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Personal Files

Series consists of material relating to the activities and interests of Donald D. Cowan, apart from his career at the University of Waterloo. This includes a paper written on the CANDU Reactor transfer functions, a WATCOM annual report, and the Canada's Technology Triangle presentation cover. The series is arranged chronologically.

Cowan, Donald D.


Postcard featuring a photograph of Edna Louise Augustine and her husband Albert William Augustine aboard a ship in 1930. This postcard was likely sent by Albert William Augustine to his granddaughter Mary Martha Ham in 1970. File also includes a document written by Mary Ham describing the provenance of the postcard.

Augustine, Ham, Kaufman family


Series consists of biographical material about Alice Riggs Hunt. Includes interview notes (ms. and ts. originals), biographical outline by A.R.H. (ts. carbon), clippings, obituary, ephemera and photographs. Includes an "At Home" card and accompanying clipping describing Alice Riggs Hunt's "Debut" in 1903 and a list of manuscripts.

Hunt, Alice Riggs


File consists of biographical material about Alice Riggs Hunt. Includes interview notes (ms. and ts. originals), biographical outline by A.R.H. (ts. carbon), clippings, obituary, ephemera and photographs. Includes an "At Home" card and accompanying clipping describing Alice Riggs Hunt's "Debut" in 1903 and a list of manuscripts.

Hunt, Alice Riggs

Nikolskoye Nov. 20, 1930.

File consists of 1 portrait of Harry Byers and an unidentified man posing in a studio prop of an automobile. Byers is drinking something from a bottle. Caption on the verso reads: "Nikolskoye Nov. 20: 30. Holy smokes here we come 2 the 4 Horseman give us room. Now if I only had our radiator cap - I'd show you some speed. My American friend with me."

Byers, Harry J.

Arthur : volume 6, number 2.

File consists of the February 25, 1972 (volume 6, no.2) edition of Arthur, the student newspaper of Trent University from when Alida Burrett was a student there. This edition is titled "angry women."

Burrett, Alida and George

Kaufman, Emma : biographical.

A typed document outlining the personal history of Emma R. Kaufman dated to January 1957. Also includes other typed articles and biographies related to the life of Emma R. Kaufman.

Additionally contains published items related to Emma R. Kaufman including:

  • Emma R. Kaufman ... : a tribute to her life and work. Published: Toronto, Ont. : YWCA of Canada. [19--]

  • Emma R. Kaufman and the Tokyo YWCA by Taka Kato. Published: Tokyo, Japan : Tokyo YWCA. 1963.

  • The journal. Toronto : Young Women's Christian Association of Canada. February 1963.

  • A book written in Japanese with the following inscription on the flyleaf : June 5th, 1982 / In memory of the visit of / the YWCA tour / members from / Osaka, Japan / and in appreciation for / your gracious hospitality. / Akiko Omikawa

Augustine, Ham, Kaufman family

President's Files : Phyllis Parker

Series consists of two files of correspondence created and accumulated by Phyllis (Mrs. Rex) Parker during her term as president of the MLA from 1977-1978. Includes incoming and outgoing correspondence, including some carbon copies and draft correspondence. Series is not comprehensive.

Muskoka Lakes Association

Biographical and Correspondence

Series consists of materials accumulated by Marie Stopes including correspondence as well as materials related to her life and work collected after death. Includes correspondence to and from Stopes, a wedding invitation, a biographical entry and more.

Stopes, Marie

Born of water.

File consists of one essay on theology, particularly baptism. Original finding aid indicates that the essay was written by M.G. Sherk [i.e. Scherck].

Ontario History Collection

Canadian Centennial Medal.

File consists of one Canadian Centennial Medal awarded to George Elmore Reaman in recognition of valuable service to the nation.

Reaman, George Elmore


Photographs primarily of Schantz Russell family members and possibly some friends of the family.

Schantz Russell Family

Annecy, France.

File consists of thirty one slides showing grave markers in Annecy, France.

Urquhart, Tony

Andre Christensen commission.

File consists of materials relating to a commission from Andre Christensen. Includes correspondence and photocopies of artworks.

Urquhart, Tony

Incorporation and Board of Directors

Series consists of records relating to the incorporation and administration of the Greb Shoe Company Limited. Includes letters patent; by-laws; minutes of meetings of the board of directors from the date of incorporation on June 9, 1916, to October 30, 1930; and agreements.

Greb Industries Limited

Correspondence Received by Martha Rieder

Series consists of correspondence received by Martha Rieder over the course of her life. Includes letters, telegrams, postcards, and invitations from family and friends, including correspondence from her husband Talmon Henry Rieder. Series includes sympathy letters received by Martha upon the death of Talmon.

Rieder and Anthes family

Bowman, Samuel to Samuel Ensley.

One item of correspondence from Samuel Bowman addressed to Samuel Ensley. The letter is dated and addressed June 28, 1837, Waterloo. The letter discusses the purchase of timber between Samuel Ensley and Wendel Bowman that was otherwise intended for the mill of Samuel Bowman.

Bowman family

Administration : Annual Reports

Series consists of annual reports for the years 1997-1999, and transparencies, negatives and photographs relating to the preparation of the 1995 annual report


Accounts book : coal.

File consists of one coal accounts book from 1911-1931 on pages 1-71. Pages 151-158 give information on coal testing reports. Page 289 gives four listings for a salt account.

George Pattinson Woollen Mill


Series is comprised of approximately 232 items of correspondence between Kay Rex and others. Also includes accompanying materials. Correspondents include:

  • [?], Betty;
  • [?], Bev;
  • [?], Etta;
  • [?], Fay;
  • [?], Flo,
  • [?], Dorothea;
  • [?], Frances;
  • [?], Jesse;
  • [?], Jo;
  • [?], John and Ellea;
  • [?], Margaret;
  • [?], Maud;
  • [?], May and Bill;
  • [?], Nick;
  • [?], Terry;
  • [R?], Mary;
  • Akiwenzie, Chief Ralph;
  • Arnott, Edythe and Al;
  • Barbens, Joan;
  • Bertrand, Luc;
  • Birtch, Gilberte;
  • Bordeleau, Christine J.
  • Bourassa, Robert
  • Boyd, Malcolm, Nora, Barbara, and Hugh
  • Burcher, Dorothy
  • Cameron, Christina
  • Cameron, Don
  • Canadian Council
  • Casgrain, Therese
  • Clark, Doris
  • Clark, W.E.
  • Cot, Dorothea
  • Dennis, Laddie
  • Department of Labour
  • Dimbert, Eleanor
  • Doak, Buckingham, Pressley and Perlmutter
  • Doyle, Richard J.
  • Edwards [?]
  • Edwards, Bess
  • Evans-Ehricht, Barbara
  • Evans-Ehricht, Mark & Barb
  • Evans-Ehricht, Mark and Barb
  • Filmon, Gary
  • Foote, Judy M.
  • Fraser, John
  • Freedman, Sonya
  • Gatenby, Greg
  • Hamilton, Pat
  • Hamm[?], Rene
  • Harcourt, Mike
  • Hartwell, G.O.
  • Hauschildt, Elda
  • Hodgson, Dorothy
  • Hollobon, Joan
  • Hurtig, Mel
  • Kemp, Barbara
  • Kiyoshik, Ramona
  • Kiyushk, Ramona
  • Krackovic, Elvira
  • Lenaham, Kim
  • Lobregt, Patricia D.
  • Ludwig, Doris
  • MaKeigon, Pearl
  • Mason, Madge B.
  • McCullum, Terry
  • McKenna, Frank
  • Megarry, A.R.
  • Montgomery, Malcolm
  • Padmore, Margaret
  • Parker, H.L.
  • Pearson, Shirley
  • Purcell, Gillis
  • Rae, Bob
  • Renwick, Cathy
  • Rex, Beverly
  • Rex, Kenneth
  • Rex, Sylvia
  • Romanow, Roy
  • Rumble, Verne
  • Sawyer, Glad
  • Scarse, Carole
  • Sky, Ruth C.
  • Smith, Sybil
  • Stewart, William
  • Tanzola Sorbara McClellan and Handler
  • Taylor, Gaie
  • Taylor-Turpim, Pam
  • Taylor-Turpin, Pam
  • Tomlinson, Lynne
  • Valcourt, Bernard
  • Van Fleet, Janis K.
  • Verbugge & Co.
  • Warren, Isobel
  • Webster, Art
  • Wellesley Hospital
  • Whalen, Barbara
  • Wright, C.F.

Rex, Kay

Hall, Minnie : algebra notebook.

File consists of one notebook used for 3JR.B algebra by Minnie Hall, daughter of Nettie Jestin Hall and Arthur Thomas Hall. The book also has a few recipes (probably written by Nettie Hall) as well as an inset clipping and ms. recipe note.

Hall Family

Letters, late 1960's and early 1970's.

File consists of 85 pieces of correspondence (handwritten and typed originals) to Stan Johannesen from academic colleagues, family, friends, and others, including seven letter copies from Stan in reply. Includes greeting cards, postcards, and other memoranda. File also includes poems (attributed to S.), poems by Meg Kamen, and other ephemera.

Johannesen, S.K.

Bauer Limited employees.

File consists of one photograph of employees of Bauer Limited standing outside in front of the factory. The man third from left on the bottom row is Alphonse Illig.

Illig Family

Ontario Alpha Delta Kappa

Series consists of materials relating to the Ontario branch of the Alpha Delta Kappa honorary women educators' sorority. Includes meeting minutes from the provincial executive board and the provincial conference.

Alpha Delta Kappa. Province of Ontario Chapter

Notebook : British Isles (file 1 of 4).

File consists of a hardcover notebook containing ms. field notes by Hynes. Includes enclosures (ms. notes, charts, graphs). Note on first page: "I have now reached a stage in my work on plecoptera where I feel that regular notes in the form of a log book are desirable."

Hynes, H.B.N.

Appointment Calendars

Series consists of daily and weekly appointment calendars, as well as weekly schedules, belonging to James Downey.

Downey, James, 1939-

Seagram Family: Documents

This series consists of correspondence, ephemera, estate records, photographs, scrapbooks, wills, etc. which shed light on the lives of some members of the Seagram family and their activities from 1848 to the 1980's, including Joseph Emm Seagram and his wife Stephanie, their daughter Adine, son Edward Frowde and grandson Joseph Edward Frowde.

Seagram Family

Seagram Memorabilia Collection

Series consists of documents illustrative of some aspects of the history of beverage alcohol, particularly in North America. Contains correspondence, ephemera, manuscripts and newspapers relating to the shipment of wine and alcohol to Canada in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, to eighteenth-century distilling processes, to a single piece of ephemera relating to prohibition in Canada in the 1920's.

Seagram Museum


This series includes the diaries of Rev. J. H. Shoults over the period 1870-1884. There are nineteen diaries in total and they are kept in copy books, bound diary books, and notebooks. The majority of diary entries relate to Rev. Shoults' work as a Minister with the Christian Church, though reference is also made to his work as a teacher, to family affairs, to farming and gardening activities, to shopping and errands, to prices of food and farm goods, to his personal finances, to social visits (Rev. Shoults had many friends and acquaintances), and to weather conditions.

Shoults, J.H., Rev.

Diary No. 3, Jan. 1, 1870-Mar. 13, 1870.

[24] p. ms. diary in school excercise book kept by J. H. Shoults. This diary was written from Shoults' home in Whitevale and contains daily entries recording personal, social, and professional activities as well as accounts of weather conditions. Diary entries describe Shoults' work as a teacher, as well as some of the farming activities which he carried out on his farm in Whitevale. Shopping and other errands which he ran are also described and many references are made to the prices of farm goods, food, etc. Frequent reference is made to church services and meetings (both Christian Church and Baptist) attended by Shoults as well as to the church choir of which he was a member. Social and family visits and other activities are also described in this diary and the names of many friends and acquaintances are included here also.

Shoults, J.H., Rev.


Series consists of materials relating to Dendy's university education and his career as an architectural historian.
These materials include the Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degree certificates received by Dendy in the 1970's from the University of Cambridge where he studied Architectural History as well as clippings, ephemera and portraits.

Dendy, William

Joseph Connell draft speeches.

Draft speech notes written by Joseph Orr Connell on envelopes, dated 1963 to 1966. The notes outline topics ranging from youth in modern society, changes and trends in society, women, and world peace. Also includes a speech, written in French, which expressed Joseph Connell’s gratitude to the Industrial Accident Prevention Association of Quebec, dated April 4, 1963. Also includes a photocopy of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra concert program from Wednesday, November 12, 1952. Joseph Connell, as YMCA Secretary, was listed as a speaker providing remarks of appreciation during the concert. The program contains an assortment of ads from local businesses and companies such as salons, insurance companies, and furniture stores.

Kitchener-Waterloo Young Men's Christian Association

Wes work

Material relating to J.Wesley Graham's employment at the University of Waterloo. Includes correspondence from Dean Schaus at Waterloo College and from Ralph Stanton, drafts and notes to himself regarding employment and studies, correspondence regarding remuneration and advancement at University of Waterloo, and general ephemera.

Family Information Sheets: Master Files

Series consists of masters of the Family Information Sheets used to compile the list of "Emigrants on Petworth ships, 1832-1837", which comprises Part 2 of Assisting Immigration. These sheets were "intended as a snapshot of families at the time of emigration" and were used to compile an electronic database as well as the published list. The "masters" in this case actually consist of dated and initialled copies of all the sheets created for each name over time, and are chronologically organized within each name so that the progress of accumulation or duplication of information can be followed.

The Jackman Foundation

Schantz, Franklin Abram.

Material created and accumulated by Franklin Abram Schantz. Includes household and personal accounts relating to the house on Schneider Ave and his homestead holdings in Alberta and Manitoba.

Schantz Russell Family


Small notebook with household accounts, expenses associated with Etta's death and burial, lists of expenses associated with "Baby" and "Dorothy", also "North West Accounts" listing expenses for Tobias and Austin in Alberta.

Schantz Russell Family

Kaufman Family

Series is comprised of materials created by members of the Kaufman family relating to their personal interests. Includes genealogy, clippings, ephemera, blueprints and three scrapbooks relating to birth control in Canada.

Kaufman Family

Ahrens family

Series consists of material relating to Charles A. Ahrens family, primarily photographs, genealogical and biographical information.

Schneider, J.M. family

Schneider, Johann Christoph.

Genealogical information compiled by Betty Schneider relating to Johann Christoph Schneider and his forbears. Consists of photocopies and transcriptions of correspondence and documents. Includes a 1960 reproduction of the Waterloo Township portion of the 1861 Tremaine map of Waterloo County. Also includes "From Baden to Berlin: the journey of Johann Christoph Schneider," an essay done by Emily Schneider, Dec. 3, 2001.

Schneider, J.M. family

Schneider, Norman and Alfred Gofton.

Formal portrait of Norm Schneider and Alfred Schneider Gofton. They are dressed in overalls but are wearing shirts and ties. Includes a note on the verso of the photograph about Alfred Gofton's relationship to Norm Schneider.

Schneider, J.M. family

White, Catherine Schneider.

Biographical information compiled by Betty Schneider relating to Catherine Schneider and her family. Consists of genealogical charts, biographical information, a photocopy of an obituary clipping, reminiscences, correspondence to and from Betty Schneider, and email print-outs.

Schneider, J.M. family

Schneider, Albert Carl.

Biographical information compiled by Betty Schneider relating to Albert Carl Schneider and his family. Consists of genealogical charts and information, and a photocopy of an invitation to Albert Carl Schneider's funeral.

Schneider, J.M. family

Canadas technology triangle.

Contents: file consists of materials relating to the development of the term "Canadas Technology Triangle" for the Waterloo Region area. Includes reports, notes, clippings, etc.

Thomson, William

White Mop Wringer Co. advertisement

Advertisement trade card for the White Mop Wringer Company of Fultonville, N.Y. Serving as a business card for representative M.D. Alger. Recto shows a woman using a mop wringer and the verso shows illustrations of two mop wringers, one for family use and the other for hotel use.

King, William Lyon Mackenzie to Arthur King.

Handwritten letter from William Lyon Mackenzie King to his nephew Arthur King on January 8, 1923. King sends wishes of the season, thanks Arthur and his brother Lyon for the gift of a belt for Christmas and reminisces about his own childhood Christmases. Salutation: “Dear Arthur”; Signature: "Ever your loving uncle, Willie.”

King, William Lyon Mackenzie


Correspondence between Murray Fried and others about Fried family genealogy. Includes letters to The London Public Library historical research department, and a letter from Ed Phelps of Western Archives to Susan Mavor of the University of Waterloo Special Collections & Archives regarding the provenance of the collection.

Fried, Murray

Beaver Club Oldenburg : brochure.

File consists of one brochure for the Canadian YMCA Beaver Club in Oldenburg, Germany. It is billed as the first and last Canadian town centre in Germany. The brochure also notes that as of May 1, 1946 the management will be assumed by the British YMCA.

Rowntree, Kenneth

Candu reactor transfer functions

Contains one 53 p. report with imprint: Toronto : Atomic Energy of Canada Limited, Nuclear Power Plant Division, September 1970. Don Cowan was a Research Assistant at Atomic Energy of Canada in 1960.

Cowan, Donald D.

About Nancy-Lou Patterson.

This series contains folders maintained by Nancy-Lou Patterson. For published items about Nancy-Lou Patterson, see Series 9: Publications and Printed Items.

Patterson, Nancy-Lou


File consists of clippings regarding the life of Dr. Olive Ruth Russell relating primarily to her time in the Second World War as a Second Lieutenant with the Canadian Women's Army Corps (CWAC) and her book Freedom to Die, about the legal and moral implications of euthanasia. Included is media coverage featuring Russell's recruitment work on behalf of the CWAC.

Russell, Olive Ruth

Appretur eller Beredning.

Contains one hand bound and handmade textbook. Includes typed mimeograph notes on three groups of wool processing [?Beredningsprocesserna]: a) Förarbeten, b) Vatberedning, c) Torrberedning, pasted in pictures of washing machines and textile machinery, and weaving textile samples on pre-printed pages from Lennings Textiltekniska Institut, Norrköping, Sweden.

Vik, Bernt

Contracts with Grolier.

Two publishing contracts detailing E Palmer Patterson's agreement to sell publishing rights for two books to Grolier. One book was to be titled, "Native Peoples of Canada - Indians" and the other was to be titled, "Inuit Peoples of Canada." Each contract specifies legal provisions such as compensation, copyright and other obligations to be fulfilled by E Palmer Patterson and Grolier respectively. Both of the contracts are signed by E Palmer Patterson, a representative of Grolier, and a witness. Also includes related correspondence and notes.

Patterson, E Palmer

Scrapbook 1.

File consists of a scrapbook compiled by Mauritana Smith containing material written by leading 19th century American writers and articles written by her mother, Damaris Isabella Smith. These items are pasted into an old ms. account book. The scrapbook shows the kind of verse that appealed to United Empire Loyalists in Canada.

Smith, Mauritana


Articles and biographical pieces, mostly photocopies.

Murphy, Emily Ferguson

Day book : February 12, 1889-September 19, 1890.

Contains 1 day book (401 pages) for the William Kriesel stoves and tinware store (hardware store) from 1889-1890. Daily entries include names and corresponding ledger page numbers for customers, with a description of what they bought, whether they paid for it, the prices and quantities of items bought, and whether customers paid by cash or by eggs, rags, beef, pork, butter, teaming supplies from St. Petersburg to New Dundee, wood, oats, flour, hay, or similar materials.

Kriesel indicates what he has sold by writing "To" and then the items, and how the person paid by writing "By" and then the method of payment.

Customer names include J.M. Weber [ie. Webber], E.W.B. Snider [ie. Snyder], the Baptist Church, the Lutheran Church, A.B. McRae, Cassel, Kolebrenner brothers, Philip Poth, John Woelfle, Charles Kaufman, and other notable New Dundee business people.

Kriesel, William

Catley, Elaine M. : biographical.

Clippings, biographical notes by Elaine Catley (originals), a photocopy of "Memories", as written by Elaine Maud Catley, and a photocopy of "Poems of Canada" both donated in 2001.

Catley, Elaine Maud

Knitting patterns and samples scrapbook.

One scrapbook with handwritten knitting patterns and samples. Patterns include a star quilt, edging, broad lace, lace for pillow cases, Grandma's lace, wristlets, lace insertions, crochet slippers, knitted block for a counterpane as well as an advertising leaflet for sewing silks.

The Woman's Bible.

Broadside condemning Elizabeth Cady Stanton's "The Woman's Bible" and the fight for women's suffrage. Published in 1895, Woman's Bible discusses Stanton's views that Christianity and masculine theology were some of the leading factors in keeping women from gaining rights. Although highly critized both before and during its publication, Woman's Bible was a bestseller and was reprinted twice in the year after its publication. The broadside here was printed approximately 25 years after the publication of Woman's Bible, likely during the time that the debate on the ratification of the 19th amendment to the US Constitution was raging.
The broadside excerpts passages from Stanton's work in an attempt to prove that fears around women's suffrage leaders are founded. The unknown author also implicates suffrage leaders Carrie Chapman Catt and Alice Stone Blackwell, even though neither had a hand in the publication of The Woman's Bible.

Stanton, Elizabeth Cady

Peter Harvey Sims and Jemima Cook Family

Records documenting the lives, activities and interests of Peter Harvey Sims and his wife Jemima Cook, of Peter's interactions with his father James Sims, mother Janet Harvey Sims, step-brother John Robertson, sister Janet McQueen, and business partners, and childhood records and young adulthood records relating to their children Harvey and Rella.
Letters from Jemima's sisters shed light on girls' and women's lives in the latter half of the 19th century, the activities available, the desolation of being socially isolated, detailed recounting of the deaths of loved ones, all interspersed with everyday news of family and friends.
In his letters to family, Peter displays an articulate and caring nature, a love of his children and family, and good sense of humour. He writes long letters; the larger the paper the larger his writing, and he never hesitates to offer Harvey advice and opinions on Harvey's actions and activities, most of which fall short of Peter's expectations. Whenever Peter and Jemima travel together or alone, Peter surveys the social, economic, cultural, architectural state of the place visited, the habits, dress and morals of the inhabitants, and its agricultural and business prospects.

Sims family

Sims, Rella May to Harvey J. Sims.

Waterloo: letter addressed to Harvey in Forest, relaying all the family news, describing their mother's reaction to a newspaper report that Harvey had almost drowned (includes envelope).

Sims family

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