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Isabel King and May King.

One black and white snapshot of Isabel King (left) and May King (right) outside a house in an unidentified location. Inscribed on verso in an unidentified hand: “Mrs. King, mother of WML King and of Macdougall King, poss. With May King.”

King, William Lyon Mackenzie

Victoria Public School class.

File consists of one photograph of a group of students sitting on the steps of Victoria Public School, Kitchener. One student is holding a sign that reads, in part "Victoria School...1923..."

Hobson Family

Kimmel, Husband E.

File consists of eleven items of correspondence from Admiral Husband E. Kimmel and one photograph of a painted portrait of Kimmel. The letters are dated: November 11, 1960 (handwritten, 4 leaves); November 30, 1960 (handwritten, 1 leaf); February 14, 1961 (handwritten 1 leaf); August 2, 1961 (handwritten, 1 leaf); August 20, 1961 (handwritten, 2 leaves); September 1, 1961 (handwritten, 1 leaf); November 3, 1961 (handwritten, 5 leaves); January 21, 1962 (handwritten, 1 leaf); May 22, 1962 (handwritten, 1 leaf plus envelope); June 25, 1962 (typed, 1 leaf - note that this letter is addressed to the publishers Harper & Row who published "The Puzzle of Pearl Harbor");
*June 25, 1962 (handwritten, 1 leaf).

The letters discuss the events surrounding the attack on Pearl Harbor, the publication of books on the history of WWII, an interview with Kimmel, possible resources to consult and the publication of "The Puzzle of Pearl Harbor."

Burtness, Paul S.

Illig, Joseph in naval uniform.

File consists of one photograph of Joseph Illig in his naval uniform before shipping out. The photograph was taken in the backyard at 123 Roger Street in Waterloo, Ontario.

Illig Family

Little Long Lac.

File consists of thirty nine photographs, primarily postcards, and one Christmas card, showing views of Little Long Lac, Geraldton, and surrounding areas. Shots include the gold mine, downtown Geraldton, school in Little Long Lac, Baxton's Point, the hospital, Little Long Lac bridge, Nipigon, a dog sled, the visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, a bush fire, and more. Jane Urquhart was born in Little Long Lac where her parents moved in the early 1930's.

Urquhart, Jane

Tilman's bridge.

File consists of fifteen photographs with accompanying negatives of Tilman's bridge over the Nith River in Wellesley Township. The bridge and surrounding area are a location in Urquhart's novel "The Stone Carvers."

Urquhart, Jane

Urquhart, Jane.

File consists of two photographs of Jane Urquhart speaking at the John Adams Institute in Amsterdam.

Urquhart, Jane

Canadian Consolidated Rubber buildings.

File consists of a leather bound photograph album of buildings owned by the Canadian Consolidated Rubber Company. The photographs are mounted in linen and include images of: Dominion Tire, Berlin [Kitchener]; The Kimmel Felt Co. Limited, Berlin [Kitchener]; Berlin Felt Boot Co. Limited, Berlin [Kitchener]; The Elmira Felt Co. Limited, Elmira; The Canadian Rubber Company of Montreal Limited, Montreal; The Granby Rubber Company Limited, Granby; The Maple Leaf Rubber Company Limited, Port Dalhousie; The Merchant's Rubber Company Limited, Berlin [Kitchener];
*Dominion Rubber Company Limited. St. Jerome.

Dominion Rubber Company

Dominion Tire office staff.

File consists of one photograph of office staff at Dominion Tire on the front steps of the factory.

  • Gruenawald, William A.
  • Huff, [Orrelle?]
  • Smith, Wellington
  • Kabel, Arthur Harold
  • Young, A.J.
  • Kirkland, Jack
  • Copland, R.Y.
  • Roberts, Frank
  • Kabel, E.C.
  • Wellein, H.E.
  • Schlichter, Eva
  • Emery, L.
  • Shwalk, [?]
  • Melchin, Herman
  • Anthes, John Isaac Franklin

Dominion Rubber Company

Dominion Tire plant.

File consists of one photograph of the Dominion Tire factory on Strange Street in Kitchener from the train tracks. Shows original building as well as first additions and parking lot.

Dominion Rubber Company


File consists of photographs of tires including: royal cord, nobby, chain, usco, plain, goodyear tires, clincher plain tread, chain tread, usco thread, heavy service, royal.

Dominion Rubber Company


File consists of photographs of tires including: ground-drive, royal guard, implement ground drive, laredo, master air ride, master, master grip.

Dominion Rubber Company


File consists of photographs of tires including: royal traction grip tubeless, royal tractor logger, royal tri-rib, royal winter service, royal wintertide, royal master, cross section of polyester and steel belts, tiger paw belting.

Dominion Rubber Company


File consists of photographs of tires including: super wintertide, tiger paw, traction grip, winter patrol, roller.

Dominion Rubber Company


File consists of photographs of tires including: us royal industrial, us royal inter-city, us royal lister ridge, us royal lug traction, us royal master - steel safety crown, us royal master - star streak, us royal monorib, us royal plow tail wheel - double bevel.

Dominion Rubber Company

Women with tire tubes.

File consists of photographs female workers of Dominion Tire with tire tubes. The photographs are candid and show the women laughing and playing with the tubes.

Dominion Rubber Company

Teaching slides (3 of 3).

File consists of 934 slides used by Nancy Lou Patterson to teach about Mennonite and Amish life and art. Slides are organized as they were originally donated, with original headings. Slides show Mennonite arts including show towels, fraktur drawing, and quilting as well as events and places such as barn raisings, schools, gardens and farms.

Patterson, Nancy-Lou


File consists photographs of members of the Innis family including Anne Innis Dagg, Donald Innis, Wendy Innis, and Donald's children Kathleen, Mary and John.

Innis family

Don Jail escape : exhibit photo album.

File consists of an album of photographs used as evidence in the case of the 1952 jail break of the Boyd Gang at the Don Jail. The photographs are listed in the front of the album, but they have been left in original order in the album itself (not chronological). The photographs were taken by Det. Sergt. Maurice Inglis of the Toronto Police. Also includes a clipping from 1990 on the break out.

Porter, Dana Harris

Federal Provincial Conference.

  • Photograph of members of the Federal Provincial Conference (October 3-5), 1955. Identifications from enclosed sheet.
    Porter, Dana Harris
  • Winters, Robert
  • Manning, Ernest C.
  • Bennett, William Andrew Cecil
  • Frost, Leslie
  • Douglas, Thomas Clement
  • Smallwood, Joseph
  • Duplessis, Maurice
  • Gardiner, James

Porter, Dana Harris

Hamilton Teacher's Council Banquet.

File consists of one photograph showing Dana Porter with H.E. Plewman (Chairman of the Hamilton Board of Education) and W.A. Tindale (President of the Hamilton Teacher's Council) at the Hamilton Teacher's Council Banquet.

Porter, Dana Harris

Ontario Cabinet.

File consists of one photograph showing members of George Drew's cabinet from 1945. Includes: Percy Vivian, Dana Porter, Charles Daley Arthur Welsh, Bill Goodfellow, Roland Mitchener, Bill Gresinger, Scott, George Dunbar, George Doucette, Leslie Frost, George Drew, Tom Kennedy, Les Blackwell, George Challies.

Porter, Dana Harris

Porter, Dana and Haim J. Zadok.

File consists of two photographs of Dana Porter with Deputy Attorney-General of Israel Haim J. Zadok during Zadok's trip to Canada. Also includes three items of correspondence regarding the photographs.

Porter, Dana Harris

Porter, Dana and others.

File consists of one group photograph showing Dana Porter and a large group of men seated and standing at tables at an unidentified event.

Porter, Dana Harris

Porter, Dana .

File consists of two portraits of Dana Porter, as well as twelve prints of the portraits.

Porter, Dana Harris

Regular Appellate Judges Seminar, by New York University.

File consists of one photograph showing members of the Regular Appellate Judges Seminar held at New York University Law School in 1966. Seated L-R: Bischoff, N.Y.U. ; O' Connell, Oregon ; Hamley, 9th Cir. ; Brennan, U.S. Supreme Ct. ; Traynor, Calif. ; Schaefer, Ill. ; Kenison, N.H. ; Leflar, N.Y.U. ;
*McKay, N.Y.U.

Standing L-R: Hill, Kentucky ; Kaul, Kansas ; Hodges, Oklahoma ; Heffernan, Wisconsin ; Gibson, 8th Cir. ; Thornberry, 5th Cir. ; Tremblay, Quebec ;
Dufresne, Maine ;
Herrmann, Delaware ; Finch, Missouri ; Paolino, Rhode Island ; Porter, Ontario ; McEntee, 1st Cir. ; Goodwin, Orgeon ; Ramirez Bages, Puerto Rico ; Rodgers, Mississippi ; Spear, Idaho ; Bergan, New York ; Summers, Louisiana ; Gordon, Virginia ; Richardson, Hawaii ; Mason, Iowa ; Smith, Nebraska ;
*Pope, Texas.

Identification from recto.

Porter, Dana Harris

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