Works By Nancy-Lou Patterson: Non-Fiction (Manuscripts) Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
169 "Angel and Psychopomp in Madeleine L'Engle's Fantasy Trilogy." File [198-]
175 C.S. Lewis Society lecture: Lewis and spirituality, May 8, 1996. File 1996
177 Church art. File [198-?]
179 "A Comedy of Masks: Lord Peter as Harlequin in Murder Must Advertise." File [1984?]
182 "Embroidered Paradise: The Show Towel." File [1976]
183 " 'A Fair White Linen Cloth': Contemporary Canadian Liturgical Textiles in Historical Context." File [1991]
186 "Hearts and Flowers: Paper-Cutting and Paper-Weaving in the Waterloo County Swiss-German Mennonite Community." File [197-?]
187 "An Hierarchy of Beds: Pieced and Appliqued Quilts." File [197-?]
195 "Mennonite Barns and Fields." File [197-?]
199 "The Merry Party." File [199-]
202 "O Edles Herz, Bedenk Dein End: The Iconography of the Show Towel." File [197-?]
203 "Paradise, Garden, and Barn. File [198-?]
204 "Paradise Gardens: the Visual Symbols." File [197-?]
205 Philip Aziz. File 1996
206 "Quilts." File [197-?]
209 Schneider Haus expansion dedication, 1 May 88, also Schneider Haus Quilt Show entry essay. File 1988
211 "Symbolism in Mennonite Folk Art." File [1981]
214 "The Tree of Life" Show Towels and Other Embroidered Linens." File [197-?]
217 [Untitled]: "German-Alsatian Gravemarkers in Waterloo Region and Bruce County Roman Catholic cemetaries": grant request. File 1980
171 "The Arts of Humility: Mennonite Traditional Arts of Waterloo County." File [196-?]
172 "Be Fruitful and Multiply: Swiss-German Mennonite Quilts in Waterloo County, Ontario, 1875-1975." File [1980]
176 "Canadian Native Art and its Implications for Education" The Third Annual Percy H. Tacon Memorial Lecture." File 1983, 1986
181 "Embracing the Talented," Christ Church Lutheran, the Rev. James Brown. File 1997
185 "German-Alsatian Gravemarkers in Waterloo Region and Bruce County Roman Catholic cemetaries." File [1976]
194 Liturgical Textiles. File [1991]
197 "Mennonite Gardens." File [1979]
201 "Newcomers in Paradise: The Dutch-German Mennonite Tradition." File [197-?]
208 "Quilts that go to Church." File 1987
210 Swiss-German Mennonite Gravestones of the 'Pennsylvania Style', 1804-1854, in the Waterloo Region, Ontario." File [1980]
222 [Untitled]: Mennonite Folk Art research file. File [197-?]
223 [Untitled]: St. Columba Church liturgical art catalogue. File [199-?]
168 Amish Mennonite Quilts. File 1988
170 Arts Lecture Intro, F87. File 1987
173 "Bloody Farce" manuscript. File [199-?]
174 "A 'Bloomsbury Bluestocking': Dorothy L. Sayers' Bloomsbury Years in their 'Spatial and Temporal Context.' " File [199-?]
180 "Death and Ethnicity: Swiss-German Mennonite Gravestones of the 'Pennsylvania Style,' 1804-1854, in the Waterloo Region, Ontario." File [1975]
189 "The Holy House of Ungit": Version II. File [199-]
191 "How to Date a Mennonite Quilt." File [1988?]
192 "The Iron Cross and the Tree of Life: German-Alsatian Gravemarkers in Waterloo Region and Bruce County Roman Catholic Cemetaries." File 1976
193 "Laboratory of Tradition: A Visit in Waterloo County." File [197-?]
207 "Quilts in Mennonite Life." File [197-?]
215 "Tolkien and the Visual Image." File 1968-1969
219 [Untitled]: Liturgical Art research file. File 1959-1967, 1989-1990
221 [Untitled]: Mennonite Folk Art research file. File [197-?]
178 "Colour in Mennonite Quilts." File [1975]
184 "The Flowers in the Meadow: the Paper Cuttings of Elizabeth Johns Stahley, 1845-1930." File [197-?]
188 "The Holy House of Ungit: Evil Under Erasure in C.S. Lewis's 'Till We Have Faces'." File [199-]
190 "The Holy House of Ungit": complete final version, Feb., 1996. File 1996
196 "Mennonite Cloth Dolls From Waterloo County, c. 1900-1976." File [197-?]
198 "Mennonite Traditional Arts of Waterloo Region." File [197-?]
200 N-L's Mennonite writings. File 1975-1978
212 "Textile Arts of Canadian Mennonite and Hutterite Communities." File [199-]
213 " 'This Equivocal Being': The Un-Man in C.S. Lewis's _Perelandra." File 1994
216 "Tracks in the Sand: Traditional Arts of Mennonite Women in the Waterloo Region." File [197-?]
218 [Untitled]: "German Nativity Figures From the Waterloo County Dutch-German Mennonite Community." File 1980
220 [Untitled]: "Mennonite Barns and Fields." File 1980