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  • SCA328-GA372
  • Collection
  • 2017

Fonds consists of four prints titled "A.R.H." by Olivia Carvalho. The prints feature a portrait and handwriting of Alice Riggs Hunt.

Carvalho, Olivia

Political cartoon by Patrick Corrigan.

A colour copy of a political cartoon by editorial cartoonist Patrick Corrigan that was likely featured in the Toronto Star. The cartoon depicts Michael Ignatieff, then Leader of the Opposition, driving a large Liberal bus closely behind Stephen Harper, then Prime Minister of Canada, shown driving a small car filled with recreational items such as golf clubs and a fishing rod. The cartoon includes the following caption: “Objects in the rear-view mirror may appear closer than…” This copy was likely given to Andrew Telegdi. The political cartoon is signed by Michael Ignatieff.

Telegdi, Andrew

Kaufman Lofts poster.

File consists of one poster advertising the Kaufman Lofts. The poster is double sided with two different advertisements.

Kaufman Family

FAUW Forum.

Administrative records related to The Forum inlcuding correspondence, receipts for reproduction and an original portrait sketch portrait of David Johnston by Anu Banerji and a clipping portrait of Fred McCourt.

Faculty Association of the University of Waterloo

FAUW Forum.

Administrative records related to The Forum including an email about the frequency of the publication, receipts for reproduction work related to the publication and portrait sketches by Anu Banerji of various individuals including George Atkinson, Michael Bird and John Wilson. Original and copy versions of the sketches are included in file.

Faculty Association of the University of Waterloo

Andrew Telegdi by Eugène Bellemare.

An original caricature of Andrew Telegdi by Eugène Bellemare. The caricature was drawn in pen and pencil on paper and is signed by the artist. The caricature was published on page one hundred and sixteen of Bellemare’s book titled, Caricatures. Photocopies of this caricature are included in this file. Also includes two copies of a second caricature of Andrew Telegdi by Eugène Bellemare. This caricature does not contain any signatures or inscriptions and is likely a photocopied reproduction. It is possible that this caricature appeared in Bellemare’s book titled, Meet Your MPs, 1993-1997. In addition, the file contains an invoice issued to Andrew Telegdi during his tenure as a Member of Parliament likely for the purchase of the caricature(s) at the cost of $50.00 from “Caricatures in Trust,” House of Commons.

Telegdi, Andrew

The club on Bay Street. Frank, no. 112, April 2, 1992: 22.

File contains the April 2, 1992 issue of the magazine "Frank". There is a comic created by John Herbert published in the magazine on page 22. Includes author's note on the envelope: "Box C - C6: FRANK Magazine: A comic strip by J.H. aka 'Nemesis', page 22 - 'The Club on Bay Street'. Note: John Herbert used the nom de plume 'Nemesis', as a cartoonist for Onion, the Toronto Paper on the Arts, from 1975 to 1982. (See collection of Onion issues in J.H. archives, the Porter Library, University of Waterloo)."

Herbert, John

Helen Edmonds sketchbook

  • SCA183-GA158
  • Collection
  • July 1991

Sketchbook belonging to Helen Edmonds, dated July 1991, containing sketches in the style of Virgil Burnett. Most sketches are drawn with brown ink and feature people, landscapes, buildings, and sculptures. The sketchbook also includes watercolour sketches accompanied by notes and quotations.

Edmonds, Helen


Materials related to biographical sketches written by James Downey. Contains writings about different people, tributes and essays by Downey, materials accumulated by Downey to support his research (such as news stories and photocopies of photographs), and related correspondence.
Titles of speeches and articles are:

  • "A toast to Tom" (May 14, 2003),
  • "Foreword" to Otto Tucker That nothing be lost (2003),
  • "Mary Louise Lynch: lawyer; adviser & confidante of Lord Beaverbrook,"
  • "Protectorate to Province: Newfoundland, 1934-1957,"
  • "Ernest Fletcher Downey" (July 14, 2006),
  • "Jemima Anne (Andrews) Downey" (May 13, 2000),
  • "Dorothy (Downey) Elder" (January 31, 2000),
  • "Margaret (Downey) Richards, on the 50th anniversary of her marriage,"
  • "Lorne Parott" (July 9, 2000) and related correspondence,
  • "Roland Hawkins" (April 11, 2000) and related correspondence,
  • "Arthur S. Butt" (August 11, 2001),
  • "Memories are made of this & that: recollections of life on Long's Hill, 1955-1956,"
  • "Cott Fillier: a quick sketch" (September 16, 2005),
  • "Dunville" (January 11, 2000),
  • "George Story" (December 29, 1999)
  • "Paul West" (January 6, 2000),
  • "Eric Richards (1924-2004)" (August 4, 1999),
  • "John Hutchinson",
  • "Donald Soper" (January 2000),
  • "A tribute to Chester Campbell" (March 1995),
  • "A tribute to Eric Garland" (February 1997),
  • "A toast to Harrison McCain" (January 17, 1998),
  • "A toast to James F. O'Sullivan" (April 23, 1999),
  • "Bob Burridge: a tribute (sort of)" (April 12, 1991),
  • "For Colin B. Mckay" (March 30, 1999),
  • "Beaverbrook's choice: the appointment of Colin B. Mackay as President of UNB" (February 18, 2003),
  • "Tom Condon" (May 14, 2003),
  • "Mary Ives (Anglin) Mackay,"
  • "The Beaverbrook Beneficence" (January 1992),
  • "Frank McKenna" (April 13, 2006),
  • "Ted Williams" (July 11, 2002),
  • "The brothers Kennedy at UNB. Introduction,"
  • "Notes for remarks about Les Harris at AAU Dinner" (March 22, 1990),
  • "Opening of Pratt exhibition" (September 16, 1993),
  • "Senator J. Trevor Eyton" (January 19, 1994),
  • "Michael Higgins" (May 9, 1994),
  • "Introduction for peter Gzowski" (February 16, 1995),
  • "Alex Colville" (November 10, 1995),
  • "Remarks for the opening of an exhibition of the sculpture of Judith Schwartz" (January 14, 1998),
  • "Installation of Bonnie Patterson: Luncheon talk" (October 2, 1998),
  • "Introduction for David Johnston" (May 19, 1999),
  • "Brian Hendley" (June 2, 1999),
  • "Peter Harvey Sims to be Doctor of Laws" (June 15, 1999)
  • "For Jim Kalbfleisch" (December 10, 2000),
  • "For Susan Shantz" (April 24, 2000),
  • "For Ian Lithgow, friend and colleague" (October 19, 2000),
  • "Paul Mitchell" (April 3, 2001),
  • "Arnold Naimark" (August 1998),
  • "Anastasios Christodoulou: the very model of a Secretary General" (August 2002),
  • "Introduction for Michael Ignatieff" (January 24, 2001),
  • "For Paul Davenport, Officer of the Order of Canada" (October 28, 2002),
  • "Conclusion to slide/video tribute to Valentine O'Donovan" (October 29, 2002),
  • "J. Robert S. Prichard to be Doctor of Laws" (May 18, 2002),
  • "For Lyle Hallman: a funeral tribute" (October 31, 2003),
  • "Russel Legge: a funeral tribute" (March 28, 2004),
  • "Welcome to the groom & toast to the bride" (May 2005),
  • "For Bill Klassen" (April 23, 2006),
  • "Words for Robin" (March 24, 2013),
  • "For Mary Bales,"
  • "For Doris Nicholson" (August 21, 2015),
  • "A funeral tribute for Jim Kalbfleisch" (April 30, 2017).

Also includes one drawing by Gerard Brender à Brandis titled “Winterton, Newfoundland” and photocopies of photographs.

Downey, James

Cartoon sketches.

File contains 28 drawings (originals and photocopies) of draft cartoon drawings, unfinished drawings, and sketches. They also include notes regarding story development ideas. Includes a photocopy of a three page manuscript letter to the editor of Now Weekly. Includes author's note on the envelope: "Box E: John Herbert archives , Porter Library, University of Waterloo. Enclosed: cartoons. E16: a variety of complete and incomplete cartoons and comic strips by John Herbert (under one or another of his 'noms de plume' as cartoonist) - plus some preliminary sketches and notes in planning the cartoons. Names (noms de plume) Nemesis, Hellican, Jan, R.U. Horny, Jacki Brun, No. of items: 31 pages - Dates: 1989 to 1994."

Herbert, John

Sorel Strut ski system.

Correspondence, clippings and drawings from Lionel Burt to William H. Kaufman, concerning the "Sorel Strut" ski system.

Kaufman, William Hutton


File consists of ten collage artworks created by Virgil Burnett. Each artwork is a large piece of construction paper with words cut out from newspapers pasted on to form poems. Some have illustrations as well.

Burnett, Virgil

Sketchbook, 1985 : September, 1985.

One sketchbook (61 pages). Includes ms. notes, a time-line relating to an automobile accident and phone conversations with the CAA, sketches of Cape Cod landscapes, ships, boats, harbours, birds, geometric shapes, figures, perspective calculations, and lists of watercolour paint names.

Odd, Herbert

Sketchbook, August-October, 1985 : front cover removed.

One sketchbook (89 pages). Includes sketches and ms. notes regarding landscape in Orleans and Cape Cod, ms. notes and sketches regarding Kandinsky, a "list of stuff to paint/sketch", landscape sketches, design sketches, sketches of cars and other objects, and notes relating to an automobile accident.

Odd, Herbert

Sketchbook, 1985-1986 : Nov. 1985-Aug. 1986.

One sketchbook (65 pages). Includes ms. notes, geometric designs and sketches (some with coloured pen), Christmas card designs with a watercolour sketch version, landscape sketches, and perspective calculations.

Odd, Herbert

Sketchbook, September-October, 1983 : Cape Cod.

Contents: contains 1 sketchbook (19 pages). Includes ms. notes, painting plans, landscape sketches of Scotish locations (Flowerdale, Ross Shire, Kimloch, Iona), one set of landscape sketches of Wellfleet, Cape Cod, geometric designs, and calculations.

Odd, Herbert

Sketchbook, 1982-1983 : Cape Cod, arm chair.

One sketchbook (55 pages). Includes ms. notes, sketches of landscapes, notes and calculations relating to perspective, sketches of boats, harbours, plans for paintings, plans for linocut prints, and geometric designs.

Odd, Herbert

Construction paper tie.

A tie made from red construction paper made by an unknown individual. Words describing Andrew Telegdi are written on the tie.

Telegdi, Andrew

Sketchbook, 1978 : Alaska, armchair.

One sketchbook (58 pages). Includes ms. notes, seascape sketches, boats and harbours, landscapes, sketches of mountains, a watercolour sketch, and geometric designs.

Odd, Herbert

Brochures (file 2 of 2).

Contains one colour poster advertising Dare Foods Limited schoolhouse promotion. The promotion consisted of customers filling out ballots to win a free cardboard schoolhouse playhouse for children.

Dare Foods Limited

Sketchbook, 1977 : Cape Cod.

One sketchbook (7 pages). Includes sketches of boats and harbours, still life studies, cars, figures, and painting plans.

Odd, Herbert

Sketchbook, 1976-1977 : [untitled].

One sketchbook (39 pages). Includes ms. notes, landscape sketches of Wellfleet, Cape Cod, painting plans, sketches of boats and harbours, calculations, and geometric designs.

Odd, Herbert

Retirement gift.

Retirement gift in the form of a drawing received by Cully Schmidt from his work colleagues at the Kitchener-Waterloo Record in 1975. Drawing shows a caricature of Schmidt as "The Iron Duke" by Bert Bullock, and signed by his colleagues.

Schmidt, Carl B.

Painting of Dana Porter Library.

  • SCA336-GA381
  • Collection
  • 1975

Fonds consists of one painting by Peter Etril Snyder of the Dana Porter Library. The work was commissioned in 1975 for the home of the then President of the University, Burt Matthews.

Snyder, Peter Etril

Sketchbook, 1975 : Scotland, studio, Cape Cod.

One sketchbook (17 pages). Includes ms. notes, landscape and cityscape sketches of Eaglesham, Dunure, Perthshire, Dunlop, and Prestwick, figures, still life studies, painting plans, calculations and equations.

Odd, Herbert

Jane Urquhart fonds.

The fonds consists of a single diary kept by Jane Urquhart from 1974 to 1981, before she began her writing career, and documents primarily several trips to Europe taken with Tony Urquhart. This diary served as a sketchbook, journal and trip diary, and contains drawings and sketches, photographs, ephemera, plant material, etc. Its 258 pages contain 71 sketches, drawings and watercolours including 27 by Tony Urquhart, 32 by Jane Urquhart, 2 by Michael Ondaatje and 10 by other artists.

Urquhart, Jane

The sideshow, or, The ten-in-one tent.

File contains 6 pen and ink drawings created by John Herbert in 1973 regarding his comic "The Slideshow". The drawings have captions written on them. Includes author's note on the envelope: "Box D: John Herbert archives. D15: original drawings, 1973. The Sideshow (a comic book). The enclosed 6 pages were John Herbert's beginning of a comic-book project (under the name 'Jack Past') based on his memories of working with a carnival burlesque show (Model Shows' 'Paris After Midnight') in 1953, travelling through Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia (over a 6 months period)."

Herbert, John

Sketchbook, 1973 : Cape Cod.

One sketchbook (45 pages). Includes ms. notes, landscapes, plans for paintings, harbours and boats, geometric designs, cars, figures, interior scenes, studies in perspective, and still life studies.

Odd, Herbert

Sketchbook, 1973 : Maine, Cape Cod.

One sketchbook (25 pages). Includes ms. notes, equations, sketches of boats and harbours, seascapes, landscapes, plans for paintings, still life studies, figures, and landscapes in watercolour.

Odd, Herbert

Sketchbook, 1971 : miscellaneous scribbles.

One sketchbook (16 pages). Includes ms. notes, still life studies, sketches of boats, painting plans, landscape sketches, geometric designs, equations, a watercolour sketch of boats, and a sketch of the Courthouse Theatre in Niagara on the Lake.

Odd, Herbert


File consists of twenty drawings, mostly pencil sketches, of scenery, still lifes and friends and family.

Panabaker, John H.

Sketchbook, 1968 : Wellfleet.

One sketchbook (17 pages). Includes sketches of landscapes, cityscapes, marinas, flowers, boats, geometric studies, birds, and still life studies.

Odd, Herbert

Sketchbook, 1968 : Cape Cod.

One sketchbook (21 pages). Includes ms. notes, landscape sketches of Provincetown and Wellfleet, sketches of harbours and boats, figures, cityscapes, still life studies, geometric designs, and painting plans.

Odd, Herbert

Sketchbook, 1967 : London, Lugano.

One sketchbook (9 pages). Includes landscapes and cityscapes of London and Lugano: Hyde Park, the Marble Arch, Great Cumberland Crescent, an outdoor scene in Lugano, still life studies, flowers, and figures.

Odd, Herbert

Sketchbook, 1967 : Skye, Scotland.

One sketchbook (17 pages). Includes landscape sketches of the Western Isles, Broadford, Isle of Skye, Loch Lomond, the Highland Ferry, and Iona, as well as sketches of flowers, ships, boats, birds, and cars.

Odd, Herbert

Churchill, Winston : print.

One reproduction print of a charcoal portrait of Sir Winston Churchill, by Tom Hall, specially commissioned by Rolland Paper Company Limited, and its coated papers division: Canada Glazed Papers Limited.

Bolender Ball Family

Artwork, Cartoons, Comics

Series consists of artwork, cartoons and comics created by John Herbert between 1964 and 1998. Many of the drawings illustrate story development and ideas for his plays as well as comics and advertisements. The series is divided into files and arranged chronologically.

Herbert, John

Forbes family letters.

Letters exchanged between George Alexander Forbes, Millicent Lyall Forbes, Betty Land, Peg Wilson, Ross Wilson, Pamela Wilson, Janet Land, Jennifer Land, and Thomas Land. Correspondence also contains press clippings, drawings, and greeting cards.

Forbes, Betty

Sketchbook, 1961 : [untitled].

One sketchbook, ten pages. Includes landscape sketches of Egol (Isle of Skye), other landscape sketches, and a transcript of a tombstone.

Odd, Herbert

Native peoples.

File consists of magazine and newspaper clippings pertaining to Indigenous peoples in Canada, with particular focus on northern communities. Many of the clippings are from the Winnipeg Free Press. Also in the file is a Canadian Indian Workshop (July 4th - August 12th, 1966) pamphlet and an envelope containing Birch bark bite photographs by Mrs. [Angelique?] Merasty, a Cree woman from Beaver Lake, Saskatchewan and clippings regarding birch bark biting.

Long, Elizabeth

Kimmel, Husband E.

File consists of eleven items of correspondence from Admiral Husband E. Kimmel and one photograph of a painted portrait of Kimmel. The letters are dated:

  • November 11, 1960 (handwritten, 4 leaves);
  • November 30, 1960 (handwritten, 1 leaf);
  • February 14, 1961 (handwritten 1 leaf);
  • August 2, 1961 (handwritten, 1 leaf);
  • August 20, 1961 (handwritten, 2 leaves);
  • September 1, 1961 (handwritten, 1 leaf);
  • November 3, 1961 (handwritten, 5 leaves);
  • January 21, 1962 (handwritten, 1 leaf);
  • May 22, 1962 (handwritten, 1 leaf plus envelope);
  • June 25, 1962 (typed, 1 leaf - note that this letter is addressed to the publishers Harper & Row who published "The Puzzle of Pearl Harbor");
  • June 25, 1962 (handwritten, 1 leaf).

The letters discuss the events surrounding the attack on Pearl Harbor, the publication of books on the history of WWII, an interview with Kimmel, possible resources to consult and the publication of "The Puzzle of Pearl Harbor."

Burtness, Paul S.

Posters and related material.

Posters advertising concerts held at the Village Bistro featuring a variety of artists including the Papa Bears, Chase Anderson, the Paisleys, Black Shake Blues Band, Sleepy John, Seeds of Time (later known as the Passionate Mad), Tomorrow’s Eyes, the Poppy Family, Mock Duck, Grady Moore, Black Snake, Hydroelectric Street Car, As Sherriff, the Billy Joe Bottom Band, and the Isle of Sky. One poster contains a handwritten contract on the verso transferring ownership of the Village Bistro to Allan Kirton for the sum of $2000.00. The contract is dated March 22, 1969 but is not signed by Telegdi or Kirton.

Also includes posters and related material including press clippings and a brochure advertising musicians and bands performing at other venues in Vancouver, British Columbia or Toronto, Ontario including Sweetwater, Buffy Saint-Marie, Dick Gregory, the Poppy Family, Mother Tucker, Black Shake, Seeds of Time, Mock Duck, Tomorrow’s Eyes, Tiny Tim, Country Joe and the Fish, A Wizard of the North, Tunnel, Deyong Sound, Lights by Ecto Plasmic, the Papa Bears, Man Child, Elusive Butterfly, the Collectors, the Tote Family, and a variety of other bands that performed at the 1969 Thunderbird Peace Festival in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Telegdi, Andrew

Sketchbook, 196- : misc. trees.

One sketchbook, ten pages. Includes landscape sketches of Preston Springs, studies of trees and figures, and sketches of a cottage.

Odd, Herbert

Betty Forbes's wedding planner.

A wedding planner notebook containing correspondence, sketches, advertisements, and notes pertaining to Betty Forbes's wedding ceremony with Bill Land on May 29, 1954 in Hespeler, Ontario.

Forbes, Betty

Porter, Dana : caricature.

File consists of one reproduction of a caricature of Dana Porter by Henry H. Bull. Bull was the Crown Attorney for Metropolitan Toronto and the County of York and drew many caricatures of colleagues. The reproduction print is mounted using Durograf technology, a type of screen printing where the image is applied to a spunbonded polyester fibre. The image has been mounted on a piece of acrylic, with a biography of Henry Bull on the back.

Porter, Dana Harris


One folder of loose pen and ink sketches by David Hill. Includes two clippings dated 1952.

Hill, David


One folder of loose pencil and pen and ink sketches by David Hill.

Hill, David

Memorial exhibit typescripts and pamphlets

Series contains leaflets relating to Homer Watson’s life and memorial exhibits. Leaflets contain information about memorial exhibits such as one held by the Waterloo Trust and Savings Company building in Kitchener. One of the leaflets also contains a photocopied sketch of a graveyard scene. The series also contains a typescript biography of Watson written by his friend, Ross Hamilton. Another typescript covers a speech by Watson to shareholders of the Waterloo County Grand River Park. The speech calls for the conservation of a woodland area called Cressman Bush.

14. Address by H. Watson “Conservation of Cressman Bush for Waterloo County”
15. Homer Watson Paintings
16. Expense Account of Ross Hamilton in Connection with H. Watson Estate Feb. 4-10

17. Homer Watson, Artist - A Tribute
18. Biography of Homer Watson by Ross Hamilton
19. Catalogue Memorial Exhibition of Original Paintings by Homer Watson, R.C.A., L.L.D. 1947

Nancy-Lou Patterson fonds : 2021 accrual.

Student portfolio created by Nancy-Lou Patterson and presented as a special art project in January 1947, possibly during her time at the University of Washington. Art project is of story The Princess and the Goblin and includes a front cover with a small illustration of a castle with mountains in the background, eleven drawings made by Patterson, and a back cover. Drawings were drawn with pencil and then coloured with watercolours. Drawings depict moments of the story of princess Irene and her friend Curdie, with bright colours and dynamic scenes, and include subtitles with information about the section of the story to which they belong. Sections are:

  • Title page "The princess and the goblins" with subtitle "Special art project / January, 1947".
  • Drawing of Irene and a woman with subtitle "There, Irene, is my work for you!"
  • Drawing of Irene and a woman on a balcony with subtitle "She clapped her hands with delight."
  • Drawing of Irene and her nursemaid Lootie by a river with goblins in the background with subtitle "We are lost, lost!"
  • Drawing of Curdie in a mine watching goblins talk with subtitle "It was a goblin-voice...there could / be no doubt about that."
  • Drawing of a Curdie in a cave watching goblins talk with subtitle "One of the court was now addressing / the multitude."
  • Drawing of a woman with a spinning wheel with subtitle "'Come in, Irene,' she said again."
  • Drawing of Irene walking in the night with subtitle "In a moment, the clouds them- / selves parted."
  • Drawing of Irene walking in a forest with subtitle "[...] bit of gossamer is!"
  • Drawing of Irene and Curdie in a cave with subtitle "Curdie gave a great rush with his / shoulder."
  • Drawing of a battle between humans and goblins with subtitle "Curdie burst in like a small incarnate / whirlwind."

Patterson, Nancy-Lou

David Hill sketchbooks.

  • SCA184-GA159
  • Fonds
  • 1947-1983

Sketchbooks and loose sketches by David Hill, American artist. Includes material relating to his death and estate, primarily correspondence to Joe Plaskett. Includes correspondence to David Hill by Virgil Burnett.

Hill, David

Writings and paperwork.

Writings and paperwork related to Bettie Bernice Wilson during her time at the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF). Includes a drawing, a certificate of discharge for Wilson from the RCAF from September 1945, writing titled "The plight of 'C' flight" by AW2 Lockwood, J.B.E. in May 1942, the Christmas program for No. 16 Service Flying Training School (SFTS) Hagersville (Ontario) for 1944, and the menu for the 25th Anniversary Reunion of Women of the RCAF (1966).

Wilson, Bettie Bernice

Elizabeth Rivers prints.

  • SCA306-GA342
  • Collection
  • [194-?]

File consists of nineteen woodcut prints by Elizabeth Rivers. Some of the prints are signed and numbered and include captions.

Rivers, Elizabeth

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