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Unidentified teenager.

Head and shoulder studio portrait of unidentified teenager seen looking off camera and wearing a top with large leg of mutton sleeves.

Schantz Russell Family

Hilborn, Joseph.

One upper body studio portrait of Joseph Hilborn. The edges of the mat are decoratively scalloped. Identification from album.

Originally on page 7 of album 3.

Schantz Russell Family

Photograph blotter sheet.

One photograph blotter sheet from H.A. Huber, Berlin, Ont. Included with photographs as it was originally found in album 2.

Originally between pages 10-11 of album 2.

Schantz Russell Family


An envelope addressed to Orpheus Moyer Schantz when he was living in Hawksville from Uncle Jacob (Jacob Nash Moyer).

Schantz Russell Family


Series is comprised of photographs of members of the Smith-Shortt family and friends.

Shortt, Elizabeth Smith

Shortt, Elizabeth Smith : friends.

File consists of formal and candid portraits of friends of Eliz. Smith Shortt. Includes a portrait of Eliz. Shortt with her friend Maud Service Rankin as well as portraits sent to her by friends, male and female. Includes a memorial portrait with accompanying leaflet of Archie Gordon, sent by Lady Aberdeen.

Shortt, Elizabeth Smith

Smith Family Biographical Material

Series is comprised of biographical materials related to members of the Smith-Shortt family, primarily Elizabeth Smith Shortt and Damaris Isabel Smith. Includes manuscript and typescript notes, clippings, and a copy of Silas Smith, U.E.L. and his Descendants.

Shortt, Elizabeth Smith

Bowlby family.

File consists of one group portrait of Martha Esther Murphy Bowlby (left) with daughters (from left to right) Janie Elizabeth Bowlby Clement, Grace Esther Bowlby Fennell and Emma Allen Bowlby Boyd. All are seen in high-collared dresses with oversized leg of mutton sleeves.

Clement Bowlby Family

Georgian Bay.

File consists of snapshots taken by, and showing, extended family members and friends of the Clement family at locations in Georgian Bay. Edwin Perry Clement and his brother-in-law John Birnie both had cottages in Georgian Bay. The photographs show the cottages and camps as well as family and friends swimming, boating, picnicking and enjoying the outdoors. Family and friends shown include: John Birnie, Florence Grace Clement, Muriel Alberta Kerr Clement, David Ward Clement, Charles Bowlby Clement, Blanche Mildred Clement Kelly, Edwin Oliver Clement, William Pope Clement, Alice Lyons Clement Birnie, Esther Williams, Edwin Perry Clement, Mosson Boyd.

Clement Bowlby Family


Series consists of 347 photographs and 12 negatives showing extended members of the Clement-Bowlby families. Includes formal studio portraits, snapshots, and negatives showing Clement, Bowlby, Jackson, Berkinshaw, Boehmer, Boyd, Chalk, Forbes, Kelly, Murphy, Oliver, Pope, Southgate, and Stewart families as well as friends, animals, and locales.

Clement Bowlby Family

Registration of birth.

File consists of a statement declaring the registration of the birth of James Colquhoun, son of Frederick Colquhoun and Jane Hanson, in the parish of Govan (in Glasgow). Possibly a draft or copy of an official registration certificate.

Haney, Haney, Kendall & Melville


Silver dollar from England showing on the obverse the head of King George III and on the reverse Britannia seated surrounded by FIVE SHILLINGS DOLLAR and then again by BANK OF ENGLAND. This coin has been struck over a Spanish dollar.

Pyke, Edgar William

Margareta Riehl birth certificate.

  • SCA284-GA319
  • Fonds
  • 1807

Fonds consists of one birth-and-baptismal certificate (Geburts-und-Taufschein) for Margareta Riehl. The certificate is written in German and is a fraktur text featuring examples of decorative calligraphy and artwork.

Riehl, Margareta

Southey, Robert : letters.

File consists of copies of Robert Southey's letters, as well as one from Caroline Southey, Davis' notes on the letters, a list of letters published, a list of omissions from published letters, and a list of ms. letters of Robert Southey and Hannah More at Bristol Public Libraries.

Davis, Bertram R.


Silver 5 franc coin from France showing on the obverse the head of Napoleon and on the reverse 5 FRANCS. Edge inscription reads 'France Dieu Protes.'

Pyke, Edgar William

Southey, Robert 1774-1843: ALS, 1809 March 14-15, Keswick, to Thomas Southey, Plymouth.

Autograph letter to Thomas Southey (Robert's brother and an officer in the Royal Navy.) March 14-15, 1809. Discusses progress on poem "Curse of Kehama." Reports that the Quarterly Review has been published, mentions his and Walter Scott's contributions, editorial deletions, his payment. Discusses development in the war, "Thalaba" has been finished. His Brazil reviewed by Sharon Turner, to be reviewed by Bedford and, possibly, S.T. Coleridge.
Published in Kenneth Curry's New Letters v.1 p. 502.

Davis, Bertram R.

Sol Eisen collection.

Collection consists of four files donated as part of the Sol Eisen collection of Canadiana. These items include a ms. of Mexican plays, a music manuscript, a receipt for work completed by a slave on chain gang, and materials related to the life of Frederic William Wile.

Eisen, Sol

Hunting the slipper.

File consists of one musical ms. Written on staff paper, the ms. is oblong and features numerous short songs, as well as small portions of notation. Notation is written in two distinct hands.

Eisen, Sol

Haney, Haney, Kendall & Melville fonds.

Although few in number, the documents in this fonds are interesting the many insights they contain into the history of the local area. They consist mostly of land transactions, mortgages, declarations, and power of attorney. Some seem to have been retained as they pertain to personal or family business of members of the firm, such as documents relating to the estate of Christian Kumpf, whose daughter married A.B. McBride.

Some documents relate to well known names in the history of the area, such as David Kuntz of Kuntz Breweries and John Hoffman, for whom a survey of Waterloo was done in 1855, Thomas Hilliard, Charles Noecker, Ford S. Kumpf, etc.

Evidence of printing activity is present in legal forms printed by local booksellers and stationers for the firm. The documents contain evidence of trades and occupations of the time, including marble cutter, tailor, hotel keeper, farmer, woolen mill employee, button turner, shoe merchant, cabinet maker, tobbaconist, cigar box manufaturer, brewer, pumpmaker, telephone agent, etc. Also interesting to note is the shift to the use of a typewriter and the appearance of a female employee described as a "stenographer." Interesting also is the relative level of literacy evident in the signatures of individuals, particularly those of husbands and wives, many of whom are represented only by their "mark."

Haney, Haney, Kendall & Melville

Cours de calcul integral

  • SCA73-GA42
  • Fonds
  • [18--]

Holograph manuscript titled "Cours de calcul integral." Bound with his Memoire sur les fonctions arbitraires exprimes par des integrales doubles. Taken from Tome XV of Memoires Couronnes, Academie Royale de Bruxelles.

Pioch, Auguste Bienaime Desire

Travel diary.

  • SCA361-GA414
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1816]

One travel diary written by an unknown person. The diary recounts a trip to France and Switzerland, with a particular emphasis on mountain climbing in the Swiss Alps. An accompanying item of correspondence addressed to George from Vivian de Sola Pinto of Nottingham University indicates that the traveler saw a woman he presumed to by Mary Shelley in Berne, possibly dating the diary to when Shelley was living in Geneva.

Southey, Robert : diary.

File consists of a ts. transcription of Robert Southey's diary from his trip through mainland Europe, including France, Italy and Switzerland. Ts. has ms. corrections and additions. Continued in 233b.

Davis, Bertram R.

William Dickson collection.

  • SCA12-GA7
  • Fonds
  • 1818, 1831-1834, 1839

Collection consists of seven legal documents regarding the sale of land in the Township of Dumfries in Southern Ontario.

File list:

1. Deed of land between Aaron White and Joseph Dorland -100 acres (Hallowell Township) – June 5, 1818
2. Deed of land between between William Dickson and William Otis - 50 acres – May 9, 1831
3. Deed of land between between William Dickson and John Campbell - 315 1/3 acres – July 14, 1832
4. Deed of land between between William Dickson and Jacob Kinsey - 150 acres – April 25, 1833
5. Deed of land between between William Dickson and John Fraser - 50 acres – October 1, 1834
6. Deed of land between between William Dickson - Levi Howell, 25 acres – April 16, 1834
7. Receipt for Joseph Pettengall from the Commissioner for Crown Lands - 100 acres (Hillier Township) – June 6 1839

Dickson, William

Clement, Edwin Rev.

File consists of one head and shoulders studio portrait of Rev. Edwin Clement seen looking off camera.

Clement Bowlby Family

Copy of Arthur Lang's diary

  • SCA123-GA96
  • Fonds
  • 1820

Fonds contains a 13 page carbon typescript transcript of Arthur Lang's diary prepared as a Christmas souvenir in 1907 by T.A. Lang in Clearfield, Pennsylvania. It includes a copy of a letter from one of Arthur Lang's granddaughters, giving some family background. Arthur Lang describes the sea voyage, scenery, and passengers on trip from Montreal, through the Lachine Rapids, to Prescott, Ontario. The diary also discusses Lang’s experiences inspecting land near the townships of Ramsay, Lanark, and Dalhousie in Lanark County, Ontario.

Lang, Arthur


Silver crown from England showing on the obverse the head of King George IV and on the reverse an image of St. King George slaying the dragon.

Pyke, Edgar William

Robert Forbes fonds.

  • SCA38-GA21
  • Fonds
  • 1823-1973

Fonds contains three books written by Robert Forbes. They consist of ledgers dating from 1823 to 1873 and daybooks documenting Fobes' activities as a farmer and merchant dating from 1856 to 1891. Also included are three leaflets with information about postal and farmers’ schedules from the Department of Agriculture, Ontario.

Daybook coverage:

  • January 1871 – October 1881;
  • January 1882 – December 1891; and
  • March 1856 – December 1862.

Ledger coverage:

  • July 1839 – [1858?];
  • September 1851 – December 1857; and
  • September 1823 – 1873.

Three files:

  1. 3 pamphlets; Accounts, day books, diaries (volume 1 of 3), 1839 – 1862
  2. Accounts, day books, diaries (volume 2 of 3), 1851 – 1881
  3. Accounts, day books, diaries (volume 3 of 3), 1843 – 1891

Forbes, Robert

Receipt for work performed by female slave.

File consists of one receipt for work performed by a female slave on a chain gang in New Orleans in 1825. Translation reads "Wages for negress on the chain: The city treasury will pay to Mr. D. Fitch the sum of 11 piastre and 50 cents for forty six days of work by his negress Maria, employed by the public works from August 9 to October 3." The document is signed by David Fitch and Precend Lament [?] and is dated at New Orleans, Oct. 3, 1825.

Eisen, Sol


Silver shilling from England showing on the obverse the head of King George IV and on the reverse a lion over a crown and a rose.

Pyke, Edgar William

Autograph album.

  • SCA360-GA412
  • Fonds
  • 1825-1854

One autograph album kept by an unknown person. The album spans from 1825-1854 and features biblical and literary passages written by those in England and Scotland. Locations include Glasgow, York, London, Newark, Rotherham and more. In the back of the volume is the Lord's prayer written in Malay by a Mr. Trout, Baptist missionary in Batavia, Java.

Thomas P. Stowell mathematical notebooks.

  • SCA352-GA404
  • Fonds
  • ca. 1826-July 18, 1860

Three notebooks kept by Thomas P. Stowell with mathematical problems, solutions, and notes.

Stowell, Thomas Pollard

Robert Southey letter to William Webb.

  • SCA322-GA363
  • Fonds
  • November 8, 1826

One handwritten letter from Robert Southey addressed to a William Webb of Dublin. The letter was sent from Keswick and is dated November 8, 1826. Also includes an etching of Southey.

Southey, Robert, 1774-1843

Richard Beasley Upper Canada deed of enrollment.

  • SCA256-GA267
  • Fonds
  • 1827

Fonds consists of one Upper Canada deed of enrollment from Richard Beasley to David Gingrich for a parcel of land in Waterloo County. The parcel in question is noted as being "a certain parcel on tract of land in the Township of Waterloo in Richard Beasley Lower Block on the Northside of the Grand River containing one hundred acres ... being composed of the Eastern half of lot number four in the Second Concession beginning at a post planted equal distance from the front to rear on the division line between lotts number three and four which is the south east corner of Jacob [M] half of the same lott. Thence move seventy seven degrees East forty chains more or less to within fifty links of the rear of the said concession. Thence North thirteen degrees west twenty five chains more or less to the north east of Jacob [M] said half lott thence south thirteen degree east twenty five chains more or less to the place of beginning containing one hundred acres..."

Beasley, Richard

Sermons by Reverend Joseph Irons.

  • SCA270-GA291
  • Fonds
  • 1828

Fonds consists of one bound ms. volume of sermons by Reverend Joseph Irons for the year 1828. The book appears to have been written by his son William Josiah Irons (note on p. 26 reads taken by W.J.I.)

Irons, Reverend Joseph

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