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Nancy-Lou Patterson fonds.
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The Tramp Room: Final Typed Version: Revision No. 3, completed June 14, 1997.

Contains 177 p. original typescript. Also includes a letter dated Sept. 23, 1997 sent to Susan Burke, curator at the Joseph Schneider Haus from Sandra Woolfrey, Director at Wilfrid Laurier University Press. This letter contains critical commentary on The Tramp Room and also relates to the matter of who should publish this novel. This letter appears to have been forwarded to Nancy-Lou Patterson by Susan Burke.

Patterson, Nancy-Lou

The Tramp Room.

Untitled folder containing drafts (both handwritten and typed) of a letter sent by Nancy Lou Patterson to Sandra Woolfrey of Wilfrid Laurier University Press in 1998. This letter accompanied the finished manuscript of The Tramp Room, which has been "extensively revised in light of the readers' reports".

Patterson, Nancy-Lou

The Tramp Room

Untitled folder containing [12] p. loose typed (original) corrected pages and [1] p. handwritten notes.

Patterson, Nancy-Lou

The Quilted Grapevine: First Draft (Manuscript).

Contains ca. [364] p. holograph manuscript and ca. [27] p. holograph handwritten notes, in addition to [2]p. typescript with holograph corrections (the acknowledgements for The Quilted Grapevine).

Also included in this folder are clippings from The Bruce Peninsula Press (Late August and Early September 1998 issues) featuring information on the Cape Croker-Neyaashiinigmiing Pow Wow.

Patterson, Nancy-Lou

Niekas: Canadian Ghost Stories.

Contains 20 p. original typescript with holograph corrections of article entitled " 'Death by Landscape': A Comparision of British and Canadian Ghost Stories", in addition to [2] p. photocopied illustrations.

Also includes correspondence exchanged between Nancy-Lou Patterson and Ed Meskys and Joe R. Christopher, staff with the science fiction and fantasy journal Niekas . Much of this correspondence relates to Nancy-Lou's submission of the article entitled " 'Death by Landscape': A Comparison of British and Canadian Ghost Stories" together with illustrations to Niekas. A copy of issue no. 44 of Niekas is also contained in this file.

Patterson, Nancy-Lou

C.S. Lewis Companion: Colorado College.

Contains handwritten drafts and notes, and tss. (some with corrections) of two articles (includes originals, photocopies, and final computer output versions) written by Nancy-Lou Patterson. The first article is entitled "Joseph Arthur Greeves (1895-1966)", while the second is entitled "They Stand Together: The Letters of C.S. Lewis to Arthur Greeves (1914-1963), Edited by Walter Hooper (London: Collins, 1979)". These articles appeared in The C.S. Lewis Companion which was published by HarperCollins to mark the 100th anniversary of Lewis's birth.

Also includes typed biographical note about Nancy-Lou Patterson. Additionally contains correspondence relating to the submission of publications to The C.S. Lewis Companion, as well as a work-for-hire contract between Nancy-Lou Patterson and D. Schultz & Co. of Colorado Springs, Colorado, in addition to guidelines for contributors, and a sample entry for contributors.

Patterson, Nancy-Lou

Barricade Summer: Saugeen Literacy Programme.

Contains correspondence between Nancy-Lou Patterson and Anne Duke Judd, Publisher with the Brucedale Press regarding Barricade Summer. This correspondence relates to a request from the Saugeen Literacy Program that they be granted permission to post Barricade Summer a chapter at a time on their Web site without royalty or payment.

Patterson, Nancy-Lou

Barricade Summer: Brucedale Press.

Contains a wide variety of materials relating to Barricade Summer including a Listening Response Log, created by Ann Larsen, to accompany the novel Barricade Summer (Port Elgin, Ont. : Brucedale Press, 1997). Some announcements and advertising for this novel issued by Brucedale Press are also contained in this folder.

Also includes clippings from newspapers and serial publications. A few of these clippings have a biographical focus, while most relate to book promotion events and readings from Barricade Summer given by Nancy-Lou Patterson at public libraries, at bookstores, at schools on the Bruce Peninsula, and at other locations. Flyers which were produced for these readings are also contained in this file.

Also included in this file are typed itinearies of the author and hand-drawn maps relating to readings she gave at various schools on the Bruce Peninsula during 1996. This file also includes book reviews of Barricade Summer.

Also contained in this file is correspondence. Much of it takes the form of illustrated cards and letters sent to the author by children at schools where Nancy-Lou Patterson gave readings. Other correspondence included in this file takes the form of letters sent to the author by Brucedale Press regarding Barricade Summer and correspondence with other individuals regarding the promotional events for Barricade Summer .

32 col. photographs, most of which were taken during the author's readings at schools on the Bruce Peninsula, are also contained in this file, as well as illustrated banners presumably made by the children in these schools in honour of Nancy-Lou Patterson's visits. Also incudes b&w photocopy of photographs of children (unidentified).

Patterson, Nancy-Lou

[Untitled]: liturgical designs .

Contains samples of Christmas cards designed by Nancy-Lou Patterson, one issue of Response (May/June 1968) with a cover design by her.

Patterson, Nancy-Lou

[Untitled]: design file.

Contains [1] p. unidentified sketches and handwritten notes which may relate to a design commission received by Nancy-Lou Patterson.

Patterson, Nancy-Lou

[Untitled]: Facing our Differences: The Churches and their Gay and Lesbian Members.

Contains a letter (dated Nov. 8, 1995) received by Nancy-Lou Patterson from Bob Seth? of the World Council of Churches in Geneva, Switzerland. In this letter Bob Seth? informs Nancy-Lou Patterson that the WCC RISK series publication Facing Our Differences: The Churches and their Gay and Lesbian Members has just been released. Enclosed with this letter is an order form for this publication.

Patterson, Nancy-Lou

[Untitled]: Chad Walsh Reviews C.S. Lewis

Contains [1] p. original typescript of a comment written by Nancy-Lou Patterson re the Mythopoeic Press's publication of Chad Walsh Reviews C.S. Lewis. This comment was written at the request of Joan Marie Verba of the Mythopoeic Press for placement on the book and in promotional materials. Also includes correspondence re Chad Walsh Reviews C.S. Lewis, and a 33 p. typescript (computer output) of this work.

Patterson, Nancy-Lou

[Untitled]: Westminster United Church.

Contains a leaflet featuring information on Westminster United Church in Waterloo, Ont. Also includes a sketch which may relate to a design commission for Nancy-Lou Patterson from this church.

Patterson, Nancy-Lou

[Untitled]: Quilt Canada 1990.

Contains Canada Quilts 19, no. 2 (April 1990), with two items pertaining to Nancy-Lou Patterson' activities concurrent with the Quilt Canada 1990 Conference.

Patterson, Nancy-Lou

[Untitled]: Miscellaneous.

Contains correspondence received by and sent by Nancy-Lou Patterson relating to various different themes including:

(1) Committee to be established by the City of Kitchener to deliver a Cultural Plan for the community;
(2) Submission of article by Nancy-Lou Patterson to summer 1997 issue of the Journal;
(3) Call for papers for unspecified publication;
(4) Fire regulations of City of Waterloo for two unit residential occupancies.

Also includes announcement for Nancy-Lou Patterson's 1992 research paper "Birds in Flight: Twenty-Five Years of the Mennonite Relief Sale Annual Quilt Auction, as Embodied in Twenty-Five Quilts Selected from the Collection of Elfreida Heinrichs".

Other items in this file include a book catalogue (spring 1995) issued by the University of New Mexico Press, a membership application for the Folklore Studies Association of Canada, an issue of Leisure World ( August/September 1994), and a subscription application form for the Journal of American Culture. Also includes ephemera including receipts, a packing slip, and flyers.

Patterson, Nancy-Lou

[Untitled]: Hymn Society.

Contains correspondence, ephemera and Conference programme for "Justice in Worship and Song: Joint Conference of the Canadian Liturgical Society & the Hymn Society," July 4-8, 1993, Toronto, Ont., at which Nancy-Lou Patterson presented "Visual Art in Today's Liturgical Setting."

Patterson, Nancy-Lou

[Untitled]: Great Chapter Meeting.

Contains minutes of meeting of the Great Chapters of Perth and Waterloo Deaneries, which took place on Nov. 2, 1987, as well as the agenda for the Great Chapter meeting of the Deanery of Waterloo on Feb. 29, 1988. Also includes issue of Canadaid (midwinter 1988) published by the Christian Children's Fund of Canada.

Patterson, Nancy-Lou

[Untitled]: Doug Rossman.

Contains correspondence, draft of short story "The Theft of the Sun" by Doug Rossman, handwritten notes, and photocopy of an illustration by Nancy-Lou Patterson.

Patterson, Nancy-Lou

[Untitled]: City of Waterloo: Sculpture Committee.

Contains correspondence, minutes of meetings, and a clipping re the City of Waterloo's Sculpture Committee and the Sculpture Competition which they sponsored in conjuction with CN Real Estate. Also includes photocopied tss. of sculpture proposals submitted to this committee by entrants to this competition, as well as a photocopied typed list of competing artists with holograph additions, and typed guidelines for artists. Nancy-Lou Patterson was one of the members of the Sculpture Committee of the City of Waterlo.

Also includes photocopies of typed documentation relating to other sculpture competitions.

Patterson, Nancy-Lou

[Untitled]: City of Waterloo/CN Real Estate Sculpture Competition.

Contains memo sent to the sculpture committee of the City of Waterloo by Deborah Bricknell on July 16, 1987. Nancy-Lou Patterson was a member of this committee. Also contains the resum├ęs of 26 sculptors who entered the City of Waterloo/CN Real Estate Sculpture Competition in 1987. Additionally includes typed lists of slides of sculptors' works submitted for review by the jury.

Patterson, Nancy-Lou

[Untitled]: City of Kitchener: Exclusive Exhibition Program.

Contains letter and Call for Entry form received by Nancy-Lou Patterson from Mike Price, Manager of Community Programs with the City of Kitchener. These relate to the Exclusive Exhibition Program established by the City of Kitchener. This correspondence was sent in response to an expression of interest in this event by Nancy-Lou Patterson.

Patterson, Nancy-Lou

[Untitled]: Banners.

Contains printed and typed descriptions of banners designed by Nancy-Lou Patterson for Wilfrid Laurier University and for St. Columba's Church.

Patterson, Nancy-Lou

[Untitled]: " 'Miraculous Wine...Miraculous Bread': Eucharistic Motifs in the Fantasies of C.S. Lewis".

Contains 1 75 p. photocopied typescript with holograph corrections, 1 64 p. typescript (computer output) with holograph corrections, 1 copy of article for Mythlore, no. 84 (winter 1998): 1-18, with a few holograph corrections. File also includes 1 invitation for submissions to Mythlore, and 1 invoice issued by Bruce Barber for Nancy-Lou Patterson in respect of the costs of the preparation of a handwritten copy of " 'Miraculous Wine...Miraculous Bread': Eucharistic Motifs in the Fantasies of C.S. Lewis".

Patterson, Nancy-Lou


Contains 1 copy of Reid, Robert, "Art Inspiration: UW's Nancy-Lou Patterson Has a Passion for Creativity," The Record, Aug. 23, 1990: C1, 3, 5.

Patterson, Nancy-Lou

Writing seminar.

Clipping, handwritten notes, portfolio prepared for a writing workshop at [Joseph Schneider Haus?]

Patterson, Nancy-Lou


Ca. 25 p. binder compiled by Nancy-Lou Gellerman as a Girl Scout project. Includes coloured drawings and sketches, prose, poetry and clippings.

Patterson, Nancy-Lou

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