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Bullas Brothers, Front of Store.

Two images of the storefront and building of Bullas Brothers Ltd. in Kitchener, Ontario. One image includes a line of cars parked on the street. Both images include the fountain outside the store. The store windows display furniture and appliances.

Belair, Charles

Beata's wedding

File consists of one group snapshot of the attendees of a wedding. Identification on verso labels it as "Beata's wedding, at 255 Mary St."

Clement Bowlby Family

Bowlby, David Sovereign

File consists of two identical photographs of David Sovereign Bowbly's home "Liberty Hall" in Kitchener, taken from the tennis courts.

Clement Bowlby Family

Bowlby family

File consists of one photograph showing members of the Bowlby family in front of "Liberty Hall", the family home. In the carriage are shown Martha Esther Murphy Bowlby and Janie Elizabeth Bowlby Clement, being pulled by mare Dolly. In front of the home are shown David Sovereign Bowlby, George Herbert Bowlby, Blanche Alexandrine (Adine) Seagram Bowlby, David Shannon Bowlby, and Grace Esther Bowlby Fennell. The photograph was used in "Busy Berlin" in 1897.

Clement Bowlby Family

Clement, David Ward.

File consists of three photographs showing David Ward Clement and friends Carl Spahr Berlet and Alf Stewart in their First World War uniforms the year he went overseas.

Clement Bowlby Family

Clement, Edwin Perry.

File consists of three photographs and six negatives showing the residence of Edwin Perry Clement at 51 Benton St., Kitchener. The photographs show the house before and after a sunroom was added, as well as the belvedere. As well, the file consists of four miscellaneous negatives showing a sailboat, a woman in a fur coat and a child in a box.

Clement Bowlby Family

Clement, William Pope and Muriel Alberta Kerr Clement.

File consists of eight photographs showing the fiftieth anniversary party for William Pope Clement and Muriel Alberta Kerr Clement at Westmount Golf and Country Club. Photographs include images of the couple as well as guests such as: Goeroge Morley, Leith Fraser Raney, Danielle [?], Frederick Pohl, Karel Stark, Norma Hatten, Dorothy Snyder [?], and Helen Pollock.

Clement Bowlby Family

Stewart, Elizabeth (Betty) Clement.

File consists of two "candid camera" snapshots of Elizabeth (Betty) Clement Stewart on her wedding day being walked into the church by her father William Pope Clement. Taken by by Belair, Kitchener, Ont.

Clement Bowlby Family

Lang Tannery, 5 negs 8x10 [an order for reprints from The Lang Tanning Company is also included]

Images of 2 illustrations of the exterior of the Lang Tanning Company, one of which depictates the tannery as it was in 1850.
An image of a document describing the history of the Lang Tanning Company.
2 photographs, dated 1948, of horses and a cart of materials outside of the tannery.
Includes an order for reprints from The Lang Tanning Company.

Belair, Charles

Kitchener-Waterloo Council of Friendship fonds.

  • SCA104-GA76
  • Fonds
  • 1948-1971, predominately 1960-1969

Fonds contains a notebook and records collected by Minnie O'Hara Maines from 1948 to 1971 in her capacity as a member of the Executive of the Kitchener-Waterloo Council of Friendship. There are blank forms regarding tax deductions and employment contracts for English-speaking classes, along with newspaper clippings that cover registration for and advertisements of these classes in Kitchener. The fonds also includes other promotional pamphlets and cards for the classes and for the Council in general, along with lists of winners for the Council's scholarship funds and names of contributors.

Kitchener-Waterloo Council of Friendship

Kaufman Footwear : employees at work : production.

Contains photographs of employees at work on various stages of the production process. Includes identification of some of the employees: Eileen Buchner, Don Kraft, Bill Ariss, Helen Wroble, Bob Kerlit, William Kopes, Art Stager, Doug Hackbart, and John Stebli.

Kaufman Footwear


Contains three photographs of two different Kaufman murals in the progress of being painted.

Kaufman Footwear

Bowman family.

Photographs of Hervey Bowman, a house on Church St., Kitchener, and a house on Roland St., Kitchener. Note that the photographs were found with correspondence between Franklin Abram Schantz and Franklin Bowman regarding Hervey Bowman's death.

Schantz Russell Family

Notebook : movies, plays and concerts.

A promotional notebook published in 1912 by the Alaska Feather & Down Co., Montreal, used by Dorothy Russell to record movies, plays and concerts she attended in Kitchener, Ont., Toronto, Sarnia, Chatham and Chicago, 1921-1928. Included are the names of actors and actresses, the theatre and the date.

Schantz Russell Family

Diary : 1920-1923.

School exercise book filled with diary entries from Oct. 30, 1920 to April 1, 1923 written by Dorothy Russell recording her life at the normal school in Toronto, Ont. and the beginning of her teaching career in Kitchener, Ont.

Schantz Russell Family

Victoria Park, Berlin, Ontario.

One panoramic postcard showing portions of Victoria Park, Berlin (Kitchener), Ontario including the lake and Roos Island. Unidentified male and female walkers and canoeists are visible in the photograph. The background also depicts residences, churches and industrial buildings in an area of Berlin (Kitchener), Ontario surrounding the park.

Schantz Russell Family

City Hall : old City Hall, copy.

Copy negative of a photo of a painting by Reuben Jukes of Kitchener done in 1924 of the 1869 city hall, which was being torn down in Fall 1924.

The painting now hangs in Kitchener City Hall at 200 King Street West.

Belair, Charles

Photos of the new (post-fire) Dare factory in Sunnyside, Kitchener, approx. 1944.

File consists of five photographs of employees at work in the Dare Company Limited biscuit plant in Sunnyside, Kitchener. Duplicates are present. Some photographs contain captions on verso: moving trays of cookies into/out of the reel oven; dough forming, near the entrance to the reel oven; filling tins of soda crackers; 1944 - production for Defense Dept.; behind the reel oven.

Dare Foods Limited

Bridgeport School construction crew.

  • SCA225-GA213
  • Fonds
  • [1924?]

Consists of one group photograph of a construction crew, purportedly for Bridgeport School. They are posed with a sign: "John V. Gray Construction Co. Ltd, General Contractors, head office Toronto ...."

Denton, Ernest

Hush Puppies World Conference, 1974.

File consists of material relating to the organization and publicity of the Kitchener portion of the Hush Puppies World Conference held in 1974. Includes news releases, press clippings, incoming and outgoing correspondence of Charles E. Greb (including thank-you letters from conference delegates), agendas, Wolverine advertising material, and other documents.

File also includes photographs of Charles E. Greb [at the Calgary portion of the conference?], the delegates outside the Greb offices on Ardelt Avenue (Kitchener), and others.

Greb Industries Limited

Greb Shoes, 1960s (file 1 of 2).

File consists of press clippings and other material relating to Greb Industries and Greb Shoes during the 1960s, and Charles E. Greb's tenure as manager of the Winnipeg plant. Includes news releases, correspondence, footwear price lists, product tags, a memorandum to retail customers, ts. speeches by Charles E. Greb and J.D. Campbell (vice-president, marketing), and other documents.

Press clippings also relate to local history and news in Kitchener-Waterloo, the death of politician Maitland Steinkopf (also founder of Canada West Shoe Manufacturing Company), and GGD advertising agency (used by Greb). Photographs are of men and women wearing Greb footwear, Hush Puppies displays, an unidentified event attended by Harry and Arthur Greb, and Charles E. Greb awarding Best in Show at the K-W Kennel Club.

Greb Industries Limited


File consists of a 1939 group photograph of Greb Shoe Company employees, a photograph of an employees sports team (baseball?), and two snapshots of employees in a cafeteria and playing horseshoes outside a Greb plant. File also includes a modern reproduction of a group photograph of Greb Shoe Company employees, [ca. 1917?] standing outside of the Queen Street South location; reproduction is printed on cardstock and taped to a mat.

Greb Industries Limited


File consists of photographs of the offices and factories of Greb Industries Limited. Includes photographs of the Winnipeg plant, the Breithaupt Street plant, and several unidentified plants and office buildings. File also includes a photograph of Harry Greb with a model of the Ardelt Avenue complex.

Greb Industries Limited

Hush Puppies World Conference, 1974.

File consists of photographs taken during the Kitchener portion of the Hush Puppies World Conference in 1974. Most photographs were taken during an Okotoberfest dinner and dance held for the delegates at the Concordia Club. File also photographs of conference delegates disembarking a plane, standing in front of the Greb Industries administrative offices, having conversations, and visiting the Royal Canadian Yacht Club and Toronto Island. Duplicate photographs may be present.

Greb Industries Limited

Production : mounted photographs.

File consists of mounted photographs of the interior of the Greb Shoes factory, showing employees at work on footwear production lines. File also includes a photograph of Erwin Greb in the Greb Shoes office, adjoining the factory on Queen Street in Kitchener.

Greb Industries Limited

Westmount prospectus.

File consists of material relating to the Westmount development in Waterloo. Includes a prospectus (Realty Pointers: Westmount, "The Development Beautiful") prepared by Beck & Eisenbach (Berlin, ON) containing a plan of Westmount; and a photograph of a topographical landscape painting showing Berlin, Waterloo, and Westmount, prepared by Gibson Catlett, Real Estate Landscape Paintings (Calgary, AB). The plan in the prospectus contains ms. annotations.

Rieder and Anthes family

Album 1.

File consists of an album compiled by Ella Anthes Cook, and including some additions probably by Martha Rieder. Includes snapshots of family members and friends and snapshots taken on Ella's trip to Europe, around Ontario, at Felsheim, and on her honeymoon. Includes a family photograph taken at Talmon Henry Rieder's 40th birthday, a snapshot taken when Earl Grey visited Berlin, a snapshot taken at the unveiling of Queen Victoria's monument at Victoria Park, and a photograph by Denton of the interior of Zion Evangelical Church.

Rieder and Anthes family

Clement, Edwin Perry and Janie Elizabeth Bowlby Clement.

File consists of two identical full length wedding portraits of Edwin Perry Clement and Janie Elizabeth Bowlby Clement by C.R. Lundy, Berlin, Ont. Edwin Perry is shown seated in a chair and Janie is shown standing at his left side in her gown.

Clement Bowlby Family

Clement, Edwin Perry and Janie Elizabeth Bowlby.

File consists of one full length studio wedding group portrait of Edwin Perry and Janie Elizabeth Bowlby Clement by C.R. Lundy, Berlin, Ont. The two are shown standing side-by-side in their wedding garments.

Clement Bowlby Family

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