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Schneider, J.M. family Ahrens, Laura Emma Hirschey
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Ahrens and Schneider families at Lake Huron.

Two copies of an informal group portrait taken at Grand Bend or Southampton, with cottage visible in background.
Back row, left to right: Lotte (Ahrens) Shupe, Emma (Hirshey) Ahrens, J.M. Schneider, Charles A. Ahrens, Norman C. Schneider.
front row, left to right: Stella Daniels, Emma Schneider, Ella Daniels, Floss Ahrens.

Schneider, J.M. family

Ahrens family.

One photograph. Includes identifications as follows:
Back row, left to right: Carrie Ahrens (unmarried), Louise Ahrens (unmarried), Emma Ahrens (unmarried), Charles August Ahrens (married Emma Hirshey), Henry Ahrens.

Middle row, left to right: Albert Ahrens, Helena Ahrens (Norman C. Schneider's mother).

Front row, left to right: Minnie Ahrens (oldest, married F. VonEnde), Laura/Lolie Ahrens (married Geo. Hachborn), Charles Andrew Ahrens, Mary Ahrens (married Harry Hallliwell), Herman Ahrens.

Schneider, J.M. family

Ahrens family.

Studio portrait of the Ahrens sisters seen standing and seated in front of a decorative backdrop. Includes identifications:

Back row, left to right: Carrie, Laura, Emma.

Middle row, left to right: Helena, Louise, Minnie.

Front row: Mary.

Schneider, J.M. family

Ahrens, Charles August and family.

Photograph of Charles August Ahrens and family in front of their first home on Courtland Ave. in what was then Berlin, Ontario.

Left to right: Charles August Ahrens, his wife Emma, children Lottie and Fred, and Martin Nagel.

Schneider, J.M. family

Ahrens, Florence : family.

Second envelope of snapshots labelled "Miss Ahrens" containing 35 snapshots from ca. 1900-1920. They include: beach pictures (Grand Bend and/or Southampton); ladies in swimming in hats; St. Luke's diet kitchen; women in fashionable clothing; and Charles and Emma Ahrens, including their 35th wedding anniversary, Sept. 21, 1917 (7 snapshots).

Ahrens, Florence Louisa

Anthes, Emma and two women with cabbage and sausages.

One snapshot of two women and Emma Anthes with a cooking pot, sausages and cabbage. Note on verso: "A souvenir of the hostesses and of the cooks, Bide-a-wee, Luckenuf, Belfountain," dated Sept. 1, 1919. This photo probably taken on the steps at the Devil's Pulpit, Forks of the Credit. See

Schneider, J.M. family

Freeport : homes.

Ten snapshots of Norman C. Schneider's homes at Freeport, Ont. Six are of the summer home ca. 1938-1940 and include one snapshot of Emmie Anthes beside a 1937 Humber. Four are of the home built later on the same site, ca. 1960.

Schneider, J.M. family

Schneider family : group at Freeport.

One informal group portrait of fifteen people, posed outdoors at Emmie Anthes' property at Freeport. Identifications on verso: standing, left to right: unidentified woman; unidentified woman; Walter V. Siegner, Irmengarde Hagen, Ethel Lapsley Schneider, Ohnerene Hagen, Brodie Koenig (son of Margaret Hachborn); Edith Ahrens MacDonald, Norman C. Schneider. Seated: Emmie Anthes, Emma Schneider Siegner, Ella Daniels Schneider, Mabel Ahrens Picard, unidentified girl, unidentified man.

Schneider, J.M. family