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Dare Foods Limited
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C.H. Doerr Co., pre-1940s.

File consists of a photograph taken outside the Doerr factory of a group of people standing in front of a Doerr's Confectionery [parade float or delivery truck?], and a page taken from the souvenir book "Busy Berlin" (published by the News Record, Berlin, 1901) containing a photograph of the C.H. Doerr & Co.'s Biscuit and Confectionery Works.

Dare Foods Limited

C.H. Doerr Christmas samples.

File consists of one real photograph postcard showing the C.H. Doerr Christmas samples. A description on an accompanying paper reads "Jo. Kerr in Elmira Oct. 16, 1907 xmas samples R.B. Doerr."

Dare Foods Limited

Old formulae.

Contains a binder of photocopies of cookie and cracker formulas from 1938-1943.

Dare Foods Limited

Doerr candy factory fire.

File consists of ten photographs showing the aftermath of the fire at the Dare factory on Breithaupt street in March of 1943.

Dare Foods Limited

Dare Co. Ltd., Kitchener.

File consists of one photograph of employees of the Kitchener office of Dare Foods. Some employees are identified on a separate piece of paper.

Included in the photo:

Bloomin, Joan
Brubacher, Dorothy
Dargell, Carl
Dunbar, Les
Farenbach, [?]
Gaeler, Vela
Haas, Harry
Hanamel, [?]
Heffesin, [?]
Hopp, Oscar
Katush, Bernice
Miller, Belle
Ringwald, [?]
Scanin, Stella
Schlitt, Marg
Schmitt, Cully
Schultz, Bernice
Schuster, [?]
Smiley, Dorothy
Smiley, Marjorie
West, Frank
[?], George
[?], Jenny
[?], Scuster

Dare Foods Limited

Photos of the new (post-fire) Dare factory in Sunnyside, Kitchener, approx. 1944.

File consists of five photographs of employees at work in the Dare Company Limited biscuit plant in Sunnyside, Kitchener. Duplicates are present. Some photographs contain captions on verso: moving trays of cookies into/out of the reel oven; dough forming, near the entrance to the reel oven; filling tins of soda crackers; 1944 - production for Defense Dept.; behind the reel oven.

Dare Foods Limited

Dare Co. Ltd. factory employees.

File consists of two identical photographs of factory employees of Dare Co. Ltd. from 1951. The photograph was taken on the grounds outside of the factory and the employees are mostly women and are dressed in white baking outfits. Employees are identified on a separate piece of paper.

Included in the photo:

Atkinson, [?]
Beirs, Amanda
Burkhardt, Emmerson
Clendenrusig, Bill
Crooks, [?]
Crooks, Phoebe
Dare, Carl
Dargell, Carl
Dawe, Marg
de Uries, [?]
Dodge, George
Erb, Erma
Erb, Wilma
Fehreubach, [?]
Fischer, [?]
Forler, Inez
Gellner, Susan
Grishow, Doug
Hopp, Oscar
Headley, Lila
Heintz, Mary
Homuth, Howard
Hopf, Bill
Huntz, Martha
Jantzi, John
Kaufman, Lorraine
Kinzie, Orpha
Kwiakoski, Bill
Lotzke, Lorne
Lwandowski, Rose
Meinzinger, Dolores
Menyes, Maria
Mezer, Kay
Montag, Mari
Norton, Edith
Reist, Orval
Rouse, Vi
Ruhl, Joan
Russell, Jack
Schmidt, Reggie
Schmitt, Cully
Schuster, [?]
Shantz, [?]
Shantz, Abe
Shantz, Eileen
Shoemaker, Marybelle
Sider, Johnny
Stelmach, Joan
Street, Dorothy
Stuckerat, Helen
Trompke, Emdie
Wagner, Russell
Weber, Jeanette
Weiler, Alma
White, Jenny
Windsor, Marion
Wittie, Harold
Wright, Ruby
[?], Ann
[?], Anna
[?], Barb
[?], Bill
[?], Connie
[?], Evelyn
[?], George
[?], George
[?], Gladys
[?], Gwen
[?], Joan
[?], Johnny
[?], Margaret
[?], Margaret
[?], Olga
[?], Olga
[?], Rose
[?], Sally
[?], Steve
[?], Tom
[?], Winnie

Dare Foods Limited

Dare Co. Ltd. Employees.

File consists of two identical photographs of unidentified employees of Dare Co. Ltd. at Carl Dargell's 50th anniversary at the Blue Moon Hotel in Petersburg, October 3, 1958.

Dare Foods Limited

DARE Centennary Video, 1992, transfer from VHS.

A video created to celebrate Dare Foods Limited’s centennial anniversary (1892-1992). The video features a speech from Carl Dare, owner, as well as a variety of photographs from anniversary events and store displays. The video was digitized in 2019 and is available in two digital formats (mp4, avi). The running time of the video is 9 min., 14 sec.

This file also includes one letter written by Bryan Dare to University of Waterloo. Special Collections & Archives briefly describing the purpose of the anniversary video.

Dare Foods Limited

Television advertisements : Dare Foods Limited.

Two DVDs each containing an identical compilation of various television advertisements (commercials) created between 1966 and 2002 for products made by Dare Foods Limited. Some of the advertisements are recorded in English and some are recorded in French. Copies of these commercials were originally donated to Special Collections & Archives on videocassettes in accession GA163. The videocassettes were digitized in 2006 by Dare Foods Limited and made available on the DVDs in this file.

Videocassettes from GA163 that were digitized and are now available on these DVDs include:

SCA188-GA163-27-314. Includes commercials titled, “Dream Sweet Dare,” “Tree House,” “Meadow,” and “Hansel & Gretel.”

SCA188-GA163-27-315. Includes commercials titled, “Tree House," "Meadow," "Hansel & Gretel," and "Ingredient." 

SCA188-GA163-27-316. Includes commercials titled, "Treehouse," "Meadows," "Hansel & Gretel," "Swing," "Fishing," "Farm," "Chocolate Chip," "Variety," "Alice in Wonderland," "Treasure Island," "School Bus," "Gym," and "Dans l'Air." Several commercials are in French including "Chocolate Chip," "Alice in Wonderland," "Treasure Island," and "Dans l'Air."

SCA188-GA163-27-322. Includes commercials titled, "Dare Devils," "Time Out,” “Ingredient,” “Dare Delicious,” “Opera,” “Jason,” “Tough Boss,” “Lost Boy,” “Dad’s Cookies,” and “Peak Freen.”

SCA188-GA163-27-329. Includes the commercial titled, “On Its Own."

SCA188-GA163-27-331. Includes the commercial titled, “Dare Cookies."

SCA188-GA163-27-333. Includes the commercial titled, “Dare Bears."

SCA188-GA163-27-335. Includes the commercial titled, “Dare Bears."

SCA188-GA163-27-338. Includes commercials titled, “Say When,” “Brussells,” “Party is Tomorrow,” “Elfin Loaves,” and “Man up at Night.”

SCA188-GA163-27-340. Includes the commercial titled, “Black Forest Belmont."

SCA188-GA163-27-344. Includes the commercials titled, “Frere Jacques” and “Dare Bears.”

SCA188-GA163-27-346. Includes the commercial titled, “Featuring Dare's Tin Tie Cookies."

SCA188-GA163-27-348. Includes the commercial titled, "Anything Goes."

SCA188-GA163-27-350. Includes the commercial titled, “Soft Spot.”

SCA188-GA163-27-351. Includes the commercial titled, “Whippet le Lait." 

SCA188-GA163-27-353. Includes the commercial titled, “Le mondial.”

Dare Foods Limited

DARE Soft Spot RealFruit Gummies 1996 TV Ad, transfer from VHS.

Two copies of a television advertisement (commercial) for RealFruit Gummies, a line of candy products made by Dare Foods Limited. The commercial was produced with Stringer Veroni Ketchun Advertising agency in 1996 and was later digitized by Dare Foods Limited in 2019. The commercial is titled, “Soft Spot.” The running time of the commercial is 36 seconds.

Stringer Veroni Ketchum Advertising

DARE Croquignole a la Cannelle Cookies 1996 TV Ad, transfer from VHS.

Two copies of a television advertisement (commercial) for tin tie cookies made by Dare Foods Limited. The commercial was produced with TBWA/Chiat/Day advertising agency in 1997 and digitized by Dare Foods Limited in 2019. The commercial is titled, “Croquignole a la Cannalle.” The running time of the commercial is 36 seconds.