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Charles Belair negative collection.
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Canadian Legion 1950, 1942, 1945-1949, [includes 1 letter from The Canadian Legion identifying people in picture, and 3 other lists of people] 1 contact print 25.5 x 7.5 cm (10x3), 1 contact print 20 x 9.5 cm(8x3.5), 1 contact print 8x10, 4 negs 5x7, 4 prints 8x10, 5 negs 8x10

Formal posed group portraits of executive members of Kitchener-Waterloo branch no. 50. Includes a letter and a list indentifying legion members pictured in the 1942, 1947, 1948 and 1949 group portraits.

Group Portrait 1942 (FILE NAME): A.E. Oakley, H.J. Buller. D.J. Maguire, A.A. Singlehurst, A.J. Eaton, J.A.Johnson, W.A. Findlay, W.G. Wilkins, E.J. Hainsworth, H.J. Gellatly (Sec.), F.S. Gies (1st Vice-Pres.), G.C. Thompson (President), B. Warren (2nd Vice-Pres.), W.R. Bailey (Treas.)

Group Portrait 1947 (FILE NAME): L. Barnes, A. McGrigor, R. Hines, H. Ashley, F. Gies, C.Bomberger, H. Buler, W. Britton (Sgt. of Arms), W. Bailey, J. Becker (Treas), K. Buller (1sr Vice), J.VandeWater (Pres), J. Woolner (2nd Vice), H.J Gellaty (Sect.).

Group Portrait 1948 (FILE NAME):
Back row, left to right: B. Warren, C.Bomberger, H. Buller, L. Hancock, H. Ashley, K.Buller, K.J. Woolner, D. Harbach.
Front row, left to right: W.Britton (Sgt. of Arms), J.P. VandeWater (Treas.), F. Gies (1st Vice), J.C. Becker (Pres.), R.M. Gillespie (2nd Vice).

Group Portrait 1949 (FILE NAME): H. Ashley, [William?] Blake, George Cruichshank, J. Shillington. J. Wood, H. Hallman, A. Angine, N. Hefferman, B. Warren, R. [Kellesque?], B. Britton (Sgt. of Arms), F. Gies (1st vice), J. Becker (Pres.), D. Harbach (2nd vice), H. Gellatly (Sect)

Belair, Charles

Canadian Legion Executive 1943, 1944, [includes lists of people in photos] 2 8x10 prints.

Two posed group portraits of executive members of the Candian Legion, Kitchener-Waterloo Branch no. 50, 1943-1944.

1943: F. Bassil, G. Bomberger, A.D. Smith, W.A. Findley, D.J. Maguire, J.P. Van de Water, B. Warren, A. Singlehurst, W.W. Hamilton, A. Eaton, H.J. Gellatly (Secretary), F.S. Gies (1st Vice Pres), G.C. Thompson (President), W.G. Wilkins M.M (2nd Vice Pres), R.Bailey (Treasurer).

1944: J. Johnson, G.C. Thompson, W.A Findley, F. Arnott, E. Gillespie, H. heron. C. Bomberger, W.W. Hamilton, E. Stroh, J.P. Van de Water, H.J. Gellatly (Secretary), W.G. Wilkins M.M. (1st Vice Pres.), F.S. Gies (President), B. Warren (2nd Vice pres), W.H. Bailey (Treasurer).

Belair, Charles

Mr. L.O. Breithaupt and family with MacKenzie King.[October 6] 1947

One informal posed group portrait of L.O. Breithaupt and family with William Lyon Mackenzie King in 1947, taken outdoors. Front row left: The Honorable L.O. Breithaupt (Lieutenant Governor).
Front or middle: The Right Honorable MacKenzie King (Prime Minister).
Includes three unidentified females and two unidentified males.

Belair, Charles

Bullas Brothers, Front of Store.

Two images of the storefront and building of Bullas Brothers Ltd. in Kitchener, Ontario. One image includes a line of cars parked on the street. Both images include the fountain outside the store. The store windows display furniture and appliances.

Belair, Charles

John Forsyth shirt & letter, 2 negs 8x10

An image of a letter to from the Rosemont Corps. of the Salvation Army in Montreal to the John Forthsythe Company and an image of a men's shirt.
The letter is from a Clergyman in the Rosemont Corps. that purchased a shirt manufactured by John Forsythe Company 11 years previously. he wrote the letter and sent the shirt to John Forsythe and company to illustrate that the shirt has worn well. The letter inicates that postage was included for the retur of the shirt.

Belair, Charles

Kitchener-Waterloo Real Estate Board 1967, 1968, Real Estate Board of Directors, 3 negs 8x10, 1 print 8x10, 1 print 22.5x10 cm (9x4); 4 contact prints 25x10 (10x4) [includes list of people in photos]

Formal posed group portrait of the K-W Real Estate Board, Board of Directors. Includes a list identifying individuals in the 1969 portrait.(?)
1969 (GA168_49_3_e.jpg)
Back row, left to right:John Gruntorad, Wiliam Caton, Stephen Ringwald, Lyle Cower, Gus Ulmer, Hienz Kraushaar.
Front row, left to right: Lero Hoppe, Treasurer; Dalton Howell, Vice- President; Lloyd Ellacott, President; Harvey Bacher, Past President; John Lauer, Secretary.

Belair, Charles

Lutheran Life Ins. May/76, 1 b&w contact sheet 8x10, 9 col. negs 2.5x2.5, 1 col. print 4x5 [includes 1 letter from Lutheran Life requesting reprints]

Posed individual and group portraits of men associated with Lutheran Life Insurance, Kitchener, Ontario. Jim Widdicomb (Mgr); Harold Deitrich (Pres); Ruben Jacobson (Founder).
Includes 1 letter from Lutheran Life to the photographer, Charles Belair, requesting prints of selected negatives from the black and white contact sheet.

Belair, Charles

Lang Tannery, 5 negs 8x10 [an order for reprints from The Lang Tanning Company is also included]

Images of 2 illustrations of the exterior of the Lang Tanning Company, one of which depictates the tannery as it was in 1850.
An image of a document describing the history of the Lang Tanning Company.
2 photographs, dated 1948, of horses and a cart of materials outside of the tannery.
Includes an order for reprints from The Lang Tanning Company.

Belair, Charles

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