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Schantz, Orpheus Moyer
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Seven items of correspondence between Orpheus Moyer Schantz and members of his family including Dorothy Russell and Franklin Abram Schantz.

Schantz Russell Family

Russell, Dorothy Etta : correspondence received.

Seventeen letters, primarily postcards, from Dorothy's family and friends. Includes letters from Franklin Abram Schantz, Florence Annie Catherine Schantz and Orpheus Moyer Schantz as well as friends congratulating her on completing teacher's school. Also included are one Valentine's card from Ruth Schantz and one empty envelope.

Schantz Russell Family

Schantz Family : correspondence received.

Two letters, one a Christmas postcard, the other is a letter from Worth Flagler Schantz regarding the death of Orpheus Moyer Schantz. Included in the letter are newspaper clippings on Orpheus Moyer Schantz and a funeral card.

Schantz Russell Family

Schantz, Florence Annie Catherine : correspondence received.

75 letters. Correspondents include: friend Dorothy, J.M. Moyer, Jennie Moyer, Levi Nash Moyer, Lizzie [Moyer?], Louise and Emma Moyer, Sarah, Arthur Schantz, Austin Schantz, Carrie Schantz, Etta Schantz, Frank Schantz, uncle Josiah K. Schantz, Mary Schantz, Orpheus Schantz, Tobias Schantz. One folder contains single letters from a number of friends.

Schantz Russell Family

Schantz, Mary Moyer : correspondence received.

28 letters. Correspondents include: Enoch [?], Abraham Fry, Annie Henning, Edward A. Moyer, Jacob Moyer, Levi Nash Moyer, Nannie Moyer, Samuel Moyer, daughters Etta and Florence, son Orpheus, husband Tobias and J.E. Wismer.

Schantz Russell Family

Schantz, Orpheus Moyer : correspondence received.

Four letters received by Orpheus Moyer Schantz.

Date and Place from: April 24, 1944 Big Prairie, Alta. To Schantz, Orpheus Moyer, 1864-1951 From Schantz, Arthur Benjamin, 1876-1958.

Date and Place from: April 26, 1915 Alta. To Schantz, Orpheus Moyer, 1864-1951 From Schantz, Arthur Benjamin, 1876-1958.

Date and Place from: Dec. 5, 1916 Didsbury, Alta. To Schantz, Orpheus Moyer, 1864-1951 From Bricker, L.D.

Date and Place from: [18-?] s.l. To Schantz, Orpheus Moyer, 1864-1951 From Unknown.

Schantz Russell Family

Schantz, Tobias Kolb : correspondence received.

36 letters received by Tobias Schantz. Correspondents include Levi Nash Moyer, his children Arthur Benjamin Schantz, Austin Tobias Schantz, Etta Lydia Mary White (nee Schantz), Florence Annie Catherine Schantz, Franklin Abram Schantz, Orpheus Moyer Schantz, joint letters from family, one letter from his wife Mary Schantz (nee Moyer).

Schantz Russell Family