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Kitchener-Waterloo Record fonds. Canada
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The First Saengerfest in Berlin, 1876.

Copy negative of old photograph printed in a book showing a decorated building with a large crowd of people at front. The caption under the reads: "The First Saengerfest in Berlin, 1876. Photograph kindly lent by Mr. Aug. Schmiedel." Typed caption included in file reads: "SAENGERFEST HALL 1876. photo from old book. located where present-day Woodside athletic field area is... large group of people."

Scene Outside Kitchener Market, ca. 1890's?

Copy print, taken on the other side of the building shown in GA92-9-73, showing what is possibly a weigh scale for wagons. The domed building is the town hall and the light coloured building in the background is the Kitchener Hotel.

Kitchener-Waterloo Record

John Roat's Commercial Hotel After Fire, Site of the Walper Hotel, ca. 1892.

Copy negatives from an old photograph ang Page 255 of W. V. Uttley's book "A history of Kitchener, Ontario" (1975). Taken by Sebastian Fischer, the photo is of John Roat's Commercial Hotel, at the corner of Queen and King, following a fire. One of the negatives includes a photograph of the first ambulance with nurses. Also included in the file are typed captions about the hotel and the ambulance that read:

"John Roat's Commercial Hotel after fire

site of Walper

destroyed 1892, after the fire, site bought
by Abel Walper of Zurich, Ont

sign says Livery Stable

(see Uttley History of Kit 255)

2) same pic from book

3) same pic /with first ambulance
& nurses..."

Kitchener-Waterloo Record

American Hotel, [Tyson's Store, American Block] Corner of King & Queen Streets, ca. 1861 and later..

Copy negatives of American Hotel building block. Two negatives are of a photograph of the exterior of A. Tyson's Grocery on Page 81 of "Berlin today Centennial number in celebration of the old boys' and girls' reunion August, 6th, 7th, 8th, 1906". The third is of a photograph of the exterior of the American Hotel on the page of an unidentified book.

Kitchener-Waterloo Record

Berlin Fire Brigade, Throwing Stream Over St. Paul's Church.

Copy negative of Page 78 of Twentieth Century Number of Busy Berlin showing fire brigade in action at St. Paul's Lutheran Church on Queen St. and a partial view of group portrait. Fire brigade caption reads: "Berlin Fire Brigade (Throwing steam over St. Paul's Church)". Group portrait caption reads: "Another Group of Travellers. W. G. Cleghorn, I. S. K. Weber, A. K. Dunke, J. Voelker, and L. Stuebing."

Kitchener-Waterloo Record

Circus Parade, King. St. near Water.

Two copy negatives of old photographs. One shows elephants walking double file down a dirt road beside [electric railway?] tracks headed by two single elephants with ladies riding on top. The negative is annotated: "Circus Parade. King St. near Water St. 1904." The other, taken from the same position, shows uniform wearing [firemen?] horseback riding a double file down a dirt road while carrying flags that read: "Fighting the Flames".

Kitchener-Waterloo Record

Circus Parade, King Near Benton.

Copy negatives of elephants walking down city streets. The first is of an old photograph of elephants walking down a city street captioned: "Circus Day in Berlin". Caption accompanying negative reads: "1) Circus Day in Berlin nr p/o at Benton." The second is of elephants walking down a city street, taken from behind, while passing the Market Hotel accompanied by a caption that reads: "5) circus parade king near benton 1904". File also includes caption notes for the next 6 files in series titled PARADES.

Kitchener-Waterloo Record

Fire Hall, Berlin, Ont., Canada.

Copy negative of a postcard of the Berlin Fire Hall with two horse drawn wagons out front. File also includes caption notes for other photos in series titled BERLIN FIREHALL.

Kitchener-Waterloo Record

Berlin Rescue and Hose Co.: Horse-drawn in front of Frederick St. Firehall.

Copy negative of a torn and taped photograph of members of the Rescue and Hose Co. on, and in front of, a horse drawn wagon. Corresponding caption from caption list in file 9 reads: "2) Berlin Rescue & Hose Co horse drawn in front of Fred St. firehall." Annotations on one of the reference prints in file read: "Scharlach, Charles [Loelu?], [Uhrig?], Timms, Dan Boettger, John Rhodes, Frank Seebert."

Kitchener-Waterloo Record

118th Parade at King and Queen from old film, turning onto King.

Copy negative of clip from film of the 118th Battalion marching band traveling down a city street while playing instruments. Hanging signs for Staebler Insurance, Lockhart's Garage and Dominion Cafe are visible in the background. Caption accompanying negative reads: "6) 118th parade at King and Queen from old film turning onto King."

Kitchener-Waterloo Record

Parade From American Hotel.

Copy negative of an old photograph of three open top cars, carrying men and women in hats, driving past the Walper Hotel as crowds of people look on from the sidewalk. Caption accompanying negative reads: "3) Parade from American Hotel, 20s."

Kitchener-Waterloo Record

Santa Claus at Kitchener, Xmas.

Copy negative of a mounted Denton photograph of Santa Claus visiting Kitchener in a horse drawn sleigh in 1921. Caption accompanying negative reads: "2) Santa at Kitchener 1921 (on Frederick?)."

Kitchener-Waterloo Record

The Breithaupt Leather Co., April 1930.

Panorama group portrait of Breithaupt Leather Company employees standing in a row, on muddy terrain, outside of the tannery building and office entrance. Most are in caps and several are wearing rubber boots and ankle-length aprons. A building with a bell tower is visible in the background.

Kitchener-Waterloo Record

Demolition of Buildings on Hall's Lane, Kitchener, April, 1958, to make way for Parking Lot.

Print photographs, with typed captions on verso, taken by the Kitchener-Waterloo Record of building demolition along Hall's Lane. File also includes April 5, 1958 newspaper clipping of published version of one of the photos [GA92-9-26_002].

Caption on verso of GA92-9-26_001 reads: "KITCHENER - Demolitions (April 3, 1958). Old home vanishes from Hall's Lane, together with three-story building used for some years by William Knell and Company. Purchased for city parking lot. (Walper Hotel in right background.)

Caption on verso of GA92-9-26_002: "KITCHENER - Demolitions. Two old buildings on Hall's lane east just off Queen street south are being demolished to make way for new Parking Authority car lot."

Caption on verso of GA92-9-26_003: "KITCHENER - Demolitions. April 5, 1958. Hall's Lane."

Kitchener-Waterloo Record

Artesian Well on Caroline St., Waterloo, 1919.

Copy print of a 1919 photo showing Waterloo PUC and town officials at the tapping of an artesian well on Caroline St. The well was capped in 1934; the accompanying news story also shows the gusher resulting from this same well being struck during construction of Waterloo Town Square in 1961. See Series 9 File 53 for 1961 photograph in clipping.

Kitchener Downtown Mall

Film approximately 7:20 minutes in length of Kitchener Mall a pedestrianized stretch of King Street East in downtown Kitchener during the summer months. Pedestrians and cyclists are seen moving along sidewalks and crossing streets, with the occasional trolleybus passing by. Parking spaces are painted in white hash marks with numerous tree-filled planters, flowerbeds, and benches positioned within and along them. Shots of flower beds, sculptures, a water fountain donated by the Big Brothers Association, and people seated on patios and benches appear through out. Buildings and storefronts visible include: Odeon, Eaton's, Kresge, Dutch Boy Food Market, Strand Bowl, Palladium Restaurant, Lyric theatre, Pennsylvania Kitchen, Goudies Department Store, the Walper Hotel, Queen's Restaurant, the Toronto Dominion Bank, Grafton's, Woolworth's, Sally's, Zeller's, Jack Fraser, Herman Lippert Mens Wear, Young's Jewellers, Samer's, and Frank's Mens Wear.

Kitchener-Waterloo Record

New Hamburg, Main Street.

Print photograph of Main Street in New Hamburg with shadow of photographer at bottom of frame. Storefronts for Fischer's Footwear and Luggage, Peel Variety Centre, Ecker's, and Valerie's Coiffures are visible along street.

Kitchener-Waterloo Record

Dunke Grocery Store, 35 King St. E. between Queen and Benton, Interior and Exterior views.

Copy negatives of photographs of the interior and exterior of Dunke Grocery Store that operated in Kitchener from ca. 1800s to 1936. Caption and envelope notes accompanying negative read: "DENKEL'S STORE - interior and exterior view of Dunke Grocery Store 35 King East between Queen and Benton. May 22/1979. Copies Dunke Store. Submitted by Bill Dunke, 187 Lydia St."

Kitchener-Waterloo Record

Building at Corner of King and Water St., ca. 1900.

Photographs of a commercial building at the corner of King and Water taken decades apart. The first, from the 1900s, is a copy of a photo of the building when occuped The Berlin Granite & Marble Works. The second, taken in 1947, should the building occupied by TNT. Surplus Ltd.

Daily Record: 1930's Local Business Newspaper Advertisements: Ford, Schreiter, Victor Radio, Dominion Stores, Goodrich, Kabels, Lockhart Buick, Tip Top Tailors, Goudies.

Nine shots of various pages from bound editions of the Daily Record featuring advertisements from the 1930s for: Ford, Schreiter, Victor Radio, Dominion Stores, Goodric, Kabels, Lockhart Buick, TipTop Tailor, and Goudies.

Kitchener-Waterloo Record