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Department of Indian Affairs land grants.

  • SCA324-GA365
  • Fonds
  • 1886-1915

Five land grants from the Department of Indian Affairs granting promised Indigenous lands. The grants are made out to Benjamin Franklin Mutchmor (200 acres), Elizabeth Mutchmor (175 acres), Charles Woodward (100 acres), and Mary Rowe (100 acres). The lands granted were to be for the use of the Ojibwe and Odawa of Manitoulin Island.

Canada. Department of Indian Affairs

Kelly, Blanche Mildred Clement.

File consists of one full length studio portrait of Blanche Mildred Clement Kelly as a child. Blanche is seen standing in the studio, leaning against a decorative prop wall, wearing a dress and a bonnet.

Clement Bowlby Family

Waterloo, Ont.: Silver Lake, Waterloo Park

View of Waterloo looking south from the top of Central School at King and Central (formerly Church) streets. Albert Street is at top right and Silver Lake in Waterloo Park can be seen behind Albert Street. Spring Street is in the foreground. Written on verso: one storey house with two chimneys still on Albert St.

Company of Neighbours

Berlin water works plans.

File consists of a plan of the Berlin water works at Shoemaker Avenue, showing the proposed outlet of the dam; and a plat of the land of the Berlin Water Works Company. Plat shows land owned by Alexander Shoemaker, Jane Ann Shoemaker, James Potter, Berlin Water Works Company, and Moffett, Hodgkins, & Clarke.

Pequegnat, Marcel

Confirmation certificate of Edward Bechler.

Confirmation certificate granted to Edward Bechler. Certificate signed by Reverend E. von Pirch from the Evangelical Lutheran Church, Berlin (later Kitchener) recognizing confirmation on March 25, 1888.

Bechler family

Scene Outside Kitchener Market, ca. 1890's?

Copy print, taken on the other side of the building shown in GA92-9-73, showing what is possibly a weigh scale for wagons. The domed building is the town hall and the light coloured building in the background is the Kitchener Hotel.

Kitchener-Waterloo Record

Miscellaneous : historic.

File consists of seven photographs and ephemera. Includes two mounted photographs taken on the streets of Berlin (Kitchener), including a shot of the Berlin market, town hall, and post office, a photograph of Alex Welker in his LeRoy car, a group portrait of students at Lady Belle [school?], a photograph of the interior of one of Electrohome's plants, and other photographs. File also includes a Christmas card from Elizabeth Pollock to John Koegler, and a page removed from a printed souvenir album containing a picture of C.E. Hoffman's button and suspender factory on Queen Street in Kitchener.

Page is annotated: "Pollock Mfg. Co. - 1908-1909 / upper floor - now SW corner Queen & Charles". File probably belonged to John Koegler.


Fogel, Angeline.

Head and shoulders studio portrait of Angeline Fogel seen looking off camera. She is wearing a lace collard top and a [charm?] choker.

Schantz Russell Family

Album 1.

File consists of an album compiled by Ella Anthes Cook, and including some additions probably by Martha Rieder. Includes snapshots of family members and friends and snapshots taken on Ella's trip to Europe, around Ontario, at Felsheim, and on her honeymoon. Includes a family photograph taken at Talmon Henry Rieder's 40th birthday, a snapshot taken when Earl Grey visited Berlin, a snapshot taken at the unveiling of Queen Victoria's monument at Victoria Park, and a photograph by Denton of the interior of Zion Evangelical Church.

Rieder and Anthes family

Fennell, Grace Bowlby.

File consists of one full length studio portrait of Grace Bowlby Fennell by Gagen and Fraser, Toronto, Ont. Identification on verso is incorrectly identified as Emma Allen Bowlby Boyd.

Bowlby Boyd Family

Fogel, Angeline.

One upper body studio portrait of Angeline Fogel. Identification from album.

Originally on page 25 of album 3.

Schantz Russell Family

Woods Bay.

File consists of snapshots of the cottage of John C. Breithaupt at Woods Bay, and snapshots of people in a canoe. A duplicate photograph is present. Photographs may have been taken by Martha Rieder.

Rieder and Anthes family


File consists of mounted snapshots taken in Penetanguishene, probably by Martha and Ella Anthes. Includes snapshots of people on a beach, a cottage, loads of bark on a dock and a boat, people resting from travelling, hiking, etc.

Rieder and Anthes family

John Roat's Commercial Hotel After Fire, Site of the Walper Hotel, ca. 1892.

Copy negatives from an old photograph ang Page 255 of W. V. Uttley's book "A history of Kitchener, Ontario" (1975). Taken by Sebastian Fischer, the photo is of John Roat's Commercial Hotel, at the corner of Queen and King, following a fire. One of the negatives includes a photograph of the first ambulance with nurses. Also included in the file are typed captions about the hotel and the ambulance that read:

"John Roat's Commercial Hotel after fire

site of Walper

destroyed 1892, after the fire, site bought
by Abel Walper of Zurich, Ont

sign says Livery Stable

(see Uttley History of Kit 255)

2) same pic from book

3) same pic /with first ambulance
& nurses..."

Kitchener-Waterloo Record

C.H. Doerr and Company : staff and exterior of plant.

Photograph of employees standing outside of C.H. Doerr & Co. Biscuit & Confectionery Works looking at camera. They are seen standing on the front steps of the building and next to horse-drawn delivery buggies parked along the side.

Dare Foods Limited

Savanne Station, Ontario : C.P. Railway, 1892.

One image of an unidentified man on the platform at the Canadian Pacific Railway station in Savanne, Ontario. The caption also reads: "From a Geological Survey of Canada photograph in the Public Archives of Canada."

Rempel, John I.

Anthes Manufacturing Company : employees under factory sign.

Mounted photograph of employees standing in a row, posed for the camera, at the side front of the Anthes Manufacturing Company building under a painted sign that reads: "The Anthes Mfg. Co. of Berlin. Limited." J.I. Frank Anthes is visible standing in a doorway behind the employees at right.

Rieder and Anthes family

Zion church and Sunday school events.

File consists of mounted photographs relating to Martha Rieder's involvement at her church. Includes a group portrait of the first officers of the Junior Young People's Alliance (including Rev. J.G. Litt, and Martha as secretary), a snapshot of Martha's Sunday School class at the Grand River, snapshots of picnics of the Junior Young People's Alliance, and snapshots of Martha with her sisters and friends dressed in costume for church play, "In want of a servant."

Rieder and Anthes family


Letters written to and from Alice Egan Hagen. Correspondents include Woman's Art Association of Canada, and the Nova Scotia College of Art.

  • Date and Place From: 1893.04.29 Halifax, Nova Scotia To Hagen, Alice Mary From ?
  • Date and Place From: 1896.11.06 Toronto, Ont. To Hagen, Alice Mary From Thompson, E.J. Notes: Partial letter
  • Date and Place From: 1896.12.05 Toronto, Ont. To Hagen, Alice Mary From Thompson, E.J.
  • Date and Place From: 1897.07.08 Toronto, Ont. To Hagen, Alice Mary From Thompson, E.J.
  • Date and Place From: 1897.12.06 Toronto, Ont. To Egan, Thomas J. From Maughan, J. Notes: Re his daughter's work.
  • Date and Place From: 1898.07.07 Toronto, Ont. To Hagen, Alice Mary From Morson, Jessie D. [?]
  • Date and Place From: 1940.03.30 Halifax, Nova Scotia To Hagen, Alice Mary From Mulcahy, Mary
  • Date and Place From: 1940.04.10 Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia To Mulcahy, Mary From Hagen, Alice Mary
  • Date and Place From: 1940.04.13 Halifax, Nova Scotia To Hagen, Alice Mary From Nutt, Elizabeth S.
  • Date and Place From: 1940.04.23 Halifax, Nova Scotia To Hagen, Alice Mary From Nutt, Elizabeth S.
  • Date and Place From: 1946.08.07 Ottawa, Ont. To Hagen, Alice Mary From Smart, J.
  • Date and Place From: 1947.08.05 Falmouth, Nova Scotia To Hagen, Alice Mary From Emelie
  • Date and Place From: 1948.10.08 Saskatoon, Sask. To Hagen, Alice Mary From McNaughton, Violet
  • Date and Place From: 1948.10.25 Falmouth, Nova Scotia To Hagen, Alice Mary From Emelie
  • Date and Place From: 1953.04.29 Oakville, Ont. To Hagen, Alice Mary From Satterly, M.F.
  • Date and Place From: 1958.08.05 Cambridge, ? To Hagen, Alice Mary From ?
  • Date and Place From: 1961.08.07 Halifax, Nova Scotia To Hagen, Alice Mary From Rita and Bill
  • Date and Place From: 1961.08.15 Halifax, Nova Scotia To Hagen, Alice Mary From Balcom, S.R.
  • Date and Place From: 1961.08.16 Halifax, Nova Scotia To Hagen, Alice Mary From Roche, Gertrude
  • Date and Place From: 1961.08.16 West Bay, Nova Scotia To Hagen, Alice Mary From Urquhart, Earl W.
  • Date and Place From: n.d. S.l., To Hagen, Alice Mary From Emelie Notes: Top of letter torn off.
  • Date and Place From: n.d..09.10 Falmouth, Nova Scotia To Hagen, Alice Mary From Emelie

Hagen, Alice Mary

Clement family.

File consists of one snapshot showing members of the Clement family and friends at Wess Beach in Sarnia. People are shown in the water, in a boat and on the shore.

Clement Bowlby Family


Clippings, primarily relating to both the [1894?] Lacrosse championship and the 1959 Kitchener downtown fire.

Martin, John Gartshore

Seagram, Joseph Emm, 1841-1919: Canadian Wheelman's Association.

Article "C.W.A. Meet, Waterloo, July 1st and 2nd," Saturday Globe, June 22, 1895: [1]. This article concerns the annual meet of the C.W.A. [Canadian Wheelman's Association?] to be held in Waterloo, Ont. in 1895. Joseph E. Seagram was Honorary President of the Waterloo Bicycle Club and donated a horse as a prize for this meet. The article also includes two images of the Waterloo Bicycle Club Track, as well as portraits of local individuals: D. Hybner, Mayor, Berlin; Simon Snyder, Mayor, Waterloo; Waterloo Bicycle Club officers J.W. Fear, J.M. Scully, Geo. Wegenast, F.G. Hughes, A.H. Snyder, C.W. Wells; also W.G. Roos, C.H. Froelich.

Seagram Family

Bowlby, David Shannon

File consists of one three quarter length studio graduation portrait of David Shannon Bowlby. David is shown with legs crossed, wearing a gown and holding a graduation cap in his lap.

Clement Bowlby Family

Bowlby, David Shannon

File consists of one upper body studio portrait of David Shannon Bowlby seen in partial profile looking of camera in graduation cap and gown.

Clement Bowlby Family

Mackay, Isabel Ecclestone and Peter.

File consists of one three quarter length wedding portrait of Isabel and Peter Mackay. Peter is wearing a suit standing by a seated Isabel who is in her wedding gown holding a branch of leaves.

Mackay, Isabel Ecclestone

Mackay, Isabel.

File consists of one head and shoulders studio portrait of Isabel Mackay in her wedding dress. The upper part of her dress can be seen, and she is holding a bouquet of ferns and carnations and wearing a snake upper arm cuff.

Mackay, Isabel Ecclestone

Clement family

File consists of two identical group portraits (one mounted) showing the Clement family by Green & Co, Berlin, Ont.

Back row: William Pope, Charles Bowlby, Blanche Mildred Clement Kelly.

Front row: Florence Grace, Janie Elizabeth Bowlby, Edwin Perry, Edwin Oliver.

Clement Bowlby Family

Architectural drawings for the Berlin Y.M.C.A.

  • SCA303-GA339
  • Fonds
  • 1895

File consists of three architectural drawings of the building of the Berlin [Kitchener] Y.M.C.A. at 22 Queen Street North. Includes a side elevation, main and upper floor plans, and details of the locker room.

Kitchener-Waterloo Young Men's Christian Association

Motz, William John.

File consists of one studio portrait of William John Motz. The photograph shows five different angles of William John seated around a table playing cards and smoking.

Motz Family

Rieder, Martha family : snapshots, mounted : miscellaneous.

File consists of mounted snapshots accumulated by Martha Rieder, most of them also probably taken by her. Includes snapshots of Martha and her family and friends, including her daughter Margaret and nieces and nephews; Talmon Henry Rieder is also present in some photographs. Includes snapshots taken at Penetanguishene, at picnics, at a factory, part of a May 24 procession, and other subjects.

Rieder and Anthes family

Bowlby family

File consists of one photograph showing members of the Bowlby family in front of "Liberty Hall", the family home. In the carriage are shown Martha Esther Murphy Bowlby and Janie Elizabeth Bowlby Clement, being pulled by mare Dolly. In front of the home are shown David Sovereign Bowlby, George Herbert Bowlby, Blanche Alexandrine (Adine) Seagram Bowlby, David Shannon Bowlby, and Grace Esther Bowlby Fennell. The photograph was used in "Busy Berlin" in 1897.

Clement Bowlby Family

Clement family.

File consists of one photograph showing a group of people (including members of the Clement family) on board a steamboat in Muskoka. Note on verso identifies the steamboat as possibly "The Seguin" [?].

Clement Bowlby Family

Trip to Niagara.

File consists of snapshots probably taken by Martha Rieder on a trip she took to Niagara on September 1, 1898 from Toronto on the S.S. Chippewa with her uncle and aunt [Anthes?], Irene [cousin?] and Ella Anthes Cook. Includes snapshots of Niagara Falls, Brock's monument, some of the party having a picnic, and other scenes from the trip.

Rieder and Anthes family

Bayview cottage, Penetanguishene.

File consists of mounted snapshots taken at Bayview, the cottage of Louis Jacob Breithaupt, near Penetanguishene. Includes snapshots of the cottage and people on the lawn of the cottage, people canoeing, and a boat house labelled as "the ark." File also includes a group photograph taken on the lawn outside the cottage. Some photographs probably taken by Martha Rieder.

Rieder and Anthes family

[Shoemaker's Lake wells?].

File consists of four mounted photographs (plus duplicates) of artesian wells, probably located near the pumping station at Shoemaker's Lake. Two of the photographs show two men near the wells, and one photograph shows 10 men gathered around a well and the drilling rig.

Pequegnat, Marcel

Eby, Glenn Earl.

Full body studio portrait of Glenn Earl Eby, seen as a small child, standing on a chair, wearing a long gown with lace.

Schantz Russell Family

Shoemaker's Lake well.

File consists of a mounted photograph of 12 men (probably including the water commissioners) standing around an artesian well and drilling rig at Shoemaker's Lake.

Pequegnat, Marcel

Marriage certificate of Edward Bechler and Anna Schmidt.

Marriage certificate of Edward Bechler and Anna Schmidt, married by Reverend Reinhold von Pirch on April 18, 1899 in Berlin (later Kitchener). Gustave Bechler and Minnie Schmidt are listed as witnesses to the marriage on the certificate.

Bechler family

City Hall : old City Hall, copy.

Copy negative of a photo of a painting by Reuben Jukes of Kitchener done in 1924 of the 1869 city hall, which was being torn down in Fall 1924.

The painting now hangs in Kitchener City Hall at 200 King Street West.

Belair, Charles

American Hotel, [Tyson's Store, American Block] Corner of King & Queen Streets, ca. 1861 and later..

Copy negatives of American Hotel building block. Two negatives are of a photograph of the exterior of A. Tyson's Grocery on Page 81 of "Berlin today Centennial number in celebration of the old boys' and girls' reunion August, 6th, 7th, 8th, 1906". The third is of a photograph of the exterior of the American Hotel on the page of an unidentified book.

Kitchener-Waterloo Record

View of Berlin factories.

File consists of a photograph (postcard, blank) of a view of Berlin, taken from a high vantage point, showing several factories and smoke towers.

Rieder and Anthes family

Dunnville, Ontario : Grand River.

Consists of three photographs taped onto looseleaf depicting scenes on the Grand River at Dunnville, Ont. The photographs bear the following identifications printed on recto: Bird's Eye View of River, Dunnville, Ont., Canada; Dunnville, Ont. Long Bridge and Dam; Canal and Lower Lock, Dunnville, Ont.

Grand River Conservation Authority

Ahrens cousins.

One snapshot of, left to right from centre, Florence, Carl and Lottie Ahrens with two unidentified people at left sitting on a picnic table, Freeport Bridge [?] in background.

Schneider, J.M. family

Mackay, Isabel Ecclestone.

File consists of one full length studio portrait of Isabel Mackay with an unknown woman. The two are seater side by side wearing elaborate gowns.

Mackay, Isabel Ecclestone

Clement, Edwin Perry.

File consists of two photographs showing Edwin Perry Clement's cottage "Portage Point" in Georgian Bay.

Clement Bowlby Family

Clement family.

File consists of three identical group portraits (two mounted) of the sons of Janie and E.P. Clement by Bellsmith, Berlin, Ont. Left to right are: Edwin Oliver, William Pope, David Ward, and Charles Bowlby. Photographer: Bellsmith, Berlin.

Clement Bowlby Family

Edward Street water tower.

File consists of two photographs and a postcard of the Edward Street (now Duke Street) water tower in Kitchener.

Pequegnat, Marcel

C.H. Doerr and Company : exterior of plant.

Photograph of the exterior of the C.H. Doerr & Co. Confectionery Works building. A man in a suit and hat is standing in the front doorway and a driver is visible standing on a horse drawn cart piled with boxes at the side of the building.

Dare Foods Limited

Alma St. Church meeting.

Group portrait possibly of a meeting of officials of the of Alma Street United Brethren in Christ Church taken outside. Identified on the verso are Rev. S.H. Swartz (centre in front of doors), President Bangs of Huntington College Indiana (front row, 3rd from right), Rev. Stanton, Lautenschlager, Rev. Howe, and Rev. Burton.

Schantz Russell Family

Crossley and Hunter.

Studio portrait of evangelists Hugh Crossley and John Hunter. Crossley is seen with legs crossed, looking off camera and paper in left hand. Hunter is seated on the arm of a chair next to him with right arm propped on Crossley's shoulder, looking at camera.

Schantz Russell Family

Plant 6 and Plant 10.

File consists of negatives and contact sheets depicting the interior and exterior of Plant 6 (Kitchener industrial park) and Plant 10 (Cambridge).


Plant, Waterloo.

File consists of 1 aerial view photograph of Seagram plant and surrounding area illustration.

Joseph E. Seagram and Sons, Ltd.

Schneider, Johann Christoph : farm.

Modern copy of a photograph showing Johann Christoph Schneider's farm in the Highland Rd-Lawrence Ave. area of Kitchener, ca. 1900. Includes a copy print, 13 x 18 cm.

Schneider, J.M. family

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