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Anthes, Lydia and daughters.

Studio portrait of Lydia Anthes with daughters Ella Cook, Martha Rieder, Louisa Breithaupt and Carrie Breithaupt. Ella and Martha are seen standing, with Louisa and Carrie seated on either side of Lydia. Only Lydia and Louisa are looking toward the camera.

Rieder and Anthes family

Rieder, Paul and Dorothy Scheifele.

Full length portrait of Paul Rieder and Dorothy Scheifele on their wedding day, seen looking at the camera dressed in a tuxedo and wedding dress. Dorothy has a veil on and is holding a large bouquet of flowers at front.

Rieder and Anthes family

Rieder, Talmon Henry and Martha Anthes.

Full length studio portrait of Martha Anthes and Talmon Henry Rieder standing side by side in their wedding attire. Martha, dressed in a white gown adorned with a veil and arm length gloves, is seen holding the back of a wicker chair. Talmon, dressed in suit with a three-quarter length jacket, is seen standing next to Martha with right hand behind back and holding a glove in his left hand.

Rieder and Anthes family

Dare sales wagon at H. K. Forler

Photograph of Ralph Doerr and William Kettleborne standing next to a horse-drawn C.H. Doerr & Co. sales wagon outside of the H. K. Forler storefront in Wellesley.

Dare Foods Limited

Report of a lecture given by Abudha Khan.

A report of a lecture given by the spirit Abudha Khan through Thomas Lacey. The lecture was given at a séance held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Sheldon in Waterloo, Ontario. The report states that the usual sitters were present at this circle.

Lacey, Thomas

Birthplace of Hon. Mackenzie King, Kitchener, Ont.

Postcard featuring photograph of Mackenzie King standing at the front of his childhood home. He is seen standing with right hand in suit pocket and left on the cope of a walking cane. Top of postcard reads: Birthplace of Hon. Mackenzie King, Kitchener, Ont.

Schneider family

Kitchener Downtown Mall

Film approximately 7:20 minutes in length of Kitchener Mall a pedestrianized stretch of King Street East in downtown Kitchener during the summer months. Pedestrians and cyclists are seen moving along sidewalks and crossing streets, with the occasional trolleybus passing by. Parking spaces are painted in white hash marks with numerous tree-filled planters, flowerbeds, and benches positioned within and along them. Shots of flower beds, sculptures, a water fountain donated by the Big Brothers Association, and people seated on patios and benches appear through out. Buildings and storefronts visible include: Odeon, Eaton's, Kresge, Dutch Boy Food Market, Strand Bowl, Palladium Restaurant, Lyric theatre, Pennsylvania Kitchen, Goudies Department Store, the Walper Hotel, Queen's Restaurant, the Toronto Dominion Bank, Grafton's, Woolworth's, Sally's, Zeller's, Jack Fraser, Herman Lippert Mens Wear, Young's Jewellers, Samer's, and Frank's Mens Wear.

Kitchener-Waterloo Record

Anthes, J.I. Frank.

Four copies of a head and torso studio portrait of J.I. Frank Anthes dressed in a suit and seen looking off camera.

Rieder and Anthes family

50th Anniversary speech.

Consists of Norman C. Schneider's remarks (manuscript, original) to the family on May 20, 1975 at the Charcoal Steak House on the occasion of his 50th wedding anniversary. It includes reminiscences about his family's history: the J.M Schneider home on Courtland Ave., births known as "Lantern night" with family members moving between four homes in a row bringing lanterns and hot water. Also includes a brief background on Ethel Schneider's family and how she came to live next door to Norman's family.

Schneider, Norman Christoph

Maple leaf.

Maple leaf hand painted by Suddaby Public School students to commemorate the centennial of the school.

Schneider, Norman Christoph

Baby Doeppler.

Studio portrait of an infant posed upright in a chair, dressed in a gown and lace cardigan. Possibly a cousin to Anna Elizabeth Metz Schneider.

Schneider family

Buena Vista : Schneider home.

Snapshots of the Schneider home, called "Buena Vista," at 145 Queen St. S., Kitchener, Ontario. Includes one shot of the exterior of the home and one of the dining room.

Schneider family

Aerial photograph.

One aerial photograph taken by Norman C. Schneider of the country homes of F.H. Schneider and Henry Krug at Freeport, Ontario.

Schneider, Norman Christoph

118th Battalion clippings.

Clipping of an article (ill.) from the October 4, 1966 edition of the Kitchener-Waterloo Record titled "Memento of Kaiser bust given to Pioneer Village" and an undated clipping with caption: "The dunked bust of German emperor was salvaged from mud of Victoria Park lake."

Schneider, Norman Christoph

J.M. Schneider : first shop.

One photograph showing J.M. Schneider and Charles Schneider standing on the outside front steps of the "first shop". A free-standing sign is visible with "J.M. Schneider" painted on it; J.M. Schneider is leaning against a large lantern on a pole.

Schneider family

Ahrens, Charles August and Emma.

Photograph of Emma and Charles August Ahrens, both wearing hats and standing outdoors, in front of a leafy backdrop. Emma is looking at camera with a slight smile on her face and arms at back. Charles is standing to her left, looking off camera with right hand on a [walking stick?].

Schneider family

Anthes, John S. family.

Studio portrait of John S. (seated left) and Lydia Anthes (seated right) with their children. Ella and Martha are seen posed between their parents with siblings (left to right) John, Louisa, and Carrie standing at back.

Rieder and Anthes family

Birth, marriage, will and cemetery papers.

Birth, Marriage, Will and Cemetery papers related to Alfred Gofton and family. They include:
1. Birth certificate for wife Charlotte Braun;
2. Marriage certificate for Alf Gofton and Charlotte Braun dated June 6, 1923;
3. Will of Elizabetha Schneider dated Jan. 10, 1905 naming John Metz and Albert B. Schneider as executors;
4. Receipts for perpetual care at Mount Hope Cemetery from the 1930s

Schneider family

Rieder, Martha.

Full length studio portrait of Martha Anthes looking down at a flower held in hands, seen wearing a long white dress and standing in front of an arm chair with throw pillows. A side table with a potted plant is visible in the background at right.

Rieder and Anthes family

Competition for city hall, Kitchener, Ont.

File consists of architectural drawings for the proposed Kitchener city hall, probably by W.H.E. Schmalz. The plans are dated Aug.4, 1921. Sheet one shows two elevations and one cross section. Sheet two shows six floor plans. The plans are unsigned, but thought to be by W.H.E. Schmalz based on similarity to other signed plans. A small beehive drawing is present where an architect's signature would usually be found.

Schmalz, W.H.E.

Family Papers.

Material related to the lives and activities of members of the Augustine and Kaufman families of Kitchener, Ontario and of the Ham family of Toronto, Ontario, in particular of the parents, aunt and grandparents of Mary Ham.

Augustine, Ham, Kaufman family

Unidentified woman.

Full body studio portrait of unidentified woman seen looking off camera while standing next to a table, holding a document..

Schantz Russell Family

Victoria Park trees

Photograph of trees, one with a stump seat, in Victoria Park. A wrought iron bench and lampposts are visible in the background.

Schantz Russell Family

Bowman family.

Photographs of Hervey Bowman, a house on Church St., Kitchener, and a house on Roland St., Kitchener. Note that the photographs were found with correspondence between Franklin Abram Schantz and Franklin Bowman regarding Hervey Bowman's death.

Schantz Russell Family

Anthes Manufacturing Company : employees under factory sign.

Mounted photograph of employees standing in a row, posed for the camera, at the side front of the Anthes Manufacturing Company building under a painted sign that reads: "The Anthes Mfg. Co. of Berlin. Limited." J.I. Frank Anthes is visible standing in a doorway behind the employees at right.

Rieder and Anthes family

Dominion Tire staff.

Two copies of a photograph of Dominion Tire staff posed for the camera while standing on factory floor. Everyone in the group is seen wearing a hat and dressed in a full suits, some without jackets. Includes identifications (left to right): unidentified, unidentified, unidentified, W. A. Gruenawald, E.C. Kabel, George Seikliering [?], unidentified and R.Y. Copland.

Dominion Rubber Company

Confirmation certificate of Gottfried Lehler.

Confirmation certificate granted to Gottfried Lehler from Lutherithen Kirche zu Luden. The certificate is written in German and the translation is as follows: Gottfried Lehler, born on the 1st of September in the year of 1869, confirmed on the 15th of April in the year of 1883 in the Lutheran Church of [ineligible], Waterloo, Ontario.

Bechler family

Album #1.

p. 1-4. Niagara Falls, Buena Vista. Snapshots featuring Norman C. Schneider and Hyalie MacDondald, interspersed with shots of Niaga Falls and the cable car. Other shots of the two men, J. M Schneider and others are taken at Buena Vista, J.M. Schneider's home. Several feature Norman and Hyalie with pipes. Carl Ahrens(?) is also in several shots.
p. 5. Pope Hartford automobile.
p. 6. Schneider family snapshots ca. 1934: Howie sick in bed with nurse, Edith knitting, Keffer family visit, winter play.
p. 8-9. Schneider & Ahrens families at the beach, ca. 1927.
p. 10-11. Norman with a group of boys posed in front of car; Norman, Edith and friends, posed in front of a car; garden arch in winter.
p. 12 Family group on an outing, Norman and Edith with Siegners?), Shupes(?). All dressed in coats and hats, some fur collars, split rail fence.
p. 13-17. family snapshots at 76 Schneider Ave: house and garden exterior, Victoria park in winter, Herb, Howie and Brita, ca. 1934, family group with Emma Siegner.
p. 18. Schneider's(?) girl's baseball team. Women wearing "sailor" pants with two rows of buttons.
p. 19. J.M. Schneider in his office.
p. 19. Family snapshots at 176 Schneider Ave: "Europa Ping Pong, fireplace, Norman and Howie.
p. 20. "The twins, Leonard and Lorraine Pickard."
p. 21. Edith and Little Pal (lacking 1 of 2).
p. 22-23. Winter fun at Freeport, ca. 1934: family with skis, boys on toboggan, posed in front of car.
p. 23. Norman Schneider on the Duchess of Bedford, 1931.
p. 24-25. Family snapshots, 1934: children at Schneider Ave. and at Freeport.
p. 24. Schneiders Christmas boxes? Group of men in front of a store with boxes labelled "Merry Xmas".
p. 26. Herbert and Howie with false noses; Norman in deck chair with blanket and book on the Duchess of Bedford, 1931 (lacking 1 of 3).
p. 27. Norman in front of Cologne Cathedral, Nov., 1934; J.M. Schneider in his office, Dec. 22, 1934.
p. 28-29. Christmas 1934: Christmas tree, presents, Herb, Howie and Brita; Victoria Park 1934: hockey; Mary Jane Keffer, 1933; children on skis (at Freeport?), with unidentified man; J.M. Schneider and Helena with children, J.M. and sister Mary Alles (ther are negatives for these, 2 snaps of 14 lacking).p. 30-33. Keffer family visit (9 of 10 lacking). Includes one shot inside the Keffer home in Germany.
p. 34. Schneider plant, Dec. 1934: plant machinery, shipping Wiltshire sides.
p. 25. Skiing: Chicopee?
p. 36. Freeport cottage: swimming pool (lacking 1 of 2).
p. 37. All photos missing (3), one labelled Lexington Airport picture.
p. 38. Ethel at Freeport Cottage: "Poison ivy day, 1934"; Ethel and Brita, Victoria Park.
p. 39 family skiing at Chicopee, 1934.
p. 40. Family snapshots at 76 Schneider Ave: exterior at dusk; Children seated with Lapsley, Joachimi ladies.
p. 41-42. Schneider Plant: exterior; machinery; men working in office; man with truck "Sam Humphrey, 100,000 miles, 1936"; pigs, cows on ramp; steam shovel digging hole.
p. 44-45. Family snapshots: Schneider and Siegner group snapshots on outings, 1935, Herbert, Howie and Brita in new clothes?; children playing in winter: group shots including four girls in winter coats and leggings, two of boys and toboggan.
p. 46. Children fishing at Freeport, 1935; Norman in a train window, 1934 (lacking 1 of 6).
p. 47. Norman at the Keffer's home in Germany (lacking 1 of 4).
p. 48-54. Skiing at Chicopee: landscape, ski tracks, posed skiiers, skiier jumping with spectators (lacking 3 of 31).
p. 55. Schneider children: birthday party, boys collecting plants.
p. 56-57. Freeport Cottage: children fishing, playing baseball, family group with F.H. Schneider & Siegner families. Includes a shot of Mary Jane Keffer?
p. 58-59. Church of the New Jerusalem, interior and exterior (lacking 3 of 12).
p. 60: Norman, Ethel and Children: group shot at Freeport cottage; spring blooms, men at unidentified property (Sims at Chicopee?). Two of these are groups seen in a gazing ball.
p. 66. Ski Hill at Chicopee (lacking 2 of 3).
p. 62-64. Skiers: groups and individuals, both at Chicopee and elsewhere? Includes one summer shot of men digging ski slope (lacking 1 of 15).
p. 65. Ivan Keffer: winter portrait at Freeport?; Howie missing tooth.
p. 67. Construction photos: men working, shot taken high up (lacking 2 of 4).
p. 71. Horse drawing logs, trees in winter at Freeport?
p. 72-73: Norman Schneider on skis (lacking 2 of 4).
p. 74. Skiers in woods.
p. 75. Skiers in front of fireplace, including Norman Schneider (lacking 1 of 2).
p. 76. Dining room interior (lacking 1 of 2).
p. 77. Little Pal (lacking 1 of 2).
p. 78-80. Schneider stock farm: buildings, creek, boys fishing, collie dog, large tree.
p. 80-82. Spring at 76 Schneider Ave: house exterior, Victoria park entrance and pavilion, daffodils, Howie and Herb with bicycles, Brita with roller skates, group shots of children.
p. 83. Brock Monument and Queenston Heights, May 9, 1937, statue of soldiers labelled "Erie, Pa".
p. 84. Skiiers on grass.
p. 84-85. Keffer family.
p. 85. Norman Schneider with a group: "Europa, 1936".
p. 86-87. Schneider stock farm: family group, boys with pony, cows and large tree.
p. 87. Group of young women, 1936, possibly Schneider employees. They are all dressed for cool weather.
p. 87. Ceremony at Victoria School grounds: platform with speaker, scouts seated in foreground.
p. 88-93. Men's fishing trips (lacking 2 of 21).
p. 94-96. Rotary flag-raising at Chicopee.
p. 97. Norman, F.H. Schneider and Rotary: group portrait with large house in background (Sims home?).
p. 98. Rotary flag raising at Chicopee, 1935.
p. 98-100. Men's shenanigans: men playing outside in costume.

Schneider, Norman Christoph

Circus Parade, King Near Benton.

Copy negatives of elephants walking down city streets. The first is of an old photograph of elephants walking down a city street captioned: "Circus Day in Berlin". Caption accompanying negative reads: "1) Circus Day in Berlin nr p/o at Benton." The second is of elephants walking down a city street, taken from behind, while passing the Market Hotel accompanied by a caption that reads: "5) circus parade king near benton 1904". File also includes caption notes for the next 6 files in series titled PARADES.

Kitchener-Waterloo Record

Victoria Park west pathway

Photograph of tree-lined west pathway, along lake's edge in Victoria Park. The crossed legs and feet of a seated man appear immediately at left, and a group walking toward Roos Island bridge are visible further down the path.

Schantz Russell Family


Clipping of photo with caption from the June 7, 1952 edition of the Kitchener-Waterloo Record: "GREET DEFENCE MINISTER - Henry A. Hosking, MP for Wellington South (left), of Guelph, and Norman C. Schneider, MP elect for Waterloo North, welcomed Defence Minister Claxton (right) when he landed at the Waterloo-Wellington airport yesterday after a flight from Ottawa. Behind Mr. Claxton is Russell Daly, Guelph, president of the Western Ontario Liberal Association."

Schneider, Norman Christoph

Margaret Avenue home.

Photograph of the front of a three-story house at 172 Margaret Avenue. An adult, likely Carrie Breithaupt is seen sitting on the porch, at far right, and a child is standing at the top of the front stairs. There are trees and plants in the background and foreground and other houses are visible in the distance at left.

Breithaupt Hewetson Clark family

Unidentified adult.

Head and shoulders studio portrait of an unidentified adult seen looking at the camera with a slight smile on face.

Rieder and Anthes family

Schneider, Herbert J. and Betty Ruppel.

Undated clipping (ill.) regarding the wedding of Herbert J. Schneider and Betty Ruppel at the Kress Hotel in Preston. Article notes Brita Schneider served as bridesmaid and Howard Schneider as bestman. File includes place cards for the Bride and Groom.

Schneider family

Female office staff.

Informal group portrait of six office staff employees. Lillian Daniels is standing at left and Irmengarde Hagen seated at left.

Schneider family

Report of séance.

A complete report of a séance held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Sheldon in Waterloo. The sitters present at this circle were Mr. Thomas Lacey, Mrs. E. W. Sheldon, Mr. M. Swartz, Mrs. M. Swartz, Mr. G. Steiss, Mrs. G. Steiss, Mr. O. G. Smith, and Mrs. Thomas Lacey. The spirits communicated with through Thomas Lacey during this séance were Maskeline, C.D., the mother of Mrs. Sheldon, Mike, Wickie, Walter, Mr. Stead, Great Bear, Elk Horn, and several unidentified spirits. The spirit guide Abudha Khan was present at this séance.

Lacey, Thomas

Unidentified man.

Full body cabinet card studio portrait of an unidentified man, seen looking at camera with right arm propped on back of chair, from the Bechler family photo album.

Bechler family

Dominion Rubber club

File consists of one photograph of employees seated around the table at the Dominion Rubber club. A Staebler Insurance calendar can be seen in the background.

Dominion Rubber Systems

Berlin Rescue and Hose Co.: Horse-drawn in front of Frederick St. Firehall.

Copy negative of a torn and taped photograph of members of the Rescue and Hose Co. on, and in front of, a horse drawn wagon. Corresponding caption from caption list in file 9 reads: "2) Berlin Rescue & Hose Co horse drawn in front of Fred St. firehall." Annotations on one of the reference prints in file read: "Scharlach, Charles [Loelu?], [Uhrig?], Timms, Dan Boettger, John Rhodes, Frank Seebert."

Kitchener-Waterloo Record

Barn raising of Abram Weber's barn, near Heidelberg, Ontario.

One image of the barn raising of Abram Weber's barn, near Heidelberg, Ontario. The image is the same as the one in the first edition, but is different from those used in the second edtion of Rempel's book. A caption on the verso of the print reads: "Erected July 1966. Abram Weber's farm, near Heidelberg."

Rempel, John I.

Clement, Edwin Perry and Janie Elizabeth Bowlby.

File consists of two identical full length wedding portraits of Edwin Perry Clement and Janie Elizabeth Bowlby. Edwin Perry is seated in an arm chair and Janie is standing at his side, dressed in white gown and veil, with right arm resting on his shoulder.

Clement Bowlby Family

High technology industry.

Material created or accumulated by Andrew Telegdi during his tenure as a Member of Parliament related to the development of the high technology industry and infrastructure in Waterloo, Ontario. The material documents the opinions of some constituents as well as Telegdi’s political involvement in the matter. Records include correspondence, invitations, schedules, news releases, reports, notes, meeting agendas and minutes, press clippings, and other textual material.

Telegdi, Andrew

News releases.

News releases issued to the public regarding Andrew Telegdi's political activities during his tenure as a Member of Parliament. Includes releases announcing the official twinning of the cities of Waterloo, Ontario and Waterloo, Quebec, Telegdi’s flight travel expenses, and other issues.

Telegdi, Andrew

School group photograph.

Photograph of a school group of 37 children by a building entrance, possibly Margaret Avenue School.

According to annotations, one of the persons in photograph is possibly Helena Esther Duffield.

Breithaupt Hewetson Clark family

Class Senior, Margaret Ave School.

Photograph of a school group of 42 children and an adult by the entrance of Margaret Avenue School.

According to annotations, one of the persons in photograph is Frieda Caroline Harris, and the class was Class Senior 3D with teacher Teacher J.F. Carmichael.

Breithaupt Hewetson Clark family

Schneider, Herbert.

Snapshots of Herb and Howie Schneider on skis at Chicopee with Herb's O.A.C. friends, Doug Millar and Winston Muschetta.

Schneider, Norman Christoph

Berlin Street Railway.

Negative taken by Norman C. Schneider of a rail car from the Berlin Street Railway full of passengers stopped along a tree-lined street with a crowd of people waiting to board. Adult in street looking toward camera with hand at waist possibly Charles Alexander Schneider.

Schneider, Norman Christoph

Schneider, Emma Louise.

Studio portrait of Emma Louise Schneider seen looking at camera with bows in hair, standing with left hand on wooden arm chair.

Schneider family


Clipping of photo with caption from unidentified and undated newspaper: "SPEAKS IN WATERLOO - The prime minister [Louis St. Laurent] spoke from the City Hall steps in Waterloo this afternoon. Mayor Roberts (left) and N.C. Schneider, MP, are with him."

Schneider, Norman Christoph

Ahrens, Charles August and family.

Photograph of Charles August Ahrens and family in front of their first home on Courtland Ave. in what was then Berlin, Ontario.

Left to right: Charles August Ahrens, his wife Emma, children Lottie and Fred, and Martin Nagel.

Schneider family

Berlin Fire Brigade, Throwing Stream Over St. Paul's Church.

Copy negative of Page 78 of Twentieth Century Number of Busy Berlin showing fire brigade in action at St. Paul's Lutheran Church on Queen St. and a partial view of group portrait. Fire brigade caption reads: "Berlin Fire Brigade (Throwing steam over St. Paul's Church)". Group portrait caption reads: "Another Group of Travellers. W. G. Cleghorn, I. S. K. Weber, A. K. Dunke, J. Voelker, and L. Stuebing."

Kitchener-Waterloo Record

Louise and Grace after aunt Vine's wedding.

Photograph of two children, one seated and one standing, on a house porch with trees and vegetation in the background, taken at 172 Margaret Avenue. The child that is sitting down has a basket with flowers in her left hand.

According to annotations, children are Grace M. Augustine and Louise Catherine Geil.

Breithaupt Hewetson Clark family

Schneider Avenue from Victoria Park gate

Photograph of Schneider Avenue taken from stone gates at Victoria Park entrance. Leafy trees, wooden electrical poles and pedestrian sidewalks line the length of the residential street.

Schantz Russell Family

Chemical laboratory.

Photograph of the chemical laboratory at the Lang Tanning Company Limited with employees, four women and one man, working along tables covered in glass jars and equipment.

Lang Tanning Company, Ltd.

Unidentified women.

Head and shoulders studio portrait of two unidentified women, seen looking off camera and wearing fancy hats, from the Bechler family photo album.

Bechler family

C.C.F. Crusaders program presentation

Two handbills for a free C.C.F. Crusaders program presentation at the Regent Theatre in Elmira on October 11, 1933 featuring the Crusading Choristers and talks by Varden Latsch and John Walter.

Royal visit.

A photograph of George VI, King of Great Britain and Elizabeth II, Queen of Great Britain on the platform at the train station in Kitchener, Ontario signing a book. The photograph is by Charles Belair, Binning Studio. Mary Caroline Augustine and Jane Baetz are identified as Brownies in this photo.

Augustine, Ham, Kaufman family

Clement, Edwin Perry.

File consists of three photographs and six negatives showing the residence of Edwin Perry Clement at 51 Benton St., Kitchener. The photographs show the house before and after a sunroom was added, as well as the belvedere. As well, the file consists of four miscellaneous negatives showing a sailboat, a woman in a fur coat and a child in a box.

Clement Bowlby Family

Diary : 1920-1923.

School exercise book filled with diary entries from Oct. 30, 1920 to April 1, 1923 written by Dorothy Russell recording her life at the normal school in Toronto, Ont. and the beginning of her teaching career in Kitchener, Ont.

Schantz Russell Family

Potential closure of St. Mary’s General Hospital.

Material created or accumulated by Andrew Telegdi during his tenure as a Member of Parliament related to the potential closure of St. Mary’s General Hospital in Kitchener, Ontario. The material documents the opinions of a constituent as well as Telegdi’s political involvement in the matter. Records include correspondence and a copy of an article likely written by Telegdi.

Telegdi, Andrew

Schantz, Sophie.

Head and shoulders body studio portrait of Sophie Emma Schantz seen looking off camera in partial profile.

Schantz Russell Family

Westmount prospectus.

File consists of material relating to the Westmount development in Waterloo. Includes a prospectus (Realty Pointers: Westmount, "The Development Beautiful") prepared by Beck & Eisenbach (Berlin, ON) containing a plan of Westmount; and a photograph of a topographical landscape painting showing Berlin, Waterloo, and Westmount, prepared by Gibson Catlett, Real Estate Landscape Paintings (Calgary, AB). The plan in the prospectus contains ms. annotations.

Rieder and Anthes family

Buildings and signs.

File consists of photographs and snapshots of Electrohome plants, warehouses, offices, and subsidiaries, including exterior, aerial, and interior shots. Some photographs contain identification on verso. File also includes a photograph of the Physics Building at the University of Waterloo during construction.


Community activities.

File consists of 13 photographs relating to events and activities in the Kitchener-Waterloo community in which Electrohome or CKCO-TV (Central Ontario Television Limited) played a role. Includes photographs of CKCO-TV camera operators and commentators at Queen Elizabeth's visit to Canada in June, 1973, and of W.D. McGregor being presented to Her Majesty; photographs of Prime Minister Trudeau visiting the CKCO-TV studio and meeting Carl A. Pollock; and photographs of Miss Oktoberfest, John A. Pollock presenting a cheque, and other subjects. File also includes a letter, a memorandum, and a typed news story outline about the Royal Visit.


Schantz children.

Full body studio portrait of Etta and Sophie Schantz. Etta (at left) is seated on a settee and Sophie is on a chair next to her. Both are seen looking off camera and holding a small piece of paper of unknown significance.

Schantz Russell Family

Notebook : movies, plays and concerts.

A promotional notebook published in 1912 by the Alaska Feather & Down Co., Montreal, used by Dorothy Russell to record movies, plays and concerts she attended in Kitchener, Ont., Toronto, Sarnia, Chatham and Chicago, 1921-1928. Included are the names of actors and actresses, the theatre and the date.

Schantz Russell Family

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