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Kay Rex: General Information

This appears to have formed one of the research folders used by Kay Rex for the purposes of researching for her book “No Daughter of Mine: The Women and History of the Canadian Women’s Press Club, 1904-1971” (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1995).

This folder contains printed materials issued by the C.W.P.C including a flyer (1965?) containing a brief resume of the history of the club, and a booklet entitled “Pathfinders” authored by Miriam Green Ellis and published by the C.W.P.C. This booklet contains biographical information on some of the prominent C.W.P.C members from its earliest days including Emily Murphy, Agnes Maule Macha, Susanna Moodie, Genevieve Lipsell Sinker, Katherine Hale, Kennethe M. Haig, Mae Clendenan, Elizabeth Bailey Price, Irene Moore, Marshall Saunders, Annie E. Mathewson, E. Cora Hind, Violet McNaughton, and Nellie L. McClung. A flyer produced by the Media Club of Canada Inc. and featuring information on this club is also contained in this file. Also included in this file is the Golden Jubilee (1904-1954) publication of “Newspacket”, a C.W.P.C publication. This issue of “Newspacket” serves as a record of the history of the first fifty years of the C.W.P.C.

Other items in this file include articles written by Kay Rex herself, which appeared in two different serials in 1980 and 1990 respectively. The article from 1980 reports on the beginnings of the Newspaper Guild in Canada and was written on the 47th International Convention of this Guild in 1980. The second article from 1990 is from an April issue of “The Byliner” and focuses on Emily Murphy, a journalist and fifth national president of the C.W.P.C who fought for women's rights in Canada.

Also contained in this file is a request for information on C.W.P.C members from anyone who has been associated with the club or has had relatives who were members. Kay Rex placed this request in the May/June 1987 issue of “Content”.

This file also contains articles on prominent C.W.P.C members that appeared in various journals. This includes an article by Robin Rowland from 1978 about Kathleen Blake "Kit 11 Coleman, prominent female journalist with the “Mail and Empire”, the world's first accredited woman war correspondent, and first president of the C.W.P.C. A second article by Barbara Freeman from 1994 focuses on the history of female journalism.

Finally, this file contains a list of individuals who were interviewed by Kay Rex for the purposes of her book on the C.W.P.C published in 1995.

Women's Press Club of Toronto

Miscellaneous Biographical and Historical Research

Documents, mostly printed items, found loose among the other papers, containing information on the following: Kathleen Blake "Kit" Coleman, Emily Murphy, Nellie McClung, Kate Aitken, and a story on the 1947 By-Line Ball written by Ruth Hammond and Cay Moore Miller. Included is a May 1978 edition of Content: Canada's National News Media Magazine (Number 85) with a feature about Kit Watkins and an article regarding women journalists in the west, such as Isobel Armstrong, E. Cora Hind, and the Beynon sisters - Lillian and Frances Marion. Also in the file is information about Judith Robinson: a note by Kay Rex and a copy of News, the paper Robinson started during the war.

Women's Press Club of Toronto