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Electrohome McLaren, Gary
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Interviews with Electrohome employees.

File consists of 17 audio cassettes containing interviews with former Electrohome employees and members of the Pollock family. Includes interviews with John A. Pollock, Barbara Steele (daughter of Carl A. Pollock), and Alex Welker (partner of Arthur B. Pollock), as well as interviews with former employees, some of whom began working at the company in the 1920s and 1930s. Most interviews were conducted in 1996 by Ray Stanton and Nicola McLaughlin as part of the research for the company history by Stanton, Visionary Thinking: The Story of Canada's Electrohome.

The cassettes included are:
1. Interview with Alex Welker (1) (ca. 1 hr., 1 min.).
2. Interview with Alex Welker (2) (ca. 25 min.).
3. Interview with five retired employees by Gary McLaren. (Employees interviewed and start dates: Agnes Ellert - 1931, Gord Fowler - 1937, Harvey Durst - 1937, Clyde Hymler - 1931, John Koegler - 1921) (ca. 1 hr., 33 min.).
4. Interview with John A. Pollock, William McGregor, by Ray Stanton regarding company history book (ca. 39 min.).
5. Interview with Albert Lukan by Nicola McLaughlin (ca. 37 min.). (Lukan started in 1955)
6. Interview with Les Rowsell by Nicola McLaughlin (ca. 45 min.). (Rowsell started in 1945)
7. Interview with Dave Lowater, Herb Lapier by Nicola McLaughlin; interview with Doug Wismer by Ray Stanton (ca. 44 min.).
8. Interview with Robert Lovell by Nicola McLaughlin (ca. 1 hr., 29 min.).
9. Interview with Don Harrold, Jim Washburn by Nicola McLaughlin (ca. 34 min.).
10. Interview with Donald Sykes by [Ray Stanton ?] (ca. 31 min.).
11. Interview with Al Zettle, Anne Livingstone by Nicola McLaughlin (ca. 25 min.). (Livingstone started in 1954)
12. Interview with Mr. & Mrs. Runge by Nicola McLaughlin (ca. 1 hr., 10 min.). (Started in 1945)
13. Interview with Quarter Century Club members (ca. 45 min.).
14. Interviews with Quarter Century Club members at annual dinner (ca. 25 min.).
15. Interview with Barbara Steele by Ray Stanton (1) (ca. 1 hr., 34 min.).
16. Interview with Barbara Steele by Ray Stanton (2), and miscellaneous (ca. 53 min.).
17. Interview with John A. Pollock by Ray Stanton (ca. 1 hr., 7 min.).


CAP Communications : group portrait.

File consists of a group portrait, probably of the management and directors of CAP Communications. File also includes a negative and a printing proof of the portrait, as well as a slip of paper identifiying the people in the photograph.

Includes cardboard mount, and identification of people in the photograph: Marvin Stroh, John Donahue, George Moskal, Paul Turchan, Elaine Economoff, Dan Fisher, Betty Thompson, Harold Zister, Fred Merritt, Don Willcox, Jack Alexander, Charles Packham, Gary McLaren, Joe McIntyre, Reg Sellner, John Hodges, Jack Liddle, W.D. McGreogr, Bob McKeown, John A. Pollock, Larry Ernewin, Dennis Connolly, Eric Sutherland, and John Arajs.