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Registered Nurses' Assocation of Ontario

Series is comprised of materials created and accumulated by Kay Rex relating to her research and writing of the Registered Nurses' Assocation of Ontario historical appointment book. Includes research notes, correspondence, photographs, etc.

Rex, Kay


This series includes two videocassettes (copy 1 and copy 2). Each videocassette show the same film footage.They both include programs re the architectural history of Toronto shown on CBLT MORNING. Dendy was a regular contributor in the fields of architecture and architechtural history for CBLT MORNING between 1985-1986.

The first program (ca. 10 mins. in duration) is entitled "Lost Horizons" and focuses on the history of the development of high rise buildings in Toronto especially commercial architecture. Dendy provides extensive commentary during this program.

The second item (about 5-10 minutes in duration) forms part of a program re Wytchwood Park which also includes commentary by Dendy re the architectural history of this neighbourhood.

Dendy, William

Events and Activities: Annual Dinners.

This series includes materials relating to the annual dinners of the Federation of Women Teachers' Associations of Ontario, of the Ontario Teachers' Federation, and of the Waterloo County Women Teachers' Association. These materials include a small number of col. photographs, as well as booklets produced for guests who attended these dinners. The contents of these booklets vary depending on the organization involved but typically include menus, programs, agendas, biographical notes on retiring teachers to be honoured at these dinners, as well as lists of past presidents, executive members, committtee chairs, key teachers, twenty-five year members, and retiring members. Some files just include flyers which were sent out to organization members featuring details of the date, location etc. of these annual dinners.

Johnston, Mary

Red Cross

Series consists of one folder of correspondence relating to W.H. Kaufman's work with the Canadian Red Cross Society.

Kaufman, William Hutton


Series consists of photographs relating to the Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation. Includes colour and black & white photographs, negatives, mounted slides, unmounted slides, and contact sheets of snapshots and portraits. The photographs include images of Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation members, staff, Board of Directors, events, displays, charitable organizations and projects, and grant recipients. Series also includes memoranda, annual reports, notes, agendas, minutes, correspondence, invitations, seating plans, summary of grant applications,

Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation


Series is comprised of the transcripts of twenty one oral history interviews with men and women who worked for, or were associated with, Dominion Woollens and Worsteds Ltd. during WWII and the post-war years. This includes interviews with women brought in to work in the mill from Newfoundland and Northern Ontario as well as local women and men. Interviews were conducted by Kenneth McLaughlin and three graduate students. All names given in the interviews are pseudonyms.

Note that one transcript from the interview with Agnes Cook is included in Appendix 4 (series 4, file 30).

Dominion Woollens and Worsteds Ltd.

Marcel Pequegnat : Personal

Series consists of material relating to the Marcel Pequegnat Scholarship established by the Grand Valley Conservation Foundation. Includes a letter to Pequegnat and an issue of the Grand River Conservation Authority's newsletter, On the Grand.

Pequegnat, Marcel


Series is comprised of four leaves of textual material that do not fit with any other series. This includes a photocopy of a cost list for conducting the oral history interviews, as well photocopies of a life insurance policy and immigration identification card for Mary McCarthy who came to Hespeler from Newfoundland, and a photocopy of a photograph.

Dominion Woollens and Worsteds Ltd.


Series is comprised of seven appendices, as well as a table of contents, for materials relating to the oral history interviews. This includes letters mailed to participants, advertisements placed, consent forms, samples of weavers knots, one interview with notes, and abstracts of each interview.

Dominion Woollens and Worsteds Ltd.

Dare Foods Limited : Builders and Boosters

Series consists of one copy of the book Builders and Boosters, Kitchener Chamber of Commerce, 100th Anniversary, 1886-1986. The book was published to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Kitchener Chamber of Commerce. The book includes information on S. Merner and C.H. Doerr.

Dare Foods Limited

Administration : Financial Files

Series consists of financial reports for Electrohome and the various segments or groups within the company as well as some subsidiaries (Robotel and Fakespace). Reports cover the years 1985-1989 and 1991-2000, and some reports include memoranda to the board of directors. Some of the records probably belonged to J.G. Gingerich, vice-president, finance, and later corporate controller, and then chief financial officer and treasurer.



Series consists of notebooks or "commonplace books" kept by James Downey between 1986 and 2003. Includes ms. check lists, aide-memoires, speech notes, meeting notes, letter drafts, clippings, ephemera, snapshots.

Downey, James, 1939-

Visual Materials and Artifacts

Series consists of visual materials and artifacts created and accumulated by the Rotary Club of Kitchener. Includes photographs, a poster, architectural drawings and a name badge with ribbon.

Rotary Club of Kitchener

About Eric McCormack: Biographical.

This series contains primarily news clippings and serial publications containing articles with a biographical and/or critical focus. They relate to Eric McCormack's life history with special emphasis on the development of his career as an author and on the works of fiction which he has had published to date. A large number of these materials also relate specifically to Eric McCormack's receipt of and/or nomination for receipt of various literary awards.

Finally, a number of materials, including news clippings, correspondence, and ephemera relating primarily to Eric McCormack's personal interests, are grouped together in a miscellaneous file within this series.

McCormack, Eric P.

Jacob's Little Giant

Series consists of materials created and accumulated by Barbara Smucker relating to her work "Jacob's Little Giant." Includes tss., research notes, and reviews.

Smucker, Barbara

Audio Visual

Series consists of audio visual materials created or accumulate by Robert Dorney and his estate.

Dorney, Robert

About Eric McCormack.

Series consists of material about Eric McCormack, his life, activities and career. Includes, clippings, correspndence and ephemera.

McCormack, Eric P.


Series consists of the Muskoka Lakes Association yearbook for the years 1993 to 2006, and an association handbook from 1988.

Muskoka Lakes Association

Dare Foods Limited : The Dare Story

Series consists of one copy of The Dare Story and colour transparencies that were used in the book. Also known as the "green history book," The Dare Story, was published in February 1988. The book provides a brief history of Dare Foods Limited, an outline of the Dare philosophy, and an outline of Dare Foods Limited's vision for the future, as well as many colour images of staff, products and production.

Dare Foods Limited

Dare Foods Limited : Promotional Display Contests

Series consists of memoranda, descriptions, advertisements, colour prints and negatives of store display contests. The contests were run nation-wide by the Sales Department for sales personnel to encourage creative displays and to motivate increased sales.

Dare Foods Limited

Exhibitions: Group.

This series contains folders maintained by Nancy-Lou Patterson. For separately published and printed items relating to Nancy-Lou Patterson's exhibitions, see Series 9: Publications and Printed Items.

Patterson, Nancy-Lou

Research: Planning and Process

This series consists of Wendy Cameron's files on work by the other researchers in Canada and England; Brenda Dougall Merriman, Sheila Haines, Leigh Lawson, etc.

The Jackman Foundation

Consulting and Advisory Files

Series consists of files relating to consulting and advisory work by James Downey on behalf of provincial governments. James Downey was special advisor to the premier of New Brunswick from 1990 to 1993 and was co-chair of the Commission on Excellence in Education in New Brunswick. In 2003 he was appointed advisor to the Minister of Education on Ontario's Rural Education Strategy review. Includes correspondence, briefing notes, submissions, reports, clippings, publications and ephemera.

Downey, James, 1939-

Family Information Sheets: Master Files

Series consists of masters of the Family Information Sheets used to compile the list of "Emigrants on Petworth ships, 1832-1837", which comprises Part 2 of Assisting Immigration. These sheets were "intended as a snapshot of families at the time of emigration" and were used to compile an electronic database as well as the published list. The "masters" in this case actually consist of dated and initialled copies of all the sheets created for each name over time, and are chronologically organized within each name so that the progress of accumulation or duplication of information can be followed.

The Jackman Foundation

Research Files : England : Wendy Cameron

This series consists of files maintained by Wendy Cameron on research on English sources. Contains correspondence, memos, notes, material shared and passed to and from researchers in England and in Canada.

The Jackman Foundation

Research Files : England

This series consists of research files from county record offices and other archives, primarily in England. It also contains copies of emigrant letters home to England, sorts of master list of emigrants and research on sponsors. The files contain correspondence, memos, notes, material shared and passed to and from researchers in England and in Canada.

The Jackman Foundation

Correspondence From Eric P. McCormack.

This series includes correspondence from Eric McCormack in the form of letters, faxes, and a few e-mail print-outs. Also includes some supporting documents including news clippings, application forms, grant agreements, press releases, typed literary biographies, handwritten notes, typed copies of book reviews written by Eric McCormack, and ephemera. This includes correspondence conducted by Eric McCormack with his publishers as well as with the editors of literary journals and anthologies to which this author has contributed his work.

Some of this correspondence was conducted with other authors, poets, and artists regarding Eric McCormack's works or their own work. Also contains correspondence with the organizers of conferences, workshops, readings/lecture series, literary festivals and other literary events in which Eric McCormack took part. Some correspondence relates to reviews of Eric McCormack's works, while other correspondence relates to reviews of other peoples' works written by him primarily for The Globe and Mail.

Additional correspondence relates to literary competitions in which Eric McCormack was invited to be an adjudicator. Applications for grants from the Canadian government, literary awards won by this author, requests for permission to reproduce Eric McCormack's works of fiction, as well as praise for this author's works from fans, form the subjects of other correspondence.

There is much overlap in terms of themes and correspondents between series 2.1 and series 2.2 and in some cases where the topic or matter being addressed in correspondence in one file is unclear, this is often clarified by reference to other files where the same topic forms the subject of the correspondence.

McCormack, Eric P.

Dare Foods Limited : National Sales Meeting 1989

Series consists of records pertaining to the National Sales Meeting that was held at Banff Rocky Mountain Resort in Banff, Alberta between September 7 and 10, 1989. This was the first national sales conference for Dare Foods Limited. The series contains correspondence, planning records, a scrapbook, colour snapshots, and colour slides that were used in a presentation.

Dare Foods Limited


Series consists of cards, letters and printouts of e-mails to and from Eric P. McCormack.

McCormack, Eric P.

Research: Electronic Files

Series consists of 21 high-density 3.5" floppy diskettes and printouts of some of the files stored on them. In the case of the files for which printouts are available, they are stored on these floppy disks in one of four different directories created by Dendy: "BILLSDIS", "FHARCH", "FHPERMIT" and "SWARTZ" (as reflected in file titles for this series). Note, however, that due to problems converting files with extensions .bdc and .doc in the "BILLSDIS" directory, printouts could be generated for the majority but not all of the files in this directory.

The files on these twenty-one floppy disks are stored in one of seven different directories. Printouts of files for the four directories specified above are available in this series. However, note that printouts are not yet available for the remaining three directories: "FHSTREET", "FHLOSTTOR" and 'RLWAYSTA". Note that a file list for each of the seven directories is available in file 438 of this series. Moreover, a list of all files for which printouts are available is also contained in file 438.
A description of the information contained in the files for which printouts are available follows here: Files contained in "BILLSDIS" directory (see archival files 425-428) take the form of correspondence, reports, feasability studies, terms of reference for individual projects and other documentation re projects which Dendy worked on as architectural historian to the Property Restoration Branch of the Ontario Heritage Foundation between 1987-1989. Information relating to individual projects is stored in separate files. The computer file name reflects the project name and are organized in alphabetical order. Files contained in the "FHARCH" directory (see archival files 429-433) contain information re the building department files for Forest Hill organized alphabetically from A-Z by architect. The files contained in the "FHPERMIT" directory (see archival files 434-436) include information from the building department files for Forest Hill organized by Permit no. Files contained in the "SWARTZ" directory (see archival file 437) include correspondence sent by Dendy to Tom Schwartz, President of the Intraurban Projects which relates to the work which Dendy carried out as consultant architectural historian on the 1070 Queen Street East project.
*Finally the last file (file 14) contained in this series is entitled "FILE LISTINGS" and contains file lists for the directories "BILLSDIS", "FHARCH", and "SWARTZ".

Dendy, William

Computer Disks

Series consists of computer disks originally found in other files. Includes 5 1/4 " and 3.5" computer disks.


Sales and Marketing : Projection Systems Marketing and Communications Manager Files

Series consists of records accumulated and used by Jeffrey Brum, Marketing and Communications Manager, Projection Systems. In 1987, the Electrohome Electronics group was divided into four business sectors: Display Systems, Projection Systems, Digital Video (i.e. Jazz Systems), and Operational Services (e.g. circuit board operations). At that time, it seems that the marketing, communications, and public relations functions were transferred from a centralized department to each of these sectors.

Records in this series relate to the development of marketing and communications plans for the Projection Systems sector, the design and production of product literature and publicity material, advertising plans and activities in co-operation with dealers, and the development of a long-range strategic plan for the sector.

Includes correspondence and memoranda (including faxes and some e-mail print-outs); marketing, communications, and advertising proposals, plans and budgets; product literature, including dummies, layouts, and blueline proofs; news releases; meeting agendas and minutes; agreements; and other material.


University of Manitoba

Series consists of materials created and accumulated by Stanton while he was a professor at the University of Manitoba. Includes recommendations for Stanton to win a merit award, and information on the faculty.

Stanton, Ralph G.

Families Files

This series supplements Series 2 and contains correspondence to and from Wendy Cameron, Mary McDougall Maude, Brenda Dougall Merriman, Sheila Haines and family correspondents, photocopies of original documents, articles and other sources. It is organized alphabetically by family name.

The Jackman Foundation

Dare Foods Limited : Centennial Celebrations

Series consists of videocassettes, the book “Dare: The First Century, A Corporate History of Dare Foods Limited 1892-1992,” a print of the commemorative painting, colour and black and white photographs, artifacts, centennial clothing and merchandise, centennial events organizational records, and the score for the Dare Cookies song. The records were created primarily at the Dare Foods Limited, Kitchener office.

Dare Foods Limited


Series consists of materials created and accumulated by the Walter Bean Grand River Community Foundation. Includes all unpublished written materials including office files, correspondence, etc.

Walter Bean Grand River Community Trails Foundation

Works by Eric P. McCormack: Reviews.

This series includes both news clippings (primarily from The Globe and Mail) and typed copies in the form of book reviews, as well as issues of Books in Canada containing book reviews written by Eric McCormack.

McCormack, Eric P.

Dare Foods Limited : Product Information Sheets

Series consists of information sheets for cracker, candy, and cookie products. The sheets were used by sales personnel across Canada to advertise products to potential buyers. Sheets include colour images of products and product specifications. Three copies of a colour photograph of cracker products, and display signs are also included. These records replaced the earlier picture books and were also distributed by the sales office.

Dare Foods Limited


Series consists of material relating to audio-visual presentations prepared by the Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation. Includes slides, audio cassettes, audio reels and corresponding scripts. The presentations were prepared to promote the Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation.

Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation

Electronic Files

Series consists of electronic files received as e-mail attachments or as floppy disks all in WordPerfect 7. Also includes two databases in DBTextworks designed in-house to hold files converted from WordPerfect : I:\Working\Source Record Textbases\Petworth Emigrants and I:\Working\Source Record Textbases\Petworth Sponsors. The Emigrants database contains 682 records and the Sponsors database contains 103 records.

The Jackman Foundation


Series consists of a guest book for the Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation. The guest book was used to record guests at town meetings and Our Millennium project between 1991 and 1999.

Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation

Consulting and Advisory Files

Series is comprised of materials created and accumulated by James Downey relating to his consulting and advisory work for universities and organization. Also includes consulting and advisory done by others. Includes reports, correspondence, ephemera, etc.

Downey, James, 1939-

Garth and the Mermaid

Series consists of materials created and accumulated by Barbara Smucker relating to her work "Garth and the Mermaid." Includes tss., research notes, and reviews.

Smucker, Barbara

Political Portfolio Chairperson's Files : Robert Topp

Series consists of material created and accumulated by Robert Topp in his role as Chair of the Political Portfolio and its Taxation Committee (1994-1995) and member of the Political Portfolio and Chair of its Taxation Committee (1995-1996).

The Political Portfolio was involved in political and tax-related issues, and during this period was especially focused on property taxation and a group appeal of the 1992 property assessment to the Assessment Review Board launched in 1995 on behalf of over 1000 MLA members with property on Lakes Muskoka, Rosseau, and Joseph.

The appeal resulted in a decision favourable for the association that was then appealed by the Assessment Commissioner to the Ontario Municipal Board, where the association was partly successful and was granted leave to appeal to the Ontario Divisional Court.

Series includes correspondence (some drafts), reports, presentations, newspaper clippings (some photocopied), ARB and OMB notices and decisions, lists of members of the group appeal, handwritten notes, news releases, and other material.

Muskoka Lakes Association

Executive Director's Files : Conferences, Seminars, Workshops

Series consists of material relating to conferences, seminars and workshops at which the Executive Director of the Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation attended and often presented. Series contains records from events at the Banff Centre for Management, Canadian Association of Gift Planners, Community Foundations of Canada, Council of Foundations, Journeys in Charitable Giving and Social Entrepreneurship presentation sponsored by the Notre Dame Child and Family Institute in St. Agatha.

Includes conference agendas, lists of conference participants and exhibitors, conference proceedings, Jane Humphries' presentation notes and material, handouts, biographies, correspondence, newsletters, and presentation texts.

Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation

Centenary Committee : Working Files

Series consists of material relting to the Centenary Committee's research on creating a company archive and on publicizing the company's history through participation in the Kitchener Downtown Mural Programme. Includes correspondence, ephemera, clippings, memoranda, and articles.

Kaufman Footwear


Series consists of materials relating to the personal life of Jane Urquhart. Includes correspondence, clippings, calling cards, CVs, a diary, etc.

Urquhart, Jane

Sound Recordings

Series consists of employee interviews recorded for the Centenary Committee's work on the history of Kaufman Footwear. Includes audiocassettes and accompanying material.

Kaufman Footwear

Public Relations Working Files : Personnel

Series consists of files relating to Electrohome senior personnel and directors, accumulated and used mainly by Robert Lovell in his role as Public Relations Manager (from 1963 to ca. 1988). Includes portraits used for internal and external publicity, news releases, memoranda, correspondence, press clippings, biographies, snapshots, and other material.


Design Commissions: illustrations.

This series contains correspondence and working materials relating to illustrations commissioned for publication, from cartoons to illustrations accompanying articles and books by others. Discrete printed or published items containing such illustrations are found in Series 9.5 Published illustrations.

Patterson, Nancy-Lou

Committees : Membership

Series consists of material relating to membership on committees and associated organizations of the Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation. Includes lists of committee members, Slate of Officers, Board of Directors, volunteers, and media; lists of related organizations, foundations, and charitable funders; and correspondence.

Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation


Series consists of materials created or accumulated by Stan Johannesen during the course of his teaching career. Includes syllabi for courses taught at University of Waterloo, a discussion paper regarding the History department’s undergraduate curriculum at University of Waterloo and a course description with discussion questions copies of readings for a continuing education course at Wilfred Laurier University.

Johannesen, S.K.

Promotion, Ephemera

Series consists of material relating to the promotion of the Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation. Includes samples of the Foundation's logo, correspondence, a presentation printout, a Community Foundations of Canada 1994 annual report, promotional outline, ephemera, and "Our Millennium" project posters.

Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation

Video Recordings

Series consists of three video recordings documenting the Kaufman Footwear 90th anniversary picnic in 1997, the Oktoberfest Parade in 1997 and the dedication of a mural in 1995.

Kaufman Footwear

Administration : Annual Reports

Series consists of annual reports for the years 1997-1999, and transparencies, negatives and photographs relating to the preparation of the 1995 annual report


Dare Foods Limited : National Meeting 1995

Series consists of photographs of the Quebec National meeting held in September 1995. The theme of the meeting was The Dawning of a New Dare. The photographs were sent to the Dare Foods Limited head office in Kitchener from various regions.

Dare Foods Limited

William H. Kaufman Charitable Foundation

Series consists of William H. Kaufman's files relating to the organization and operation of the Foundation. Includes agreements, correspondence, handwritten notes, financial documents, minutes, reports, and planning documents.

Kaufman, William Hutton

William H. Kaufman Charitable Foundation

Series consists of materials created by the William H. Kaufman Charitable Foundation. Includes project files, proposals and materials relating to organizations that the foundation is involved with.

Kaufman Family

Visual Materials

Series consists of videocassettes relating to Ross Dixon and Ross Dixon Financial Services.

Dixon, Ross

James Downey's Memorabilia

Series is comprised of memorabilia created and accumulated by James Downey. Includes two books of notes given to Downey by colleagues.

Downey, James, 1939-

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