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Nellein, H.

Upper body studio portrait of H. Nellein, chief accountant, seen looking off camera.

Dominion Rubber Company

Anthes, J.I. Frank.

Head and shoulders studio portrait of J.I. Frank Anthes seen looking off camera. The image has been altered so that Anthes is shown in a scroll.

Rieder and Anthes family

Anthes, J.I. Frank.

Two copies of a three-quarter length studio portrait of J.I. Frank Anthes seated with a role of paper in hand and looking at the camera.

Rieder and Anthes family

Anthes, John S. family.

Photograph of John S. and Lydia Anthes with some of their children and grandchildren.

Standing: ?, Carrie Breithaupt (standing, third from left), John Christian Breithaupt

Seated middle: Ella Cook, ?, [Walter Breithaupt?], Lydia Anthes, John S. Anthes, Frieda Breithaupt, John Edward Breithaupt

Seated front: [Louisa Breithaupt?], Carl Briethaupt, Martha Rieder, Louise Breithaupt.

Clement, David Ward and Janie Elizabeth.

Photograph of David Ward Clement, dressed in Cadet Corps uniform, smiling down at his mother, Janie Elizabeth Clement and holder her hand. The pair are standing together outside of a residential home.

Clement Bowlby Family

Clement, David Ward and parents.

Photograph of Janie Elizabeth, David Ward and Edwin Perry Clement laughing together while standing outside of a residential home. David is seen dressed in a Cadet Corps uniform.

Clement Bowlby Family

Lapsley, Ethel and Clarence Moebus.

Snapshot, likely taken by Norman C. Schneider, of Ethel Lapsley and Clarence Moebus outdoors in winter standing against a gnarled tree trunk. Ethel is seen looking at the camera and Clarence is looking over at her with a smile.

Schneider family

Office staff.

Image of office staff, all men, seated the length of tables working, some with calculators.

Schneider family

Kitchener City Hall, King Street.

Two snapshots of downtown Kitchener taken at night in winter. One of King St. shows parked cars, all of which are 1920's or early 30's models, decorated for Christmas. The other is of old Kitchener City Hall decorated with Christmas lights

Schneider family

Postcards and invitations to events.

Postcards and invitations to events received by Hon. Dr. James Horace King, M. D. and his first wife, Mrs. Nellie Mae King. All items were attached to a scrapbook album at some point. Original file folder contained a note that read: “JH King Invitations. Detailed list JHK scrapbook #2,” possibly referring to file 26.

King, James Horace

Schneider, Herbert.

Photograph of Herbert J. Schneider standing on a brick walkway dressed in cadet uniform with a duffel bag slung over right shoulder.

Schneider family

Employees serving in WWII.

Portraits of Schneider employees serving in the armed forces during World War II, most identified. These were published in issues of the in-house newsletter, The Voice. Also includes a group of nine photographs and postcards with messages to Norman C. Schneider from Lieut. R.A. Klaehn

Schneider family

Press clippings and related material.

Press clippings from various publications primarily regarding Cameron Hill, fellow aircrew, and prisoners of war likely collected by Cameron's parents, Britton and Grace Hill, during the Second World War. Also includes one holiday greeting card from Bob Spence and two photographs. The first photograph features Cameron and fellow aircrew at their British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP) Wings Parade on June 7, 1941 in Toronto, Ontario. The second photograph features Bob Spence and Jack Wood near El Alamein, Egypt in 1942.

Hill, Cameron Clare

Mackenzie King : rogue or benefactor?

Poster for a debate in Victoria College. Poster reads: “Mackenzie King : Rogue or Benefactor? A lively and interesting debate. Trinity College v. Victoria College. Sponsored by the Victoria College Debating Parliament. Tuesday, January 27th, 8 pm, at Alumni Hall in Victoria College. Refreshments afterwards. Come and state your views!”

King, William Lyon Mackenzie

Employees serving in WWII.

Snapshot showing a barracks interior with soldiers smiling at the camera while on rest time. The group is seen seated and standing around a table with the remnants of a package sent from Schneider's that included cans and bags of food. Verso gives list of names, titled "The Boys" including "Slim" from Kitchener.

Schneider family

Schneider, Herbert.

Photograph of Herbert J. Schneider standing on a brick walkway dressed in cadet uniform holding a duffel bag. Two unidentified children are visible in the background at the end of the walkway.

Schneider family

Proof plate.

Proof plate of Norman C. Schneider likely used for election campaign posters.

Schneider, Norman Christoph

Ontario coat of arms.

Ontario coat of arms of "durwood" manufactured by John Walter & Sons, Kitchener with Norman C. Schneider label on verso.

Schneider, Norman Christoph


Photographs of Westmount and the house at 178 Claremont Avenue from the 1950s to the 1990s. Includes photographs of the hills of Westmount, the house, and the Reive family engaged in different activities.

Reive Family

The Dare Story.

One publication titled "The Dare Story" which outlines the history of Dare Foods.

Dare Foods Limited

Dick Doyle.

Personal correspondence received by Joan Hollobon from Richard (Dick) J. Doyle (journalist at the Globe and Mail).

Hollobon, Joan

The emerging IES regime for the Arctic.

Photocopy of article “The emerging IES regime for the Arctic." According to annotations, article is by Alexei Yu Roginko and was published in the Arctic Environmental Security, project IV.2.1.

English, John

Claremont house.

Photographs of the house at 178 Claremont Avenue in the 1980s and 1990s. Includes one photograph of the house during the Winter of 1982, one photograph of the house during Spring or Summer, and a photograph of the house in the Winter pasted to a Christmas card.

Reive Family

Notes and loose pages.

Materials related to articles not written by John English. Includes loose pages for “The political actors” by Lloyd Axworthy and handwritten notes about other publications.

English, John

Articles on Arctic Council.

Printout of articles about the Arctic Council. Articles included are:

  • “Reflections on the past and future of the Arctic Council” by John Lamb,
  • Draft of “Canada and the Arctic Council” by Andrea Charron,
  • “The Arctic Council : promoting co-operation in the Circumpolar World” by Terry Fenge,
  • “When the Arctic Council speaks : how to move the Council’s communication into the future” by Martin Breum.

English, John

Proposal for Graham Chair.

Draft for “Background material : chair in Contemporary International History Bill Graham, Centre for Contemporary International History, Trinity College & University of Toronto.”

English, John

Handouts for History 1160.

Materials and handouts for the course History 1160. Includes:

  • “Handout on Afghanistan,”
  • “Handout on Iraq: Our decision not to take part,”
  • “Handout on the UN and NATO as multilateral instruments.”

English, John


File consists of two arrowheads from an unidentified first nations group.

Rex, Kay

Charles Bickerstaffe and Norman Atwood indenture.

  • SCA272-GA293
  • Collection
  • 1669

Fonds consists of one indenture dated May 17, 1669 between Charles Bickerstaffe and his brother William, and Norman Atwood and his brother John.

Bickerstaffe, Charles

Oath of Elizabeth Collins.

File consists of a document declaring that Elizabeth Collins of [Kyre ?] in the County of Worcester in Great Britain is bound to Timothy Collins of the same place for a sume of 200 pounds. Contains original seal.

Haney, Haney, Kendall & Melville

Report by Rear-Admiral Charles Holmes, Sept. 18, 1759.

  • SCA167-GA141
  • Collection
  • 1759

7 p. ms. report dictated by Rear-Admiral Charles Holmes for his superiors, recounting in detail the events of the Battle of the Plains of Abraham. Major-General James Wolfe captured Quebec on Sept. 13, 1759, but died on the battlefield. His opponent, the Marquis de Montcalm died the next day. Holmes dictated a detailed account of the battle and sent two copies on separate ships to the British Admiralty. This document is the second copy of that report.

Holmes, Charles, 1711-1861

Chatterton, Thomas : Lines on Redcliffe Church.

File consists of Chatterton's poem "Lines on Redcliffe Church." The poem is torn from a book (possibly John Britton's "An Historical and Architectural Essay Relating to Redcliffe Church, Bristol. Also, an Essay on the Life and Character of Thomas Chatterton") and mounted on a heavy stock paper.

Davis, Bertram R.

Contredanses, French

  • SCA86-GA56
  • Collection
  • [ca. 1780]

Notebook containing diagrams of 84 contredanses with written annotations, circa 1780. Diagrams show the step by step movements of specific types of dances such as La Camille, Les Caprices de Chantenany, Les Cerises de Montmorenci, and Le Retour de Blanchard.

List of Contredanses included in Notebook:

  1. La Camille
  2. Les Deux Amies
  3. La Zemia
  4. La Labotiere
  5. La Caprices Indiens
  6. La Legere
  7. L'Aufantine
  8. L'été
  9. La Nouvelle Etienne
  10. La Nouvelle Monaco
  11. L'Anglaise
  12. Paule et Virginie
  13. Lew Tembourins Picards
  14. L'Union Intime
  15. Les Trois Amis
  16. La Champete
  17. Les Caprices de Chantenany
  18. Les Folies de Roncé
  19. Les fête Villageoise
  20. La Crécy
  21. Les Plaisirs de Warennes
  22. La Juno
  23. La Petite Chasse
  24. La Colbert
  25. La Victoire de Cobourg
  26. La Princesse d'Orange
  27. La Rosalie
  28. Le Duc d'Yorck
  29. La Coalisée
  30. L'arrivée du P. d'Orange
  31. L'Espangnole
  32. La Belle Elizabeth
  33. Les Plaisirs d'Irlande
  34. Carlalez [?]
  35. La Julie
    4o. La Tulipano
  36. Le Retour Autrichien
  37. L'Arrivée de l'Empereur
  38. Les Cerises de Montmorenci
  39. La Yacinte
  40. La Belle Annete
  41. Les Bons Amis
  42. La Simplicie
  43. Les Plaisirs d'Alançon
  44. La Figaro
  45. La Fille à Nicolas
  46. L'inconnu à la Redoute
  47. La Belle Poûlé
  48. Le Plaisir de Chatenet
  49. La Satisfaction
  50. La Chinoise
  51. La Petite Charmante
  52. Le goût du jour
  53. La Guchen
  54. Le Plaisir de Basque
  55. La Pastorale
  56. La Charboniere
  57. Les nouveaux capricieu
  58. La Redoute
  59. La Vandeuie
  60. L'Enfant Trompeur
  61. La Petite Savoyarde
  62. Luca
  63. Les hannetons [?]
  64. Le Depart Indien
  65. La Chasse d'Amour
  66. Les Dettes
  67. La Nouvelle Eté
  68. La Tarare
  69. Le Portaille Anglois
  70. Le Caprice de Erevan
  71. Les Amourettes
  72. Les Pantalon
  73. La Neuville
  74. La Monaco
  75. L'Elisabeth
  76. La Fête villageoise
  77. L'Infortuné
  78. Le Retour de Blanchard
  79. [Untitled]

Correspondence from Daniel Claus to Captain Matthews.

  • SCA363-GA416
  • Collection
  • March 23, 1780

Correspondence from Daniel Claus to Captain Matthews. The letter is regarding the capture of Peter Hansen and his servant as members of the rebellion by the Mohawk nation to be used to gather intelligence. The letter also mentions a contract for fresh meat, and that members of the village had been unwell. At this time Claus had been appointed deputy agent of the Six Nations in Canada under Frederick Haldimand.

Warren U. Ober Tintern Abbey print.

  • SCA263-GA280
  • Collection
  • 1784

Consists of one print of Tintern Abbey, Monmouthshire, as seen from across the River Wye. Two men in a boat can be seen fishing on the river in the foreground. The print was published October 1784 by S. [Samuel] Hooper. The Abbey is referenced by Wordsworth in a poem and was used as inspiration for other poets and painters.

Catcott, George : Chattertonian Manuscript.

File consists of a typed transcription of the Chattertonian Manuscript, possibly by George Catcott. The manuscript is comprised of works by Chatterton, a history of the Rowley affair, letters from Chatterton to Catcott, with notes by Catcott throughout. This typed copy has been bound together with an index and table of contents. In the front of the book is laid in a signature of Thomas Chatterton and its accompanying auction notice, as well as a letter regarding the authenticity of the signature. Also included is a print showing George Catcott.

Davis, Bertram R.

Chattertonian Manuscript

File consists of one manuscript titled "Chattertonian ms." The manuscript itself is a transcribed typed copy of the original, which was compiled and written by George Catcott. Catcott was the first person to be approached by Chatterton regarding the Thomas Rowley poems. The manuscript includes passages from works by Thomas Chatterton, letters to and from Catcott and Chatterton, as well as notes by Catcott on Chatterton and the Thomas Rowley affair. Inlaid in the front of the book is a signature of Thomas Chatterton's as well as a letter addressing the authenticity of the signature. Also included is a print of George Catcott. The bookplate reads "Conrad P. Fry oneth me is me jure tenet, and this booke confesse to be quieunque me invenit."

Davis, Bertram R.

Correspondence : Newton, Gordon, Johnston & Co., Wine Merchants, Madeira.

1 item of correspondence from Gordon Newton of Johnston & Co. Wine Merchants. Newton Gordon was one of the major suppliers to Canada at that time and this group of letters offers insights into the problems of quality, shipping, supply and demand, as well as into the drinking habits of the time.

Seagram Museum

Barrett, William : History & Antiquities of the City of Bristol : excerpt.

File consists of a an excerpt from the original 1789 edition of William Barrett's "History & Antiquities of the City of Bristol." This excerpt relates to Chatterton, and includes inserted plates, some of which may be extraneous. Barrett was known to have believed Chatterton's Rowley story and to have published the information as fact, before the scandal broke.

Davis, Bertram R.

Manuscript cookbook.

  • SCA236-GA235
  • Collection
  • [ca. 1800]

One vellum bound manuscript cookbook of unknown origin. Cookbook features approximately 50 recipes in at least fifteen different hands. Most recipes are for desserts, although a few are for savoury dishes and household products. Some recipes are signed. Signatures include: M. Moore, Mary Dawson, and S. Lowels. Also included in the file is an index of recipes and the original seller's note.

Wismer, Sophia [?].

One full length studio portrait possibly of Sophia Wismer. Sophia is shown wearing an elaborate hat and a long coat, and carrying a handbag. Identification from enclosure.

Schantz Russell Family

Wordsworth, William 1770-1850: "Inscription for a Seat by a Road Side, Halfway Up a Steep Hill, Facing the South": clipping.

Clipping of poem "Inscription for a Seat by a Road Side, Half Way up a Steep Hill, Facing the South" Morning Post (?) no. 10, 021 (Oct. 21, 1800?) ("thou, who in youthful vigour rich, and light") initialed W.W. in Wordsworth's autograph. Possibly actually T.S. Coleridge's poem.

Davis, Bertram R.

Slate and slate pencil.

One school slate with a wooden frame and an accompanying slate pencil. A note on the slate indicates that it was used by Henry B. Bowman (1900-1991), his father Abraham Bowman (1874-1964), Henry's grandfather Levi B. Bowman (1851-1927) and Henry's great-great-grandfather (1789-1866).

Bowman, Henry

Schantz, Ruth.

Three photographs that have been hole punched and tied together. The first shows Ruth Schantz sitting in a wheelbarrow with Carrie Flagler Schantz in front of the home at Morton Park. The second shows Ruth Schantz and Orpheus Moyer Schantz on the steps of the home at Morton Park. The third shows Ruth standing in a garden holding flowers.

Schantz Russell Family

Registration of birth.

File consists of a statement declaring the registration of the birth of James Colquhoun, son of Frederick Colquhoun and Jane Hanson, in the parish of Govan (in Glasgow). Possibly a draft or copy of an official registration certificate.

Haney, Haney, Kendall & Melville

Margareta Riehl birth certificate.

  • SCA284-GA319
  • Collection
  • 1807

Fonds consists of one birth-and-baptismal certificate (Geburts-und-Taufschein) for Margareta Riehl. The certificate is written in German and is a fraktur text featuring examples of decorative calligraphy and artwork.

Account book.

  • SCA71-GA40
  • Collection
  • 1800-1809

Contains one unidentified English account book with entries from 1800-1809 for wages paid, property taxes, debts, etc.

Southey, Robert 1774-1843: ALS, 1809 March 14-15, Keswick, to Thomas Southey, Plymouth.

Autograph letter to Thomas Southey (Robert's brother and an officer in the Royal Navy.) March 14-15, 1809. Discusses progress on poem "Curse of Kehama." Reports that the Quarterly Review has been published, mentions his and Walter Scott's contributions, editorial deletions, his payment. Discusses development in the war, "Thalaba" has been finished. His Brazil reviewed by Sharon Turner, to be reviewed by Bedford and, possibly, S.T. Coleridge.
Published in Kenneth Curry's New Letters v.1 p. 502.

Davis, Bertram R.

Hunting the slipper.

File consists of one musical manuscript. written on staff paper. The manuscript is oblong and features numerous short songs, as well as small portions of notation. Notation is written in two distinct hands.

Eisen, Sol

Travel diary.

  • SCA361-GA414
  • Collection
  • [ca. 1816]

One travel diary written by an unknown person. The diary recounts a trip to France and Switzerland, with a particular emphasis on mountain climbing in the Swiss Alps. An accompanying item of correspondence addressed to George from Vivian de Sola Pinto of Nottingham University indicates that the traveler saw a woman he presumed to by Mary Shelley in Berne, possibly dating the diary to when Shelley was living in Geneva.

Southey, Robert : diary.

File consists of a ts. transcription of Robert Southey's diary from his trip through mainland Europe, including France, Italy and Switzerland. Ts. has ms. corrections and additions. Continued in 233b.

Davis, Bertram R.

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