet in honour of Rev. William M. Martin; a ts./ms. list of people who contacted John and Jessie Martin upon Jamie's death; a postcard depicting a tank in Caen, France; a clipping of a photograph of John Alexander Martin; and other material.

Martin, John Gartshore

Ephemera : cards.

File consists of a group of business cards, and one visiting card. The business cards include those for antique shops that Florence dealt with, as well as for the Preston Springs Gardens. The calling card is for Florence when she was a youth, with her Preston Springs Gardens information written on the verso.

Clement, Florence Grace

Clippings : interests.

File consists of clippings accumulated by Alice Riggs Hunt on various topics of personal interest, including opera, religion and philosophy.

Hunt, Alice Riggs


Items probably collected as souvenirs. Includes a photograph album with a leather cover (empty); blank postcards depicting Clachaig (Scotland), a Vancouver parade, and the University of Toronto; business cards for a hotel in California; autograph booklets; and a print of a boy and a police officer.

Martin, John Gartshore

Ephemera, file 1.

Ephemera including birth certificate, 1903; Woodstock Collegiate Institute graduation programme, 1923, University of Western Ontario convocation programme, 1928, student identity papers issued in France, 1929-1930; Toronto Conservatory of Music examination results, 1933-1935; passes, identity cards, service record and pin from the Canadian Women's Army Corps, 1942-1945; Certificate of Canadian Citizenship, 1970; University of Western Ontario Alumni Association certificate, 1964; University of Western Ontario Service Award, 1989.

Montgomery, Frances Kathleen

Correspondence to Carrie Anthes Breithaupt.

File consists of 12 letters from Martha Rieder and Ella Anthes Cook to Carrie Anthes Breithaupt. Some letters include envelopes; stamps have been removed. File also includes an invitation to the wedding of Martha and Talmon Henry Rieder and an invitation to the wedding of Zella Rose Dexter and Charles Campbell McDonald with newspaper clippings about the wedding.

Rieder and Anthes family

The Suffragettes and their unruly methods.

Leaflet distributed by the National Women's Social & Political Union of a satirical letter about the methods of the suffragettes versus the methods of men who wanted enfranchisement.

Hancock, Irene

Wilson, Alexander Douglas.

Photographs relating to Alexander Douglas Wilson and his family. Includes snapshots of Alexander in uniform with his parents and some siblings at a train station, a snapshot of his children, a snapshot of a bride [his daughter?] and groom, and other snapshots of family. File also includes newspaper clippings, most relating to his death.

Martin, John Gartshore

Photograph album 3 : Martin family.

Album containing snapshots of John Alexander and Jessie Martin and their children as well as other relatives and family friends. Includes snapshots of Wilson in uniform posing with relatives, and of Jamie's grave at Beny-sur-mer, France.

Album also contains newspaper clippings and memorabilia, including the telegram from the Department of National Defence regarding Jamie's death and Jamie's last letter home. Clippings relate to Jamie's death, Wilson's wedding, John Alexander Martin's career (including his appointment to rubber controller for Canada), and news of relatives and friends.

Martin, John Gartshore

Photograph album 2 : Martin family.

Album containing snapshots of members of the Martin family, including Wilson, Jamie and John in uniform posing alone and with other relatives and friends; Jamie with friends in Europe during the war; the three brothers as young children; and John Alexander and Jessie Martin. Album also includes photographs of Jamie's grave and the cemetery at Beny-sur-mer in France; John Alexander and Jessie visiting the grave; and other memorials and plaques dedicated to Jamie.

Album includes newspaper clippings mostly relating to the involvement of Wilson, Jamie and John in the war; Jamie's death and the memorial services for him; and Wilson's post-war career.

Martin, John Gartshore

Photograph album 1 : Martin family.

Album containing snapshots of Jessie and John Alexander Martin and their children, Wilson, Jamie, and John, as babies and young children. Other relative are included in some photographs. Album also includes later photographs of the three brothers in uniform, and a photograph of John Gartshore Martin and his father visiting Jamie's grave at Beny-sur-mer cemetery.

Also contained in the album are several press clippings relating to John's achievements in the war, John A. Wilson (cousin) who was killed in action, and the post-war careers of Wilson and John.

Martin, John Gartshore

Photograph album 5 : trip to England and Scotland.

Album containing snapshots and souvenir postcards from a trip to England and Scotland. The trip was probably taken by Margaret (Wilson) More and her husband William More [?], Richard S. Wilson, and other members of the Wilson family. Album also includes loose snapshots of members of the Wilson and Martin families and a photograph of Jamie Martin; a Christmas card; and an manuscript Poem.

Martin, John Gartshore

In memoriam Miss Emily Wilding Davison.

One in memoriam leaflet for Miss Emily Wilding Davison, BA. Emily was a suffragette who was killed by King George V's horse at a derby, possibly while attempting to put a suffrage sash on the horse.

Philp & Sons

World War I.

This folder actually contains material on a variety of topics and probably belonged to F.J.T. Maines. Includes two envelopes of material dating from 1915-1916. These include manuscript material: untitled sermon (?) on loyalty and war, 7 leaves; a hymn with music; a second untitled ms. sermon, 4 p.; manuscript notes on "Christian brotherhood". Includes ephemera and pamphlets produced for troops "On Active Service." Includes clippings relating to the war, to politics, and to topics of interest to F.J.T. Maines. A third gathering of material dates from 1931- 1939 and consists of clippings on topics such as world politics, Grey Owl, Niagara Falls, hawks, liquor legislation, poems, letters to the editor, etc.

Maines, Frederick J.T.

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