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Letter to Joseph Jefferson from Jan Larue

  • SCA45-GA25
  • Collection
  • [18-?]

Collection consists of one undated typescript letter to Joseph Jefferson from Jan Larue in Iberia Parish, Louisiana. The letter requests Jefferson put in a good word for Larue. Also included is an undated photograph card of Joseph Jefferson, taken by Gilbert & Bacon studios in Philadelphia.

Eugene Ferrin Clark fonds

  • SCA50-GA27
  • Fonds
  • 1894-1922, predominantly 1920-1922

Fonds contains autographs collected by Eugene Ferrin Clark from various British and American actors. Correspondence from Clark to various people soliciting autographs and autographed photographs are included.

1. Granville Barker also G. Barker’s autograph
2. John Randolph Bolling; November 23, 1921
3. Witter Bynner, New York; December 12, 1921/December 21, 1921
4. W. L. George, New York; October 22, 1920
5. B. Roland Lewis, University of Utah; December 14, 1919/December 19, 1919
6. Joseph Pennell, London/Philadelphia; June 8, 1913/November 16, 1919
7. G. Rollin, Chicago; May 10, 1919

Autographs collected by Clark:
8. George Arlis, Walter Hampden, Victor Herbert, William Hodge, James Hunellar, Oliver Lodge, Nance O’Neil, Eugene O’Neill, A.C. Read, Chauncey Brewster Tinker

9. Floral Tributes on Grave of Actor James O’Neill, 1920 and photographs with autograph signatures of:

  • Nazimova, n.d.;
  • Henry Irving dated 1894;
  • Anton Lang as Jesus dated 1922;
  • Anton Lang dated 1922;
  • Guido Moyr dated 1922.

Clark, Eugene Ferrin

Photograph collection.

  • SCA83-GA53
  • Collection
  • [186-?]-[19--?]

Collection consists of 169 19th century American photographs. Included are 115 carte-de-visites, 40 cabinet portraits, 2 albums, 11 miscellaneous photographs and 1 envelope of miscellaneous business and greeting cards.

The photographs vary in size, but many of are 1 x 1 cm and mounted on card. Most are albumen type photographs depicting various people including infants, children, and adults. The photographs come from various studios across the United States though the majority come from studios in New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Illinois. The photographs, since rehoused, were originally housed in two albums decorated with an intricate relief on the cover and a metal clasp lock.

Kaufman, Emma : 1941.

Four pieces of personal correspondence one written to Emma Kaufman, and three written by Emma Kaufman. These three letters are written to friends in Japan and are dated Dec. 4, 5 and 7 respectively, and describe her efforts to gather material to send back with a Japanese friend on the Dec. 14th sailing of a ship from Los Angeles to Japan.

Augustine, Ham, Kaufman family

Betty Forbes's diary.

A diary containing daily entries written by Betty Forbes in 1948. Several entries describe Betty’s work in British Columbia, family events, dances, a trip to Alaska, holidays, and Peg Forbes’s wedding to Colin Andrew (Joe) Wilson. The diary contains letters, invitations, lists, a patch, and press clippings including one titled, Girls advised to train for career and marriage published in The Globe and Mail on January 27, 1948.

Forbes, Betty

Man on a street.

Photograph of a man posing for the camera with buildings in the background. Photograph was possibly taken at North-Western College, Naperville, Illinois.

Breithaupt Hewetson Clark family

Man studying.

Photograph of an adult studying in a dorm room with a bed in the background and pennants on the wall. Photograph was possibly taken at North-Western College, Naperville, Illinois.

Breithaupt Hewetson Clark family

Group of people in the Court of the Little Theatre.

Informal group portrait of 7 unidentified individuals sitting by a fountain in a court. Caption on verso reads: "Note your big sis taken in the Court of the Little Theatre first of its kind in America and in the Old French Quarters a beautiful court, April 19 - 1930."

Byers, Harry J.

Ethel Carol and Anne Sewall Longfellow scrapbook.

  • SCA42-WA23
  • Fonds
  • 1902-1906

Fonds consists of one scrapbook assembled by Ethel and Anne Longfellow during their attendance at Smith College, Massachusetts between 1902-1906. The scrapbook contains correspondence, photographs, programmes, clippings, notes and ephemera detailing the academic and social life of the sisters.

Longfellow, Ethel Carol and Anne Sewall

Sol Eisen collection.

Collection consists of four files donated as part of the Sol Eisen collection of Canadiana. These items include a ms. of Mexican plays, a music manuscript, a receipt for work completed by a slave on chain gang, and materials related to the life of Frederic William Wile.

Eisen, Sol

Schantz, Orpheus Moyer and family.

One informal group portrait of the Schantz/Flagler family and friends. The group is seen sitting on the front porch of Orpheus' home at Morton Park.

Back row: Arthur Schantz, Melvina Dorthula Flagler, Samuel A. Flagler.

Middle Row: Sophie Schantz, Carrie Flagler Schantz, William Brown Flagler, Nell Johnston Flagler.

Front Row: G.H. Bowers with banjo, H. Goodwal Dickerman with Ruth Schantz and guitar, Orpheus Schantz.

Schantz Russell Family

Moyer family : Christmas dinner.

Group portrait showing the Moyer family having Christmas dinner at Levi Nash Moyer's home in Wilmette, Illinois. From left to right: Mary Emma Moyer, [Edmund Warren Moyer?], ?, Ela Bliss Moyer, ?, Charlotte Hays Moyer, Levi Nash Moyer, Jennie Moyer, Etta Moyer.

Schantz Russell Family

Moyer family.

Studio portrait of the Jacob Nash Moyer and family. Jacob is seated at left, Mary Miller Moyer is standing at centre, holding Bertha, age 4 months, and Willard White, age 2 years, 7 months is seated at right. All but Bertha are looking off camera.

Schantz Russell Family

Moyer, Jennie.

Two identical three quarter length portraits of Jennie Moyer. Jennie is seen seated at a piano with left arm on the keys and a handkerchief in right hand with a ribbon in her hair.

Schantz Russell Family

Moyer, Jessie Watt and children.

One full body studio group portrait of Jessie Watt Moyer with children Barbara Helen and Dorothy Louise. Barbara is seated in Jessie's lap and Dorothy is standing next to them.

Schantz Russell Family

Moyer, Marguriete.

Studio portrait possibly of Marguriete Moyer (daughter of Edward A. Moyer, son of Anna Moyer) as an infant. Marguriete is shown in a gown, bonnet and cape, seated in a chair.

Schantz Russell Family

Moyer, Willard White.

Full body studio portrait of Willard White Moyer aged sixteen months. Willard is shown seated on an arm chair with a doll.

Schantz Russell Family

Schantz, Ruth.

Three quarter length studio portrait of Ruth Schantz seen seated, with arm resting on chair arm, and looking at camera. The bottom of the image has been intentionally faded out.

Schantz Russell Family

Ephemera : visiting cards.

Five hand lettered visiting cards of Jennie Moyer, Edmund Warren Moyer, Austin Schantz, and Orpheus Moyer Schantz and F.J. Ottmax. The cards of Edmund and Jennie list them as living at 3823 Langley Ave., Chicago. The card of Orpheus and F.J. Ottmax is inscribed "A Happy New Year 1889."

Schantz Russell Family

Ephemera : Wild Flower Preservation Society.

Five identical decal prints from the Wild Flower Preservation Society: Illinois Chapter. The decals say "Enjoy-Do Not Destroy" around the edge and the middle shows a drawing of pink blossoms. The Wild Flower Preservation Society was a branch of the Illinois Audubon Society of which Orpheus Schantz was a board member.

Schantz Russell Family

Edkins, Lucy.

Studio portrait of Lucy Edkins seen standing and looking slightly off camera. She is wearing a hat, lace adorned top and a fur scarf across shoulders.

Rieder and Anthes family

Mt. Penn Stove Works advertisement

Advertisement trade card for Mt. Penn Stove Works featuring decorative floral illustration surrounding a woman cooking on a range with a caption reading "a complete kitchen always contains a pretty cook and a Penn Esther range." A large line of sizes and a great variety of styles. For sale by G.W. Rinesmith & Sons 114 North Hanover Street, Carlisle, PA. Made by Mt. Penn Stove Works, Reading, Pa."

Armour & Co. advertisement

Advertisement trade card for Armour's Mince Meat and Canned Meats showing an older woman teaching a group of younger women how to cook. Verso reads "It is admitted by every prudent housekeeper, that our Condensed Mince Meat is equal in every respect to the old-fashioned home-made article. Our well known connection with the beef industry, enables us, to put a Mince Meat on the market second to none. We use only the best and purest ingredients, and it is the universal verdict that our product retains its sweetness longer and goes farther than any other brand. Packaged in 12 oz. (net) cardboard cartons. Enough for two large pies. 2 packages for 25 cents. At all first-class grocery stores. Armour and Company, Chicago."

Soapine advertisement

Advertisement trade card for Soapine by Kendall Manufacturing Company of Providence Rhode Island and illustrated by Charlotte Perkins Gilman showing a woman from behind dusting figurines that spell out Soapine on a mantel piece. Verso reads "Cleanliness in the house, laundry, kitchen and workshop is best secured by the use of Soapine. All wise people continue to use it after one trial. Kendall Mfg. Co. Established 1827. Providence, R.I."

Litchfield Steam Laundry letterhead

Correspondence from Litchfield Steam Laundry of Litchfield, Illinois. The letterhead shows women at work in the laundry engaged in tasks such as using washing drums, pressing, and folding clothes. The letter reads "...from 40 to 69 lbs. Also, the water is clear now to what is was one month ago. It is also a compound which if you would let stand one month no settling would be acceptable. But hoping you have a machine which can master it. [illegible] yours truly, Hugh Snell"

Conqueror wringer advertisement

Conqueror wringer advertisement showing three women and one young girl ironing clothes titled "Ironing Day." The young girl is seated at a stool holding up a dress in front of a Conqueror wringer. Verso reads "The Conqueror excels all other wrings in having 1. A forged steel spring, tapered and tempered, and the temper not "drawn" by galvanizing. 2. The extension crank, which gives double power, without loss of speed. 3. Composition metal bearings, which neither rot, rust or wear out. 4. Patent solid white rubber rolls, fastened immovably to the shaft. 5. Malleable iron swivel clamps, which fit either round or stationary tubs. Foote & Gaskill dealers in hardware, agricultural implements, also stoves, hollow ware, house furnishing goods, &c. wringers repaired. Hamilton, New York."

French Laundry and Soapine advertisement

French Laundry and Soapine advertisement trade card illustrated by Charlotte Perkins Gilman showing a young woman standing in a frame holding a washing board and a box of soap. The frame is held up on either side by two young men standing on upside down washing buckets that read Soapine. "Verso reads ""French Laundry is the best soap ever made for all purposes. It is the oldest popular soap, having outlived all its rivals. It has won its way into public favor solely on its merits, and thousands of families who are now using it would not be without it. One trial with convince you. Soapine is the best article known for the laundry and general household use. Use no soap, sal soda, borax, washing crystals or other preparations with it. For washing dishes, glassware, silverware, milk cans, dairy utensils, windows, marble, paint or oil cloth, and house cleaning, use Soapine. Kendall Mfg. Co. Established 1827 Providence, R.I."""

David's Prize Soap

David's Prize Soap advertisement trade card showing a vital looking woman washing laundry in a washing bucket with David's Prize Soap while a young girl looks in. Looking in through the door way is a sallow looking older woman. The caption reads "Get David's Prize Soap if you want to avoid hard labor and save your health and strength in washing besides you may get a small fortune as a prize into the bargain." "Verso explains that prizes can be won by purchasing David's Prize Soap, including 2 grand pianos."

Universal Clothes Wringer advertisement

Universal Clothes Wringer puzzle advertisement showing a young woman using a clothes wringer while a man looks in from the window. When the advertisement is held up to the light you can see that the man is looking in with a gun while the young woman leans in to kiss a young man and an older woman comes towards them brandishing a broom. As well, a caption on the advertisement becomes clear which reads "Buy the universal clothes wringer."

Sapolio advertisement

Advertisement trade card for Sapolio showing two women cleaning marble statues with the caption "clean marble with Sapolio." Verso reads "1809 1880 Enoch Morgan's Sons' Sapolio for cleaning & polishing. Hand Sapolio for the toilet and bath. Sapolio being put up in an attractive style some persons think is a fancy article but the fact is that one cake is equal to three cakes of any 'mineral soap' and will do more and better work."

Ahrens, Charles Andrew.

Two studio portraits of Charles Andrew Ahrens, seen in formal dress with hands crossed at abdomen. One is an upper body portrait, and the other is a head and shoulders crop of the same photo.

Schneider family

Schneider, Herbert J. family.

Snapshots of Herb and Betty: skiing, fishing, hiking and sailing in New Zealand, Alaska, Austria, Switzerland and Georgian Bay. Includes two postcards, one to Herb from Carl Holman, head brewer for Carlsberg Beer.

Schneider family

Schneider, Herbert.

One snapshot of an unidentified group standing on a bridge in a Japanese garden. Take on a trip with Fred H., Ella and Fred P. Schneider to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.

Schneider, Norman Christoph

Publicity : 1982-1983 (file 1 of 2).

File consists of material relating to public relations activities for the years 1982 and 1983. Includes news releases, memoranda, copies of form letters to employees and dealers from John A. Pollock, product photographs with typed cutlines, typed remarks by John A. Pollock given at the 1982 annual meeting, the first issue of the newsletter Electrohome World, and press kits for Electrohome Electronics, Deilcraft furniture, and the 1982 annual meeting.

File also includes a portfolio from the Morristown Area Chamber of Commerce (Morristown, TN) containing news releases about Electrohome's purchase of a production facility there and 16 photographs of the plant during construction.


Martin Marietta application story : April, 1991.

File consists of material relating to the writing and publication of an application case history about the the use of Electrohome's ECP 4000 projectors at Martin Marietta space launch systems interactive demonstration centre (Denver, CO). Includes correspondence and memoranda (some faxed), edited draft and final typed versions of story outlines and of articles (some faxed), ms. notes, a photograph of the projection system at the demonstration centre, and other information about Martin Marietta.


Plants and product testing facilities.

File consists of photographs and negatives of Electrohome plants and product testing facilities. Includes photographs of the Morristown, TN, plant; the Electrohome (U.S.A.) Inc. branch in Ontario, CA; an aerial photograph of Plant 10 (Cambridge, ON); and photographs of employees testing television and video monitors. One photograph has been mounted on board and retouched.


Projection Systems application photographs.

File consists of photographs, transparencies, and slides depicting Electrohome Projection Systems products and their applications in various corporations and organizations. Applications pictured include: CSX Transportation Control Center (Jacksonville, FL), Canadian Embassy (Tokyo, Japan), Rochester Gas and Electric (Rochester, NY), Thames River Water System (London, UK), National Bowling Stadium (Reno, NV), the Barcelona Stock Exchange (Spain), and others.


Canada-United States Safe Third Country Agreement.

Material created or accumulated by Andrew Telegdi during his tenure as a Member of Parliament related to the Canada-United States Safe Third Country Agreement. The documents provide general information about the agreement. In addition, the material captures the concerns of some constituents and associations such as Sanctuary Coalition of Southern Ontario and Jesuit Refugee Service Canada regarding the provisions of the agreement. Records include correspondence, notes, and reports.

Telegdi, Andrew

Clement, Florence Grace.

Photograph of Florence Grace Clement posed for a photo while standing on the side of pool of water that is surrounded by palm branches.

Clement Bowlby Family

Counting algorithms for connected labelled graphs / D.D. Cowan, R.C. Mullin, and R.G. Stanton.

Two copies of a typed manuscript titled, "Counting algorithms for connected labelled graphs" by Donald Cowan, R.C. Mullin, and Ralph G. Stanton. The manuscript is twelve pages. This paper was presented at the sixth Southeastern Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory, and Computing held at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida between February 17-20, 1975. This paper was subsequently published in the Proceedings of the sixth Southeastern Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory, and Computing, pages 219-231. Also includes correspondence related to the submission of the paper to the conference.

Cowan, Donald D.

Trip diary.

File consists of one trip diary kept by Florence Bray. The diary details trips to Europe (1926), California (1938 & 1939), New York and Atlantic City (1932), Virginia (1950), Florida (1930 & 1938), Scotland (1892), Gaspe (1946), Muskoka (1946). Also included in the diary are addresses of people met while on trips, a list of hotels stayed in and a fold out map of the United States and Mexico. The 1926 trip to Europe is of particular interest, with descriptions of major European cities and First World War battlefields.

Bray Family

Motz, Rose Huck : press pass.

File consists of Rose Motz's press pass, with photo, for the 1934 A Century of Progress International Exposition in Chicago. Motz is seen in partial profile, wearing a hat and looking off camera.

Motz Family

New York Herald.

File consist of the April 15, 1865 edition of the New York Herald. This edition reports on the assassination of Lincoln.

Paul S. Burtness and Warren U. Ober Pearl Harbor research collection.

  • SCA251-GA261
  • Collection
  • 1960-2013

Collection consists of materials created and accumulated by Paul S. Burtness and Warren U. Ober relating to their research on the events surrounding the attack on Pearl Harbor during World War II. Includes correspondence with prominent members of the U.S. Forces during World War II, as well as published articles that came out of the research.

Burtness, Paul S.

Booking photograph of Rose Pena Ventura.

  • SCA414-GA482-1
  • Collection
  • September 22, 1955

Two photographs on one sheet from the Sheriff's Department Los Angeles showing the booking photographs of Rose Pena Ventura. Ventura is seen in full length profile and straight on. The verso of the photograph indicates it was taken September 22, 1955 when Ventura was 32. Her aliases are listed as Rose Pena and Rose Garduna and she was arrested for the crime of abortion.

Sheriff's Department Los Angeles

Funeral service card.

A funeral service card for the service of memory for Berdiena "Birdie" Cartheuser held on September 13, 1986 at the Church of the Hills in Forest Lawn, Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, California. Berdiena was William Cartheuser's second wife. Berdiena was born on April 20, 1896 and died on September 11, 1986.

Survival Research Institute of Canada

Bates, Catherine Wagner.

Studio portrait of Catherine Wagner Bates. Catherine is dressed formally in a dress with choker necklace, earrings and her hair in a snood.

Wagner Hailer family

Formal structure for specifying the content and quality of the electronic health record / H. Dominic Covvey, David Zitner, Daniel M. Berry, Donald D. Cowan, and Michael Shepherd.

A copy of an article titled, "Formal structure for specifying the content and quality of the electronic health record" by H. Dominic Covvey, David Zitner, Daniel M. Berry, Donald Cowan, and Michael Shepherd. This article was likely a conference paper presented at the 11th IEEE International Conference on Requirements Engineering held in Monterey Bay, California between September 8-12, 2003.

Cowan, Donald D.

The First Principles of Metaphysics by Dr. Dean S. Psaras.

A lecture by Dr. Dean S. Psaras detailing the principles of metaphysics and the mental philosophy of dealing with the nature and causes of being. The lecture includes the topics of meditation, invisible forces, thought power, healing, the power of prayer, helping those who have passed into spirit, and the power of combined thought. The lecture was published by Churchill's of Birmingham in Lake Forest, Illinois.

Gauthier, Sofie

The Charismata of Healing as taught by Reverend Dr. Dean S. Psaras.

A lecture by Reverend Dr. Dean S. Psaras explaining the healing philosophy and the healing purpose. Psaras details specific types of healing (divine healing, spiritual healing, faith healing, magnetic healing, vibration healing, suggestive therapy, charismatic healing) and provides instruction for healing practices. The lecture was published by Churchill's of Birmingham in Lake Forest, Illinois.

Gauthier, Sofie

Introduction to Psychism of Color.

A lecture by Reverend Dean S. Psaras explaining the psychism of colour. The lecture describes what aura colours mean, the positive and negative aspects, ray power, and the role colours play in healing. The lecture was published by Serenity Publishing Company in Lake Forest, Illinois.

Gauthier, Sofie

Edkins, Lucy.

Studio portrait of Lucy Edkins seen standing and looking slightly off camera. She is wearing a hat, lace adorned top and a fur scarf across shoulders.

Rieder and Anthes family

Forrest, Adah Montgomery.

Studio portrait of Adah Montgomery Forrest seen wearing a high-collared, lace-trimmed top.

Rex, Kay

S.K. Johannesen fonds.

Fonds consists of materials created and accumulated by Stan Johannesen over the course of his education, teaching career, and pursuit of personal interests. Includes correspondence, course materials created as a professor at the University of Waterloo and continuing education lecturer at Laurier University, juvenilia, and a variety of published and unpublished fiction and non-fiction works.

Johannesen, S.K.

Tire testing.

File consists of publicity photographs from United States Rubber and Uniroyal of tires being tested primarily in Laredo, Texas. Note that United States Rubber was the former name of Uniroyal.

Dominion Rubber Company

Electrohome dealers and branches.

File consists of a photograph of an Electrohome dealer in New York, the store front of the Hydro Shop (Waterloo, ON?), and the Vancouver branch of Electrohome.


Studies in Broadcast Propaganda Study No. 23 : the British Action at Taranto in Foreign Broadcasts (12th-14th November, 1940).

Report providing an analysis of the collaboration between the Axis Powers (Germany, Italy, and Japan) to minimize and discredit the British success at Taranto, Italy in broadcasts from Greece, Turkey, Russia, United States of America, Madrid, Free France and Switzerland. Copy no. 192.

University of Waterloo. Department of Political Science.

Propaganda Research Papers : Series 3B Week No. 63. Intake Report : U.S.A. Broadcasts in English for North America 12th – 18th Nov.

Weekly intake report on broadcasts in English for North American listeners mainly from the United States of America, Germany, Italy and England. Copy no. 27.

University of Waterloo. Department of Political Science.

James Pyle's Perline Washing Compound advertisement

Advertisement featuring illustration of young girl holding a dust pan, broom and bucket with a box of James Pyle's Pearline Washing Compound in it titled "My Busy Day." Verso reads "James Pyle's Pearline washing compound the great invention for saving toil & expense without injury to the texture, color, or hands. New York. Front of every package of Pearline should look exactly like this cut, or it is an imitation. Don't use an imitation of anything, much less an imitation of Pyle's Pearline. Peddlers and some unscrupulous grocers will tell you the stuff they offer is "Pearline," "same as Pearline," "or as good as Pearline." IT'S FALSE; Pearline is the Original Washing Compount - has no rival - no equal - never peddled - gives no prizes - but stands on the foundation on which it was reared – MERIT."

Lenox Soap advertisement

Die cut Lenox Soap advertisement showing a woman standing next to a washing tub with a large pile of soap suds coming out of it. The advertisement reads "Lenox Soap. Lather from 1 oz in hard water. Lathers freely in hard water."

Tree Ball Washing advertisement

Tree Ball Washing crystal advertisement trade card showing an illustration of three women washing, hanging out, and ironing laundry. The women are accompanied by a dog and a bird in a cage. Verso reads "Nellie - mama, shall I go for the washerwoman, as you have been sick lately and are not able to do the washing? Mother - Oh no, my dear child, you just go to our grocer and get me a large 5 cents package of the Three Ball Washing Crystal, it makes washing so easy that no washwoman is required. Manufactured by C.H. Fischer & Co., New York"

Soapona advertisement

Soapona trade card advertisement featuring an elephant looking on while two women hang laundry on a line. Verso reads "Saves times, expense and labor. Makes hard water soft. Does not injure the hands or clothes. Makes linen perfectly white. Is a great disinfectant. Each package contains a set of handsome picture cards. Manufactured only by R.W. Bell & Co. 77 to 89 Washington St., and 8 to 20 Beaver St., Buffalo, N.Y."

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