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R. Boehmer & Co.: letter book.

This letter book contains copies of business letters from R. Boehmer & Co. dating from 1900-1908, with 824 leaves filled in. Some pages contain more than one letter. The correspondence deals primarily with orders for coal.
Insertions: several pieces of ephemera are present, including a blank bank draft from Merchant's Bank of Canada, Berlin, some ms. draft advertisements, notes, and a statement April 4, 1916.

Boehmer Family

Personal and Biographical

Series consists of personal and biographical materials created and accumulate by Barbara Smucker. Includes correspondence, biographical and critical articles and notes, as well as clippings.

Smucker, Barbara

Bowlby family : general.

File consists of materials relating to the history and genealogy of the Bowlby family, as well as the related Bowlby, Sovereign, Murphy and Powell families. Includes clippings, obituaries, a sample of the family crest, correspondence between family members and Public Archives of Canada, as well as hand-written and typed genealogical notes on the families.

Clement Bowlby Family


Series consists of 140 pieces of correspondence and a small amount of related ephemera and clippings. Includes mainly letters written to John Alexander and Jessie Martin from John Gartshore Martin during his service with the Canadian military during World War II, describing his daily activities, social outings, leaves, meetings with friends and relatives, and general news about the war.

Series also contains several letters from Wilson Martin, Jamie Martin, Jamie's financee Muriel Clift, and several other correspondents. The correspondence is in the form of letters, many of which include the original envelopes and stamps; aerograms with original stamps; and telegrams. Series also includes a small amount of correspondence between John Gartshore Martin and an acquaintance from Holland (1994-2004).

Martin, John Gartshore

Political career

Series consists of records pertaining to Leavine's political career at the municipal and provincial level. Includes notebooks with speeches drafts and notes, as well as clippings about electoral campaigns, political positions, policy changes, and events attended as a public figure.

Leavine, Stanley Francis

19th century photographs.

Two 19th century photographs, unidentified. One is a portrait of a young man taken by W. Theaker, Markdale and the other is of a farmhouse and barn with people, taken by W.H. Love, Markdale.

English Family

Design notes.

File consists of material relating to Kindree's work on the /360 WATFOR and WATFIV projects. Includes notes (some photocopied), diagrams, and flowcharts.

Kindree, William

Woelfle, John : correspondence to his brother Edward Woelfle.

Contains 10 letters from John Woelfle to his brother Edward E. Woelfle, written while John Woelfle was travelling for a company called Callaghan & Co. accross the United States.

  • Date and Place From: January 3, 1895 Chicago, [Illinois] To Woelfle, Edward E., 1873-? From Woelfle, John Attachments: Stamped envelope.
  • Date and Place From: February 13, 1895 Chicago, [Illinois] To Woelfle, Edward E., 1873-? From Woelfle, John Attachments: Stamped envelope.
  • Date and Place From: March 10, 1895 Fort Wayne, [Indiana] To Woelfle, Edward E., 1873-? From Woelfle, John Attachments: Stamped envelope.
  • Date and Place From: March 17, 1895 Urbana, [Ohio] To Woelfle, Edward E., 1873-? From Woelfle, John Attachments: Stamped envelope.
  • Date and Place From: September 22, 1895 Lexington [Missouri] To Woelfle, Edward E., 1873-? From Woelfle, John Attachments: Stamped envelope.
  • Date and Place From: October 6, 1895 Hot Springs, [Arkansas] To Woelfle, Edward E., 1873-? From Woelfle, John Attachments: Stamped envelope.
  • Date and Place From: October 20, 1895 Fort Worth, [Texas] To Woelfle, Edward E., 1873-? From Woelfle, John Attachments: Stamped envelope.
  • Date and Place From: December 8, 1895 San Antonio, [Texas] To Woelfle, Edward E., 1873-? From Woelfle, John Attachments: Stamped envelope.
  • Date and Place From: December 15, 1895 Brenham, [Texas] To Woelfle, Edward E., 1873-? From Woelfle, John Attachments: Stamped envelope.
  • Date and Place From: December 22, 1895 Galveston, Texas To Woelfle, Edward E., 1873-? From Woelfle, John Attachments: Stamped envelope.

Woelfle, John

Family Papers.

Includes a diary written by Mary Ham detailing the events of her summer trip from Port McNicol, Ontario to the Canadian west including Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Augustine, Ham, Kaufman family

Installation of Lord Aberdeen.

One address book kept by Lady Aberdeen listing those who attended the installation of Lord Aberdeen as Governor General of Canada.

Hamilton-Gordon, Ishbel Maria Marjoribanks

Personal Papers

Series consists of personal papers created and accumulated by Harry Byers. Includes epehemera, clippings, certifcates, correspondence, a passport, employment and education information, and a diary detailing Byers' time working in Russia.

Byers, Harry J.

Robert Alden Sanborn : Correspondence

Series consists of correspondence to and from Robert Alden Sanborn to family, colleagues and publishing contacts regarding his writing process and progress, his family, and his personal interests including the social development of children and the work of Carl Jung.

Address book.

One address book kept by Harry J. Byers. Includes lists of names and addresses of friends in North America as well as those met overseas. Also includes financial notes, Russian language translation notes, menus, etc.


Series consists of organizational records pertaining to the Kitchener Waterloo Sales and Ad Club. Includes membership information, financials, minutes, director's files, etc.

Kitchener Waterloo Sales and Ad Club

Federal and provincial government.

File consists of correspondence to and from G. Elmore Reaman relating to possible government employment and also to his pension. Includes one letter from Lester B. Pearson.

Reaman, George Elmore

Manuscripts Held in Trust

Series is comprised of a collection of manuscripts held in trust, given to the archive by Doris Davis, widow of Bertram R. Davis. The items include letters, poetry, an indenture and other miscellaneous notes by romantic poets and their relatives including Robert Southey, William Wordsworth, and Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

Davis, Bertram R.

Advisory report to Simon Fraser University.

File consists of an advisory report to Simon Fraser University written by James Downey and James Kalbfleisch. Also includes correspondence between James Downey and Michael Stevenson regarding the report.

Downey, James, 1939-

Field Notes

Series consists of material relating to field work conducted by Hynes in various locations throughout his career, including the British Isles, Africa, the British West Indies, Australia, and North America. Includes mainly notebooks and loose papers containing ms. and ts. field notes, most recorded by Hynes but some also recorded by research assistants or technicians. Notebooks include drawings, charts, graphs, maps, etc. Series also includes some ms. notes by Hynes from the scientific literature as well as a small amount of correspondence.

Hynes, H.B.N.

World War II and The Holocaust.

Series consists of materials relating to Jerzy Pindera's life during World War II and his time as a prisoner of war in Sachsenhausen concentration camp during the Holocaust. Includes primarily photocopies of correspondence (including those sent to his mother from Sachsenhausen), war records, articles, etc. Also includes ts. copies of Pindera's short stories on the Holocaust that make up "Fragments of Reports" and "Records of Life".

Pindera, Jerzy Tadeusz

Christmas cards.

File consists of various Christmas cards all showing woodcuts by Gill. One is signed from Mary and Eric Gill and one from Hilay and Clare Pepler.

Gill, Eric


Series consists of materials relating to the operation and history of Dominion Rubber, its subsidiaries, companies it was later purchased by. Includes histories of Dominion and Uniroyal, financials, materials relating to branches and operations, etc.

Dominion Rubber Company

Personal Records

Series consists of personal records created and accumulated by members of the extended Hobson family. Includes financial records of the home at 155 John Boulevard.

Hobson Family

Teaching slides (1 of 3).

File consists of 934 slides used by Nancy Lou Patterson to teach about Mennonite and Amish life and art. Slides are organized as they were originally donated, with original headings. Slides show Mennonite arts including show towels, fraktur drawing, and quilting as well as events and places such as barn raisings, schools, gardens and farms.

Patterson, Nancy-Lou


Series consists of ephemera created and accumulated by the Rotary club of Kitchener. Includes programmes, invitations, clippings, a newsletter, and other items.

Rotary Club of Kitchener

60th anniversary celebration.

File consists of materials created and accumulated during the planning and execution of the Rotary Club of Kitchener 60th anniversary celebration. Includes programmes, invitations, a news release, correspondence and a speech transcript.

Rotary Club of Kitchener

Military training.

Material created or accumulated by Cameron Hill during his time enrolled in the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP) including photographs, a coupon, an invitation, and a book.

Hill, Cameron Clare

Schneider, J.M.

Biographical information compiled by Betty Schneider relating to J.M. Schneider and his family. Consists of computer output and photocopies of biographical clippings, articles, reminiscences. Includes a photocopy of entries from the 1901 census. Also includes a photocopy of a photograph of the Dominion Button Works, where J.M. Schneider worked before going into business for himself.

Schneider, J.M. family

Siegner, Emma Louise.

Biographical information compiled by Betty Schneider relating to Emma Louise Siegner, daughter of J.M. and Helena Schneider and her family. Includes genealogical information, photocopies of clippings and photographs, genealogical charts.

Schneider, J.M. family

Payne, Margaret, daughter of William Rohleder.

Margaret Payne interviewed by Herb and Betty Schneider. Margaret Payne's father, William Rohleder, was J.M. Schneider's first employee.Includes two audio cassettes, interview questions and notes. Also includes a copy of Rych Mills Kitchener (Berlin), 1880-1960, snapshots of Margaret Payne with Herb and Betty Schneider and a snapshot of a framed group photograph and identifications:
Wilhelm Oppermann, John Meissner, Wilhelm Rohleder, his daughter Emma, Conrad Bitzer, Kaspar Oschmann, William Motz, Dr. J.E. Hett, Herman Rathmann, John Motz (Sheriff), Karl Kruse, Frieda Müller (Daughter of Karl Müller), Henry Oswald.

Schneider, J.M. family


Silver crown from England showing on the obverse the head of Queen Victoria and on the reverse St. George slaying the dragon. This is a diamond jubilee issue.

Pyke, Edgar William

Heaven’s Blessing on the Twain.

A stereograph titled, “Heaven’s Blessing on the Twain” taken by Benjamin Kilburn and mounted by James M. Davis. The stereograph is part of Benjamin Kilburn’s “Marriage series” and depicts a man and a woman asleep in bed with a spectral outline of an angel overlooking them. This stereograph is an example of spirit photography.

Kilburn, Benjamin West

Sapolio advertisement

Advertisement trade card for Sapolio showing three women washing dishes with the caption "Wash dishes with Sapolio." Verso reads "There is no one article known that will do so many kinds of work in and about the house and do it so well as Enoch Morgan's Sons Sapolio. (Each cake is wrapped in Tin Foil, and surrounded with Ultramarine Blue-Band, and bears the above device) always note this. A cake of Sapolio, a bowl of water and a brush, cloth or sponge will make house cleaning a quick and easy job, will clean paint and all painted surfaces, will clean marble, mantles, tables and statuary, will clean oil-cloths, floors, shelves, etc., will clear bath tubs, wash basins, etc., will clean crockery, glassware, etc., will clean kitchen utensils, of all kinds, will clean windows without splashing of water, will polish tin, brass and copperware, will polish knives as you wash them, will polish all metal surfaces and will clean all household articles and is better and cheaper than soap, emery, rotten stone, etc. John Wanamaker, Grad Depot, Phila."

Sweeperette advertisement

Die cut card showing five women behind a fence with a caption reading "The look well on the fence! Much better on the other side. This road leads to success used by the million." The verso shows the backs of the women, each of whom are holding a Sweeperette sweeper. Verso reads "always in the push our Sweeperette. Sweeperette Company 76 5th Ave. New York Grand Rapids, Mich."

About Nancy-Lou Patterson

This series contains folders maintained by Nancy-Lou Patterson. For published items about Nancy-Lou Patterson, see Series: Publications and Printed Items.

Patterson, Nancy-Lou

Book launches: First blast of the trumpet against the monstrous regiment of women.

Relates to media events aimed at promoting First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstrous Regiment of Women. This includes a list of interviews given by Eric McCormack to the media in Ottawa and a reading at the National Library. Additionally, this file contains a list of media events (primarily interviews) attended by Eric McCormack as part of efforts by himself and his publisher, Penguin Canada, to promote First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstrous Regiment of Women.

McCormack, Eric P.


Materials relating to the career and teachers education of Mary Johnston. Includes professional development, career trajectory information, and work by students.

Johnston, Mary

Partnership Agreements: Declaration of Names and Residences of Partners of the Firm of George Randall & Co. of Waterloo Village Under the Registration of Co-partnerships Act, 1869.

Verifax copy and ts. transcript of an original document filed in the Registry Office in the County of Waterloo, signed by Geo. Randall, Jos. E. Seagram, and W. Roos, which states their partnership to have begun April 15, 1869.

Joseph E. Seagram and Sons, Ltd.

Hunting the slipper.

File consists of one musical ms. Written on staff paper, the ms. is oblong and features numerous short songs, as well as small portions of notation. Notation is written in two distinct hands.

Eisen, Sol


Series consists of materials created and accumulated by the Walter Bean Grand River Community Foundation. Includes all unpublished written materials including office files, correspondence, etc.

Walter Bean Grand River Community Trails Foundation

YWCA, 1987.

Contains material relating to Mary Roe's work on the Board of Directors of the YWCA. Includes brochures, committee information, notes, and a membership recruitment handbook.

Roe, Mary

Eyes that went away.

File consists of one ts. film script (101 p.) by Gary and Ken Ledbetter, based on stories by Ken Ledbetter. Script is first draft and dated December, 1989. Cover page signed by authors.

Ledbetter, Ken

Letters patent and by-laws.

File consists of a leather-bound volume in which are pasted the letters patent and by-laws for the Greb Shoe Company Limited, created in 1916; special by-laws passed during the life of the company; and the acceptance by the Province of Ontario of the surrender of the company's letters patent in 1931. Volume also includes a register of shareholders.

Greb Industries Limited


Series consists of records relating to the incorporation of Dominion Electrohome Industries Limited and its predecessors, the Phonola Company of Canada, Pollock-Welker Limited, and the Grimes Radio Corporation Limited; as well as the incorporation of Pollock Enterprises Limited. Series also includes records relating to the administration of Grimes Radio Corporation from 1925 to 1939 and Pollock Enterprises from 1947 to 1959. Includes share certificates, letters patent, by-laws, board of directors' meeting minutes, registers of shareholders and directors, and stock subscription applications.


Schantz, Franklin Abram.

Material relating to Franklin Abram Schantz's activities and interests, primarily household and personal accounts and investments. Includes correspondence, clippings and ephemera.

Schantz Russell Family

Address book.

Notebook with F.A. Schantz stamped on cover in gold, issued by the Toronto Carpet Mfg. Co., used as an address book.

Course notes.

File consists of one notebook with course notes from an unidentified course.

Stanton, Ralph G.


Series consists of materials documenting the history of Dare Foods Ltd. Includes meeting minutes, clippings, advertising, logos, ephemera and more. Also includes materials documenting the Dare strike of 1972,

Dare Foods Limited

Predecessor companies : recipe and formula books.

Four recipe or formula books dating from 1938 to 1942 that originally belonged to Dare Foods Limited's predecessor companies including the Paulin-Chambers Company Limited and McCormick's Limited.

The first book is identified on the spine with the word, 'Paulins.' This book contains formulas written between 1938-1939 for a few products which remain in Dare's product line, although the formulas used today are quite different, including those for Ruffles and Normandy (now spelled "Normandie").

The second book is identified on the spine with the word, 'Weston.' This book was likely used in the McCormick plant in London, Ontario, which was owned at the time by George Weston Limited. The recipes in this book were written in 1940.

The third book is identified on the spine with the words, 'English [&] Canada.' This book is likely a compilation of recipes from England and Canada written in and around 1942. Some of the recipes list a name in the top right (e.g. T. Jamieson for "Alsation" biscuits) or refer to their having been made in "King's England." Other recipes are ascribed to "McCormick," "CBF" (a reference to "Cracker Baker," possibly an industry handbook) and "McV & P" (McVitie & Price of Edinburgh, Scotland). At the end of the book there are seven pages of handwritten notes and recipes on the back of McCormick biscuit wrappers.

The fourth book is not identified on the spine however, it contains recipes for fillings, coatings and mixtures written in 1941. Fillings and coatings were applied to cookies after they were baked. Mixtures were packages of assorted biscuits, typically with a different cookie in each row.

This file also includes one memorandum written by Bryan Dare providing detailed historical information about Dare Foods Limited's predecessor companies, recipes, and manufacturing technologies referred to in the books.

Dare Foods Limited

Incorporation : Acts and Bills

Series consists of records relating to the incorporation and organization of the Grand River Conservation Authority and its predecessors, the Grand River Conservation Commission and the Grand Valley Conservation Authority. Includes originals and photocopies of acts, bills, and letters patent.

Grand River Conservation Authority

Canada Volunteer Award.

Material relating to the National Health and Welfare Volunteer Award given to W.H. Kaufman in 1986 for his work with the Kitchener-Waterloo Hospital. Inludes a letter from Jake Epp, Minister of National Health and Welfare, Aug. 14, 1986, informing W.H. Kaufman of this award, and a clipping.

Kaufman, William Hutton

Kaufman, A.R. : Biographical

Series consists of biographical information about A.R. Kaufman. Includes clippings, articles, interviews and obituaries. Arranged in alphabetical order.

Kaufman, A. R. (Alvin Ratz)


Series documents John Walter’s correspondence with William Daum Euler and the Kitchener Daily Record. The correspondence focus on Walter’s request for a public debate with Euler over capitalism and the economy. Other correspondence and newspaper clippings cover the Kitchener Record’s refusal to publish, in their newspaper, the letters Walter sent about challenging Euler. There are also clippings of Euler's speech which Walter references in his letters.

Walter, John

Diary of W.E. Short.

Contains one exercise book used as a diary by W.E. Short from 1915-1917, recorded in ink, ruled, with numbered pages and daily entries. Includes details of daily life in the trenches, training activities, weather, places billeted, battle details, camp events and leisure activities, parades and marches, and the difficulties of procuring rations and mail.

Short, W.E. (William E.)

Autograph book.

A small autograph book that belonged to Florence Annie Catherine Schantz. Includes a gilded embossed cover and small pictorial Victorian cuts pasted beside some entries.

Schantz Russell Family

Cost accounting manager : G.R. Good.

Contains material relating to the cost accounting manager, G.R. Good. Includes memoranda, design sheets, mill room day staff allowance, line balance procedure, production calculations, and shoe room rates.

Kaufman Footwear

A life story by Irene Brown : pages 1-15.

Contains the first section of Irene [Coombs] Brown's autobiography [ts., 15[2] leaves, original], titled "The early days : February 10, 1920 to October 1930". The section includes a title page and introduction, and is broken into two segments that have been titled "Touring days in the Twenties" and "Sad days". It covers her birth in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, her travels with her parents in the O'Mara Grand Opera Company, the death of her mother, her early school years, and a description of what it was like to live in Britain in the 1920s.

Brown, Irene


Manuscript and typescripts notes by Elizabeth Long and Alice Hagen, and a list and pamphlet regarding the Permanent Collection of the Art gallery of Mount Saint Vincent University.

Hagen, Alice Mary


Series consists of items of correspondence between Claire Wallace and others.

Wallace, Claire

Dominion Rubber employees.

One photograph of Dominion Rubber employees outside of the factory. Visible in the photograph are: Charlie Baldwin, John Calrenbo, Nick Mason, Carl Johnson, John Kallgreen, Tony Partello, P.Y. Ho, Bob Olds.

Executive member binder : Corinne Nemy.

Binder kept by Corinne Nemy during her term as president of the Women's Press Club of Toronto from 1976-1978. Includes open line newsletter, monthly program notices, business meeting minutes, executive meeting minutes, correspondence, AGM material, by-laws, officer duties, financial reports, membership forms, letter's patent for the club, clippings, and material relating to the Canadian Women of Note - Computerized biography project with York University, etc

Women's Press Club of Toronto

Autograph album.

File consists of one autograph album kept by Mary Churchill with entries by family and friends. The album contains extensive passages of poetry and prose as well as illustrations. Names include:

  • Matilda W. Danas;
  • H.J. Ward;
  • C.H.A. Spear;
  • P.H.P.;
  • G.C.B.;
  • Daniel B. Woods;
  • Cyrus Brewer;
  • M.H. Shepherd;
  • L.W. Mears;
  • Lucy A. Parker;
  • L. Churchill;
  • S. Churchill;
  • Ino Coburn;
  • M. Salter;
  • C.W. Belcher;
  • M.W. Field;
  • Lauretta;
  • S.B. Carpenter;
  • L.M. Ingalls;
  • Mary Ann;
  • Peggy Doodle;
  • Francoise Rosulthe de Stelenheim;
  • J. Augustus Parker.

Churchill, Mary B.


File consists of ts. biographical information by Elizabeth Long about Frances Loring and Florence Wyle and their artwork. Also included is one ts. page of information about Eskimo sculptor Charlie Shuguspit and the Povungnetuk Sculpture Society.

Wyle, Florence

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