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Series consists of materials created or accumulated by Bernard Suits when he was a student in both public school and at university. Includes student work, class notes, term papers, one bound manuscript with manuscript notes and a year book.

Suits, Bernard

Gill, Eric and Family

Series consists of materials created or accumulated by Eric Gill and members of his family. Includes one item of correspondence and two Christmas cards.

Gill, Eric


Series is comprised of financial materials created by the George Pattinson Woollen Mill and its predecessors. Includes journals, a general ledger, figure slips, a coal account book and a ledger index.

George Pattinson Woollen Mill


Series consists of materials relating to the personal life of Jane Urquhart. Includes correspondence, clippings, calling cards, CVs, a diary, etc.

Urquhart, Jane


Series consists of correspondence from William Lyon Mackenzie King to his nephew Arthur King, also to Arthur's wife Kathleen Marion King, written between January 8, 1923 and July 5, 1950. Although Mackenzie King's first letters are directed towards the interests of a growing boy, over the years he stays involved in Arthur's progress through school, university and ultimately in the workplace. He mentions his own activities although often not in detail, sends thank you letters and holiday greetings. He gives Arthur advice on his career, mentions books of interest, and talks about politics, friends, family and visitors to Kingsmere.
Arranged chronologically.

King, William Lyon Mackenzie


Material relating to the activities and interests of Donald Cowan, apart from his career at the University of Waterloo. This includes a paper written on the CANDU Reactor transfer functions, a WATCOM annual report, and the Canada's Technology Triangle presentation cover.

Cowan, Donald D.


Series consists of correspondence to and from Jenny Pincock, Fred and Minnie Maines, and others.

Maines Pincock Family


Series consists of materials created and accumulated by Alice Riggs Hunt documenting her personal life, and the lives of her family members. Includes photographs, clippings, ephemera and artefacts.

Hunt, Alice Riggs


Materials relating to the personal life of Harry J. Byers. Includes correspondence, ephemera, clippings, etc.

Byers, Harry J.

Joseph E. Seagram

Series consists of originals and photocopies of correspondence, invoices, partnership agreements re the business interests of Joseph Emm Seagram, George Randall and William Roos from 1869-1899.

Joseph E. Seagram and Sons, Ltd.

About Eric McCormack: Biographical.

This series contains primarily news clippings and serial publications containing articles with a biographical and/or critical focus. They relate to Eric McCormack's life history with special emphasis on the development of his career as an author and on the works of fiction which he has had published to date. A large number of these materials also relate specifically to Eric McCormack's receipt of and/or nomination for receipt of various literary awards.

Finally, a number of materials, including news clippings, correspondence, and ephemera relating primarily to Eric McCormack's personal interests, are grouped together in a miscellaneous file within this series.

McCormack, Eric P.

About Eric McCormack.

Series consists of material about Eric McCormack, his life, activities and career. Includes, clippings, correspndence and ephemera.

McCormack, Eric P.

Correspondence and Information Files.

This series contains correspondence sent by or received by Mary Johnston as well as other administrative and legal documents maintained by her relating to the activities and affairs of the teachers' organizations of which she was a member. These include the Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario, The Federation of Women Teachers' Associations of Ontario, the Waterloo County Board of Education, and the Waterloo County Women Teachers' Association.

This series also includes materials maintained by Mary Johnston when she worked for the Waterloo County Women Teachers' Association in various capacitites including Key Teacher, President of Unit 1, as a W.C.W.T.A. Past President, as the association's County Adviser and P.R., and as a member of the Book Project Committee.

Also included in this series is a file containing correspondence sent to parents by Mary Johnston when she worked with the Kindergarten at Brighton School.

Johnston, Mary


Contents: series consists of materials relating to the childhood and education of Anne Innis Dagg. Includes materials from her time in the Toronto Public School system, at Bishop Strachan School and at the University of Toronto.

Dagg, Anne Innis

Biographical : Awards

Series consists of material relating to awards received by William H. Kaufman from the Kitchener-Waterloo Hospital, the Canadian Footwear Council and National Health and Welfare. Includes clippings, correspondence, ephemera, speech notes, etc.

Kaufman, William Hutton


Series consists of material relating to the administration of various aspects of Kaufman Rubber operations from 1927 to 1986. There are many gaps and the files are from several departments. Includes annual production reports from 1933 to 1955, sales reports from 1932-1964, records of special orders, government contracts, memoranda, and cost accounting information.

Kaufman Footwear

Incorporation and Legal Documents

Series consists of material relating to the incorporation of Dare Foods Limited, changes to the corporate name over the company's history, and other aspects of the company's legal existence. Includes letters patent, supplementary letters patent, by-laws, agreements, an insurance appraisal, and other legal documents.

Dare Foods Limited


Series is comprised of correspondence between Paul S. Burtness and Warren U. Ober and others, primarily military figures associated with the U.S. Forces during World War II, and in specific those who had knowledge of the event surrounding the attack on Pearl Harbor. The letters were received during the course of research by Burtness and Ober into the events of the attack on Pearl Harbor, which ultimately culminated in their book "The Puzzle of Pearl Harbor." Includes ms. and ts. letters from generals, admirals and lieutenants as well as a Pearl Harbor historian and the secretary to John F. Kenndy. Details about the correspondence are listed at the file level.

Correspondents include:

  • Brereton, Lewis H.;
  • Hart, Thomas C.;
  • Ingersoll, Royal E.;
  • Kimmel, Husband E.;
  • Lincoln, Evelyn;
  • MacArthur, Douglas;
  • Miles, Sherman;
  • Stark, Harold R.;
  • Wohlstetter, Roberta.

Burtness, Paul S.


Materials created or accumulated by Lydia Dotto as part of her professional life as a journalist. Includes Dotto's published articles, research materials, reports, and articles about Dotto and her work.

Also includes speeches given by Dotto at different events and related correspondence.

Media with Dotto's published articles are:

  • University of Toronto Magazine
  • National. The Canadian Bar Association magazine
  • Content for Canadian Journalists
  • Dimensions: Canada's Science Newsmagazine
  • Business Journal
  • Alternatives Journal
  • Challenges. Ontario's business: issues & opportunities magazine
  • Equinox: the magazine of Canadian discovery
  • Canadian Aviation Magazine
  • The Globe and Mail
  • Science Forum
  • Legion Magazine
  • CIPS review
  • Canadian Business
  • en Route Magazine
  • ComputerData
  • Business Journal
  • Airborne
  • Canadian Geographic
  • In search
  • InfoAge
  • Canadian Medical Association Journal
  • High Technolog
  • The Journal. Published by the Addiction Research Foundation
  • Inside Information
  • Health Watch
  • News Canada
  • The Graduate
  • Doctor's Review
  • Quest. Canada's Urban Magazine
  • Information Technology
  • City Woman
  • Science Link
  • Circle
  • The DMR Letter
  • Doctor's Access
  • The Edmonton Journal
  • The Carleton
  • Toronto Daily Star
  • The Globe and Mail Weekend Magazine
  • @Biz
  • Arthur Newspaper from Trent University and Peterborough-Nogojiwanong's independent student press
  • Farewell to the 70s
  • Spar Horizons
  • Impact published by Ryerson University
  • CBC News
  • Wardar. The Magazine of Wardair Canada
  • Engineering Dimensions

Dotto, Lydia


Series consists of genealogical materials on the Hagey family. Includes a biography of Menno Hagey and a genealogical chart.

Hagey, Joseph Gerald

President's Files : Phyllis Parker

Series consists of two files of correspondence created and accumulated by Phyllis (Mrs. Rex) Parker during her term as president of the MLA from 1977-1978. Includes incoming and outgoing correspondence, including some carbon copies and draft correspondence. Series is not comprehensive.

Muskoka Lakes Association

Seagram Family: Documents

This series consists of correspondence, ephemera, estate records, photographs, scrapbooks, wills, etc. which shed light on the lives of some members of the Seagram family and their activities from 1848 to the 1980's, including Joseph Emm Seagram and his wife Stephanie, their daughter Adine, son Edward Frowde and grandson Joseph Edward Frowde.

Seagram Family

Seagram Memorabilia Collection

Series consists of documents illustrative of some aspects of the history of beverage alcohol, particularly in North America. Contains correspondence, ephemera, manuscripts and newspapers relating to the shipment of wine and alcohol to Canada in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, to eighteenth-century distilling processes, to a single piece of ephemera relating to prohibition in Canada in the 1920's.

Seagram Museum


Series consists of biographical material about Alice Riggs Hunt. Includes interview notes (ms. and ts. originals), biographical outline by A.R.H. (ts. carbon), clippings, obituary, ephemera and photographs. Includes an "At Home" card and accompanying clipping describing Alice Riggs Hunt's "Debut" in 1903 and a list of manuscripts.

Hunt, Alice Riggs


Series consists of materials relating to Dendy's university education and his career as an architectural historian.
These materials include the Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degree certificates received by Dendy in the 1970's from the University of Cambridge where he studied Architectural History as well as clippings, ephemera and portraits.

Dendy, William

Schantz, Franklin Abram.

Material created and accumulated by Franklin Abram Schantz. Includes household and personal accounts relating to the house on Schneider Ave and his homestead holdings in Alberta and Manitoba.

Schantz Russell Family


Photographs primarily of Schantz Russell family members and possibly some friends of the family.

Schantz Russell Family

Kaufman Family

Series is comprised of materials created by members of the Kaufman family relating to their personal interests. Includes genealogy, clippings, ephemera, blueprints and three scrapbooks relating to birth control in Canada.

Kaufman Family

Correspondence Received by Martha Rieder

Series consists of correspondence received by Martha Rieder over the course of her life. Includes letters, telegrams, postcards, and invitations from family and friends, including correspondence from her husband Talmon Henry Rieder. Series includes sympathy letters received by Martha upon the death of Talmon.

Rieder and Anthes family


Materials created or accumulated by John English in relation to administrative matters. Includes records related to conferences, presentations, and events he either attended, participated in, or organized. Also contains records related to organizations, committees and associations with which he was involved, and related correspondence.

English, John

Appointment Calendars

Series consists of daily and weekly appointment calendars, as well as weekly schedules, belonging to James Downey.

Downey, James


Series is comprised of approximately 232 items of correspondence between Kay Rex and others. Also includes accompanying materials. Correspondents include:

  • [?], Betty;
  • [?], Bev;
  • [?], Etta;
  • [?], Fay;
  • [?], Flo,
  • [?], Dorothea;
  • [?], Frances;
  • [?], Jesse;
  • [?], Jo;
  • [?], John and Ellea;
  • [?], Margaret;
  • [?], Maud;
  • [?], May and Bill;
  • [?], Nick;
  • [?], Terry;
  • [R?], Mary;
  • Akiwenzie, Chief Ralph;
  • Arnott, Edythe and Al;
  • Barbens, Joan;
  • Bertrand, Luc;
  • Birtch, Gilberte;
  • Bordeleau, Christine J.
  • Bourassa, Robert
  • Boyd, Malcolm, Nora, Barbara, and Hugh
  • Burcher, Dorothy
  • Cameron, Christina
  • Cameron, Don
  • Canadian Council
  • Casgrain, Therese
  • Clark, Doris
  • Clark, W.E.
  • Cot, Dorothea
  • Dennis, Laddie
  • Department of Labour
  • Dimbert, Eleanor
  • Doak, Buckingham, Pressley and Perlmutter
  • Doyle, Richard J.
  • Edwards [?]
  • Edwards, Bess
  • Evans-Ehricht, Barbara
  • Evans-Ehricht, Mark & Barb
  • Evans-Ehricht, Mark and Barb
  • Filmon, Gary
  • Foote, Judy M.
  • Fraser, John
  • Freedman, Sonya
  • Gatenby, Greg
  • Hamilton, Pat
  • Hamm[?], Rene
  • Harcourt, Mike
  • Hartwell, G.O.
  • Hauschildt, Elda
  • Hodgson, Dorothy
  • Hollobon, Joan
  • Hurtig, Mel
  • Kemp, Barbara
  • Kiyoshik, Ramona
  • Kiyushk, Ramona
  • Krackovic, Elvira
  • Lenaham, Kim
  • Lobregt, Patricia D.
  • Ludwig, Doris
  • MaKeigon, Pearl
  • Mason, Madge B.
  • McCullum, Terry
  • McKenna, Frank
  • Megarry, A.R.
  • Montgomery, Malcolm
  • Padmore, Margaret
  • Parker, H.L.
  • Pearson, Shirley
  • Purcell, Gillis
  • Rae, Bob
  • Renwick, Cathy
  • Rex, Beverly
  • Rex, Kenneth
  • Rex, Sylvia
  • Romanow, Roy
  • Rumble, Verne
  • Sawyer, Glad
  • Scarse, Carole
  • Sky, Ruth C.
  • Smith, Sybil
  • Stewart, William
  • Tanzola Sorbara McClellan and Handler
  • Taylor, Gaie
  • Taylor-Turpim, Pam
  • Taylor-Turpin, Pam
  • Tomlinson, Lynne
  • Valcourt, Bernard
  • Van Fleet, Janis K.
  • Verbugge & Co.
  • Warren, Isobel
  • Webster, Art
  • Wellesley Hospital
  • Whalen, Barbara
  • Wright, C.F.

Rex, Kay

Ontario Alpha Delta Kappa

Series consists of materials relating to the Ontario branch of the Alpha Delta Kappa honorary women educators' sorority. Includes meeting minutes from the provincial executive board and the provincial conference.

Alpha Delta Kappa. Province of Ontario Chapter

Personal and Biographical

Series consists of personal and biographical materials created and accumulate by Barbara Smucker. Includes correspondence, biographical and critical articles and notes, as well as clippings.

Smucker, Barbara

Peter Harvey Sims and Jemima Cook Family

Records documenting the lives, activities and interests of Peter Harvey Sims and his wife Jemima Cook, of Peter's interactions with his father James Sims, mother Janet Harvey Sims, step-brother John Robertson, sister Janet McQueen, and business partners, and childhood records and young adulthood records relating to their children Harvey and Rella.
Letters from Jemima's sisters shed light on girls' and women's lives in the latter half of the 19th century, the activities available, the desolation of being socially isolated, detailed recounting of the deaths of loved ones, all interspersed with everyday news of family and friends.
In his letters to family, Peter displays an articulate and caring nature, a love of his children and family, and good sense of humour. He writes long letters; the larger the paper the larger his writing, and he never hesitates to offer Harvey advice and opinions on Harvey's actions and activities, most of which fall short of Peter's expectations. Whenever Peter and Jemima travel together or alone, Peter surveys the social, economic, cultural, architectural state of the place visited, the habits, dress and morals of the inhabitants, and its agricultural and business prospects.

Sims family

Administration : Annual Reports

Series consists of annual reports for the years 1997-1999, and transparencies, negatives and photographs relating to the preparation of the 1995 annual report


Incorporation and Board of Directors

Series consists of records relating to the incorporation and administration of the Greb Shoe Company Limited. Includes letters patent; by-laws; minutes of meetings of the board of directors from the date of incorporation on June 9, 1916, to October 30, 1930; and agreements.

Greb Industries Limited

About Nancy-Lou Patterson.

This series contains folders maintained by Nancy-Lou Patterson. For published items about Nancy-Lou Patterson, see Series 9: Publications and Printed Items.

Patterson, Nancy-Lou

Ahrens family

Series consists of material relating to Charles A. Ahrens family, primarily photographs, genealogical and biographical information.

Schneider family


Series consists of 140 pieces of correspondence and a small amount of related ephemera and clippings. Includes mainly letters written to John Alexander and Jessie Martin from John Gartshore Martin during his service with the Canadian military during World War II, describing his daily activities, social outings, leaves, meetings with friends and relatives, and general news about the war.

Series also contains several letters from Wilson Martin, Jamie Martin, Jamie's financee Muriel Clift, and several other correspondents. The correspondence is in the form of letters, many of which include the original envelopes and stamps; aerograms with original stamps; and telegrams. Series also includes a small amount of correspondence between John Gartshore Martin and an acquaintance from Holland (1994-2004).

Martin, John Gartshore

Biographical and Correspondence

Series consists of materials accumulated by Marie Stopes including correspondence as well as materials related to her life and work collected after death. Includes correspondence to and from Stopes, a wedding invitation, a biographical entry and more.

Stopes, Marie


This series includes the diaries of Rev. J. H. Shoults over the period 1870-1884. There are nineteen diaries in total and they are kept in copy books, bound diary books, and notebooks. The majority of diary entries relate to Rev. Shoults' work as a Minister with the Christian Church, though reference is also made to his work as a teacher, to family affairs, to farming and gardening activities, to shopping and errands, to prices of food and farm goods, to his personal finances, to social visits (Rev. Shoults had many friends and acquaintances), and to weather conditions.

Shoults, J.H., Rev.

Family Information Sheets: Master Files

Series consists of masters of the Family Information Sheets used to compile the list of "Emigrants on Petworth ships, 1832-1837", which comprises Part 2 of Assisting Immigration. These sheets were "intended as a snapshot of families at the time of emigration" and were used to compile an electronic database as well as the published list. The "masters" in this case actually consist of dated and initialled copies of all the sheets created for each name over time, and are chronologically organized within each name so that the progress of accumulation or duplication of information can be followed.

The Jackman Foundation

Personal life.

Materials related to Julia McCarthy's personal life. Includes personal journals and diaries she kept between the years 1985 and 2006, personal correspondence she received or sent to multiple individuals (with the preeminence of correspondence received from Don Domanski), and eulogy for McCarthy's second husband Graham Stewart.

McCarthy, Julia


Materials created or accumulated by Joan Hollobon as part of her professional and personal life. Primarily comprised of correspondence sent or received by Hollobon and associated articles and research documentation (such as newspaper clippings, articles, and photographs) either gathered and created by Hollobon or received by Hollobon from other professionals. Also contains drafts of articles and speeches and letters of appreciation received by Hollobon congratulating her for her articles and reportages. Includes personal correspondence both related to Hollobon and her colleagues and friends.

Hollobon, Joan


Articles and short stories written by Lydia Dotto that were both published and unpublished.

Dotto, Lydia

Manuscripts Held in Trust

Series is comprised of a collection of manuscripts held in trust, given to the archive by Doris Davis, widow of Bertram R. Davis. The items include letters, poetry, an indenture and other miscellaneous notes by romantic poets and their relatives including Robert Southey, William Wordsworth, and Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

Davis, Bertram R.

Ivan W. Keffer : Personal

Series consists of material created and accumulated by Ivan W. Keffer relating primarily to his personal life. Includes includes diaries, correspondence, notices and certificates, a passport and other personal/identification documents, clippings, ephemera, photographs, a scrapbook, and other material. The diaries, relating to Keffer's career as well as his personal life, cover the period during which he and his family lived in Germany and include entries that illustrate the escalation of political tensions and economic difficulties in Germany leading up to World War II and their impact on business in the country. Other material of note includes certificates and notices from the National Air Protection League (Reichsluftschutzbund).

Keffer, Ivan Wilbur


Correspondence written between Forbes family members and friends, predominately George Alexander Forbes, Millicent Lyall Forbes, Betty Forbes, and Peg Forbes.

Forbes, Betty

Family Papers.

Includes a diary written by Mary Ham detailing the events of her summer trip from Port McNicol, Ontario to the Canadian west including Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Augustine, Ham, Kaufman family

Personal Papers

Series consists of personal papers created and accumulated by Harry Byers. Includes epehemera, clippings, certifcates, correspondence, a passport, employment and education information, and a diary detailing Byers' time working in Russia.

Byers, Harry J.

Robert Alden Sanborn : Correspondence

Series consists of correspondence to and from Robert Alden Sanborn to family, colleagues and publishing contacts regarding his writing process and progress, his family, and his personal interests including the social development of children and the work of Carl Jung.

Political career

Series consists of records pertaining to Leavine's political career at the municipal and provincial level. Includes notebooks with speeches drafts and notes, as well as clippings about electoral campaigns, political positions, policy changes, and events attended as a public figure.

Leavine, Stanley Francis


Materials relating to the career and teachers education of Mary Johnston. Includes professional development, career trajectory information, and work by students.

Johnston, Mary

Kaufman family and personal affiliations.

Materials related to A. R. Kaufman's family. Includes family photographs with Jacob and Mary Eidt Kaufman's family, A. R. and Jean Kaufman and their children, and other members of the extended family and friends; correspondence received by A. R. and Jean Kaufman; materials related to A. R. and Jean Kaufman's wedding and anniversary celebrations and birthdays; A. R. Kaufman legal documents; and materials related to A. R. Kaufman retirement and passing.
Also contains materials related to A. R. Kaufman's personal affiliations in the Grand River Lodge of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons, the Royal City Lodge of Perfection, Springfield College, and a Silver Jubilee medal awarded to Kaufman.

Kaufman, A. R. (Alvin Ratz)


Series documents John Walter’s correspondence with William Daum Euler and the Kitchener Daily Record. The correspondence focus on Walter’s request for a public debate with Euler over capitalism and the economy. Other correspondence and newspaper clippings cover the Record’s refusal to publish, in their newspaper, the letters Walter sent about challenging Euler. There are also clippings of Euler's speech which Walter references in his letters.

Walter, John

Schantz, Franklin Abram.

Material relating to Franklin Abram Schantz's activities and interests, primarily household and personal accounts and investments. Includes correspondence, clippings and ephemera.

Schantz Russell Family

Kaufman, A.R. : Biographical

Series consists of biographical information about A.R. Kaufman. Includes clippings, articles, interviews and obituaries. Arranged in alphabetical order.

Kaufman, A. R. (Alvin Ratz)


Series consists of materials created and accumulated by the Walter Bean Grand River Community Foundation. Includes all unpublished written materials including office files, correspondence, etc.

Walter Bean Grand River Community Trails Foundation


Series consists of materials documenting the history of Dare Foods Ltd. Includes meeting minutes, clippings, advertising, logos, ephemera and more. Also includes materials documenting the Dare strike of 1972,

Dare Foods Limited

Incorporation : Acts and Bills

Series consists of records relating to the incorporation and organization of the Grand River Conservation Authority and its predecessors, the Grand River Conservation Commission and the Grand Valley Conservation Authority. Includes originals and photocopies of acts, bills, and letters patent.

Grand River Conservation Authority

About Nancy-Lou Patterson

This series contains folders maintained by Nancy-Lou Patterson. For published items about Nancy-Lou Patterson, see Series: Publications and Printed Items.

Patterson, Nancy-Lou


Series consists of materials relating to the operation and history of Dominion Rubber, its subsidiaries, companies it was later purchased by. Includes histories of Dominion and Uniroyal, financials, materials relating to branches and operations, etc.

Dominion Rubber Company


Series consists of records relating to the incorporation of Dominion Electrohome Industries Limited and its predecessors, the Phonola Company of Canada, Pollock-Welker Limited, and the Grimes Radio Corporation Limited; as well as the incorporation of Pollock Enterprises Limited. Series also includes records relating to the administration of Grimes Radio Corporation from 1925 to 1939 and Pollock Enterprises from 1947 to 1959. Includes share certificates, letters patent, by-laws, board of directors' meeting minutes, registers of shareholders and directors, and stock subscription applications.



Series consists of ephemera created and accumulated by the Rotary club of Kitchener. Includes programmes, invitations, clippings, a newsletter, and other items.

Rotary Club of Kitchener

Military training.

Material created or accumulated by Cameron Hill during his time enrolled in the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP) including photographs, a coupon, an invitation, and a book.

Hill, Cameron Clare

Ahrens family.

Series consists of material relating to the Charles A. Ahrens family, primarily photographs, genealogical and biographical information.

Schneider family


Series consists of items of correspondence between Claire Wallace and others.

Wallace, Claire

Dolmen Press

Series consists of materials created and accumulated by the Dolmen Press. Includes rhyme sheets, stocklists, catalogues, prospecti, and other miscellanea. Also includes a file of prints by Elizabeth Rivers and a file related to Colin Smythe, donor of the original Dolmen Press book collection. Also included are a few items from other presses that were included in the collection.

Architectural Drawings

Series consists of architectural drawings and specifications for residences commissioned by H.L. Guy. Includes architectural drawings and specifications for his family home at 110 John Boulevard in Waterloo, as well as architectural drawings for the family summer cottage.

Guy, James Rutherford and George Harrington

Administration : Board Minutes : Secretary-Treasurer's Files

Series consists of successive Secretary-Treasurer's copies of GRCC minutes and supporting documentation. Files contain in addition to minutes all pertinent correspondence sent and received by the Secretary-Treasurer, some copies of executive minutes, ms. notes and drafts of correspondence and documents. Annual meeting files contain lists of commission members for the year commencing, also correspondence form the various municipalities re attendance, members, etc.

Grand River Conservation Commission

Personal Records

Series consists of personal records created and accumulated by members of the extended Hobson family. Includes financial records of the home at 155 John Boulevard.

Hobson Family


Series consists of organizational records pertaining to the Kitchener Waterloo Sales and Ad Club. Includes membership information, financials, minutes, director's files, etc.

Kitchener Waterloo Sales and Ad Club

Field Notes

Series consists of material relating to field work conducted by Hynes in various locations throughout his career, including the British Isles, Africa, the British West Indies, Australia, and North America. Includes mainly notebooks and loose papers containing ms. and ts. field notes, most recorded by Hynes but some also recorded by research assistants or technicians. Notebooks include drawings, charts, graphs, maps, etc. Series also includes some ms. notes by Hynes from the scientific literature as well as a small amount of correspondence.

Hynes, H.B.N.

World War II and The Holocaust.

Series consists of materials relating to Jerzy Pindera's life during World War II and his time as a prisoner of war in Sachsenhausen concentration camp during the Holocaust. Includes primarily photocopies of correspondence (including those sent to his mother from Sachsenhausen), war records, articles, etc. Also includes ts. copies of Pindera's short stories on the Holocaust that make up "Fragments of Reports" and "Records of Life".

Pindera, Jerzy Tadeusz


Series consists of diaries maintained by Panabaker over the course of more than fifty years.

Panabaker, John H.

Family Files

Series consists of records documenting aspects of the lives, careers, and interests of Charles E. Greb, Harry Greb, Clara May Greb, Erwin C. Greb, and Charles E. Greb Sr.; and the lives and disappearance of basset hounds Velvet and Jasmine. Includes press clippings; correspondence; birth, marriage, and death certificates; wills; photographs; certificates and awards; ephemera; and other material. Material probably collected and compiled by Charles E. Greb.

Greb, Charles E. family


Series consists of material, much of it personal or biographical, accumulated and kept by Ross Dixon and documenting his activities and interests outside of his career and businesses. Includes material relating to Dixon's time as a student at Hillfield School (later Hillfield Strathallan College), his involvement in the Toronto Skating Club and planning skating carnivals, his wedding to Doris McRae Whiting, their cottage at Paradise Lake, his role in the Belmont Business Association, his political interests, honours he received, etc.

Series includes correspondence, newspaper clippings, handwritten notes, agreements, photographs, biographies, certificates, honourary degrees, personal documents, agendas and minutes, a scrapbook, and other material.

Dixon, Ross


Correspondence between Nalza L. Dane and others, including letters of congratulations and Christmas cards.

Dane, Nazla L.


Series consists of correspondence between Elizabeth Long and others regarding donations and activities related to the development of the Lady Aberdeen Library prior to and shortly after the donation to the University of Waterloo.

Long, Elizabeth

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