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Schantz Russell family fonds.
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Map of Manitoba.

Map shows: township boundaries, sectional survey and railways. On verso: Manitoba farming information.

Schantz Russell Family


Plan showing a subdivision of Berlin with 642 lots in three parcels. Includes transparent overlay stencil reflecting the locations of current Kitchener buildings and landmarks.

Schantz Russell Family

[Plan of Kitchener (then Berlin)].

This untitled drawing/plan shows part of the city of Kitchener (then Berlin), several lots bounded by Yonge and Railroad Streets. Includes lot numbers, extensive pencil annotations.

Schantz Russell Family

Maps and plans.

Maps and plans collected by members of the Schantz family. Includes maps of the greater Waterloo region, as well as other areas of Canada and the United States. Some of the maps show homesteading areas in which members of the Schantz family owned property.

Schantz Russell Family

Russell, Dorothy Etta.

Full body studio portrait of Dorothy Etta Russell (nee White) as a teenager seen seated in a chair and looking off camera.

Schantz Russell Family

Russell, Dorothy Etta and Viola Snyder.

Full length studio portrait of Dorothy Etta Russell (nee White) and Viola Snyder standing with a side table at centre. Both are seen in dresses with large bows in their hair and Viola is holding a folded booklet.

Schantz Russell Family

Visit of Duke and Duchess of York to Berlin, Ont.

Photograph of the visit of the Duke (George VI, King of Great Britain, 1895-1952) and Duchess of York (Mary, Queen, consort of George V, King of Great Britain, 1867-1953) to Berlin, Ontario in 1901. The photograph was taken from behind a crowd and shows dignitaries on a flag-draped platform in front of a train car behind and people are visible on the rooftops of buildings opposite, including Randall & Roos Wholesale Grocers.

Schantz Russell Family

United Brethren Church group outing to Elora Gorge.

Group portrait taken during an outing to Elora, Ontario of members of a United Brethren Church group from Berlin, Ontario. The group is seen posed for the camera against a rocky backdrop.

Back row standing: ?, [Aggie Brubacher], Franklin Abram Schantz, Edgar Clemens, ?, ?

Seated middle row: Arthur Benjamin Schantz, Eli Brubacher, ?, [Amos Musselman], Ella Weaver, ?

Seated front row: Sophie Emma Schantz, [Lizzie Musselman]

Schantz Russell Family

Soccer team.

Casual group portrait of the Berlin Rangers soccer team wearing jerseys with the word 'Canada' visible on the front.

Back row: [Unknown], Dave Forsyth, Walter Bowman, Solly Brubacher, W.P. Mustard, Carl Kranz.
Middle row: [E. Webster], Walter Thompson, Tom Gibson, E. T. Gordon, Fred Killer.
Front row: H. Pirie, [Alex Gibson?], [A. N. Garrett?]

Schantz Russell Family

Sedgewick, Alberta streetscape.

Photograph of a streetscape of Sedgewick, Alberta showing a Meat Martket, Clemens Bros. store and Sedgewick Realty Co. A group of unidentified men and a child are standing outside of storefronts and a horse is visible hitched to a post.

Schantz Russell Family

School of Science.

A composite photograph which includes image of the Science building at the University of Toronto, eight graduates, and three faculty.

Schantz Russell Family

Schantz, Tobias Kolb.

A studio portrait of Tobias Kolb Schantz showing him with his book agent's accoutrements including a hat, cane and book sample case.

Schantz Russell Family

Schantz siblings.

Head and torso studio portrait of siblings Florence Annie Catherine Schantz, Franklin Abram Schantz, Herbert Cecil Palmer and Arthur Benjamin Schantz.

Schantz Russell Family

Schantz, Orpheus Moyer and family.

One informal group portrait of the Schantz/Flagler family and friends. The group is seen sitting on the front porch of Orpheus' home at Morton Park.

Back row: Arthur Schantz, Melvina Dorthula Flagler, Samuel A. Flagler.

Middle Row: Sophie Schantz, Carrie Flagler Schantz, William Brown Flagler, Nell Johnston Flagler.

Front Row: G.H. Bowers with banjo, H. Goodwal Dickerman with Ruth Schantz and guitar, Orpheus Schantz.

Schantz Russell Family

Schantz, Florence Annie Catherine.

Three-quarter length studio portrait of Florence Annie Catherine Schantz seen standing behind a chair, with arms at back, and looking at the camera. The photo was taken on Florence's 26th birthday on December 28, 1905.

Schantz Russell Family

Schantz, Mary and children.

Informal outdoor group portrait of Mary Schantz with some of her children and grandchildren. The photograph was mounted and made into a 1915 calendar.

Left to right: Florence Annie Catherine Schantz, Orpheus Moyer Schantz, Mary Schantz (nee Moyer) (seated), Worth Flagler Schantz, Franklin Abram Schantz, Dorothy Etta Russell (nee White), Sophie Emma Schantz.

Schantz Russell Family

White, Etta Lydia Mary.

One studio portrait of Etta Lydia Mary White (nee Schantz) taken while she was living with her brother Orpheus Moyer Schantz in Chicago, Ill.

Schantz Russell Family

Schantz, Florence, Arthur and Herbert Schantz.

One full length studio portrait of Florence Annie Catherine Schantz , Arthur Benjamin Schantz and Herbert Cecil Palmer Schantz.

Florence is seated on a ladies chair, Arthur is standing at centre, and Herbert is standing with left arm resting on a tall table. Florence is holding a painting of a young girl and Arthur is holding one of a pastoral landscape.

Schantz Russell Family

Revival meeting of the Christian Endeavour Choir.

Photograph of the Christian Endeavour Choir standing on a large stage behind a podium taken during a revival meeting in the Queen Street auditorium in Berlin, Ontario around 1910. A banner at the back of the room reads: "Get right with God." and a second, at the front of the podium reads: "Him that cometh unto Me, I will no wise cast out. John 6:37"

Schantz Russell Family

Moyer, Anna and Mary Schantz.

Studio portrait of Mary Schantz (nee Moyer) and her sister Anna Moyer seated side by side. Both are wearing glasses and seen looking at camera.

Schantz Russell Family

Freeport Academy : teachers and students.

A composite class photograph of the scholars attending the Freeport Academy taken around 1870. This photograph was originally housed in an oval frame featuring decorative fruits and leaves. The individuals in the photograph were identified by a list in the Isaac Bowman files.

Row 1, top: Charles Shupe, Levi B. Clemens, Titus Snyder, George A. Scott (Assistant), Levi Sherk, Jacob Hagey.

Row 2: Menno Bowman, Nelson Morley, Henry Woods, J.B. Weaver, Mina Gonder, Menno B. Clemens, Unidentified, Jos. Perrin.

Row 3: Ephraim Snyder, John Groh, Hespeler, Harriet Shupe, I.L.Bowman (Principal), Simon Bowman, Moses Weaver, Levi Roos.

Row 4: Charles Glick, Sylvester Godbold, Benjamin Sherk, A.O. Bowman, Aaron Sherk, Sarah Snyder, Philip Boehmer.

Row 5, bottom: Henry Sauer, John Sherk, Mary Snyder, Saruch Eby, Mary Weaver, Aaron Meyer, Menno B. Clemens.

Schantz Russell Family

Freeport Academy : teachers and students.

Group portrait of Freeport Academy teachers and students taken about 1869.

Back row, left to right: Rev. John B. Schlichter, Ezra Weber, Mary Snyder (Mrs. Moses Weaver), Harriet Shupe, Mina Gonder, Miss Bergey, Samuel S. Moyer, Isaac L. Bowman (Principal).

Middle row, left to right: William Simmons, Ananias Eby, Ephraim A. Snyder, James Peterson, William Sherk, Saruch Eby, Charles Shupe, Abraham M. Snyder.

Front row, left to right: Benjamin M. Snyder, Moses Weaver, Abram O. Bowman, Titus Snyder, Horace Beam, Horace Smith, Jacob B. Weaver, Hiram Hewitt.

Schantz Russell Family

F.W. Woolworth Co. combined picnic at Puslinch Lake.

One casual outdoor portrait of employees of F.W. Woolworth Co. taken at Puslinch Lake, Ont. Portrays men and women in various types of casual dress, including several women in uniforms of sweaters, bloomers and caps, perhaps dressed for baseball. It is possible that the older woman present could be Florence Annie Catherine Schantz or Sophie Emma Schantz, both of whom worked for Woolworth's.

Schantz Russell Family

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