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Harry Byers fonds.
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Byers, Jim and Shirley : photograph.

One snapshot of Jim and Shirley Byers, children of Harry and Violet Byers. Verso reads " Jim 4 yrs & Shirley 3 yrs. Jim Jan 20/1942 Shirley April 3/1943. Harry & Violet Byers (parents)."

Byers, Harry J. and Violet : photograph.

One snapshot of Harry J. Byers and Violet used for their passport. Verso reads "This is our pass port picture, I was sore at the bird who snapped this. Funny looking out fit. Vi looks funnier than me. Don't tell her I told you. PS Look at my chin. 1930"

Byers, Harry J. and group : photograph.

One snapshot of Harry J. Byers with a group of unidentified other men. Verso reads "Xmas Day [Verblude]. Harry Byers - instructor in Siberia."

Byers, Harry J.

Photographs and realia.

Photographs and realia created and collected by Harry J. Byers. Includes coins and banknotes, photographs of Harry with family and friends and more. Most of the materials were created or collected during Harry's time in Russia.

Byers, Harry J.

Postcard : cooperation holiday in the country.

One postcard of a cooperation holiday in the country. Image shows a painting of coloured print of a celebration with people gathered outside with signs and what appears to be a picture of Lenin. Verso is blank.


One United States passport for Harry J. Byers and his wife Violet Byers. In the passport Harry is described as being 6 feet tall, having light brown hair and blue eyes, and a tattoo on his right arm. The passport also includes a photograph of Harry and Violet and visa stamps from countries they visited including Russia, Poland, Germany and the United States.

United States of America

Hamburg-Amerika Linie farewell dinner programme.

One programme for a farewell dinner aboard the S.S. New York of the Hamburg-Amerika Line held Thursday, October 15, 1931. The programme lists the menu and musical entertainment and has been signed by others on the ship.

Hamburg-Amerika Linie


Diary maintained by Harry J. Byers during his time in Russia from 1930-1931. The diary is titled "Mile stones a five year diary", is ring-bound, and has ca. 202 one-sided leaves, with two days per leaf. The diary includes daily entries detailing general activities, conditions in Russia, places Harry and Violie Byers stayed, meals, sickness and health, agricultural details, how the Grain Trust Russian Five Year Plan was going, details of social activities and events, notes from friends, lists of books read while in Russia, and lists of names and addresses of acquaintances. Some entries are written by Harry's wife violet and a few include words in Russian.

Cunard Line menu.

One menu from the Cunard Line for a dinner held November 18, 1929. In attendance were Harry and Violet Byers as well as Mr and Mrs E. Poulson, Mr R. Robertson, Mr D. Lister and Mr J.M. Carlyle.

Cunard Line

Correspondence : Byers, Harry J. to Boyers, John

One item of correspondence from Harry J. Byers to John Boyers (his father in law) dated October 29, 1929. In the letter Harry mentions that he and Violet have recently married and their plans to head to Russia for work.


One clipping from the Kitchener-Waterloo Record advertising a talk to be given by Harry J. Byers on his time in Russia.

Valentine card.

One die cut valentine card of a woman holding a suitcase reading "ay ban gude girrul wit lotsa it, yu betcha."

Printing plate.

One printing plate used in the Kitchener-Waterloo Record of St. Basil's Cathedral.

Kitchener-Waterloo Record

Postcard : Russian worker.

One postcard with Cyrillic writing on the front and an image of a draftsman working at a desk. Verso reads "Hello Jack, well we have been home for the last 4 days and it is sure H-. Leaving today for Valavodstok [Vladivostok?]. Had one hell of a trip on the train also had a wreck but they did not shoot the engineer. Best Regards, Kelly.

Postcard : Old Inn in Berlin.

One postcard reading "Alte Schanke OLD INN Weinhandlung inh. Erich Haupt. Berlin W8. Unted den Linden 16. Telefon Zentrum 2736." Image shows the interior of a pub. Verso is blank

Postcard : Les rivales.

One postcard with the painting "rivals" by Nikolay Kasatkin. Verso reads "Dear Mother, May 13, this picture is so real I just had to send it. It looks just exactly like the village we lived in the far east & the women are just almost real. I'm feeling better mother, will be moving again in about 2 weeks. Violie will write in a few days. We send love. H &V" The letter is addressed to Mrs. Albert Scherbarth, West Monkton, Ontario, Canada.

Address book.

One address book kept by Harry J. Byers. Includes lists of names and addresses of friends in North America as well as those met overseas. Also includes financial notes, Russian language translation notes, menus, etc.


Materials relating to the personal life of Harry J. Byers. Includes correspondence, ephemera, clippings, etc.

Byers, Harry J.

Harry Byers fonds : 2018 accrual.

Materials relating to the personal and professional life of Harry J. Byers. Includes photographs, coins, artefacts, correspondence, ephemera and more. Most of the items relate to Byers' time working in Russia from 1930-1931.

Byers, Harry J.

Harry Byers fishing.

Snapshot of Harry Byers beside a stream, with a fishing pole and a small fish on the end of it.

Byers, Harry J.

Harry and Marge Byers.

Snapshot of Harry Byers with arm around Marge (nee Landwehr) Byers, standing in front of a porch, with Fred Byers and an unidentified child in the background.

Byers, Harry J.

May 27th, 1937.

Snapshot of Caroline Byers (nee Graul) with and an unidentified man and woman posing in a garden.

Byers, Harry J.

Xmas day 1929, Verblude.

Group snapshot of Harry (bottom row, fourth from left) and Violet Byers (bottom row, third from right) with several unidentified individuals standing outside in the snow on Christmas day.

Byers, Harry J.

One Russian, three Americans.

Snapshot of Harry Byers (at left), 1 unidentified woman, and 2 unidentified men, at a dinner table with bread and wine on it.

Byers, Harry J.

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