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Spelman, Dorothy
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Spelman children.

A snapshot of Ruth Spelman's (nee Schantz) children (Walter Bishop, Margery Ruth and Dorothy) standing on the running boards of a Cole 8 car.

Schantz Russell Family

Schantz family : Ruth Schantz and family.

Two identical photographs of Ruth Schantz with husband Walter Spelman and children Dorothy Spelman, Constance Demaris Spelman, John Spelman, Walter Bishop Spelman and Margery Ruth Spelman. Constance is newly born and is being held by her father (seated) while the family gathers around looking at the infant.

Schantz Russell Family

Schantz family.

One photograph of the Schantz family taken in front of the Schantz home at 43 Schneider Avenue in Kitchener, Ontario. Left to right: Walter Spelman (holding Dorothy Spelman), Ruth Schantz (with Walter Bishop Spelman and Margery Ruth Spelman), Orpheus Moyer Schantz, Carrie Flagler Schantz, Sophie Schantz, Florence Schantz, Mary Moyer Schantz, Dorothy White, Worth Schantz.

Schantz Russell Family