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Series consists of photographs of John Herbert, his personal and professional life.

Herbert, John

Photograph collection.

  • SCA83-GA53
  • Collection
  • [186-?]-[19--?]

Collection consists of 169 19th century American photographs. Included are 115 carte-de-visites, 40 cabinet portraits, 2 albums, 11 miscellaneous photographs and 1 envelope of miscellaneous business and greeting cards.

The photographs vary in size, but many of are 1 x 1 cm and mounted on card. Most are albumen type photographs depicting various people including infants, children, and adults. The photographs come from various studios across the United States though the majority come from studios in New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Illinois. The photographs, since rehoused, were originally housed in two albums decorated with an intricate relief on the cover and a metal clasp lock.


Series consists of approximately 5,900 items of correspondence between 165 correspondents. Includes correspondence to and from Bertram R. Davis, correspondence to and from unknown correspondents, and correspondence between others. Also includes two files of correspondence on a specific topic. One file is on portraits of Southey and the other is on the Portugues author Jose Maria de Eca de Queiroz.
Correspondents include:

  • All American Cables
  • Baldwyn, L.
  • Bathietwell, William
  • Beddoe, Dorothy
  • Bell, Whitefield Jr.
  • Bennett, Rhoda
  • Bentley, G.E. Jr.
  • Bernard Quariten Ltd.
  • Blunden, Edmund
  • Boots Cash Chemists
  • Boult, Nellie A.
  • Boyce, R.R.
  • Brace, Keith
  • Bremer, Heather
  • Bremner, Robert
  • British Council, The
  • British Museum, The
  • Bronson, Bertrand
  • Browning, Daphne DuMaurier
  • Buchan, Alexander M.
  • Cabral, Adolfo De Oliveira
  • Cabral, Maria de Gloria Ramos de Oliveira
  • Calme, John
  • Carnall, Geoffrey
  • Cartwright, Revd. Canon R.F.
  • Cascas, Artur Simoes
  • Charles Lamb Society Bulletin
  • Cheyne, A.D. Gordon
  • Christ’s Hosptial
  • Coburn, Kathleen
  • Collis, Ivan
  • Crook, Arthur
  • Crowsley, Ernest G.
  • Curry, Kenneth
  • Darbshire, Helen
  • Davis, Annabel
  • Davis, Doris
  • Davis, Watson
  • de Eca de Queiroz, Antonio
  • de Eca de Quieroz de Castro, Maria
  • De Sousa-Lead, J.
  • do Ceu Costa, Maria
  • Early, Benjamin W.
  • Early, Margaret Sue
  • Edward, P. Welson
  • Espstein, Jason
  • Faliscue-Brickdale, Matthew
  • Filler, Louis
  • Fisher, Dorothy
  • Fitzgerald, Maurice
  • Flack, Ellis
  • Flack, G. Ellis
  • Fox, Levi
  • Gandy, Norman
  • Gardner, WH.
  • Garlick, Kenneth
  • Gayford, J.C.
  • Gibbs, Donald T.
  • Goodland, Alice
  • Green-Armytage, R.N.
  • Griggs, Earl Leslie
  • Haller, William
  • Harris, Roy
  • Haugh, W.S.
  • Havens, Raymond D.
  • Heaton, P.
  • Highman, Norman
  • His Excellency the Portuguese Ambassador
  • Hoover, Ben
  • Hope, Warren T.
  • Hough, Henry B.
  • Howe, H.W.
  • Hynes, Mary
  • Kaderley, Nat Lewis
  • Kaderly, Nat Lewis
  • Kaufman, Paul
  • Keens, R. Lyall
  • Kew, S.F.
  • Kopaitic, Boris (Commander)
  • Kuhn, A.J.
  • Kurahashi, J.
  • Lamoine, Georges
  • Laverick, D.M.
  • Lee, Chi-Pui
  • Lindsay, Philip C.
  • Looker, Samuel J.
  • Lowes, John Livingston
  • Mabbott, Thomas Ollive
  • Manogue, Ralph Anthony
  • Mansfield, John
  • Mason, A.S.
  • Massey-Stewart, John
  • McElderry, Bruce Robert
  • Merritt, Theodore E.
  • Metford, J.C.J.
  • Meyerstein, E.H.W.
  • Middendorf, John H.
  • Middleton, Arthur Pierce
  • Miller, C.A.
  • Mooman, Mary
  • Moore, R.W.
  • Morgan, P.F.
  • Morley, E.J.
  • Morris, Christopher
  • Munday, Katherine
  • Mure, G.R.G.
  • New House Museum
  • Nowell, Charles
  • Nunes de Silva, Henrique
  • Ober, Warrun U.
  • Ormond, R.L.
  • Osborne, Edgar
  • Peck, Walter Edwin
  • Penney, Clara L.
  • Pinney, Hester
  • Pinto, Abranches
  • Pleasance, Antony C.
  • Polhemus, George W.
  • Prabhakar, T.
  • Pugsley, N.S.E.
  • Purchase, J.L.
  • Raepe, Elizabeth
  • Ramos, Charles
  • Rawnsley, E.F.
  • Rawnsley, H.D.
  • Reeves, Florence S.
  • Rich, Norman
  • Rodgers, Betsy
  • Ross, Archibald
  • Ross, James
  • Russell, P.E.
  • Shaffer, Elinor
  • Shaver, Chester L.
  • Simmons, Jack
  • Smith, Elsie
  • Smith, H.G.
  • Sproule, Hugh
  • Sypher, Gale
  • Sypher, Lucy
  • Sypher, Wylie
  • Taylor, Donald
  • Taylor, L. Acland
  • Taylor, Rachel
  • Thompson, J.E.
  • Thone, Frank
  • Times Literary Supplement, The
  • Times, The
  • Times, The
  • Turnbull, J.M.
  • University of Toronto Quarterly
  • Usher, H.W.F.
  • Wakefield, [?]
  • Waller, Robert
  • Wallis, F.S.
  • Wasserman, Earl R.
  • Watson, Rowland
  • Wells, Charles
  • West, S. George
  • Whalley, George
  • Whiting, F.
  • Wilkinson, Norman B.
  • Williams, M.G.
  • Williams, Rev. H. Fulford
  • Wilson, R.A.
  • Woof, Robert

Davis, Bertram R.

Bertram R. Davis collection.

Collection consists of materials created and accumulated by Bertram R. Davis on the history of Bristol and the romantics. Includes correspondence between 164 correspondents, 45 manuscript groups, research notes, photographs, clippings, articles, offprints, excerpts, and other ephemera. Also included is a file of correspondence from Bertram donated by Kenneth Curry and a file of correspondence relating to portraits of Southey donated by Dr. Warren U. Ober.

Arranged in six series as follows:
1. Manuscripts Held in Trust
2. Chattertonian Manuscript;
3. Correspondence;
4. Articles, Offprints, etc.;
5. Bertram R. Davis Research Files;
6. Visual Materials.

Davis, Bertram R.

John Keble fonds.

  • SCA75-GA45
  • Fonds
  • 1860-1862

Fonds consists of two holograph letters from John Keble addressed to Henry Thomas Ellacombe [?]. The fonds also includes one photograph of Mr. and Mrs. Keble.

Keble, John

Vestris Prize For Choreography fonds

  • SCA74-GA43
  • Fonds
  • 1966-1968

Fonds consists of two binders compiled by Dr. Henry H. Crapo when he was a Trustee with the Wasemquia Charitable Trust. The binders document the Vestris Prize Competition for Choreography in 1967 and 1968, which the Wasemquia Charitable Trust helped to sponsor. Fonds documents scheduling and planning for the competition, as well as lists of competitors and judges.

Correspondence addressed to and from Henry Crapo, discussing various topics such as invitations sent to renowned ballet dancers in the New York world to judge in the competition are included, along with press releases and letters to advertisement agencies to promote the competition. Other records in the binders include clippings from newspaper and magazines advertising the competition, as well as black and white photographs depicting trophies from the competitions and scenes of performance entries.

Fonds also includes a yellow patina bronze statue that depicts a caricature of Auguste Vestris, which acted as the central theme for the Vestris Prize competition. The statue portrays Auguste Vestris with an oversized head, wings, and a garland.

Crapo, Henry H.

Armistead Churchill Gordon letter.

  • SCA70-GA39
  • Collection
  • 1923

Contains one holograph letter from Armistead Churchill Gordon to C.C. Pinckney discussing John Drinkwater's book "Robert E. Lee."

Gordon, Armistead Churchill

Ontario Association of Architects register book.

  • SCA63-GA36
  • Collection
  • 1890-1913

One register book kept by the Ontario Association of Architects for the years 1890-1899. The book lists dues paid by each member of the association as well as money received for exam fees, filing articles, student fees and more. Also includes one item of correspondence from Mills & Hutton, architects asking the secretary for information on rates for architectural work. The register was kept by William R. Gregg.

Ontario Association of Architects

Eric Partridge fonds.

  • SCA60-GA34
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1947]

Fonds consists of two notebooks containing draft manuscript versions of Partridge's work "Shakespeare's Bawdy", published in 1947.

Partridge, Eric

David Shannon Bowlby fonds.

  • SCA57-GA33
  • Fonds
  • 1892-1921

Fonds consists of 28 items of correspondence between David Shannon Bowlby and his family.

Bowlby, David Shannon


Series documents anti-war and anti-fascist sentiments during the early 1930s. Includes various leaflets of poems and songs on peace by William E. Dyer, a Toronto-based poet. Other leaflets relate to the 1934 Ontario provincial election and promotion for the Socialist Party of Canada in the Waterloo North constituency There is also a membership advertisement for the “American League against War and Fascism”, based in New York, and a Pax International issue from 1934 about the persecution of pacifists and promotion of peace.


Series documents John Walter’s correspondence with William Daum Euler and the Kitchener Daily Record. The correspondence focus on Walter’s request for a public debate with Euler over capitalism and the economy. Other correspondence and newspaper clippings cover the Record’s refusal to publish, in their newspaper, the letters Walter sent about challenging Euler. There are also clippings of Euler's speech which Walter references in his letters.

Walter, John

Slides and Glass Plates

Series consists of glass plate slides, both negative and positive, most likely used for teaching purposes by John D. Detwiler. Includes prepared microscope slides of salmon scales, negatives of cocoons and insect damage, positive images of scientific drawings.

Detwiler, John D.


Series consists of clippings from newspapers, some containing articles or editorials by John D. Detwiler, some about him and/or his work and some collected by him as of subject interest.

Detwiler, John D.

Teaching and Miscellaneous Notes

Series consists of material prepared by John D. Detwiler for instructional purposes. Includes course outlines, lecture notes, exam questions, references, student attendance and marks, and illustrations.

Detwiler, John D.

Associate Correspondence, O-Y.

File consists of 33 pieces of correspondence from writers with last names beginning with the letters "O" to "Y" to other receipients.

Detwiler, John D.


Series consists of approximately 2600 pieces of correspondence to and from Dr. J.D. Detwiler. Correspondents include many names prominent in science, conservation and public life, including William A. Albrecht, Ian McT. Cowan, L.A. DeWolfe, J.R. Dymond, Archibald Gowanlock Huntsman , W.W. Judd, Fred Landon, Robert F. Legget, Harrison F. Lewis, Georges Maheux, K.W. Neatby, Ernest C. Oberholtzer, Edward G. Pleva, Dana Porter, D.S. Rawson, A.H. Richardson, R. Omar Rilett, William Rowan, Jacques Rousseau (1905-1970), E.S. Russenholt, T.M. Sonneborn, Robert J.C. Stead, Hugh Templin, Ross B. Willis.

Detwiler, John D.

John William Dawson correspondence

  • SCA26-GA15
  • Collection
  • April 17, 1878

Contains of a single holograph letter, dated April 17, 1878, written by Sir John William Dawson to an unidentified recipient about the conflict between science and religion.

Dawson, John William, Sir

Percival Horton-Smith Hartley scrapbooks.

  • SCA16-GA9
  • Collection
  • 1921-1939

Fonds contains two scrapbooks created by Sir Percival Hartley dating from 1921 to 1939. Both contain newspaper clippings and handwritten notes relating to a variety of topics in areas such as theology, physicians, poetry, and the history of England.

Hartley, Sir Percival Horton-Smith

Exhibit clippings

Series contains clippings documenting memorial exhibits for Homer Watson and articles reviewing his life. There are two scrapbooks containing newspaper clippings between 1936 and 1947. One scrapbook contains mostly newspaper memorabilia and exhibition advertisements, while the other contains clippings focused mainly on announcing exhibits throughout Ontario along with press and editorial comments. There are also files of clippings that discuss the closure of Watson’s art gallery and studio in 1947. One of the clippings is a print, from a magazine, depicting Homer Watson.

Homer Ransford Watson memorial fonds

  • SCA15-GA8
  • Fonds
  • 1936-1949

Fonds documents various memorial exhibits on display after the passing of Homer Ransford Watson, and the administration of Watson's estate by Ross Hamilton. Fonds predominately consists of correspondence addressed to Ross Hamilton regarding the management or purchase of Watson's paintings. Other textual records include pamphlets, leaflets, and two scrapbooks of clippings about memorial exhibitions about his works and life. Typescripts in the fonds cover speeches and tributes to Watson during memorial exhibitions, as well as a biography of him written by Ross Hamilton.

Hamilton, Ross

William Dickson collection.

  • SCA12-GA7
  • Collection
  • 1818, 1831-1834, 1839

Collection consists of seven legal documents regarding the sale of land in the Township of Dumfries in Southern Ontario.

File list:

1. Deed of land between Aaron White and Joseph Dorland -100 acres (Hallowell Township) – June 5, 1818
2. Deed of land between between William Dickson and William Otis - 50 acres – May 9, 1831
3. Deed of land between between William Dickson and John Campbell - 315 1/3 acres – July 14, 1832
4. Deed of land between between William Dickson and Jacob Kinsey - 150 acres – April 25, 1833
5. Deed of land between between William Dickson and John Fraser - 50 acres – October 1, 1834
6. Deed of land between between William Dickson - Levi Howell, 25 acres – April 16, 1834
7. Receipt for Joseph Pettengall from the Commissioner for Crown Lands - 100 acres (Hillier Township) – June 6 1839

Dickson, William

Death of the late Miss Gonder of Black Creek.

File consists of one typescript of an obituary "death of the late Miss Gonder of Black Creek - a pioneer resident of Willoughby Township", a clipping of said obituary, and a manuscript tribute to her memory which was read at her funeral service.

Ms. notes by Dr. William Canniff.

File consists of manuscript notes on various topics of interest, primarily early Canadian settlement, written by Dr. Canniff. Topics include: the settlement of Perth, Loyalists, refugees, Wainfleet Township, Caistor Township, Barton Township, Glanford Township, Bertie Township, Gainsborough Township, Binbrook Township, Saltfleet Township, Clinton Township, Grimsby Township, Louth Township, Humberstone Township, Grantham Township, Stamford Township, Long Point Country, Governor Simcoe, Burlington, Whitby, Ottawa, Rebellion of 1776, Brockville and others. Also includes one item of correspondence from M.R. Morden. Note that some of the notes are written on the verso of handbills, memos, and recommendations from Victoria University Medical School.

Colonel Joel Stone.

File consists of one manuscript petition of a land grant from Joel Stone, one manuscript narrative of his life extracted from his own journals, and one accounting ledger, possibly of his estate. Note that Stone fled to Canada in 1786 and was the first white settler in what is now Gananoque.

Ms. notebook.

File consists of one manuscript notebook with notes on various historical topics including the War of 1812.

The D.W. Smith collection of manuscripts.

File consists of typescript notes with manuscript annotations on the D.W. Smith collection of manuscripts held at the Toronto Public Library. Also includes an manuscript note on the binding of the collection. Notes are typed on Ontario Historical Society letterhead.

D.K. Goodfellow to David Boyle.

One item of correspondence addressed to David Boyle from D.K. Goodfellow, dated May 23, 1904. Also includes a manuscript copy of an "extract from a petition from the Chippeaw, Ottawa and Pattawattamie Indians to Sir Francis Bond Head, Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada, dated at Sandwich U.C. the 27th February 1836."

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