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Byers, Harry J.
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Byers family snapshot.

Snapshot of members of the Byers family with Harry Byers at left.

Back row: Harry Byers, unidentified woman, unidentified man, [Helen Bawman (nee Byers)?], unidentified man, Fred Byers.

Front row: unidentified child, unidentified child, unidentified child.

Byers, Harry J.

May 28, 1944.

Snapshot of Harry Byers and an unidentified child, with a tree, automobile and barn in the background.

Byers, Harry J.

My sweetie.

Snapshot of Harry Byers leaning on an SAS [Sweeney Automobile School] airplane.

Byers, Harry J.

Nov. 20, 1930 : Nikolsk, U.S.S.R.

Snapshot of Harry Byers (at right) with an unidentified man, standing at the altar in a church in Russia. Taken in the city of Nikolsk (Ussuriysk)

Byers, Harry J.

Vladivostok, Oct. 30, 1930.

Snapshot of Violet and Harry Byers (center) with an unidentified man and woman standing on a dock in a harbour with a ship behind them.

Byers, Harry J.

One Russian, three Americans.

Snapshot of Harry Byers (at left), 1 unidentified woman, and 2 unidentified men, at a dinner table with bread and wine on it.

Byers, Harry J.

Xmas day 1929, Verblude.

Group snapshot of Harry (bottom row, fourth from left) and Violet Byers (bottom row, third from right) with several unidentified individuals standing outside in the snow on Christmas day.

Byers, Harry J.

Ralph Fischer, Martin Diegel, Harry J.

Snapshot of three men loading a shotgun. The men are identified on the verso of the photograph as Ralph Fischer, Martin Diegel, and Harry J. [Byers] (at right).

Byers, Harry J.

Nikolskoye Nov. 20, 1930.

File consists of 1 portrait of Harry Byers and an unidentified man posing in a studio prop of an automobile. Byers is drinking something from a bottle. Caption on the verso reads: "Nikolskoye Nov. 20: 30. Holy smokes here we come 2 the 4 Horseman give us room. Now if I only had our radiator cap - I'd show you some speed. My American friend with me."

Byers, Harry J.

Nov. 18, 1929.

Snapshot of Harry (at left) and Violet Byers (second from left) with 5 other unidentified individuals strolling across the deck of a ship, arm in arm.

Byers, Harry J.

Byers, Harry J. and Violet : photograph.

One snapshot of Harry J. Byers and Violet used for their passport. Verso reads "This is our pass port picture, I was sore at the bird who snapped this. Funny looking out fit. Vi looks funnier than me. Don't tell her I told you. PS Look at my chin. 1930"

SAS Kansas City : plate 1157, January 3, 1928.

Group portrait of Harry Byers (front row, centre) with and what appears to be his Kansas Sweeney Tractor Machine Company class. There is a banner above the class that says "SAS Kansas City" [Sweeney Automobile School], and Harry Byers is holding a sign that says "Plate 1157 Jan. 3, 1928."

Byers, Harry J.

Correspondence to and from Harry Byers.

Contains 9 letters to Harry Byers, and 2 letters from Harry Byers. The letters to Harry Byers are from F.B. Sweeney of the Sweeney Automobile & Electrical School (2 letters, one of which mentions the death of Harry Byers' wife), Vadapalas, Zbarski (Chief Manager of Technical Supply Department) and Sergiev (Manager of Technical Department), Steponaitis, William Lewis Simms (Manager, International Harvesting Co.), H.L.L., Popoff (Manager of Foreign Bureau), and Charles E.B. Payne (American Vice Consul). The letters from Harry Byers are to Mr. Sweeney, both are resignation letters, but one is for March 25, 1927 and is an original, and the other is for July 19, 1929 and is a carbon copy.

Byers, Harry J.


Contains a photocopy of Harry Byers' diary from 1930-1931, while in Russia. The diary is titled "Mile stones a five year diary", is ring-bound, and has ca. 202 one-sided leaves, with two days per leaf. The diary includes daily entries detailing general activities, conditions in Russia, places Harry and hist wife Violet Byers stayed, meals, sickness and health, agricultural details, how the Grain Trust Russian Five Year Plan was going, details of social activities and events, notes from friends, lists of books read while in Russia, and lists of names and addresses of acquaintances. Byers mentions Violie quite often, and some entries are written by her.

Byers, Harry J.

Passport, Canadian.

Contains 1 Canadian Passport belonging to Harry John Byers and his four children. Includes a photograph of Harry Byers holding his infant, Shirley Marie Byers. The passport was valid for the United States of America, was issued on August 3, 1943, and expired on August 3, 1945.

Byers, Harry J.

Harry Byers holding a chicken in front of a portrait studio backdrop.

Consists of 2 portraits of Harry Byers holding a chicken in front of a backdrop in a Russian portrait studio. One of the portraits has a letter on the verso that reads: "Dear Old Pap. I've done gone Native. I look like Hell. But I'm feeling good. If all goes well with this god dam food. I'll stick my time you can bet on that. But when we dine, then I'll get fat. April 1, 1931 - USSR."

Byers, Harry J.

November 19, 1930 : Nikolsk far east.

Snapshot of the interior of a church with a service in progress. Includes Harry Byers (second from right), two children and an unidentified men at an altar. Photo taken in Nikolsk (Ussuriysk)

Byers, Harry J.

Luckless fisherman.

Photograph of [Harry Byers] (at left), holding a fishing rod, and 2 unidentified individuals packing a truck after a fishing trip.

Byers, Harry J.

Harry and Marge Byers.

Snapshot of Harry Byers with arm around Marge (nee Landwehr) Byers, standing in front of a porch, with Fred Byers and an unidentified child in the background.

Byers, Harry J.

Harry Byers fishing.

Snapshot of Harry Byers beside a stream, with a fishing pole and a small fish on the end of it.

Byers, Harry J.


One United States passport for Harry J. Byers and his wife Violet Byers. In the passport Harry is described as being 6 feet tall, having light brown hair and blue eyes, and a tattoo on his right arm. The passport also includes a photograph of Harry and Violet and visa stamps from countries they visited including Russia, Poland, Germany and the United States.

United States of America

Byers, Harry J. and group : photograph.

One snapshot of Harry J. Byers with a group of unidentified other men. Verso reads "Xmas Day [Verblude]. Harry Byers - instructor in Siberia."

Byers, Harry J.