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Negatives European trip.

Negatives depicting landscapes, landmarks, and members of the Breithaupt family travelling through Europe in 1930, specifically photographs cover travelling in England, Scotland, and the trip back to Canada. Also contains two paper developing envelopes that contained the negatives when they arrived in archives.

Breithaupt Hewetson Clark family

Letter to Joseph Jefferson from Jan Larue

  • SCA45-GA25
  • Collection
  • [18-?]

Collection consists of one undated typescript letter to Joseph Jefferson from Jan Larue in Iberia Parish, Louisiana. The letter requests Jefferson put in a good word for Larue. Also included is an undated photograph card of Joseph Jefferson, taken by Gilbert & Bacon studios in Philadelphia.

Eugene Ferrin Clark fonds

  • SCA50-GA27
  • Fonds
  • 1894-1922, predominantly 1920-1922

Fonds contains autographs collected by Eugene Ferrin Clark from various British and American actors. Correspondence from Clark to various people soliciting autographs and autographed photographs are included.

1. Granville Barker also G. Barker’s autograph
2. John Randolph Bolling; November 23, 1921
3. Witter Bynner, New York; December 12, 1921/December 21, 1921
4. W. L. George, New York; October 22, 1920
5. B. Roland Lewis, University of Utah; December 14, 1919/December 19, 1919
6. Joseph Pennell, London/Philadelphia; June 8, 1913/November 16, 1919
7. G. Rollin, Chicago; May 10, 1919

Autographs collected by Clark:
8. George Arlis, Walter Hampden, Victor Herbert, William Hodge, James Hunellar, Oliver Lodge, Nance O’Neil, Eugene O’Neill, A.C. Read, Chauncey Brewster Tinker

9. Floral Tributes on Grave of Actor James O’Neill, 1920 and photographs with autograph signatures of:

  • Nazimova, n.d.;
  • Henry Irving dated 1894;
  • Anton Lang as Jesus dated 1922;
  • Anton Lang dated 1922;
  • Guido Moyr dated 1922.

Clark, Eugene Ferrin

Dion Calthrop Clayton letter

  • SCA53-GA29
  • Collection
  • January 21, 1936

Contains one letter dated January 21, 1963 and addressed to "My Dear Jean" from Dion Calthrop Clayton regarding his book. Underneath the body of the letter is a drawing in black ink of a person blowing on a trumpet. There is also a separate, folded leaflet included with the letter titled, "In Memoriam 1881-1937". Inside the leaflet is a black and white profile shot of Calthrop.

Calthrop, Dion William Palgrave Clayton

Vestris Prize for Choreography fonds.

  • SCA74-GA43
  • Fonds
  • 1966-1968

Fonds consists of two binders compiled by Dr. Henry H. Crapo when he was a Trustee with the Wasemquia Charitable Trust. The binders document the Vestris Prize Competition for Choreography in 1967 and 1968, which the Wasemquia Charitable Trust helped to sponsor. Fonds documents scheduling and planning for the competition, as well as lists of competitors and judges.

Correspondence addressed to and from Henry Crapo, discussing various topics such as invitations sent to renowned ballet dancers in the New York world to judge in the competition are included, along with press releases and letters to advertisement agencies to promote the competition. Other records in the binders include clippings from newspaper and magazines advertising the competition, as well as black and white photographs depicting trophies from the competitions and scenes of performance entries.

Fonds also includes a yellow patina bronze statue that depicts a caricature of Auguste Vestris, which acted as the central theme for the Vestris Prize competition. The statue portrays Auguste Vestris with an oversized head, wings, and a garland.

Crapo, Henry H.

Prayer book

Item is a manuscript prayer book dating back to 1783. Acting as a small mass book, the prayer book serves partly as a table of contents by describing the kinds of prayers included as well as the inclusion of an index. On the front cover page there is a caption that reads "Together put for me, Johann Lorentz Garle from Knigswehrt. F.A.B." Along with the prayers, there are also coloured, hand-drawn illustrations (Fraktur art) of various religious figures in ink and watercolour with caption written under neath in Latin. Some of the figure include S. Cunigunta, Christus in Horto, Conceptio B.A. Maria, S. Iosephus.

Photograph collection.

  • SCA83-GA53
  • Collection
  • [186-?]-[19--?]

Collection consists of 169 19th century American photographs. Included are 115 carte-de-visites, 40 cabinet portraits, 2 albums, 11 miscellaneous photographs and 1 envelope of miscellaneous business and greeting cards.

The photographs vary in size, but many of are 1 x 1 cm and mounted on card. Most are albumen type photographs depicting various people including infants, children, and adults. The photographs come from various studios across the United States though the majority come from studios in New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Illinois. The photographs, since rehoused, were originally housed in two albums decorated with an intricate relief on the cover and a metal clasp lock.

G. Desrat fonds

  • SCA85-GA55
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1880]

A small notebook containing clippings of reviews, advertisements, and articles from Journal des Bals, La Danse and manuscripts of articles by G. Desrat regarding various types of dance (such as ancient Greek dancing, Scottish dancing, the cotillion, waltz, minuet, and the quadrille), along with handwritten notes. Also included in the fonds are three leaves of documents relating to the origin of the notebook and sources of the article clippings contained inside.

Contredanses, French

  • SCA86-GA56
  • Collection
  • [ca. 1780]

Notebook containing diagrams of 84 contredanses with written annotations, circa 1780. Diagrams show the step by step movements of specific types of dances such as La Camille, Les Caprices de Chantenany, Les Cerises de Montmorenci, and Le Retour de Blanchard.

List of Contredanses included in Notebook:

  1. La Camille
  2. Les Deux Amies
  3. La Zemia
  4. La Labotiere
  5. La Caprices Indiens
  6. La Legere
  7. L'Aufantine
  8. L'été
  9. La Nouvelle Etienne
  10. La Nouvelle Monaco
  11. L'Anglaise
  12. Paule et Virginie
  13. Lew Tembourins Picards
  14. L'Union Intime
  15. Les Trois Amis
  16. La Champete
  17. Les Caprices de Chantenany
  18. Les Folies de Roncé
  19. Les fête Villageoise
  20. La Crécy
  21. Les Plaisirs de Warennes
  22. La Juno
  23. La Petite Chasse
  24. La Colbert
  25. La Victoire de Cobourg
  26. La Princesse d'Orange
  27. La Rosalie
  28. Le Duc d'Yorck
  29. La Coalisée
  30. L'arrivée du P. d'Orange
  31. L'Espangnole
  32. La Belle Elizabeth
  33. Les Plaisirs d'Irlande
  34. Carlalez [?]
  35. La Julie
    4o. La Tulipano
  36. Le Retour Autrichien
  37. L'Arrivée de l'Empereur
  38. Les Cerises de Montmorenci
  39. La Yacinte
  40. La Belle Annete
  41. Les Bons Amis
  42. La Simplicie
  43. Les Plaisirs d'Alançon
  44. La Figaro
  45. La Fille à Nicolas
  46. L'inconnu à la Redoute
  47. La Belle Poûlé
  48. Le Plaisir de Chatenet
  49. La Satisfaction
  50. La Chinoise
  51. La Petite Charmante
  52. Le goût du jour
  53. La Guchen
  54. Le Plaisir de Basque
  55. La Pastorale
  56. La Charboniere
  57. Les nouveaux capricieu
  58. La Redoute
  59. La Vandeuie
  60. L'Enfant Trompeur
  61. La Petite Savoyarde
  62. Luca
  63. Les hannetons [?]
  64. Le Depart Indien
  65. La Chasse d'Amour
  66. Les Dettes
  67. La Nouvelle Eté
  68. La Tarare
  69. Le Portaille Anglois
  70. Le Caprice de Erevan
  71. Les Amourettes
  72. Les Pantalon
  73. La Neuville
  74. La Monaco
  75. L'Elisabeth
  76. La Fête villageoise
  77. L'Infortuné
  78. Le Retour de Blanchard
  79. [Untitled]


File consists of a notebook kept by Minnie O'Hara Maines with minutes from meetings with the Executive Committee, the Education Committee, the Committee for English-speaking classes at the YWCA, and the Canadian Affairs Group. Also included are two reports from 1957 and 1958 summarizing the activities of the Council's Service, Education, and Social committees; brochures from 1966 and 1967 outlining the general responsibilities and scope of the council; as well as a 1960 letter from Victoria Ullman to Maines, in which Ullman is thanking Maines for the bursary she received, are also included in the file.

History File

File contains a manuscript dated March 16, 1967 regarding the history and establishment of the Kitchener-Waterloo Council of Friendship written by Minnie O'Hara Maines. Also included are news clipping from 1967 regarding 16 K-W dancers performing a German dance for Princess Alexandra.

Scholarship Fund

File consists of records documenting activities related to the scholarship fund administered by the Kitchener-Waterloo Council of Friendship between 1958 to 1971 focused on providing financial aid to new, young Canadians for higher education purposes. Included are the names of scholarship winners; the name of contributors to the scholarship fund; as well as correspondence from the Council to contributors explaining how the funds were distributed among the winners. File also contains records regarding the rules and eligibility for the scholarship and some completed applications.

Kitchener-Waterloo Council of Friendship

Margareta Riehl birth certificate.

  • SCA284-GA319
  • Collection
  • 1807

Fonds consists of one birth-and-baptismal certificate (Geburts-und-Taufschein) for Margareta Riehl. The certificate is written in German and is a fraktur text featuring examples of decorative calligraphy and artwork.

Lily Dale scrapbooks.

  • SCA300-GA336
  • Collection
  • 1890-1925

Collection consists of two scrapbooks maintained by William Phillips. The first includes clippings from newspapers and magazines that date from 1890 to 1914. Included are articles on topics relating to spiritualism, advertisements for mediums, and advertising for spiritualism products including the Ouija board. These materials are glued into "A History of Europe" and most clippings feature underlining of important sections.

The second scrapbook includes both clippings as well as handwritten notes from the spirit world. The notes were sent from friends and family of William Phillips including his wife Elizabeth, sister Fanny, brother John Edward and father Joseph. The notes primarily came through medium P.L.O.A. Keeler at Lily Dale. Most of the clippings are advertisements for publications relating to spiritualism and the occult.

Phillips, William

Barker's Powder puzzle pictures.

  • SCA304-GA340
  • Collection
  • 1902

File consists of nine puzzle picture advertisements for Barker's Powder. The advertisements were snipped from a newspaper and feature a short story with a puzzle picture. The versos show astrology charts as well as letters of recommendation for Barker's Powder.

Barker's Powder

Vanity Fair men of the day prints.

  • SCA305-GA341
  • Collection
  • 1877-1897

Collection consists of seven caricature prints of "men of the day" from the British weekly magazine Vanity Fair. Includes images of Mr. R. Richardson-Gardner; Mr. Herbert Spencer; Marquis of Winchester; Admiral Sir H.R. Yelverton; Mr. Joseph Ernest Renan; The Reverend Arthur Tooth; Lord H.F. Thynne.

David Shannon Bowlby fonds.

  • SCA57-GA33
  • Fonds
  • 1892-1921

Fonds consists of 28 items of correspondence between David Shannon Bowlby and his family.

Bowlby, David Shannon

Roy Mitchell typescript.

  • SCA67-GA38
  • Collection
  • 1913

One transcript of "The Blue Bird", written by Roy M. Mitchell. The typescript has been hand bound and a manuscript note, in Mitchell's hand reads:
"This impression of the “Blue Bird” is limited to three copies on superfine linen record, typewritten and made into a book. The copies have been disposed of as follows:
1. To Georgina Helen Saunders of Toronto
2. Reserved
3. Offered to the Forum Magazine of New York for publication.
This copy is number 1., and signed this sixteenth day of February 1913. Roy M. Mitchell."

The typescript is an essay reviewing Maurice Maeterlinck's play "Blue Bird".

Mitchell, Roy Matthews

Account book.

  • SCA71-GA40
  • Collection
  • 1800-1809

Contains one unidentified English account book with entries from 1800-1809 for wages paid, property taxes, debts, etc.

Arthur Wellesley Wellington letter.

  • SCA76-GA46
  • Collection
  • 1842

Contains one letter from Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington addressed to Francis Fane, the 12th Earl of Westmorland.

Wellington, Arthur Wellesley

Responses to petitions : petition on acid rain.

File consists of signed individual acid rain petition forms (many with envelopes and stamps) returned to Judy Godfrey or the Muskoka Acid Rain Petition Committee, and original and photocopies of the signed petition. File also includes letters of support for the petition, notes, and photocopied newspaper clippings.

Godfrey, Judy

William Kindree fonds.

  • SCA218-GA204
  • Fonds
  • [ca 1966]-1990, predominant 1967-1971

Fonds consists of material relating to William Kindree's involvement in the WATFOR 360 group and material relating to the 25th anniversary of WATFOR. Includes Kindree's notes (design and general) and draft documentation, guides and other publications about WATFOR, photocopied conference proceedings and published papers, correspondence, a newsletter, and a photograph of the WATFOR team.

Kindree, William

WATFOR group : progress and documentation.

File consists of material relating to the WATFOR group and Kindree's involvement with the development of /360 WATFOR and WATFIV. Includes a photocopy of draft documentation for WATFOR and notes about the group's progress and activities.

Kindree, William

Updates for /360 WATFOR compiler.

File consists of material relating to the /360 WATFOR compiler. Includes a memorandum addressed to all /360 WATFOR users and several loose packages containing updates and corrections for the program, including printed lines of code.

Kindree, William

Manuscript cookbook.

  • SCA236-GA235
  • Collection
  • [ca. 1800]

One vellum bound manuscript cookbook of unknown origin. Cookbook features approximately 50 recipes in at least fifteen different hands. Most recipes are for desserts, although a few are for savoury dishes and household products. Some recipes are signed. Signatures include: M. Moore, Mary Dawson, and S. Lowels. Also included in the file is an index of recipes and the original seller's note.

Burrett, Alida : Kitchener Waterloo Status of Women Group.

File consists of materials created and accumulated by Alida Burrett while she was a member of the Kitchener-Waterloo Status of Women Group. Includes notes, meeting minutes, correspondence, and more. The materials are separated into sections and appear to have originally been in a tabbed binder.

Burrett, Alida and George

Two career families.

File consists of materials related to two career families. Includes a report on the "problems" of two career families, as well as correspondence.

Burrett, Alida and George

Burrett, Alida : Environmental Protection

Series consists of materials created and accumulated by Alida Burrett relating to her interest and work in environmental protection, particularly air quality and deforestation. Includes materials related to Clayoquot Sound, materials from the Citizens Advisory Committee and Air Quality including clippings, correspondence, municipal publications, surveys and ephemera as well as a speech by Alida Burrett.

Burrett, Alida and George

Calyoquot Sound.

File consists of two items relating to Clayoquot Sound and the anti-logging ecofeminist protests there. Includes a brochure advertising the documentary "Fury for the Sound" as well as a newsletter sent to the Friends of Clayoquot Sound.

Burrett, Alida and George

Nuclear disarmament.

File consists a materials related to nuclear disarmament and the "star wars" program. Includes a statement from Voice of Women, a newsletter from Voice of Women, one item of correspondence between the Burretts and Hon. Walter McLean, notes for an address on peace by Douglas Roche, a report from parliament, and House of Commons debate information.

Burrett, Alida and George

Sommer family fonds.

  • SCA344-GA393
  • Fonds
  • [1918?]-February 15, 2008

A compilation of personal correspondence consisting mostly of letters exchanged between members of the Sommer family, and occasionally their friends, in Canada or Germany. These letters are interspersed with details of family life and contain observations about the Sommer family’s immigration to Canada, educational pursuits, health and well-being, relationships, finances, businesses and careers, and more. Additionally, these letters contain commentary on contemporary social and political events including the aftermath of World War II, Quebec separatism, and German politics during the 1970s and 1980s. The fonds also incudes photographs, greeting cards, postcards, pamphlets and related ephemera likely exchanged alongside the letters between family members and friends.

Sommer family

Briefe von Annemarie Boden, Max Boden, Axel and Sibylle Boden, 1954 mit einige briefe von John und Gisela Sommer an Annemarie Boden.

Correspondence primarily between the Sommer family and the Boden family. The Boden family lived in Bonn, Germany and included Annemarie Boden, Max Boden, Axel Boden and Sibylle Boden. Of special interest are letters commenting on social and political matters such as issues of ethnicity, Quebec separatism, and World War II. Records include letters, greeting cards, postcards, press clippings, a funeral invitation, and photographs of a family home and the University of Bonn in Germany.

Familienbriefe: 1958-1962.

Correspondence primarily between members of the Sommer family. Includes letters describing Eduard and Elisabeth Höpken’s impending trip to Canada and letters discussing Ulrich Sommer’s adult adoption by a man named Friedrich Joachim who lived in Germany. Records include letters, greeting cards, postcards, floor plans, and a wedding invitation.

Familienbriefe: 1967-1969.

  • SCA344-GA393-9
  • File
  • February 6, 1966-[January 8, 1970?], predominant 1967-1969
  • Part of Sommer family fonds.

Correspondence primarily between members of the Sommer family. Includes letters interspersed with details about family life such as Ulrich Sommer and Cornelius Sommer’s studies in university, Angelika Sommer’s pending visit with her grandparents, and Lina Neumeyer Raatz’s declining health. Lina Neumeyer Raatz was Ulrich Sommer’s aunt and she lived in Germany. Also contains correspondence between the Sommer family and the Altenmueller family from Cooksville, Ontario. Records include letters, postcards, and pamphlets.

Familienbriefe: 1973-1975.

Correspondence primarily between members of the Sommer family. Includes letters interspersed with details about family life such as Eduard Höpken’s declining health and Angelika Sommer’s relationship with her parents and her husband Uwe Schriever. Records include letters and greeting cards.

Familienbriefe: 1979-1980.

Correspondence primarily between members of the Sommer family. Includes letters sent between Gisela Sommer and Ulrich Sommer that were written while Gisela visited her parents in Germany. Also contains a copy of the last will and testament of Friederich Höpken. Friederich Höpken was Eduard Höpken’s brother and he lived in Brazil. Records include letters, greeting cards, and postcards.

Familienbriefe: 1985-1987.

  • SCA344-GA393-19
  • File
  • November 22, 1979-June 8, 1996, predominant 1985-1987
  • Part of Sommer family fonds.

Correspondence primarily between members of the Sommer family. Includes letters sent between Gisela Sommer and Ulrich Sommer that were written while Gisela visited her parents in Germany. Of special interest is a letter by Ulrich to Gisela that describes his experience attending Barker Fairley’s birthday celebration at University College in Toronto, Ontario on May 21, 1986. Records include letters, greeting cards, postcards, funeral invitations, and photographs of family members.

Familienbriefe: 1988-1992.

Correspondence primarily between members of the Sommer family. Includes letters interspersed with details about family life such as Angelika Sommer’s training and participation in a local choir and Cornelius Sommer’s trip to Hamburg, Germany in 1993. Records include letters, greeting cards, postcards, press clippings, and photographs of family members, events, pets, and a choir.

Familienbriefe: 1993-1999.

  • SCA344-GA393-21
  • File
  • [August 1977?]-[December 14, 1999?], predominant 1993-1999
  • Part of Sommer family fonds.

Correspondence primarily between members of the Sommer family. Includes letters interspersed with details about family life such as information about Angelika Sommer’s partner Gunther (surname unknown) and Angelika’s concern for Isle Stein’s well-being. Isle Stein was a friend of the Sommer family and she lived in Germany. Records include letters, greeting cards, postcards, press clippings and, photographs of family members, flowers, buildings, Christmas decorations, and art.

Family Letters: 1952-2008.

Correspondence primarily between members of the Sommer family and Wilhelm and Helga Höpken. Wilhelm and Helga Höpken are Gisela Sommer’s brother and sister-in-law. Of special interest is a programme for an exhibit presented by the University of Guelph from January 12, 2001 to March 17, 2001 titled, The John & Gisela Sommer Collection: 40 years of collections at Gallery House Sol. The exhibit featured 111 items, mostly books and prints, collected by Ulrich and Gisela Sommer for their art gallery, Gallery House Sol. All of the items featured in the exhibit were subsequently donated to the University of Guelph. Records include letters, greeting cards, post cards, a programme, press clippings and, photographs of family members, friends, plants, art, and animals.

Augustine, Ham, Kaufman family fonds.

Material related to the lives and activities of members of the Augustine and Kaufman families of Kitchener, Ontario and of the Ham family of Toronto, Ontario, in particular of the parents, aunt and grandparents of Mary Ham. Includes biographical information, clippings, correspondence, diaries, ephemera and photographs.

Augustine, Ham, Kaufman family

Kaufman, Mary : ephemera, artifact.

A valentine's card sent to Mary Kaufman in 1874. Also includes a Christmas card from Mary Kaufman [ca. 1920] with a Japanese Christmas card to her attached and one pink and blue embroidered book mark

Augustine, Ham, Kaufman family

Ratz family : biographical.

Material relating to the Henry Ratz family. Consists of photocopies of genealogical information, photocopies of photographs and photocopies of clippings. Contains one snapshot of the "Ratz homestead, Elmira?" and a letter from Herb Ratz to Mary Ham, Jan. 11, 1992.

Augustine, Ham, Kaufman family

Augustine and Kaufman families.

A photograph of the Augustine and Kaufman families taken on December 25, 1941 in front of 22 Margaret Ave. Kitchener, Ontario.

Back row, left to right: Albert William Augustine, Mary Eleanor Kaufman (Merritt), Edmond Kaufman, Bernard Sandwell, Robert Kaufman, Carl Kaufman, Alvin Ratz Kaufman, Milton Ratz Kaufman.

Middle Row, left to right: Mary Caroline Augustine, Edna Louise Augustine, Helen Mary Sandwell, Jean Kaufman (wife of A.R. Kaufman), Jean Kaufman (Koetsier), Emma Ratz Kaufman, Edith Kaufman (wife of M.R. Kaufman), John Ross Augustine.

Front row, left to right, seated: Mrs. Hutton, Mary Kaufman.

Augustine, Ham, Kaufman family

Breithaupt family gathering.

Snapshot taken during a Breithaupt family gathering.

Back row, left to right: Milton Cook (family friend), Mary Caroline Augustine, Ella Cook (wife of Milton Cook), Marion Augustine (wife of Lee Augustine who was a second cousin of Albert William Augustine), J.C. Breithaupt (brother of Caroline Barbara Augustine), Albert William Augustine.

Front row, left to right, Laurine Catharine Augustine (daughter of Caroline Barbara Augustine), Edna Louise Kaufman (Augustine), Frieda Breithaupt (daughter of J.C. Breithaupt), Caroline Barbara Breithaupt (Augustine), Carrie Breithaupt (wife of J.C. Breithaupt).

Augustine, Ham, Kaufman family

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