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YWCA floor plans.

File consists of four architectural drawings by Knechtel and Shmalz Architects, showing floor plans for the ground floor, second floor, third floor and basement of a proposed addition to the YWCA building.

Young Women's Christian Association of Kitchener-Waterloo

YWCA floor plans.

File consists of four architectural drawings by Rieder, Hymmen and Lobban Architects, showing floor plans for the basement, ground floor, second floor and third floor of proposed renovations at the YWCA building.

Young Women's Christian Association of Kitchener-Waterloo

Winnipeg Massed Pipe Band.

Winnipeg Massed Pipe Band visit: first special services reunion. Includes parade photographs, speakers, a City Hall visit with Mayor Syd McLennan and a ceremony at the Kitchener Farmer's Market.

White, Dorothy with Anna Moyer and unidentified woman.

One snapshot photograph of an unidentified woman with Dorothy White and Anna Moyer at Victoria Park, Kitchener. The women are shown standing in front of the water and the photograph is in a large paper frame with a pipe cleaner for hanging. The frame reads "With best wishes: Days of the year" in an Eastern style font. Location identified from verso.

Schantz Russell Family

White, Dorothy.

237 slides of photographs taken by Dorothy White. Originally organized into subjects, they do not necessarily correspond with what is shown on the images. Subjects include: Downtown Kitchener, Kitchener City Hall (interior and exterior), Oktoberfest parade, construction on King St., Rockway Gardens, images of Waterloo region, 1959 Loblaws fire, Christmas lights downtown Kitchener, Kitchener trollybusses, Conestogo Parkway, Blair's Sheave Tower, Victoria Park, Queen Elizabeth's visit to Kitchener, Bridgeport Mills, Waterloo Pioneers Memorial Tower.

Schantz Russell Family

Westmount prospectus.

File consists of material relating to the Westmount development in Waterloo. Includes a prospectus (Realty Pointers: Westmount, "The Development Beautiful") prepared by Beck & Eisenbach (Berlin, ON) containing a plan of Westmount; and a photograph of a topographical landscape painting showing Berlin, Waterloo, and Westmount, prepared by Gibson Catlett, Real Estate Landscape Paintings (Calgary, AB). The plan in the prospectus contains ms. annotations.

Rieder, Talmon and Anthes family


File consists of photographs of artesian wells. Includes three photographs of Roberts well at the Shoemaker Avenue pumping station; two photographs of well 30A, or the Hartley well, also at Shoemaker Avenue; one photograph of #20 well (location not identified); and one photograph of two boys at the Kelly well (location not identified). The boys are identified on a modern handwritten note as Robert and James Pequegnat.

Pequegnat, Marcel

Walking party.

File consists of three snapshots showing a walking party at Chicoppee. Members of the party include: Frederick Bowman Kelly, Florence Grace Clement, Dorothy Pierson [?], Freida Kathleen Boyd Heefer, Blanche Mildred Clement Kelly, Clayton Snyder, Vera Bonnell [?], Norah Smythe, Sophie Dewitt, Pete N[?], Edwin Oliver Clement, Eddie Hewitt.

Clement Bowlby Family

Wagner family.

Studio portrait of the Louis Henry Wagner family. From left to right at Sarah Moyer Wagner, Ida Wagner, Florence Wagner, Louis Jacob Gordon Wagner, Carl Henry Wagner, and Louis Henry Wagner.

Wagner Hailer family

Wagner and Bean families.

Studio portrait of members of the Wagner and Bean families. Front from left to right are Alma Bean, Louis Henry Wagner, Florence Wagner, Margaret Hailer Wagner Bean. Back left to right are Sarah Moyer Wagner, Florence [Euphemia?] Bean, and Wesley Bean.

Wagner Hailer family

View of Berlin factories.

File consists of a photograph (postcard, blank) of a view of Berlin, taken from a high vantage point, showing several factories and smoke towers.

Rieder, Talmon and Anthes family

Victoria Public School class.

File consists of one photograph of a group of students sitting on the steps of Victoria Public School, Kitchener. One student is holding a sign that reads, in part "Victoria School...1923..."

Hobson Family

Victoria Park, Berlin, Ontario.

One panoramic postcard showing portions of Victoria Park, Berlin (Kitchener), Ontario including the lake and Roos Island. Unidentified male and female walkers and canoeists are visible in the photograph. The background also depicts residences, churches and industrial buildings in an area of Berlin (Kitchener), Ontario surrounding the park.

Schantz Russell Family

Unidentified group portrait.

Group portrait taken outside at the Sims home (note in scrapbook), Kitchener, Ont. Occasion not specified, possibly the visit by British Air Admiral Lord Trenchard.

Back row, left to right: Major Hal Ballantyne, A.E. Martin, Lieut. Ken Sims, Lieut. Norman C. Schneider.

Front row, left to right: Major Heather, Col. H.J. Sims Q.C., Lord Trenchard, British Air Admiral, Hon. W.D. Euler M.P., Louis Lang.

Schneider, Norman Christoph

Tribute to Fred H. Schneider.

Typescript speech notes (original) by Norman C. Schneider consisting of a tribute to Fred H. Schneider given at the annual J.M. Schneider Ltd. meeting held at the Walper on January 25, 1968.

Schneider, Norman Christoph

Toggle drying.

Photograph of two unidentified employees standing on either side of a suspended platform toggle drying a hide.

Lang Tanning Company, Ltd.

The Fisher slit barn, near Kitchener.

Three images of the Fischer slit barn, near Kitchener. One image is in the book, one image is a variation of the one in the book, and one looks like an image of the same barn taken at a later date.

Rempel, John I.

The First Saengerfest in Berlin, 1876.

Copy negative of old photograph printed in a book showing a decorated building with a large crowd of people at front. The caption under the reads: "The First Saengerfest in Berlin, 1876. Photograph kindly lent by Mr. Aug. Schmiedel." Typed caption included in file reads: "SAENGERFEST HALL 1876. photo from old book. located where present-day Woodside athletic field area is... large group of people."

The Breithaupt Leather Co., April 1930.

Panorama group portrait of Breithaupt Leather Company employees standing in a row, on muddy terrain, outside of the tannery building and office entrance. Most are in caps and several are wearing rubber boots and ankle-length aprons. A building with a bell tower is visible in the background.

Kitchener-Waterloo Record

Strange Street well.

File consists of a mounted photograph of an artesian well at Strange Street in Kitchener. Three men, one of which is J.C. Breithaupt, are standing behind the well.

Pequegnat, Marcel

Strange Street pump house and reservoir.

File consists of photographs of the Strange Street pump house and reservoir. Includes photographs taken during construction, photographs of the equipment inside the plant, and photographs of the water commissioners outside the pump house. Some photographs include a description and/or Kitchener Water Commission stamp on verso. Duplicate photographs may be present.

Pequegnat, Marcel

Strange Street pump house : interior.

File consists of two photographs (plus duplicates) and two contact prints of the interior of the Strange Street pumping station. Photographs show pumping machinery, including an 8 horsepower, 6 cycle Ruston diesel engine and English electric generators.

Pequegnat, Marcel

Strange Street and Shoemaker Avenue pumping stations.

File consists of a photograph of the interior of the Shoemaker Avenue pumping station and three photographs of the million gallon reservoir at the Strange Street pumping station. One photograph includes a typed note about the retouching on the photograph.

Pequegnat, Marcel

Stewart, Elizabeth (Betty) Clement.

Two "candid camera" snapshots of Elizabeth (Betty) Clement Stewart on her wedding day being walked into the church by her father William Pope Clement.

Clement Bowlby Family

Stewart, Elizabeth (Betty) Clement.

File consists of one full length wedding portrait of Elizabeth (Betty) Clement Stewart. Betty is shown in her gown, holding her bouquet on the front steps of her home. Portrait was taken and is signed by Charles Belair.

Clement Bowlby Family

St. George Street water tower.

File consists of two photographs (plus duplicates) of the water tower on St. George Street in Kitchener, one taken during construction, and one upon completion.

Pequegnat, Marcel

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