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Maines, Minnie O'Hara
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File consists of photographs created and accumulated by the Maines Pincock family. Includes photographs of séances, family members and friends, and events at Lily Dale. People identified:

  • Austin, Dr.
  • Cartheuser, Billy
  • Cartheuser, Gerry
  • Cartheuser, William
  • Compton, Mrs
  • Gildner, Colleen
  • Grey, Bert
  • Grey, Eveyln
  • Maines, Frederick J.T.
  • Maines, Minnie O'Hara
  • Pincock, Jenny O'Hara

Maines Pincock Family


File consists of a notebook kept by Minnie O'Hara Maines with minutes from meetings with the Executive Committee, the Education Committee, the Committee for English-speaking classes at the YWCA, and the Canadian Affairs Group. Also included are two reports from 1957 and 1958 summarizing the activities of the Council's Service, Education, and Social committees; brochures from 1966 and 1967 outlining the general responsibilities and scope of the council; as well as a 1960 letter from Victoria Ullman to Maines, in which Ullman is thanking Maines for the bursary she received, are also included in the file.

English-speaking Classes

File records the activities of the Kitchener-Waterloo Council of Friendship regarding their program for English-Speaking classes, dating between 1967 to 1970. Includes blank forms on employee's tax deductions, employment contract forms, as well as citizenship employment with the Ontario provincial government for applications as an ESL (English as a Second Language) teaching position. There are also order forms for language textbooks and news clippings about registration for English classes with the YWCA in Kitchener. Correspondence in the file pertain to exchanges between Minnie Maines and the Ontario government's citizenship branch regarding the establishment of English classes for new immigrants to Canada.

News clippings

File contains newspaper clippings from the mid-1900s regarding the activities of the Kitchener-Waterloo Council of Friendship including articles about winners of the Council's scholarship fund. Also included are clippings also focused on immigration, new-comers to Canada, and the integration of new Canadians.

History File

File contains a manuscript dated March 16, 1967 regarding the history and establishment of the Kitchener-Waterloo Council of Friendship written by Minnie O'Hara Maines. Also included are news clipping from 1967 regarding 16 K-W dancers performing a German dance for Princess Alexandra.

Fred and Minnie Maines Library.

The collection is made up of approximately 600 books, periodicals, and ephemera related to spiritualism, psychic phenomena, and alternative religious movements. The book collection complements the archival portion of the donation, the Fred and Minnie Maines fonds.

The collection includes the library maintained by the Church of Divine Revelation and the Radiant Healing Centre, established by Newton and Jenny Pincock in St. Catharines. Fred and Minnie Maines continued to add to the collection over the years.

Many titles in the field of spiritualism are represented, such as B. F. Austin's The Prophet of Nazareth and the Seer of Poughkeepsie (Los Angeles: B. F. Austin, n.d.); Albert Durrant Watson's The Twentieth Plane (Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 1918); Florence Marryat's There is no Death (London: Rider, 1920); Thirty Years Among the Dead, by Carl A. Wickland (Los Angeles: National Psychological Institute, 1924); and several works by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Several copies of Jenny Pincock's seance accounts, Trails of Truth (Los Angeles: Austin, 1930), are available, along with the original manuscript and notes.

Also present are numerous journals from the spiritualist community, such as Light: a Journal of Spiritualism, Psychical, Occult and Mystical Research, The Occult Digest, and Two Worlds: Monthly Magazine Featuring Spiritualism and the Supernormal. A complete run of Progression, published by the Radiant Healing Centre is present. Other subjects represented include the Theosophical Society, psychic healing, numerology, and vegetarianism.

Titles of Canadian literary interest include several first editions of works by E. J. Pratt (many of which are dedicated to Jenny Pincock and her husband, Newton, a childhood friend of Pratt's), a copy of Elsie Pomeroy's Sir Charles G. D. Roberts: a Biography (Toronto: Ryerson, 1943) which contains a dedication inscription to Jenny Pincock from Roberts' widow, Joan, and Jenny Pincock's own book of poetry, Hidden Springs (Privately printed, 1950), with an introduction by E. J. Pratt.


Correspondents include Donald J. MacDonald from London, Ontario, Minnie O'Hara Maines on behalf of the Local Council of Women of Kitchener, and M.P. Johnson, secretary, on behalf Albert Edward Matthews, Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario, all addressing Harvey as Col. Sims and thanking him for his hospitality. Arthur R. Mortimer, Dept. of National Defence, responds to Harvey's letter of congratulations on his promotion. Violet Martin from Kennebunk Beach, Maine, regrets not being able to meet at Regina as her husband has cancer, and Harvey asks Bruce Matson in 1933 about obtaining prints of the photographs the latter took of Chicopee, some of which were published.

Sims family

Scenes during seance

Image of William Cartheuser seated with Colleen Gildner leaning against his lap. Crouching at their side is Minnie Maines and standing behind them is Fred Maines. Jenny Pincock is seated at right, partially blurred, looking over at the group, while taking notes.

Maines Pincock Family