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Welcoming remarks for French delegation.

File consists of an audio reel containing two recordings in French of welcoming remarks for a French delegation visiting Electrohome, and a personal greeting for Carl A. Pollock.


Wallfahrt nach Maria Randa.

Side 1: Wallfahrt nach Maria Radna-1. Teil [Pilgrimage to Maria Radna - Part 1]. by "Heiliges Herz" choir, chorus with pipe organ.
Side 2: Wallfahrt nach Maria Radna-2. Teil [Pilgrimage to Maria Radna - Part 2]. by "Heiliges Herz" choir, chorus with pipe organ.

Underground to Canada.

File consists of two typescripts (original, 74 leaves) of a CBC radio drama adaptation of Underground to Canada. Also includes one audio cassette of the program.

Smucker, Barbara

Tropical rain forest.

Contains one audio cassette recording of tropical rain forest sounds including bird calls.

Dare Foods Limited

The Grasshopper presentation.

File consists of one audio cassette with recordings by Bernard Suits of a presentation on his book "The Grasshopper: Games, Life and Utopia" and a follow up book.

Suits, Bernard

The Grasshopper : technological future.

File consists of one audio cassette with recordings by Bernard Suits on technological future with reference to Suits' book "The Grasshopper: Games, Life and Utopia."

Suits, Bernard

Rev. Schnieder.

One audio reel. Original envelope reads "Latter part Rev. Schnieder."
Side A. Address to Kitchener; Kiwanis [?]; [Oct. 23/56?]; organ music by Otto Smith "Golden Hour."
Side B. Misc - Christmas; organ music - Otto Smith- "yes Virginia"; Memorial service for Arthur O'Neil chairman of the Kitchener Separate School Board [perhaps his actual funeral].

Lacey, Thomas

Reel 9.

One audio reel. Side 1: August 8, 1962 Tues. masters. 1. beautiful saviour; 2. supplication - T. Lacey; Amirah; 4. Pythagoaris - science of numbers; 5. Dr. Hoffman; 6. Walter; 7. White hawk - formerly black; 8. Happy Wolf as emperor; 9. Otai - Mrs. Heap's master; 10. Dr. Hall - to Mr. Massel; 11. Walter - closing.

Side 2: August 30, 1962 Thurs. Visiting night. 1. The shepherd boy; 2. Amirah; 3. C.S. Smith - father of O.G.S.; 4. Nelda - Mrs. O.G.S. explains helping Mrs. Frey; 5. Mother - G. Schultz; 6. Dr. Hoffman; 7. Father of T. Lacey to E. Lacey; 8. Walter; 9. George Stowe; 10. Happy Wold; 11. Ling (dynasty) spoke of bird - ibis on turtle; 12. Golden star; 13. Walter - closing.

Lacey, Thomas

Reel 9.

One audio reel Side 1. Jan. 5/61 extra. Heap's father, John Wesley, Marghruite.
Side 2. Jan. 10/61 Regular séance, bible interpretations.

Lacey, Thomas

Reel 86.

One audio reel. Case reads "Chicago." Also includes one item of correspondence from Marjorie to Mrs. John R. (Mable) Boyle.

Lacey, Thomas

Reel 84.

One audio reel. Side 2. Visiting night Dec. 2, 1965. Music; Amira - opens meeting with few remarks; M. Smith's father - comments on preparations for xmas; Mama Clements - visits a while; Happy Wolf - has long conversation with Garnet; Running Deer - comments about Matthew; Grey Wolf - to M. Smith; Golden Star - with message to Evangeline; M. Bremmer - talks of his passing over to spirit; Chief Mountain Goat - introduces himself to Mrs. Smith; Nelda - speaks of her work in rescue; Mrs. Schultz - greetings to Garnet; Mrs. Massell - with encouraging message to Charlie; Mr. Heap - with good message to Arthur; Bertram - closes meeting.

Lacey, Thomas

Reel 83.

One audio reel. Side 1. Rescue Dec. 30 1965. Music; Amirah - opens meeting and speaks to some length with greetings to all; Bertram - has a few words to say and opens door; John Reinbaum - tells of trying to end his life by drowning but to no avail. Pain all gone and asks for help; John Shepard - driller on oil rig in Northsea, brings American for rescue; Mohamed - comes for help and tells of many lost in Arabia; Yus Ben Assif - brings his blessings to all; Walter and Bertram - closes meeting.

Side 2. masters Jan 4, 1966. Music; Amirah - speaks of coming events in this new year; Ben Yus Assif; promises good guidance this new year; Rama Mandato - speaks of festivities before Christian times; Dr. Hoffman - brings greetings to Garnet and all; Prof Hall - spoke of conditions in India; Bertram - closes meeting.

Lacey, Thomas

Reel 82.

One audio reel. Side 1. Masters night Nov. 23, 1965. Rescue Nov. 17, 1965. Music; Amirah - opens meeting; Hitei Song- speaks for his friends; Mr. H. Krug - recently passed over; Lady from Mt. Hope - lost on burning ship out from Bermuda; Railway engineer - lost one hundred years ago in snow slide; Bertram - closes meeting. Music; Amirah - meditation from Mr. Heap now in hospital then gives long address; Ben Yus Assif - spoke on matters of great importance; Mr. Heap's father - discusses progress of Arthur now in hospital; Dr. Hoffman - speaks in terms of new concepts on religion; Professor Hall - makes himself known with few words; Bertram - draws the curtain.

Side 2. Masters Oct. 26, 1965 Rescue Nov.3, 1963. Music; Amirah - analysing self; Dr. Hoffman - speaks to some length; Professor Hall - takes up the theme; Martin Luther - gives long talk and mentions dead sea scrolls; Rama Mandato - talks on Stonehenge; Bertram - closes meeting. Music; Amriah - opens rescue service. Professor of Toronto College 1 of 4 lost on underwater exploration seeks help and tells of their misadventure; Charles Jaimet - speaks to some length, as he knew the professor; Ralph Christianson - comes also; Bertram - closes the meeting.

Lacey, Thomas

Reel 81.

One audio reel. Side 1. Masters Tuesday June 22, 1965. Music; Amira - speaks to some length on matters of civilizations and akashirness; Martin Luther - speaks about Dead Sea scrolls.

Side 2. Visiting June 17, 1965. Music; Amira - opens meeting; Mr. Smith - with the usual talk greetings to O.G. Smith; Happy Wolf - to Garnet; Mrs. Schults - to Garnet and all; Mrs. Massel - speaks to Charlie; Mrs. Heap's grandpa - speaks to Mrs. Heap; Mr. Heap's father - to Mr. Heap; Nelda - speaks to some length about rescue activities; Ma Clemmer - to Mr. Smith; Dr. Hoffman - to Garnet; Dr. Hall - speaks to Charlie; Bertram - closes the meeting.

Lacey, Thomas

Reel 80.

One audio reel. Side 1. Rescue Wed. June 30, 1965. Music; Amira - opens meeting; Jus Ross Regas - lost on place to Lisbon, was wealthy rancher, wanted to pay us for help; John Clarke - pilot of plane that crashed; David Stevenson - killed by polar bear while north with Esquimose [Eskimo]; Bertram - closes meeting.

Side 2. Visiting June 17, 1965. Music; Amira - opens meeting; Mr. Smith - with usual greetings to O.G. Smith; Happy Wolf - to Garnet; Mrs. Schultz - to Garnet and all; Mrs. Massel - speaks to Charlie; Mrs. Heap's grandpa - to Mrs. Heap; Mr. Heap's father - to Mr. Heap; Nelda - speaks to some length about rescue activities; Ma Clemmer - to Mr. O.G. Smith; Dr. Hoffman - to Garnet; Dr. Hall - speaks to Charlie; Bertram - closes meeting.

Lacey, Thomas

Reel 8.

One audio reel. Side 1: July 24, 1962 Masters night. Music - faith of our masters; 1. Amirah - the mysterious things of life; 2. Yus Assif - the master; 3. Walter - closes.

Side 2: August 15, 1962. Rescue. Hymn - God understands 1. Amirah - opening remarks; 2. White Russian - caught revolution in 1918 drowned at sea reunited with her family; 3. Walter - makes remarks; 4. Oliver Cromwell - very indignant that we invade his privacy; 5. William Pitt - shows him the light; 6. Walter; 7. Walter Brown - speaks of his sickness and financial difficulties; 8. John Dorshman - was killed in a factory in Waterloo; 9. Edward Dawson - killed in Mesopatania [Mesopotamia]; 10. Dr. Hoffman - few good remarks; 11. Walter - closes.

Lacey, Thomas

Reel 8.

One audio reel. Side 1. Jan 2/61 O.G. Smith private. Describing prophecies for 1961.
Side 2. Dreams etc.

Lacey, Thomas

Reel 78.

One audio reel. Side 1. Masters night Tuesday April 13, 1964. Amira - speaks on the law of correspondence and discusses many other things; Golden Star - gives quite a long message to Evangeline; Bertram - tells of his promotion and talks about time; Blue Snake - speaks of coming of white man; Professor Hall - talks about the people of India and other countries; Dr. Hoffman - a few remarks about Waterloo University.

Side 2. Visiting Friday December 18, 1964. Amira - opens meeting speaks about the original Christmas; Mr. Smith's father joins in Xmas thoughts; Happy Wolf; Running Deer - speaks of Matthew; Mrs. Steiss - was mentioned; Mrs. Nelda Smith - spoke of Christmas; Mrs. Heap's mother; Garnet's mother - to Garnet; Mrs. Massel; Mr. Heap's uncle - has very much to say about Africa; Mr. Heap's father - talks of his painting; Walter - closes meeting.

Lacey, Thomas

Reel 77.

One audio reel. Thursday March 26, 1965 rescue. Amirah - opens meeting speaks of computer; Air pilot - from Peterborough; Jack Stewart - who's home was at Nova Scotia; Jim Anderson - copilot, also lost; Jack Richardson - another pilot lost, did quite some talking; Frank Bremner - gives good report of his father prospector - trapped in old mind 1879 Yukon; Mr Mackentire - Mr. Smith; Walter - closes meeting.

Lacey, Thomas

Reel 75.

One audio reel. Side 1. Dec. 22 1964 masters. Music - our father which art in heaver Ernie Ford; Amira - speaks on the spirit of Christmas and the druid during the Roman conquest; Swedenbourg - gives a very enlightening talk; Origen - adds to the comments of our teacher; Ben Yus Assif - a very good talk about Christmas; Walter - concludes.

Side 2. Dec. 30 1964 rescue. Music - Christmas chimes; Amira - speaks about the rescue work; Al Farrel - pilot of plane that crashed near Detroit Dec. 29th brought other pilots and passengers through. Mentions Frank and David Bremner who give help; Mr. Michell - store keeper recently passed over, remembered something Mr. Smith has told him about survival; Former Mayor Minezinger - comes to thank us for talking to Michell; Capt. Alverida - who went down with ship in the seventeen hundreds, knew Capt. Kidd; Walter - thanks us and closes meeting.

Lacey, Thomas

Reel 72.

One audio reel. Side 1. Dec. 2 1964 rescue night. Music - lead us gently on father; Amira - opens meeting, leaves his blessings for success; Walter Harvey - trapped and killed in the congo. Asks for help and explains conditions there. Spoke of Africa for some length of time; Mrs. Carrington - left by plane from London to New York, realizes something interrupted flight from New York; John Wainright - lost at sea near Panama Canal 1961; Lord Twelvetress - came back to thank us for what we did for him; Walter - closes meeting.

Side 2. Dec. 8 1964 masters night. Music; Amira - speaks to some length about the origin of Christmas. Symbolism of events concerning this time of Appolonius and Ben Yus Assif as being appropriate examples of the true Christian life. Speaks of Moses, Amyses, shepherd kings and the Hykos; Origen - has noted that much which he was prevented from contributing to the early Christian life is now common practice in its rituals; Serapis - speaks; Josarius - speaks; Ben Yus Assif - concludes.

Lacey, Thomas

Reel 71.

One audio reel. Side 1. Tues. Nov. 10, 1964 masters. Music; Amira - speaks of absence of master of ceremonies, Mr. Smith was in hospital at this time. Speaks of the sun god Osiris and the indifference of the Arabs to all the culture of the pharaohs; Dr. Johnson - speaks of taking care of Mr. Smith in a moment of silence; Albert Einstein - speaks on electronics to Carl; Margurite - speaks of being with Mrs. Smith. Nelda also speaks; Dr. Hoffman - short add to Garnet; Dr. Hall - speaks to Charlie; Ben Yus Assif - speaks; Walter - concludes.

Side 2. Wed. Nov. 18 1964 visiting. Music; Amira - opens meeting with a few remarks; Charles Dickens - reviews some of his experiences, speaks to some length; White Eagle - to George; Happy Wolf - to Garnet; Golden Star - to Evangeline; Rama - speaks; Nelda - speaks to Evangeline; Mr. Heap - on art, to A. Heap; Mrs. Heap - mother and grandpa; Mrs. Schultz - to Garnet; Mrs. Massel - to Charlie; Walter - closes the meeting.

Lacey, Thomas

Reel 70.

One audio reel. Side 1. Tues. Oct. 27/64 master's night. Music - a mighty fortress; Amirah - spoke of ancient temples; Isaac Newton - comes again, Voltaire gave me the thought of law of gravity, not the falling apple. Travelled to other planets; Emanuel Swendeborg - pleased with our gathering. Predicted his passing. Meets his friend John Wesley; Margurite - music attracted me; Golden Star - will be with you at Christmas; Rameses - saw seeds planted, are now maturing; Dr. Hoffman - referred to changes at old alma matter to Garnet; Professor Hall - has good thoughts; Prince Titicaca - brings greetings; Walter - referred to by Dr. Hall as the gracious gentle man. Glad to be here. Walter closes in capable manner.

Side 2. Wed. Nov. 4/64 rescue night. Music - salvation army band; Amirah - wished us a successful night. Spoke a short time on presidential election; Captain Littlechild - speaks for another soldier in black hole of Calcutta, welcomed by his brother, Robert; Sailor from ship Marie Celeste 1812; Jzenka Venezaloski - investigating our light, tells of space tragedy in rocket; Walter - talks about Russia and China and closes meeting.

Lacey, Thomas

Reel 7.

One audio reel. Side 1. The unidentified wise man. Music. Introductions - T. Lacey. Jan 19/61 - Amirah - speaks of coming events. Feb 21/61 - Amirah - speaks of new era - introduces scientists. Jan. 10/61 - Amirah - introduces noted preachers. Jan. 23/62 - Amirah - speaks of coming converging of planets. Feb. 2/62 - Amirah - again refers to converging of planets. Feb. 4/62 - Amirah - again planets. Opening of sitting - Feb. 6/62. Music - sun of my soul. Invocation - T. Lacey. Amirah - interpretation past, present and coming events. Music - beautiful saviour. June 8/62 - Amirah - appropriate. Opening remarks for visiting night.. Blessed be the tie that binds.

Side 2: Music - lead kindly light. 1. Amirah; 2. Yus Assif - the master a worthwhile discourse; 3. Oti - master to Mrs. Heap; 4. Ramesis; 5. Margurite; 6. Music; 7. Thos. Edison; 8. Disraelei [Disraeli]; 9. MacKenzie King; 10. Mrs. Cadwallader; 11. Rama Pasha; 12. Happy Wold - Inca prince; 13. Bertram and Anna; 14. Walter - closes.

Lacey, Thomas

Reel 7.

One audio reel. Side 1. Dec. 22 Christmas séance. Side 2. Dec. 27 final séance for 1960.

Lacey, Thomas

Reel 69.

One audio reel. Side 1. Tues. Oct. 13/64 master's night. Music - door of my heart; Amirah - spoke of necessity of keeping our balance during these days of contentions and confusion. Wonderful forces are coming. Introduces origin of Alexandria; Origin - a teacher, spoke of teachings of early Christianity, also spoke of the mysteries of Greek mythology. Discussion followed; John Wesley - says, take was wonderful. Did not think we could reach so far into the past. We are all linked together into bringing this enlightenment to all mankind. Referred to William Stead, who got his start in this wonderful work. Discussion of auras and communication followed; Walter - closes with few remarks. Was pleased the origin came. This is a great step of advancement. Is a great teacher, has many schools.

Side 2. Thurs. Oct. 22/64 visiting night. Music - when they ring those golden bells; Amirah - spoke encouragingly of events in China; George Stowe - helping to straighten out difficulties; Garnet's mother - everything fine; Mr. Heap's father - am steadily going on. Nelda now chief rescue director; Happy Wolfe - big things happen boy had a lot of fun; Nelda - congratulated for appointment. Congratulated O.G. Smith on 80th birthday. Love to you all; Dr. Still - developed school of osteopathy; Grey Feather - wished peace of plenty to all; Isaac Newton - law of gravity; Dr. Hoffman - this is more than temple; Professor Hall - have enjoyed everything; Mrs. Massel - to Charlie; Golden Star - will be on Christmas tree again; Mrs. Heap's grandfather & Mrs. Dudley - both give messages; Walter - closes.

Lacey, Thomas

Reel 68.

One audio reel. Side 1. Tues. Sept. 29/64 master's night. Music - star of hope; Amirah - spoke of the foundation of all religion; Nostradamus - spoke very convincingly of his ability to forecast coming events; Ben Jus Assif - agreed that light should be shed on the imitation of the cross. All is symbolic; Morning Star - am taking care of everything away from here; Rameses - you were speaking about that, which I have often; Serapis - an ancient Greek master. Aristotle, Plato have been his students. Build your temple but make sure you go in to pray; Walter - closes meeting in usual excellent manner.

Side 2. Wed. Oct. 7/64 rescue night. Music - nearer my God to thee; Amirah - I shall step aside and take my place in this important task of service; Carl Hackley - a celebrated American sculptor, asphyxiated in the Belgium Congo. Very thankful after finding himself; Richard the Lion Heart - was in confusion for over 800 years. Was Richard of France, thought fighting still going on; Irishman Flanigan - fell off Empire State Building at about 15th floor. Very interesting; Walter - closes meeting.

Lacey, Thomas

Reel 67.

One audio reel. Side 1. Tues. Sept. 15/64 master's night. Music - green sleeves; Amirah - spoke on precepts and concepts of the Christian religion; Mahatma Gandhi - spoke of his continued interest in the spiritual progress of the Hindu people. Referred to responsibility of Shastri; Nehru - spoke of difficulty in manifesting; Margurite - inspires O.G. Smith's playing. Is with him; Morning Star - to Evangeline. Is helping a teacher in Chicago; Rama - came as Abdul Bai Hai have been with you long, giving influence; White Eagle - to George - follows him; Swedenborg - his principles not followed as intended; Rameses - spoke of empire; Happy Wolfe - also Prince Titicaca. To Garnet. Spoke of costume; Walter - closes meeting.

Side 2. Wed. Sept. 23/64 visiting night. Music - in the garden; Amirah - a few well chosen opening remarks; Morning Star - to Evangeline; Nelda Smith - spoke of her being chief of rescue; Mrs. Schmeider - pleased with work she now does; George Stowe - gave words of encouragement to O.G. Smith; Grey Eagle - to O.G.S.; Happy Wolfe - jolly as usual. Spoke at length; Father of George Louth - tried to come for long time. Has been with Mrs. Dudley a lot. Garnet's mother - to Garnet; Mr. Heap's father - is painting many murals; Edward Dawson - to Edith. Told how he loved music; Dr. Hoffman - spoke encouragingly to Garnet; Dr. Hall - glad to come even though Charlie Massel not here; Walter - closes with usual fitting remarks.

Lacey, Thomas

Reel 66.

One audio reel. Side 1. Thurs. July 30/64 visiting night. Music - dreams; Amirah - few words of encouragement; Nelda Smith - came first. Congratulated all for the great day at the opening of the new office; Nurse Falkenburg - glad Karl could come. Has been busy in the East; Carl Zinkann - thanks Charlie Massel for his good thoughts; Dr. Hoffman - spoke of tremendous plans at the college; Dr. Hall - greeted all friends; Mrs. Massel - to Charlie; Gordon Steiss - told of some of his experiences; C.S. Smith - was proud of O.G. Smith at opening of office. Referred to the big clock; Happy Wolfe - referred to fish; White Eagle - tells George he follows him on trail; Mrs. Dudley - hello George many friends here tonight; Walter - closes meeting with a few remarks.

Side 2. Tues. Sep. 1/64 master's night. Music - how great thou art; Amirah - conversion of Moses. Tribulations can bring peace; Goethe - first attempt to come here had many visions. Had not before seen such a light as you present here; Emmanuel Swedenborg - he could have said the eternal light. Excuses Goethe's first and short visit; Titicaca - pleased to come on heels of one who uses nice words; Golden Star - Evangeline not here tonight. All is well with her and Matthew. Running Deer looking after boy; Dr. Hoffman - Reviewed the message of the great teacher; Professor Hall - will bring you interpretations; Rajah - my light comes clear to you. My blessings; Margurite - says hello. Shall always come here; Walter - closes with appropriate remarks; message from Chesterfield.

Lacey, Thomas

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